Reverend Insanity - Chapter 2189

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Chapter 2189: 2189

Chapter 2189: The Answer To Eternal Life

Crazed Demon Cave .

Ninth layer .

Four Gu Immortals arrived at the periphery of the Crazed Demon formation .

“This is the truthful floating ice?” Zhan Bu Du’s eyebrows rose .

“Seems like it is not easy to enter deep into this formation . ” Qi Sea Ancestor was solemn . Unlike the main body, they did not have the assistance of fortitude Gu .

“Star Constellation is at the front, nearest to the center of the formation . Giant Sun Immortal Venerable is second, while Fang Yuan is the last . ” Lu Wei Yin’s heart tensed up as he looked ahead .

Fang Yuan did not have the upper hand, so Lu Wei Yin had to do his best to help him!

Demon Immortal Qi Jue stared at the formation in front of him, he mumbled softly as if recalling something of the past: “Limitless, this fellow…”

He leaped forward and stepped on a piece of truthful floating ice .

The other three immortals glanced at each other before moving as well .

The record in was true, the pieces of the truthful floating ice were of different sizes and shapes in the eyes of different people, the emotional impact they felt were different as well .

Because of this, Gu Immortals could not move forward in a group . The best method was to move alone, choosing the floating ice most suitable for oneself .

Fang Yuan had been maintaining the activation of fortitude Gu .

This Gu was only at rank eight level, while this Crazed Demon formation was as high as rank nine .

The deeper he went into the formation, the stronger the emotions he felt . When he had just activated fortitude Gu, these emotions could be ignored and he did not feel anything .

But now, Fang Yuan felt like when he had just stepped on the formation and started probing it .

As for Immortal Zombie Giant Sun and Star Constellation Immortal Venerable, after these two recognized Fang Yuan’s method, they brought out their trump cards .

Immortal Zombie Giant Sun activated familial emotion Gu, sharing his emotions to others .

Star Constellation Immortal Venerable brought out a mysterious secluded domain of heaven and earth!

This secluded domain looked like a cage as well as a lantern, Fang Yuan could not help but recall a certain chapter in .

The two venerables’ foundation was much deeper than Fang Yuan’s .

They had also made ample preparations for Crazed Demon Cave .

Thus, Fang Yuan still fell back to the last position among the three .

Fang Yuan did not give up, continuing to move forward while gritting his teeth .

The situation was getting worse .

The emotional impacts became stronger, shaking his mind and spirit .

But Fang Yuan was happy instead .

Since he was receiving such fierce emotional impacts here, the two venerables who were ahead would face even fiercer emotions .

Fang Yuan’s perseverance soon got favorable results .

The leading Star Constellation Immortal Venerable was moving increasingly slower, she needed to rest for a long while after stepping on a piece of the truthful floating ice before she could move forward .

Star Constellation Immortal Venerable’s speed became slow, Immortal Zombie Giant Sun was the same .

Gradually, the distance between the three Gu Immortals started to shorten .

Star Constellation Immortal Venerable often looked back, Immortal Zombie Giant Sun who was in the middle also stopped often and observed Star Constellation Immortal Venerable and Fang Yuan . This was a difficult journey, the three immortals fully realized each other’s vast tenacity and patience .

After this situation continued for a while, a change occurred .

Star Constellation Immortal Venerable suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood, she collapsed on the truthful floating ice .

Her body flashed with deep blue starlight .

After the starlight dimmed, it actually split into three, becoming three avatars again!

“Could it be that Star Constellation Immortal Venerable’s revival is not complete and she has only revived temporarily? The stable state is still in the form of three pseudo venerables?” Fang Yuan’s thoughts shook .

Immortal Zombie Giant Sun felt an urge to take action: “A chance!”

He gritted his teeth and persevered, slowly surpassing Star Constellation Immortal Venerable .

Star Constellation’s three avatars stopped on the same truthful floating ice, they were trying to recuperate as soon as possible .

When Fang Yuan overtook them, he hesitated for a moment .

Should he take advantage of this situation?

Fang Yuan quickly suppressed this impulse .

Right now, he was deep in Limitless’ Crazed Demon formation, if he were to even make an attack, he might trigger Limitless’ countermeasures . His situation might be even more severe than the Qi Sea clone’s .

Moreover, if Fang Yuan were to fight with Star Constellation Immortal Venerable, would it not be giving an advantage to Immortal Zombie Giant Sun?

Look at Immortal Zombie Giant Sun, he directly went to the center of the formation without paying attention to Star Constellation’s three avatars .

“If regaining supreme grandmaster attainment level gave these venerables the initiative, then gaining Limitless Demon Venerable’s deduction results might let the winner rise above other venerables!”

Fang Yuan was increasingly certain of this speculation .

“It is time!” Fang Yuan stopped on a truthful floating ice piece, enduring the vast emotional impact as he activated an immortal killer move .

Immortal killer move — Calm and Steady!

The killer move’s effect was immediate, the vast and strong emotions that were crushing Fang Yuan and almost destroyed his mental state disappeared almost completely .

Fang Yuan possessed countless Immortal Gu recipes along with just as many killer moves .

This calm and steady killer move was part of them .

This move required two main cores, calm Gu and suppression Gu .

Fang Yuan did not have calm Gu and was unable to refine immortal level calm Gu, but he had fortitude Gu . Previously, Fang Yuan had been moving while modifying the killer move, and was finally able to use this move now .

As for suppression Gu, Fang Yuan had it .

Speaking of which, he needed to thank Heavenly Court .

Before the fate war, Fang Yuan had fought several battles with Heavenly Court’s Gu Immortals in the River of Time . In one such battle, Fang Yuan destroyed the river suppression lotus sealing formation, obtaining suppression Gu from it .

Suppression Gu was rank eight, fortitude Gu was also rank eight .

The killer move with two rank eight cores would naturally have stronger effect than just fortitude Gu alone .

Fang Yuan’s speed increased again!

However, he had already been somewhat far from Immortal Zombie Giant Sun before, so despite trying his best, Fang Yuan could not catch up to him .

“I did not expect Giant Sun Immortal Venerable to be the first to reach the center!” Lu Wei Yin heaved a deep sigh .

Under Fang Yuan’s, Star Constellation’s three avatars, and other pseudo venerables’ gazes, Immortal Zombie Giant Sun suddenly stopped .

He stopped on the truthful floating ice that could be said to be one step away from the largest truthful floating ice at the center .

Immortal Zombie Giant Sun showed hesitation at this moment .

What was he hesitating for?

While he was hesitating, Fang Yuan caught up .

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“Fang Yuan, it is somewhat strange here . ” Immortal Zombie Giant Sun spoke .

Ever since he and Fang Yuan entered the formation, they were competing secretly . The mood between the two became strained, this was their first conversation .

Fang Yuan’s eyes shone as he carefully sized up the truthful floating ice in front of him . For a moment, he was unable to find any clues .

But he did not take a risk to step forward .

Immortal Zombie Giant Sun was the best model .

He was so close to success, but he still stopped . It could be seen that there was definitely something strange .

“It is odd indeed . ” Fang Yuan nodded, revealing an expression of realization .

Immortal Zombie Giant Sun was slightly surprised . The reason he stopped was because his luck path investigative killer move showed a slight fluctuation, making him feel something wrong, but he was unable to tell what it was . However, looking at Fang Yuan’s expression, did he realize a crucial point?

Immortal Zombie Giant Sun had been putting a lot of attention on Fang Yuan .

In his view: Fang Yuan was chosen by heaven’s will, he had talent that ordinary people could not match . To cause the destruction of fate Gu, many venerables helped Fang Yuan . Moreover, Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable, Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable, and Reckless Savage Demon Venerable were still helping him now!

Even if Immortal Zombie Giant Sun did not think highly of Fang Yuan, he could not disregard the other venerables .

So, he did not find it strange for Fang Yuan to see a crucial clue when he could not .

“Please enlighten me on what you found out . ” Immortal Zombie Giant Sun said .

Fang Yuan was surprised, Immortal Zombie Giant Sun had the dignity of a grand venerable, but he actually took the initiative to ask for guidance with no mental obstruction .

However, Fang Yuan had actually not noticed anything .

Therefore, he first looked back at Star Constellation Immortal Venerable .

Those three fairies were still at the original spot, resting with their eyes closed .

Then, Fang Yuan looked at Immortal Zombie Giant Sun, smiling: “The eternal life research results are not easily obtained, but we can share them . Giant Sun, how do you want to pay?”

No matter what the oddity was, he would first extort some benefits from Giant Sun Immortal Venerable!

Immortal Zombie Giant Sun’s eyes shone, he was just about to speak when a person actually came out of the truthful floating ice at the center .

“Huh?” Immortal Zombie Giant Sun’s attention was immediately attracted .

Fang Yuan was also stunned .

Afterwards, Star Constellation’s three avatars, Lu Wei Yin and the rest also discovered this abnormality .

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A rank seven Gu Immortal came out of the truthful floating ice .

Fang Yuan even recognized this rank seven Gu Immortal!

It was Not Immortal of the Three Crazed Demon Eccentrics!

The Three Crazed Demon Eccentrics were wisdom path Gu Immortal Secret Schemer, earth path Gu Immortal Pang Shan, and rule path Gu Immortal Not Immortal respectively .

These three lived in Crazed Demon Cave, they had been trying to find a way to enter the deepest layer of Crazed Demon Cave, to obtain the secret of eternal life .

Regarding this goal, they and Fang Yuan were kindred spirits .

The Three Crazed Demon Eccentrics did not have enough strength, they could not even enter the eighth layer, so they took in the strength path Gu Immortal Chu Du . Chu Du then invited Fang Yuan, which was how Fang Yuan entered Crazed Demon Cave .

Later, to prepare for the fate war, Fang Yuan came to Crazed Demon Cave to invite the Three Crazed Demon Eccentrics to take part in the battle .

The Three Crazed Demon Eccentrics agreed, but they were not seen throughout the fate war and even after it . Thus, they lost contact with Fang Yuan .

Who could have thought that Not Immortal would actually appear here!

Not Immortal looked at Immortal Zombie Giant Sun and was stunned, immediately showing a vigilant expression . He did not recognize Immortal Zombie Giant Sun, but from the terrifying aura, he knew this immortal zombie could not be provoked .

He then looked at Fang Yuan, his brows rose as he revealed joy: “Fang Yuan, you are finally here!”

Immortal Zombie Giant Sun’s mind jolted, he immediately turned around to look at Fang Yuan: “Fang Yuan, you made such deep arrangements, I am in admiration . ”

Fang Yuan shook his head: “How could I possibly arrange this? Not Immortal, I wonder if Secret Schemer and Pang Shan…”

Not Immortal immediately replied: “They are inside . ”

He then showed an ashamed expression: “The three of us agreed to your request to participate in the fate war and fight Heavenly Court . But that day, there was suddenly a change in Crazed Demon Cave, and us three were pulled into here . With Limitless Demon Venerable’s will’s guidance, we understood the full details . ”

“Because us three lived here for a long time, our sincerity was finally seen by Lord Limitless’ will . He arranged for us to be here to cooperate with the formation, by controlling practice Gu to carve this piece of truthful floating ice . ”

“Once all the worlds in the eighth layer are merged into one, they will disappear completely and turn into clues and energy for this Crazed Demon formation’s derivation . Then, we will finish carving this truthful floating ice and find the method of eternal life!”

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