Reverend Insanity - Chapter 2216

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Chapter 2216: 2216

Chapter 2216: Crying Because of Fang Yuan

Eastern Sea .

Shen clan headquarters, purple rosewood myriad sparrow island .

An elderly Gu Immortal stood in front of a stone door as he waited patiently .

The elderly Gu Immortal radiated rank eight aura, he was the current first supreme elder of Shen clan, holding high authority — Shen Cong Sheng!


As the door of the secret room was opened, two Gu Immortals walked out from within .

The person in front wore a grey robe and had shoulder length black and white hair, it was Shen Shang .

As a cultivator of human path, the stay in Divine Emperor City was his fortuitous encounter . After leaving Divine Emperor City, the black fire injury in his immortal aperture was completely healed, his battle strength surged to pseudo venerable level .

Shen Shang walked out of the stone door and stayed at the side, smiling at the Gu Immortal behind him: “Please come in . ”

This Gu Immortal wore a grey hemp garment, it was very simple and plain, but his muscular body could not be concealed . He wore a conical hat that could not hide his pale face and weakened state .

It was Lu Wei Yin, who had survived the battle in Crazed Demon Cave .

Lu Wei Yin bowed slightly and said: “Senior Shen’s human path methods are extraordinary, thirty percent of my injuries have healed already . I can only repay this debt in the future . ”

Shen Shang laughed heartily: “No need to worry about it, don’t call me senior either . We fought together in Crazed Demon Cave, having close cooperation, with our friendship, you can just treat me as an equal . ”

Shen Cong Sheng laughed as well: “Seniors, the banquet has been prepared, please come with me . ”

Before Lu Wei Yin gave any modest reply, Shen Shang laughed and grabbed his arm, bringing him to the banquet enthusiastically .

The banquet was held outdoors in the open, at the peak of rosewood myriad sparrow island .

There were three people in the pavilion, Shen Shang sat at the main seat, Lu Wei Yin sat beside him as the guest, while Shen Cong Sheng sat at the end respectfully .

There was no need to comment about the beautiful and delicious food and wine on the table, Lu Wei Yin only took a small bite before he gazed afar .

He saw that the sea was calm as a mirror, having no waves at all, the setting sun was radiating brightly, and the evening clouds were like blazing flames .

“Such a beautiful sight . ” Lu Wei Yin praised .

At this moment, the countless birds and sparrows chirped on the island, countless purple rosewood branches shook with the cries of the birds, emitting beautiful sounds .

At once, the blend of sounds created a medley that spread far and wide, towards the sea and sky that stretched to the horizon .

Lu Wei Yin could not help but show an expression of indulgence, he shut his eyes to savor the moment . After a long while, he opened his eyes and let out a breath of air: “I’ve heard of the reputation of Eastern Sea Shen clan’s rosewood myriad sparrow island . After seeing it today, it truly lives up to that reputation . After surviving Crazed Demon Cave and seeing this beautiful sight, my heart has calmed down, sigh, it is great to be alive . ”

Lu Wei Yin’s strength was at the peak of rank eight, aside from his defense, which was firmly at pseudo venerable level .

However, the battle in Crazed Demon Cave made him feel extremely weak .

There were many crises and trials that caused Lu Wei Yin to be on the brink of death multiple times, recalling these dangerous moments, Lu Wei Yin still felt some lingering fear now .

Shen Cong Sheng showed an expression of curiosity as he inquired: “If not for Heavenly Court’s and Longevity Heaven’s declarations, the entire five regions would still be kept in the dark . What exactly happened in Crazed Demon Cave? Not only did Giant Sun Immortal Venerable and Star Constellation Immortal Venerable revive, Gu Yue Fang Yuan even became Heaven Refining Demon Venerable?”

Heavenly Court and Longevity Heaven both suffered losses, even though they had gains too, Fang Yuan was the biggest winner . Thus, they did not describe the details of Crazed Demon Cave to the rest of the world .

With this huge commotion, after the initial shock of the Gu Immortals, they started to gain deep curiosity .

Shen Cong Sheng was no exception .

Lu Wei Yin and Shen Shang looked at each other before retelling the complex story of the battle in Crazed Demon Cave together .

After Shen Cong Sheng heard their story, he became silent .

The pursuit of Limitless Demon Venerable, the scheming Star Constellation Immortal Venerable, the powerful Giant Sun Immortal Venerable, the pitiful Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable, and the immense restraint of Gu Yue Fang Yuan…

This battle was at a whole new level!

To the extent that even Demon Immortal Qi Jue, Zhan Bu Du, Qi Sea Ancestor, Lu Wei Yin, and Shen Shang were mere side characters in comparison .

The price of this battle was also shocking beyond belief .

Pseudo venerables like Zhan Bu Du and Demon Immortal Qi Jue died . Fang Yuan lost about fifty Gu Immortal subordinates, only half of Longevity Heaven’s Eight Extremities were left . And in Crazed Demon Cave, countless lifeforms including Nie Kuang Feng, Bu Tian Kong, and Duan Hu had died!

Eventually, Limitless Demon Venerable failed in pursuing eternal life, while Fang Yuan ended up as the biggest winner .

Shen Cong Sheng frowned and asked the two immortals: “There are three things I do not understand . Firstly, if I were Limitless Demon Venerable, why would I rush at that moment and take such a risk? With such strength, couldn’t he have suppressed the entire world and built another formation if this Crazed Demon formation was not enough to achieve his goal?”

Shen Shang shook his head slightly: “Limitless Demon Venerable is a true Dao pursuer, after a million years of preparation and planning, how could he relent without giving it a test?”

Lu Wei Yin added: “He could not last long in that condition either . Although he seemed to have revived, he was not a true living Gu Immortal . At least, after his death, he did not have a flesh-and-blood body, there was no immortal aperture either, in fact, he turned back into truthful floating ice . ”

“So that’s it . ” Shen Cong Sheng nodded and asked again: “Secondly, are they really ignoring Spectral Soul Demon Venerable and letting him remain in the void of the ninth layer of Crazed Demon Cave?”

Lu Wei Yin pondered and said: “Spectral Soul Demon Venerable was first manipulated by Star Constellation Immortal Venerable and experienced a surge in emotions, he almost lost his memories and only vaguely remembered Lord Paradise Earth . Afterwards, Spectral Soul Demon Venerable was released from the Door of Life and Death by Star Constellation Immortal Venerable, he actually went to block the hole of the world boundary of his own accord, that was out of our expectations . ”

“He did not regain his memories and sanity like what we anticipated . There were no changes in his emotions, it was like he was completely emotionless, but he treated the world boundary’s hole as the biggest threat . He used his body to block it and ignored everything else, that was truly a strange condition, as if… he was a soul beast . ”

Shen Shang said: “Us two discussed between ourselves regarding Spectral Soul Demon Venerable’s condition, but we had no conclusion . Now it seems that even the venerables have no answer, they can merely make guesses . After Fang Yuan gained the upper hand and snatched the final truthful floating ice, while Spectral Soul Demon Venerable focused on suppressing the world boundary’s hole, the three venerables stopped fighting . After the battle of Crazed Demon Cave, they are all severely weakened, since the hole is handled by Spectral Soul Demon Venerable, ignoring him is the best move for now . ”

Saying so, Shen Shang looked at Lu Wei Yin and said: “As for what they will do in the future and whether Spectral Soul Demon Venerable can regain his sanity, none of us can guess . ”

Lu Wei Yin nodded, his expression turned more solemn .

Spectral Soul Demon Venerable had a deeply murderous nature, without regaining his sanity, he could only stay in the ninth layer void and not escape . But if he regained his sanity, the five regions and two heavens would fall into chaos .

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Shen Cong Sheng asked his final question: “And thirdly, Fang Yuan’s schemes to become a venerable were exposed by Star Constellation Immortal Venerable and Giant Sun Immortal Venerable . But there are still things I cannot understand . How did Fang Yuan get so many new killer moves? He had an endless number of compound killer moves, totem killer moves, and even Dang Hun Luo Po Seal that made use of Dang Hun Mountain, Luo Po Valley, and Reverse Flow River . I really cannot understand it, I thought Fang Yuan was always specialized in the wisdom path aspect of blocking others’ deductions . His wisdom Gu was also used up in Heavenly Court, how could he still have so many killer moves?”

“Unless he has made some important progression in wisdom path? But isn’t this growth simply too big?”

“So be it if he had Dang Hun Luo Po Seal, but that killer move that allowed him to escape from the Door of Life and Death used the three secluded domains of heaven and earth as the cores, he had nearly replicated the road of life . ”

Lu Wei Yin and Shen Shang shook their heads, they had no idea either .

The former sighed: “If Fang Yuan was not so unpredictable, he would not have become the biggest winner in this contest . ”

The latter said: “Regarding this, I have some guesses . ”

The three immortals ate and spoke, discussing their theories .

After filling their bellies, Shen Cong Sheng took out a cup and made tea for Lu Wei Yin and Shen Shang .

Lu Wei Yin took a look and became quite curious, he asked: “Is this your six sound tea?”

Shen Cong Sheng smiled: “It is just a small creation, allow me to embarrass myself . ”

Lu Wei Yin had a serious expression: “Shen clan’s six sound tea is famous in the world, to think that I am lucky enough to try it . There is a term in luck path called ‘every cloud has a silver lining’, there is also another saying ‘there is bound to be great fortune after surviving a huge crisis’ . Haha, I am really lucky today . ”

Six sound tea was a set of six tea cups .

These six cups of tea had very specific details when it came to the brewing process, temperature, cup used, sequence of drinking, and exact way to drink .

Shen Cong Sheng expended rank eight immortal materials to brew the first cup of tea, it was called autumn wood sound .

This tea was crystal clear, it was like the sky devoid of clouds, extremely pure and intact . The moment Lu Wei Yin drank it, he felt refreshed, his mind became clear, it was pure and cleansed . It was as if he had turned into a carefree flying bird, or a cool breeze, moving casually in the autumn skies, forgetting all his worries .

Shen Cong Sheng made the second cup of tea, it was called cloud flow tea .

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This tea had a special texture, it was soft as cotton unlike normal tea . It melted when it entered the mouth, turning into a slightly cold stream of water that flowed down his throat, it was drunk in one mouthful without doubt .

He made the third cup of tea, it was called river mournful cry .

But halfway through, tears flowed down Shen Cong Sheng’s cheeks, he failed to brew the tea successfully .

“I am ashamed, I am ashamed . ” Shen Cong Sheng quickly wiped his tears and apologized .

Lu Wei Yin’s injuries had been treated by Shen Shang, he was also hosted so enthusiastically by them, he knew that the main show was coming, he quickly asked what they wanted to hear: “First supreme elder of Shen clan, why are you crying?”

Shen Cong Sheng answered: “Thank you for the concern, I am merely tearing up in guilt . It has been a thousand years since my Shen clan was established . To think that it would face the crisis of extermination during my generation, I, Shen Cong Sheng, am truly incompetent and useless . This beautiful rosewood myriad sparrow island and our countless clansmen are all going to perish . ”

Shen Shang sighed deeply .

Lu Wei Yin asked: “Are you two worried about Fang Yuan?”

“Precisely . Not long ago, information spread that this Lord Demon Venerable returned to Eastern Sea, picking a mortal island to set up his five restriction profound light qi that encompassed the surrounding ten thousand li! I am truly worried and fearful now, the whole of Shen clan is worried and fearful, in fact, the entire Eastern Sea Gu Immortal world is worried and fearful!” Shen Cong Sheng said this, a large amount of tears flowed down his face again .

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