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Reverend Insanity - Chapter 2102

Published at 10th of December 2020 12:55:06 PM

Chapter 2102: 2102

Chapter 2102: Going After Tian Nan’s true inheritance

The answer to Fang Yuan’s question was obvious for Fang clan .

Fang Gong nodded as he thought about his words before saying in a solemn tone: “Of course we are willing to transact, but Sir Fang Yuan, what do you want? If your request is too much, or if it exceeds our capability, then…”

Fang Yuan waved his hand, interrupting Fang Gong: “Firstly, I need Thieves Den . Secondly, I need Fang clan to take over green ghost desert and provide me with a vast number of soul cores, what I will give to you is not just Fang Di Chang’s soul . We can slowly discuss the details later . ”

Fang Yuan gave loose conditions, Fang clan’s Gu Immortals were excited about it but also held suspicions .

Fang Yuan seemed to know what they were thinking: “I can easily destroy your entire Fang clan, why would I need to resort to other methods? I’ll let you know, I’ve already done a transaction with Wu Yong . I am not a brutal person, killing is just a method . Unless I have to, I will not use brute strength to satisfy my requirements . ”

Fang clan’s immortals were shaken internally, Fang Yuan’s words had hidden meaning . He was saying that if they did not satisfy him, he would wage war on them, they would lose terribly and even get wiped out!

Fang Gong felt bitter internally, against this powerful and domineering Fang Yuan, what could he choose?

Actually, the moment Fang Yuan showed up, Fang clan no longer had a chance in the matter .

Fang clan had to cooperate with Fang Yuan, they had to undergo transactions .



Heavenly Court could not stop Fang Yuan, Spectral Soul was even killed by him, even before that, Southern Border’s rank eight Gu Immortals were also harmed by him!

What could the mere Fang clan do against him?

Even a super force would be exterminated .

Looking at the past, Northern Plains’ Hei tribe had been destroyed, replaced by Bai Zu tribe .

There was also Qing clan, back then, they were incredibly powerful, but after provoking the young Spectral Soul, they were wiped out . Green ghost desert was now Qing clan’s graveyard, it was right beside Fang clan .

Sometimes, one person could wipe out an entire force .

In the Gu world, strength ruled above all!

Thus, even though super forces had deep foundations, they would often be very careful when dealing with lone immortals or demonic immortals, especially when engaging in combat .

In order to survive, Fang clan agreed to Fang Yuan’s requests .

The two sides negotiated for some time before they arrived at a conclusion .

Fang Yuan’s terms were too relaxed, Fang clan could barely believe this was real .

Was this the number one demon in the world, Gu Yue Fang Yuan?

Because reality was much better than their expectations, these Fang clan Gu Immortals’ moods improved drastically!

“I said before, I am not someone who enjoys killing brutally, cooperating with me has great benefits . ” The person who slaughtered his clan, killed all the Gu Immortals in Hei Fan grotto-heaven, participated in the Dong Fang tribe incident, partially accountable for Snowy Mountain blessed land’s destruction, annexed his allies in Lang Ya Sect and the variant humans, destroyed Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, captured Southern Border’s righteous path Gu Immortals, killed Gu Immortals from all the five regions and two heavens, participated in Heavenly Court’s climactic battle, and the one who slaughtered Spectral Soul, Fang Yuan, said with an earnest expression .

Fang clan’s Gu Immortals had twitching eyelids as they quickly agreed with him .

“Lord Fang Yuan is right!”

“Working with Lord Fang Yuan is our clan’s greatest blessing . ”

“Actually, we know about your circumstances back then, Lord Fang Yuan, Heavenly Court was simply too much of a bully!”

Fang clan’s Gu Immortals uttered words that seemed to be their heartfelt feelings, they showed no signs of insincerity .

Fang Yun and Fang Leng were still too young, they remained silent .

“If Lord Fang Yuan is interested in creating a clan, my Fang clan will do our best to help you!” Fang Gong ended the conversation with a promise that held great meaning .

Fang Yuan looked at him with a deep gaze before leaving .

At the next moment, he activated a killer move and vanished from everyone’s sight .

Fang Gong tried to induce Fang Yuan into creating a clan, it was for the sake of Fang clan . If their secret transaction was exposed in the future, Fang clan would be in a passive spot, their reputation would fall, they might even get attacked by other super forces .

But if Fang Yuan creates a clan, he would go from the demonic path to the righteous path . by then, if this transaction was exposed, Fang clan would only face some criticism .

Gu Masters and Gu Immortals who were lone and demonic cultivators could convert their statuses into members of the righteous path .

Heavenly Lord Bai Zu was one such example .

If a demonic or lone cultivator had enough battle strength to make the righteous path forces wary, they would not want to fight . When these Gu cultivators create their clan, if they were adept at dealing with the surroundings forces to create beneficial relationships, they might reach a certain agreement and balance, they would become part of the righteous path .

The truth was, many super forces in history, be they in Western Desert, Eastern Sea, or Southern Border, involved such cases .

Fang Yuan’s transaction with Fang clan made Fang Gong realize that Fang Yuan was someone with such political view and ability .

If a strong demonic cultivator stops focusing on fighting or killing, he would act like a righteous path member, he would be able to change his status .

“It is a pity that is not my goal . ” Fang Yuan smiled lightly to himself .

In the five hundred years of his previous life, he created the Blood Wing Demon Sect, at its peak, there were ten thousand members, he learned of the true essence of strength at that time .

In this world, a person’s strength can surpass an entire organization’s, any sort of organization was just icing on the cake .

Only when an individual had high battle strength would they truly be strong!

Even the number one super force, Heavenly Court, had to rely on venerable methods to survive at the moment of crisis . Otherwise, it would have been destroyed already .

“Thieves Den . ” Fang Yuan started his closed cultivation, deciphering this damaged Immortal Gu House .

Meanwhile, his clone in Eastern Sea, Qi Sea Ancestor, was also negotiating a transaction with Song clan .

Right now, there were only Qi Sea Ancestor and Song Xia Qi in the hall .

Song Xia Qi was a rank seven Gu Immortal of Song clan, he was tasked to be stationed in qi sea, he was their representative .

Right now, Song Xia Qi had an ugly expression, he could not sit still . Because earlier, he had received a “small” request from Qi Sea Ancestor — Tian Nan’s true inheritance!

Qi Sea Ancestor claimed that his descendants wanted some development in refinement path, thus he wanted to make a transaction with Song clan .

Song clan had once competed with Ruo Lai clan and Cai clan over the ownership of Ascending Heaven Plain, in the end, they won the true inheritance of Old Eccentric Tian Nan .

Old Eccentric Tian Nan was a genius of the Remote Antiquity Era, he had high seniority, the first refinement path supreme grandmaster recorded in history, he was on par with Old Immortal Kong Jue and Long Hair Ancestor .

Even after three million years, Old Eccentric Tian Nan’s true inheritance still had immense value .

Song Xia Qi was silent for a while before replying: “Reporting to ancestor, I would not dare to lie . Ever since we obtained this refinement path true inheritance, our Song clan has been researching upon it, we specially chose to nurture Gu Immortal seeds to make Tian Nan’s true inheritance one of our signature strengths in the future . ”

“This is a huge matter, I cannot decide on it, allow me to report it first . But I would guess that the result might disappoint you, ancestor . ”

Song Xia Qi said in a polite tone that he would report it, but he was clearly rejecting the idea .

Qi Sea Ancestor smiled as he waved his hand: “You do not need to worry, that was just a thought that I had . Since Tian Nan’s true inheritance is so precious to Song clan, why would I snatch it from you? We can forget about this matter . ”

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Song Xia Qi had a grateful expression, as he stood up to express his gratitude, he mentioned several other super forces in Eastern Sea, they also had deep foundation in refinement path .

Qi Sea Ancestor had a compassionate smile as he said: “I’ll remember your suggestions, don’t be in a rush to leave, I have made some new tea . ”

Meng Qiu Zhen passed many dream realms recently, causing Fang Yuan’s food path attainment to jump through master level from zero foundation, becoming a grandmaster .

Qi Sea Ancestor was Fang Yuan’s clone, they shared attainment levels, while he organized his combat system, he created some new qi path tea as well .

After drinking the tea, Song Xia Qi bid farewell to Qi Sea Ancestor respectfully .

After returning to his estate, he used an immortal killer move to communicate with Song clan’s headquarters .

This matter concerned Qi Sea Ancestor, it was too important, Song clan’s immortals soon learned of this situation .

Song clan’s Gu Immortals put everything else aside as they quickly discussed .

“Hmph, back then our Song clan spent so much resources and manpower to gain ownership of Ascending Heaven Plain and obtain Tian Nan’s true inheritance . This Qi Sea Ancestor wants to take the fruit of our labor just like that? Wishful thinking!”

“I think it was inappropriate to reject him on the spot . We need to give Qi Sea Ancestor some respect, at least, we should listen to his offer . ”

“No, Tian Nan’s true inheritance is not for sale! Even though our Song clan specializes in light path and water path, these two true inheritances are not outstanding compared to other super forces . But with this Tian Nan’s true inheritance, our success rate of refining Immortal Gu will rise sharply, the benefit for our clan is long lasting and immense . ”

Song clan had been looking for a refinement path true inheritance all this time .

The truth was, many Eastern Sea super forces were doing the same .

Because Eastern Sea had the most abundant resources and immortal materials, once they had a high quality refinement path true inheritance, the amount of benefits they would gain far surpassed the other regions .

“Tian Nan’s true inheritance belongs solely to Song clan, this advantage might not be clear in the following years, but after decades or centuries, our Song clan’s strength will definitely surpass the other super forces!”

“But offending Qi Sea Ancestor like this might not be appropriate? Thinking about our current situation, after the qi tides settled, all sorts of inheritances emerged, us super forces have been competing for them . Once we get into a deadlock, Qi Sea Ancestor would make the decision as the leader of the Righteous Qi Alliance . We need to consider if Qi Sea Ancestor will become biased after this, when he makes a decision in the future, will he purposely strip away our benefits?”

During this period of time, Qi Sea Ancestor was truly very busy .

Eastern Sea’s righteous path forces joined his Righteous Qi Alliance, when they competed for true inheritances, it became the Righteous Qi Alliance’s internal affair .

At some point, it became a trend to ask Qi Sea Ancestor to make the decision in a case of dispute, more and more forces started to find Qi Sea Ancestor .

Fang Yuan had very profound political skills, Qi Sea Ancestor was able to make decisions that could satisfy both parties in the dispute most of the time .

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Thus, Qi Sea Ancestor’s reputation rose every day .

Song clan’s Gu Immortal had such a worry, it was not strange .

“We can satisfy any of his other requests, there is nothing wrong with improving our relationship with Qi Sea Ancestor . But he wanted Tian Nan’s true inheritance… how do I put this? Qi Sea Ancestor has a really keen sense, as expected of someone who could contest with Fang Yuan!”

Earlier, Eastern Sea’s super forces were friendly to Qi Sea Ancestor, wanting to rely on him to resist Wu Shuai and the variant human alliance . But now, after the battle to pursue Fang Yuan, Qi Sea Ancestor was enemies with Fang Yuan, the attitude of many Eastern Sea forces including Song clan had changed a lot .

“Song Xia Qi, when you rejected Qi Sea Ancestor, what did he do?” Song Qi Yuan asked .

Song Xia Qi quickly replied: “He gave up very quickly, there was no change in his attitude . He is very understanding and magnanimous, he even asked me to drink his tea . That new qi path tea is really amazing!”

Qi Sea Ancestor named his new tea triple layered qi tea . This tea was made using heaven qi, earth qi, and human qi .

In the cup, heaven qi was at the top, resembling floating clouds . Human qi was condensed into a lump, resembling a pill that floated in the middle of the cup . Earth qi sank to the bottom, the fragrance of the tea was deeply concealed, only after it was drank would it emit the fragrance and leave a lingering aftertaste .

After Song clan’s Gu Immortals heard the description, the unease in their hearts faded away slightly .

“Qi Sea Ancestor is really magnanimous!”

“Our Song clan has always been respectful to him . ”

“Seeing his attitude, we should not have much to worry about . Even if he was angry, as the Righteous Qi Alliance Leader, he would not go overboard . ”

“Tian Nan’s true inheritance concerns immense benefits, it will be the core inheritance of our clan in the future, we cannot lose it!”

After the Song clan Gu Immortals discussed for a long time, they made up their minds — they would leave this as it is .

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