Reverend Insanity - Chapter 2084

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Chapter 2084: 2084

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2084 Spectral Soul’s True Main Body

“So Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable did not just arrange heaven form, this is also another arrangement but I did not notice it earlier.” Fang Yuan thought to himself.

He suddenly had a thought as he asked: “Is Qing Chou also alive?”

Towards the end of the pursuit battle against Fang Yuan, Divine Emperor City came to participate in the battle, causing a huge commotion, was it really to suppress Demon Immortal Qi Jue and Longevity Heaven?

Fang Yuan thought about the fragments of Qing Chou’s corpse.

What was Divine Emperor City’s true motive?

It was a debatable question!

Lu Wei Yin’s expression turned solemn as he sighed: “I only got an answer after returning here and recuperating for some time. What was the main reason why Divine Emperor City joined the battle? In that situation earlier, the aura of rank nine hatred Gu was completely gone, it seemed to have been destroyed.”

“However, Qing Chou is a living being formed from a killer move. I cannot be certain if it is dead or alive. Genesis Lotus Immortal Venerable’s method is simply too unfathomable, we can only sigh in amazement!”

Turning a killer move into a legendary immemorial beast was simply too profound, even Fang Yuan and Lu Wei Yin could only watch without being able to decipher it.

Lu Wei Yin continued: “I cannot deduce Qing Chou’s current state, but regarding Spectral Soul’s situation, I am very clear about it.”

Fang Yuan smiled lightly: “Please tell me.”

Lu Wei Yin beat around the bush for so long, he finally got to the main point.

He answered: “Spectral Soul can be said to be both alive and dead at the moment. because his true main body has always been inside the Door of Life and Death.”

Fang Yuan nodded as he sighed: “As I had expected.”

When Spectral Soul self-detonated, Fang Yuan already felt something amiss. After refining all of his heaven path dao marks, Fang Yuan thought back about the situation and had even more suspicions brewing.

The great Spectral Soul actually died like this?

Spectral Soul was the most heaven defying one out of all the venerables after all!

In the five hundred years of Fang Yuan’s previous life, Zombie Alliance was around while Shadow Sect hid in the dark, Spectral Soul secretly controlled the whole of Heavenly Court. Duke Long did not appear at all, he was evidently harmed by Spectral Soul. He even plotted against Feng Jiu Ge, using that chance to seize Lang Ya blessed land, he controlled the overall situation and was the mastermind behind the five regions chaotic war.

As long as Great Dream Immortal Venerable did not appear, Spectral Soul would be the greatest winner in this situation.

Thus, Fang Yuan invaded Hu Immortal blessed land and was aided by Song Zhong, managing to kill Feng Jin Huang.

Who was Feng Jin Huang?

In her childhood, dream wings Immortal Gu came to her, Feng Jin Huang was the prospective Great Dream Immortal Venerable!

Who was Fang Yuan?

He was an otherworldly demon, before Fate was destroyed, he was the only one who could create different outcomes.

And who was Song Zhong?

He was publicly Song Zi Xing’s son, but in reality, he was created from his blood fetus.

And Song Zi Xing?

He was known as the Blood Dragon, he was a member of Shadow Sect, one of Spectral Soul’s split souls!

In the five hundred years of Fang Yuan’s previous life, there were many hidden truths.

At that time, fate Gu was not destroyed, Demon Immortal Qi Jue could not revive, the other venerables could only watch as Spectral Soul wreaked havoc.

Spectral Soul was too overbearing, in the end, heaven’s will had to choose Fang Yuan to return to the past and change everything!

During the Battle of Yi Tian Mountain, on the surface, Fang Yuan successfully stopped Spectral Soul.

But was that really the case?

Spectral Soul knew that Fang Yuan had been reborn as a result of heaven’s will. According to his original plan, he would be able to control Heavenly Court and manipulate the five regions chaotic war, but heaven’s will would still obstruct him. If Fang Yuan failed, a second or third otherworldly demon might appear, Spectral Soul would never be able to stand at the peak of the universe.

Thus, he changed his plan, at that moment, he started working together with Red Lotus Demon Venerable.

Eventually, he gave sovereign immortal fetus Gu to Fang Yuan, creating a complete otherworldly demon!

After the fate war, fate Gu was destroyed by Fang Yuan.

Spectral Soul wanted to reclaim the sovereign immortal body.

His plan was perfect. He had no lack of soul path attainment level, with the sovereign immortal body, he would be able to annex Soul Pacifying grotto-heaven and others, instantly regaining his strength!

Thus, he would be ahead of the other venerables, he would have the initiative.

The advantage of being first was unimaginable, if Spectral Soul succeeded, he would be the strongest person, the entire world would be trampled under his feet.

But he did not succeed.

Red Lotus Demon Venerable plotted against him, while the heaven path dao marks restricted Fang Yuan, they also protected him.

Spectral Soul did not regain the sovereign immortal body, his growth became very different.

While chasing after Fang Yuan, Heavenly Court and Longevity Heaven worked together, Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable’s inheritor Lu Wei Yin also interfered, eventually managing to kill Spectral Soul.

Fang Yuan tried to put himself in Spectral Soul’s shoes, if he were Spectral Soul, what would he do?

Thus, he found a huge flaw in Spectral Soul’s plan —

It was too risky!

During the dream realm battle, Duke Long defeated Purple Mountain True Monarch and broke into the blessed land, capturing Spectral Soul and taking the Door of Life and Death.

Spectral Soul’s life was in the hands of Heavenly Court, if Fairy Zi Wei did not go after information and clues but killed Spectral Soul right away, would that not ruin everything?

Fang Yuan would not make such an arrangement if it were him.

What about Spectral Soul?

Even though he had the strongest killing nature, he was not stupid at all.

Thus, the most likely case was that the captured Spectral Soul was not the true main body of Spectral Soul!

If Fang Yuan were Spectral Soul, he would also create a clone to disguise as his main body and let Heavenly Court capture him.

Firstly, it would lower the enemy’s guard.

Secondly, the clone was a trap as well, Fairy Zi Wei fell right into it.

Thirdly, the amount of information and true inheritances that the clone had would not be the same as the main body, even if he was captured, the enemies would not gain much.

And finally, even if the clone was killed, the main body would not be affected.

Fang Yuan had two pieces of evidence regarding his suspicions of Spectral Soul.

The first one was Demon Immortal Qi Jue.

Demon Immortal Qi Jue was the crucial person in their pursuit of Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan and Spectral Soul used their respective true inheritances to lure Demon Immortal Qi Jue into becoming their ally.

Eventually, Fang Yuan won Demon Immortal Qi Jue over, Spectral Soul was forced to self-detonate and died.

After the battle, Fang Yuan recalled this contest, he felt that victory was simply too easily obtained, it was quite different from his expectations.

But if Spectral Soul was just a split soul, everything would make sense.

Spectral Soul did not predict the rebirth of Demon Immortal Qi Jue, because fate Gu was destroyed, all fixed traces were erased, the future was uncertain.

Spectral Soul’s plan was for his split soul to get captured by Heavenly Court, he would only place certain memories into it. These memories would not make Heavenly Court suspicious, but they would also not contain precious information like valuable true inheritances.

Thus, Fang Yuan won against Spectral Soul in this aspect.

The second piece of evidence was obtained by Fang Yuan recently.

Through luck inspection, he checked his own luck and found that at the top of his pure silver pillar of light, there were three clouds. Among them, one was pitch-black like ink.

Who could cause such disturbance to him?

This black cloud was obviously pointing towards Spectral Soul!

If Spectral Soul was still alive, would he let Fang Yuan off? Shadow Sect and Zombie Alliance spent years of accumulated resources and even the ten extreme physiques to create sovereign immortal fetus Gu. Would Spectral Soul let Fang Yuan off? Impossible!

On the other hand, with the revival of Demon Immortal Qi Jue, the world knew that it was possible for venerables to be revived now.

Spectral Soul’s main body had likely already planned for his revival long ago.

In fact, did the other venerables not have such plans?

In the past, due to fate Gu, nobody could revive. But now that it was destroyed, who would not want to revive?!

Nobody knew which venerable would be the first one to revive fully. Nobody was clear when they would revive. It was even possible that a venerable would revive at the next moment.

Thus, the situation was quite precarious for Fang Yuan.

Once a venerable revives, the value of his pseudo venerable battle strength would fall greatly. His status as the number one demon in the world would turn him into a target instead.

After the battle, Lu Wei Yin told him to use his time well before departing, this was what he meant.

Fang Yuan did exactly so.

After the battle, he used his time to its limit, he did not relax for even a moment.

Once his strength returned and was able to deal with risks, Fang Yuan came to Virtue Paradise.

He came here not for Lu Wei Yin, Paradise Earth’s true meaning, or to inherit Paradise Earth’s true inheritance.

He only had one objective.

“Tell me. Lu Wei Yin, how do I become a venerable?”

Fate Gu was destroyed, the future of the world became uncertain, anything could happen now.

Not only the Gu Immortal world, even Gu Masters were starting to see the turbulence of the future.

Fang Yuan was fighting, the mortal Gu Masters were also struggling.

Sorrowful Wind Mountain Range.

Four Gu Masters traveled together, they entered deep into the mountain range for investigation.

They had rank four cultivation level, together, they could resist rank five. In Central Continent’s Gu Master world, they were famous demonic path experts.

They were the Four Great Obscenities; Eastern Obscenity Chen Yin Dao, Western Thief Yu Ba Guang, Southern Disturbance Shi Bao and Northern Squandering Fan Chun Yao.

“Sorrowful winds are blowing again.” Yu Ba Guang alerted the rest, among the four, he had the most effective investigative methods.

“Quick, take out the Gu House.” Chen Yin Dao immediately ordered, he was the leader of the four.

The Gu House was kept by Fan Chun Yao, he was in charge of healing and support.

The four Gu Masters quickly hid inside the Gu House.

Sorrowful winds blew outside the Gu House, the entire place was creaking and shaking, from time to time, Fan Chun Yao had to replenish Gu worms in place of those that died from the sorrowful winds.

“A terrible loss, this is a terrible loss!” Fan Chun Yao shouted in grief: “Along the way, we already lost so much by resisting the sorrowful wind, is there really anything good in this Sorrowful Wind Mountain Range?”

Chen Yin Dao shook his head and smiled bitterly: “I cannot guarantee that, but as long as there is some hope, we need to take a risk! Not long ago, Gu Immortals fought on Sorrowful Wind Mountain Range, they might have left something behind by chance, it may allow us to ascend to immortal!”

The moment immortal ascension was mentioned, the other three Gu Masters started to breathe heavily.

“As long as we become immortal, who would dare to attack us four immortals? We will no longer be pursued by anyone.”

“Once we become immortals, those high and mighty female Gu Masters will all be at our mercy, right? Hahaha.”

“You need to be more ambitious! After becoming immortal, what’s the point of going after mortals? We can target immortal fairies!”

The Gu Masters looked at each other and started to snicker pervertedly.

What they did not know was, Heavenly Court had already cleaned up the battlefield, all those immemorial year beast corpses were taken away already.

The four of them came to the ruins and searched for seven days but found nothing of value at all.

Just as the four were anxious and furious, preparing to leave, they finally found something.

“There is a person here! Quickly come.”

“What’s so strange about seeing a person, there are so many corpses here, they are the villagers living on the mountains.”

“No, this person is still alive! And there is a weird phenomenon around him.”


The other three Gu Masters rushed up and saw Wang Xiao Er who had tightly shut eyes, he was still barely alive.

Around him, there were several wild flowers and grass, they were rapidly blooming and wilting, alternating between green and grey with his every breath.

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