Reverend Insanity - Chapter 2118

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Chapter 2118: 2118

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Inside the sovereign immortal aperture.

Meng Qiu Zhen was exploring another dream realm.

Deep in the mountains, Meng Qiu Zhen sat cross-legged on a cliff with a torrential waterfall below him.

“Immortal, immortal!” A young man was covered in injuries, he crawled towards Fang Yuan and begged him to take him in as a disciple.

“You want me to be your master?” Meng Qiu Zhen smiled while feeling surprised internally, he tried to decipher the rules of this dream realm.

In the past, Fang Yuan would need to test it himself, but now, Meng Qiu Zhen had the dream path Immortal Gu, Dream Butterfly!

He activated dream butterfly Immortal Gu secretly to investigate while stalling for time as he spoke: “You are a mere mortal, but since you are able to find me after so many hurdles, this means we are fated. I have three cultivation paths, I will impart you one of them.”

The young man was overjoyed, he kowtowed continuously on the hard ground, a dull sound was heard each time.

Meng Qiu Zhen said: “The first path is formation path, it emphasizes on…”

Meng Qiu Zhen continued to explain, he said the truth without any lies in his words.

The young man nodded in hesitation: “Lord immortal, even though formation path is very complex, I am willing to work hard!”

Meng Qiu Zhen shook his head, saying: “No hurry, my second path is strength path, it is powerful and direct, the advantage lies in…”

After Meng Qiu Zhen finished his words, the young man became very excited: “I want to learn strength path!”

Meng Qiu Zhen smiled again: “I have a third path, wisdom path. Strength path is very common but wisdom path is rare, it can benefit you immensely. Among which…”

After a lengthy description, the young man was overwhelmed with excitement: “Lord immortal, lord immortal! I am most willing to learn wisdom path, please teach me.”

At this time, dream butterfly Immortal Gu finished investigating the dream realm.

The dream realm was not small, it had eight scenes.

It turned out that the immortal had once unknowingly destroyed a mortal village, causing the death of the young man’s parents.

The young man became all alone, he suffered greatly in the mortal world, not knowing who his enemy was.

After much effort, he finally became the disciple of this immortal. He had great aptitude and had the Ten Extreme Physique, he was very suited for wisdom path cultivation.

When the young man found out that his enemy was his master, he started to exact revenge.

In the final scene, the master and disciple turned on each other, this was a difficult dream.

“No matter what I impart, this disciple will learn it completely and even innovate to surpass the master. Furthermore, he will cultivate wisdom path secondarily and have incredible wisdom path methods.”

“Thus, this first scene is the most important chance to weaken this disciple!” Meng Qiu Zhen realized internally.

Without dream butterfly Immortal Gu, he had to test it himself, he definitely could not pass with his first try, his soul would get injured.

Meng Qiu Zhen would need to recuperate, wasting time and resources. After that, he would need to restart and explore the dream realm again.

But with dream butterfly Immortal Gu, he had the initiative, he was not in such a passive spot.

Even though dream butterfly Immortal Gu could only investigate the situation, the value of information was simply priceless.

Looking at the young man, Meng Qiu Zhen thought about it and smiled: “Then I will impart you my wisdom path cultivation. This method was not created by me, but I modified it personally, I named it — Nine-nine Multiplication Table.”

“Nine-nine multiplication table?” The young man’s eyes shined, just from the name, he felt that it was grand and impressive, it had an immortal flair.

Meng Qiu Zhen continued to spout nonsense: “Nine is the perfect number, nine times nine represents the concept of countless and boundless, the multiplication method is the rule of all beings, the extreme profundity of the natural order, those who lack aptitude cannot comprehend it. Come, let me teach you the first killer move — One Times One is One!”

The young man held his breath, he listened attentively and muttered to himself: “One times one is one, one times one is one, one times one is one.”

Not long after, at the final scene.

“Master, this is my final…”

“Shut up! Don’t call me master, you traitorous disciple, I am not your master.”

“No, even so, I will call you my…”

“Shut up! I worked so hard to nurture you, I imparted my strongest method, the nine-nine multiplication table to you, but yet you repaid my kindness with enmity!”

“No, master. No matter how angry you are, it is a fact you killed my parents, there is no resolving that grudge. For the last time, I will call you my…”

Meng Qiu Zhen did not care, he directly used his killer move on his disciple.

The disciple was constantly interrupted, he could not call him ‘master’ for the last time.

Meng Qiu Zhen wanted to see this. Because he understood this disciple, who had created his own raging emotion killer move, it was incredible, it could use wisdom path to allow all sorts of emotions to surge in power. If he managed to say it, he would feel a sense of freedom, he would be able to use the killer move freely.

Once he activated the killer move raging emotion, he would gain a huge advantage in this dream realm, Meng Qiu Zhen would face great difficulty in trying to pass it.

The battle progressed like how Meng Qiu Zhen predicted, he kept attacking and did not give his disciple a chance to talk.

His disciple was constantly suppressed, without a choice, he had to give up on his strongest raging emotion killer move and use the nine-nine multiplication table method instead.

Immortal killer move — Eight Times Eight Is Eighty-Eight!

After a long time of fighting, his disciple finally used his killer move.


He had just activated the killer move when it failed immediately, he suffered a backlash and became gravely injured.

“This killer move is wrong! Master, don’t tell me you…” The disciple looked at Meng Qiu Zhen in disbelief.

“Oh my foolish little disciple, I’ll tell you the real name of this killer move — Eight Times Eight Is Sixty-Six!” Meng Qiu Zhen snickered coldly as he attacked viciously[1].

The disciple lasted only a few rounds before his head was taken, he died with grievance.

Meanwhile, Fang Yuan’s main body was comprehending killer moves now.

Using Gu worms alone often had all sorts of demerits or side effects. To fix this or to reduce the side effects, Gu cultivators started to use multiple Gu worms together in cooperation.

Killer moves were naturally developed on this basis.

Killer moves involved the use of multiple Gu worms, among the three aspects of nurture, use, and refinement, they came under ‘use’.

When cultivators developed killer moves, they were surprised to find that natural killer moves existed in nature all along. From the bodies of desolate beasts or desolate plants, these cultivators found that they had many innate abilities, these abilities were all profound and mystical, like the upper extreme heavenly eagle’s ability to enter and exit blessed lands and grotto-heavens.

The upper extreme heavenly eagle had dense space path dao marks on its body, these dao marks were distributed in a certain pattern, following the rules of space path to grant it the ‘innate ability’ to enter and leave blessed lands and grotto-heavens.

Thus, the essence of killer moves was dao marks.

“In this aspect, totem killer moves are the closest to the original form of killer moves.” Fang Yuan praised internally.

Totem killer moves were developed in Myriad Beast Fusion Color Heaven, they did not exist elsewhere.

Totem killer moves had very high status, they could complement ordinary killer moves and battlefield killer moves, being on the same level as them.

With regard to using Gu, other than using single Gu worms, there were ordinary killer moves, battlefield killer moves, ancient battle formations, current generation Gu formations, as well as mortal and Immortal Gu Houses. But now, on this foundation, there was a new type — totem killer moves!

Compared to other ways of using Gu, totem killer moves had a clear advantage.

The most obvious one was that activating them was easy and quick, even a fool could control them. Totem killer moves needed very few thoughts, they were reliant on primeval essence or immortal essence instead. Unlike ordinary killer moves which needed to activate every single Gu worm, the processes were very different.

Secondly, totem killer moves were easy to assemble, the maintenance cost was also low. The Gu worms of ordinary killer moves needed constant feeding. The cultivator would also need a lot of time to find appropriate Gu worms. As for totem killer moves, they only needed the corresponding food ingredients. Gu materials were much easier to find than Gu worms!

The cost of feeding Gu worms was very high, but once totem killer moves were created, they would exist on the user’s body, not requiring further food. Of course, if they were damaged, they would need to be repaired. By then, the cultivator would need to eat the respective food ingredients.

Thirdly, totem killer moves were very easy to publicize, many people could use them at the same time. Also, totem killer moves were suited for all paths!

Of course, there were disadvantages as well.

For example, the cost of creating a totem was not low. Also, with the creation of a totem, it would greatly affect the Gu cultivator’s future cultivation, after all, it contained dao marks. And finally, totems were powerful but they had fixed methods, they were easy to counter. This was quite similar to Gu Houses.

Fang Yuan thought about it, he felt that the totem killer moves had some similarity to beast strength phantoms.

“These Demon Venerables and Immortal Venerables have unimaginable talent. Even though Reckless Savage Demon Venerable’s personality was quite unexpected, his scheming abilities are top notch.”

Originally, Reckless Savage Demon Venerable’s grotto-heaven only had strength path and transformation path dao marks.

But from what Fang Yuan learned from Old Eccentric Tian Nan’s true inheritance, he used the beastman’s method against them, fusing his own immortal aperture into the gluttonous demon frog’s body.

This was simply akin to the action of a deity, it could not be described in plain words!

The gluttonous demon frog was a food path legendary immemorial beast, with it encompassing the immortal aperture, and along with Reckless Savage Demon Venerable’s method, Myriad Beast Fusion Color Heaven started to develop a food path environment.

This food path environment was crucial!

It was because of the food path dao marks that Myriad Beast Fusion Color Heaven’s cultivators could use refinement path methods to cook while having low food path attainment, creating the food that could allow them to cultivate totem killer moves.

In the outside world, without the help of a food path environment, Gu cultivators could not create such food so easily.

“This is actually food path cultivation!”

Fang Yuan thought about Southern Border’s Paradise Earth true inheritance.

In this true inheritance, Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable developed food path, allowing tea recipes to become food path recipes. Using Gu materials to create tea, the cultivator could drink it to gain dao marks.

The essence of the totem killer moves in Myriad Beast Fusion Color Heaven was the same.

Gu cultivators could absorb the dao marks of Gu materials into their own bodies and create totem killer moves gradually. Totem killer moves were very suitable for their own cultivator, because during the process, their bodies would choose to absorb whatever it could absorb as nutrients.

“Hmm?” Fang Yuan’s expression changed slightly, his thoughts were interrupted for a moment.

“My wisdom path reached great grandmaster attainment level.” He could feel this change immediately, but his expression remained tranquil and peaceful.

[1] This is the author’s idea of a joke, possibly regarding readers talking about his mathematics skills.

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