Reverend Insanity - Chapter 2215

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Chapter 2215: 2215

Chapter 2215: Heaven Refining Demon Venerable!

Fang Yuan returned to Eastern Sea .

Under the setting sun, the surface of the sea was dyed red . Birds were chirping out loud, a warm sea breeze was blowing .

This place was some distance away from Eastern Sea’s Xia clan, it was not considered close .

“This place will do . ” Fang Yuan quickly descended, landing on a relatively small deserted island .

Several investigative killer moves were activated, Fang Yuan had complete control over the island, he did not detect any threats or suspicious matters .

Fang Yuan directly took out the five regional limit formation .

Soon, five colored smoke mixed together and enveloped the island, before spreading towards the sky and sea .

If he were still rank eight, after escaping from Crazed Demon Cave, he would choose the headquarters of Eastern Sea’s Xia clan, or go to immemorial white heaven in secret and hide himself to recuperate .

But Fang Yuan had rank nine cultivation level now, he was a venerable, he could do things openly without fear .

If Star Constellation Immortal Venerable or Giant Sun Immortal Venerable came to attack him now, Fang Yuan would be happy to see that happen .

Fang Yuan slowly shut his eyes as his divine sense peered into the sovereign immortal aperture .

He had already accumulated several beads of rank nine immortal essence .

Rank eight immortal essence was known as white litchi immortal essence, rank nine immortal essence was slightly larger and looked like an apricot, it was orange-yellow in color .

It was yellow apricot immortal essence!

Fang Yuan was familiar with the appearance of rank nine immortal essence since long ago, because he had obtained Giant Sun’s immortal essence as well as Spectral Soul Demon Venerable’s remaining immortal essence .

But now, he felt some surging emotions internally .

After all, this was his personal yellow apricot immortal essence!

Using the yellow apricot immortal essence, Fang Yuan activated a method!

Refinement path killer move — Refine Self!

A pale yellow light that was the size of a fist flowed out from the area near Fang Yuan’s stomach . The yellow light flowed slowly around his entire body .

The emphasis was on Fang Yuan’s injuries .

Fang Yuan had over a hundred injuries, most of them were only dealt with superficially while he was on the way back .

Even now, many of the wounds were still bleeding and covered in golden light or starlight specks, they were lingering on his bones, or his mashed up flesh .

As the pale yellow light appeared, all of the starlight and golden aurora was cleansed . This meant that the dao marks that Star Constellation Immortal Venerable and Giant Sun Immortal Venerable left on Fang Yuan’s body were all refined by him .

But the process of refinement was not comfortable, an intense pain could be felt .

Fang Yuan’s body was shivering, his expression turned pale, soon, sweat covered his forehead .

Eventually, the pale yellow light lingered on the area of Fang Yuan’s detached arm . After an hour, the light faded away .

Fang Yuan let out a breath of air, he finally relaxed .

After resting for a moment, he immediately used a compound killer move, man as before .

At the next moment, his injuries were fully healed, his arm was also fully restored .

But when Fang Yuan exerted strength using that arm, he still felt a sense of weakness from it .

But this was already satisfactory to him .

Fang Yuan had severe injuries but Star Constellation Immortal Venerable and Giant Sun Immortal Venerable were also no better .

He was almost certain that their efficiency at healing injuries was lower than him .

Because Fang Yuan had the killer move refine self, this killer move could refine all of the dao marks on the Gu cultivator’s body into their own . The origin of this move was the killer move that Fang Yuan once used, self cleansing .

Using this, in the battle of Crazed Demon Cave, Fang Yuan refined all of the dao marks of the flying star killer move, countering Star Constellation Immortal Venerable’s consecutive move .

His physical injuries were healed, while his soul was at its peak condition, Fang Yuan started to resolve the matter of the sovereign immortal aperture .

The sovereign immortal aperture had a tribulation earlier because of Giant Sun Immortal Venerable’s killer move . At almost the same time, because of Fang Yuan’s secret manipulation, he challenged the Heavenly Dao and endured the chaotic disaster .

The entire sovereign immortal aperture suffered huge losses, its foundation had fallen, compared to before the Crazed Demon Cave expedition, it had about twenty percent remaining .

It was simply in tatters, this was a pitiful sight .

“But I predicted that this would happen before the battle in Crazed Demon Cave, I prepared for it!”

Fang Yuan focused his mind, thoughts were expended, he activated another compound killer move — Landscape as Before .

The year essence pools and the sub-pools in various areas of the sovereign immortal aperture all opened their dams now .

The accumulated water of the River of Time formed into a vast silhouette under the effect of landscape as before, sweeping through the mini five regions as well as all the mini nine heavens .

The silhouette of the water of the River of Time soon receded entirely, but what remained were various resource points of mountains and rivers that were completely restored .

The Gu Immortals in the sovereign immortal aperture saw this sight and cheered loudly, their morale surged .

Fang Yuan lightly let out a breath of air .

Back then, when he created the year essence sub-pools and created time path areas, he had already prepared to use landscape as before for such a purpose .

After using this method, the water of the River of Time in the year essence pools was almost used up, the sovereign immortal aperture’s time difference with the outside world also fell greatly .

A considerable amount of time was needed, until the year essence pools could gather enough water of the River of Time to accelerate the sovereign immortal aperture’s time again .

At this point, forty percent of the sovereign immortal aperture’s foundation had just been restored .

Which meant that the sovereign immortal aperture only had forty percent in total of losses remaining, this greatly reduced the time, energy, and resources needed to reconstruct his foundation .

The forty percent of losses were created by the chaotic disaster .

Even landscape as before was not useful for this . The Gu Immortals that died from the chaotic disaster were also not able to revive through Human Sea .

He had a lot of other losses as well .

The immortal essence expenditure was huge, he once had a vast amount of rank eight immortal essence, but now, he had about ten percent left, it was way below the safety margin, he was in a dangerous state .

This was also why Fang Yuan stopped and did not continue fighting against Star Constellation Immortal Venerable and Giant Sun Immortal Venerable .

But the good news was, as a venerable, Fang Yuan produced yellow apricot immortal essence, it was much more useful than white litchi immortal essence .

The bad news was, rank eight Immortal Gu Heavenly Essence Treasure Imperial Lotus that once helped Fang Yuan greatly in terms of immortal essence storage became much less useful now .

At the same time, because the sovereign immortal aperture’s time slowed greatly, Fang Yuan’s immortal essence production speed was not high .

During this period of time, Fang Yuan needed to rest and manage his immortal essence, he also had to refine the natural dao marks of the outside world, he would need a lot of immortal essence .

“The lack of immortal essence is huge, while immortal essence stones are barely useful to me anymore . ”

“If I ignore everything and raise the sovereign immortal aperture’s rate of time to the limit, that will not work either!” Fang Yuan frowned slightly .

Venerables faced a grand tribulation every ten years, a myriad tribulation every fifty years, and a chaotic disaster every one hundred years .

Unless they were dream path, pill path and so on, grand tribulations and myriad tribulations were no threat to Fang Yuan . Fang Yuan was only wary about the chaotic disasters every one hundred years .

Even though he had already gone through one chaotic disaster in Crazed Demon Cave .

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That was only the Heavenly Dao blockade, it was far weaker than the chaotic disasters that would occur every one hundred years!

If the sovereign immortal aperture’s time was too fast, Fang Yuan would quickly have to face the chaotic disaster, if he got heavily injured in the process, or even near the point of death, the other venerables would take advantage of the chance .

The replenishment of immortal essence was a problem, other than this, Fang Yuan also lost a large number of Immortal Gu .

In the first parts of the Crazed Demon Cave fight, after Gu Immortals died, Fang Yuan did not retrieve their Immortal Gu or immortal apertures .

In fact, the seven Immortal Gu Houses that Fang Yuan took out in Crazed Demon Cave, including Rising Cloud City, were all lost as well .

Fang Yuan’s losses were so severe that no super force in the world barring Heavenly Court and Longevity Heaven could afford to endure them .

Thankfully, in the later parts of the Crazed Demon Cave fight, Fang Yuan purposely reduced his losses in this aspect . For example, when Zhan Bu Du died, the will that he left behind sent many of his precious transformation path Immortal Gu into treasure yellow heaven .

Other than Immortal Gu and immortal essence, many Gu Immortals died as well .

Steel Rush Warrior, Frost Butterfly Warrior, Xiao He Jian, Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch, and even Fang Yuan’s clone Zhan Bu Du, they had all died in Crazed Demon Cave . There were also those who died in the sovereign immortal aperture when they defended against the tribulations .

Most of them were revived through Human Sea, they had to re-cultivate to become immortal again .

There was also a group of them who could not be revived . Among them was the old Combat Beast King, a rank eight Gu Immortal .

Even Fang Yuan felt that it was a pity .

This old man had worked laboriously without complaint, he made great contributions towards the sovereign immortal aperture . But he was killed by the black fire, Fang Yuan could not revive him .

Other than these material losses, Fang Yuan also had some hidden losses .

Most importantly, he exposed too many killer moves .

In the Crazed Demon Cave battle, Fang Yuan had no choice but to expose many of his compound killer moves, as well as trump cards like refine self, totem killer moves, and others .

For a long time, these killer moves could not be used, they needed to be modified .

When he fights against the venerables in the future, if he were to use these killer moves without modification, Fang Yuan would be taking a huge risk .

But compared to his losses, Fang Yuan’s gains were much higher!

In the Crazed Demon Cave battle, Fang Yuan had immense gains, he was undeniably the biggest winner out of everyone!!

Firstly, Fang Yuan ransacked the first seven layers and obtained a vast amount of chaotic dao mark immortal materials .

In the eighth layer of Crazed Demon Cave, he used Thieves Den to gain a vast amount of rank nine immortal materials . These rank nine immortal materials were enough for him to try to refine a rank nine Immortal Gu .

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The second thing was Primordial Domain .

Fang Yuan had about the same amount of the Primordial Domain as Giant Sun Immortal Venerable, which was slightly less than Star Constellation Immortal Venerable .

Primordial Domain was extremely valuable, especially for Fang Yuan .

The third thing was Paradise Earth’s Northern Plains true inheritance, as well as his heaven path cultivation experiences . These included the method to digest truthful floating ice and raise one’s own heaven path cultivation level .

The fourth was information .

After the battle of Crazed Demon Cave, Fang Yuan gained an in-depth understanding of Star Constellation Immortal Venerable and Giant Sun Immortal Venerable, as well as the Heavenly Court and Longevity Heaven that they belonged to!

He was no longer kept in the dark like before .

Star Constellation Immortal Venerable’s and Giant Sun Immortal Venerable’s methods, their combat systems, as well as Heavenly Court’s Door of Life and Death immortal graveyard, Transient White Cloud City Suppression painting path formation, Ruan Dan’s pill path, Longevity Heaven’s Eight Extremities formation, Calamity Luck Altar’s luck changing golden light path, and others .

The fifth gain was also Fang Yuan’s greatest gain .

His cultivation level rose to become venerable level .

This was a peak qualitative change!

From now onwards, he went from a chess piece to a player, he could openly plot against the world and rule over the five regions .

The history of humanity and variant humans would have no choice but to remember his name .

At this point, he stood on the same plane as the ten predecessors, he was like a sun that shone throughout the ages . All other Gu Immortals, regardless of their heroism or talent, were mere stars in the sky .

Gu Yue Fang Yuan!

The eleventh venerable of the Gu cultivator world .

A demonic cultivator who became venerable through refinement path .

According to Heavenly Court and Longevity Heaven, his title was —

Heaven Refining Demon Venerable!

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