Reverend Insanity - Chapter 212

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Chapter 212: Monkey Brain Delicacy

Swish swish swish~

In the aperture, waves of primeval essence ebb and flow, rushing towards the surrounding aperture walls .

The sea was jade green, crashing continuously, it was rank 1 initial stage primeval essence .

Rank 1 Gu masters have green copper primeval essence, initial stage being jade, middle stage is pale green, upper stage is dark green and peak stage is black green .

The surrounding aperture walls were shining brightly; under the attack of the jade green waves, his foundation was slowly built up .

Afterwards, the white light burst, and dimmed . White light condensed with each other, forming a water-ish light ripple .

At this point, the aperture light wall turned into a water wall .

"Finally, from rank 1 initial stage to middle stage . " A light excitement emerged in Fang Yuan's heart .

Initial stage aperture walls are light walls, middle stage is water walls .

Once the water walls are created, it means Fang Yuan was back to rank 1 middle stage .

"It has been over 20 days since we killed that demonic female Gu master . During this period, I've been cultivating non-stop, not wasting a single minute . It is no wonder I advanced to middle stage . " Fang Yuan slowly opened his eyes .

"What a pity I do not have the liquor worm on me, otherwise my cultivation would be even faster . "

Liquor worm can cause a Gu master's primeval essence to be refined into one small realm higher . Using it to assist in cultivation, can achieve a greater result with less effort .

Since Fang Yuan's rebirth, other than the Spring Autumn Cicada, the first Gu worm he got was the liquor worm .

After that, he purchased a second one and refined the two into the four flavor liquor worm .

A pity though, was that the four flavor liquor worm only works on rank 2 Gu masters, being useless to the current Fang Yuan .

The truth is, Fang Yuan had gotten three liquor worms in Qing Mao mountain . The third was from Gu Yue Yao Le's body .

This liquor worm was kept in Fang Yuan's hands, but after the Tie father and daughter came, to prevent himself from getting exposed, and being worried about Tie Xie Leng's investigative methods, he destroyed the liquor worm along with his other loots .

After it happened, whether it was the right move or not, since Fang Yuan did it, he had no regrets .

Even though now, if he had kept the liquor worm, it would be use to him, but at least, during that time, it did not allow the Tie father and daughter to investigate the matter on Gu Yue Yao Le .

"If I reverse refine the four flavor liquor worm, I can get the rank 1 liquor worm, but there are many requirements to reverse refine, I cannot fulfill the conditions .

Gu masters nurture Gu, use Gu, refine Gu . For refining Gu, it is split into fusion and reverse refinement .

Fusion, is to turn low rank Gu worms into a higher rank . Reverse is the opposite .

To reverse refine the four flavor liquor worm, there are many ways . Using the prodigal son Gu, will obtain two rank 1 liquor worms . Using the revert Gu, only 1 liquor worm is obtained . The butterfly transformation Gu will get the eerie qi butterfly . Using the unpredictable Gu, what Gu is obtained will be unknown, possibly something new all together .

For Fang Yuan, the best case was the prodigal son Gu .

But prodigal Gu was rarer than the liquor worm, and was hard to obtain . Best case scenario was revert Gu .

Using revert Gu, although he will lose a liquor worm, Fang Yuan would not hesitate to do it .

Retaining the four flavor liquor worm, and wait for rank 2 cultivation, that is under a safe environment . Now that Fang Yuan was in danger all the time, everything he does has to be for survival .

The higher his cultivation rose, higher the chances to live .

Cheep Cheep Cheep~

Outside the cave, monkey screeches and footsteps could be heard .

Fang Yuan's ears twitched, he was familiar with the owner of the footsteps .

As expected, not long after, Bai Ning Bing appeared .

Her entire body was covered in a layer of thorn clothing . This special clothing, is completely made of green vines and black sharp thorns, giving Bai Ning Bing defense and also used for attacking purposes .

To those fighting barehanded, these thorns that were as sturdy as steel would leave a lasting impression on them .

This thistle shirt, was formed by the iron thorn thistle Gu .

After killing the demonic female Gu master, Bai Ning Bing wanted this rank 3 grass Gu, requesting for it and refining it as her lifebound Gu .

"So troublesome . Every time I leave and return, I have to be so careful of those charred thunder potatoes . Can't you bury less of them?" She said as she begrudged, staring at the ground below her, jumping around as she avoided some pitfalls .

"Better to be safe than sorry . " Fang Yuan replied lightly, turning his gaze towards Bai Ning Bing's waist .

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On her waist was a string of monkeys .

These monkeys were tiny, the largest was merely arm length . They had round heads, and thick black monkey hair, smooth and shiny . What was most prominent, was the tree leaves growing on their waists .

These green leaves formed a circle, linked together around the monkey's hip bone and butt, like a grass skirt .

These were the grass skirt monkeys .

The grass skirt monkeys were delicious, being the source of food for Fang Yuan and Bai Ning Bing these days .

These captured grass skirt monkeys were aware of their outcomes, struggling intensely but to no avail .

The entire cave reverbed with their cries, and horrified screams .

It was lunch time .

"Grill them, I am a little hungry . " Bai Ning Bing rubbed her tummy, throwing the tied grass skirt monkeys on the ground .

"Let me prepare them first, you can grill them later . Your grilled meat tastes much better than mine . " She squatted down, about to kill them .

Fang Yuan stopped her: "Let me teach you a new eating method . "

Afterwards, he moved his finger, and a Gu flew out of Bai Ning Bing's aperture with a bloody light .

The blood light landed on Fang Yuan's palm, turning into a blood moon insignia .

It was blood moon Gu .

Fang Yuan's palm started to glow with red light .

Although the blood moon Gu was rank 3, Fang Yuan was not using it to attack, thus he could still barely control it .

Bai Ning Bing did not know his intentions, her blue eyes staring intensely .

Only to see Fang Yuan stretching his hand, raising a grass skirt monkey . He grabbed its neck, causing its head to be unable to move .

Soon after, the palm shining with red light landed on the monkey's head, and circled one round .

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Back then, he used the moonlight Gu to open the gambling rocks, now he used the blood moon Gu to cut the monkey's head .

After one round, Fang Yuan's primeval essence hit rock bottom .

As the red light vanished from his palm, Fang Yuan smiled as he grabbed the monkey's head, pulling it, and opened its skull .

The white monkey brain was revealed from within .

The grass skirt monkey struggled profusely, screaming in utter pain, its shrill screams echoed in the cave .

But Fang Yuan has the strength of two boars, his arms like steel, not moving at all . The grass skirt monkey's limbs were tender and did not have claws, unable to harm Fang Yuan at all even if it tried .

"Have a taste of this fresh monkey brain . " Saying so, Fang Yuan handed a spoon to Bai Ning Bing .

"Like this, raw?" Bai Ning Bing looking at the white brain with some blood traces, hesitated .

Fang Yuan smiled, demonstrating .

He placed the spoon into the monkey brain, scooping and placing it into his mouth, as he swallowed, the brain flowed down his throat .

At that moment, the grass skirt monkey's screams intensified, its body spazzing like it was electrocuted .

Bai Ning Bing tried too, scooping the monkey brain and placing it into her mouth .

At once, a fragrant grass smell spread from her tongue, without a tint of blood . Like the texture of beancurd, with just a little strength, the entire monkey brain melts in your mouth, with a little sweetness, giving a refreshing taste, in the entire mouth .

Her throat gulped, swallowing this monkey brain . Her blue eyes shone with bright light, crystal clear, as the fairy like face showed an enjoying expression .

"So incredibly delicious!" The young girl exclaimed .

"Only this grass skirt monkey can have such a taste . Their brain is a natural delicacy . " Fang Yuan said as he scooped another into his mouth .

He advanced to middle stage, and it calls for a mini celebration, this monkey brain is a good reward .

Bai Ning Bing laughed heartily, moving faster than before, swallowing the second mouthful .

This grass skirt monkey whose skull was cut open, after a temporary madness, was at death's door . Its bright jewel like eyes had already turned dim .

Other grass skirt monkeys seeing their companions' state, struggling like crazy trying to escape .

Under the restrain of the ropes, their struggles were futile, only allowing them to roll around on the ground .

Eating this monkey brain feels like eating ice cream on earth, the two worked together and very quickly finished this monkey brain .

"One more, one more . " Bai Ning Bing did not have enough, licking her lips and waving the spoon, demanding .

Fang Yuan's primeval essence had recovered to 90% already, he did the same thing and cut open another skull .

At once, the two continued their meal, satisfied . In the cave, the echoes of the screaming grass skirt monkeys were shrill and painfully heard .

After eating the monkey brains, they grilled the monkey meat .

The monkey meat of the grass skirt monkey were fresh and succulent, especially their breast meat . The entire taste was like fish grilled on bamboo leaves .

Rice bag grass .

Fang Yuan willed, and a green light shot out of his aperture .

The light landed on the ground, growing green buds .

In a few breath's time, the bud grew into leaves, and the leaves expanded, turning into vines . The vines extended, and after covering ten metres, a few branches grew large leaves .

These leaves looked like buckets . Firstly, only a finger could fit . But eventually, it became fist size, bowl size, and finally ripe .

Bai Ning Bing meticulously plucked a leaf .

Opening the leaves at the top, rice could be seen inside . Large plump kernels, perfectly white .

Bai Ning Bing raised her head and opened her mouth, pouring a mouthful of rice into her mouth, after chewing, she ate some monkey meat to add some flavor .

"Eating till full is satisfaction . " She exclaimed .

"How are those grass skirt monkeys . " Fang Yuan asked .

Bai Ning Bing's mind came back: "No issue if we do not enter that forest deeply . But once we do, three monkey kings show up . The wine you want to get is at the most central area of the forest, it will not be easy to obtain . "