Reverend Insanity - Chapter 2242

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Chapter 2242: Chapter 2242 - Sovereign’s Three Boards

Star Collection City Square .

Yu Zi and Lian Ke Xin looked at a contribution board at the same time .

This contribution board had a lot of reference material, whoever stood at the top would be the most important subordinates, Fang Yuan’s capable generals, they were targets that the mermaid immortals had to befriend .

Looking at the contribution board, they could also roughly see the power levels of the factions of Fang Yuan’s subordinates and gain more insight .

Thereafter, they saw the number one name on the contribution board — Sixth Hair!

“A hairy man?”

“This person’s contribution points are far above the second person . For the time being, nobody can catch up to him . ”

Even though Yu Zi and Lian Ke Xin had just arrived, they could see that Sixth Hair’s foundation and accumulation were immensely deep .

“Starting from the second place, the difference in points is not huge anymore . ”

Lian Ke Xin quickly saw some familiar names from the top ten contributors .

Like Fairy Miao Yin, Lady White Rabbit, Mo Tan Sang, Xue Er, Shi Shi Cheng, and others .

What made Yu Zi and Lian Ke Xin take notice was that there was a strange name in the top ten positions .

“Lang Ya land spirit? Is this Lang Ya blessed land’s land spirit?”

“A land spirit can be ranked on the contribution board as well?”

“This shows how magnanimous Lord Fang Yuan is, he treats humans, variant humans, and land spirits equally . ”

The top ten members of the contribution board were mostly variant human Gu Immortals . This had deep political meaning, the two former rulers of the Merman Imperial Court were very pleased about this, they felt a sense of excitement .

They also saw Twelfth Hair’s contribution points soon, he was eighteenth place .

The nineteenth place was the black hound land spirit .

At the next moment, the nineteenth place black hound land spirit took over the position of Twelfth Hair and knocked him down .

Twelfth Hair noticed this too, he coughed in embarrassment and said with a tone of slight envy: “This black hound land spirit is really lucky . Right now, with the fusion of two heavens, remnant heavenly dogs and heaven swallowing hounds are escaping in groups, they have been constantly caught by Gu Immortals and brought into our sovereign immortal aperture . Currently, these hound groups are taken care of by the black hound land spirit, after they are healed and inspected, they will be released into Mini White Heaven . This is why the black hound land spirit is getting so many contribution points . ”

Lian Ke Xin and Yu Zi nodded repeatedly, while thinking to themselves: “Actually, there is no need to explain this . We don’t really care about how a land spirit beat you in contribution . ”

They were concerned about Fairy Miao Yin, Lady White Rabbit, and the most important person — snowman Gu Immortal Xue Er .

The reason was that Bing Yuan had been bragging in the variant human alliance whenever she could that Xue Er was Fang Yuan’s fiancée, this was widely spread news .

As their former enemy, the Righteous Qi Alliance had been collecting such information, they also paid huge attention to this .

Thus, the mermaid immortals learned of this .

However, when they were about to ask for the information of these crucial people, a wave of screams could be heard near them .

Yu Zi frowned and was about to scold them, but she heard the four mermaid immortals say together: “Leaders, look at the exchange board . ”

Lian Ke Xin and Yu Zi could not help but turn their attention away, immediately, their pupils contracted as they revealed expressions of shock .

The exchange board of the sovereign immortal aperture was truly different from the one in Heaven and Earth Great Love Alliance .

There were too many good things!

Lian Ke Xin and Yu Zi were getting dizzy from browsing the list .

There were all sorts of rewards listed, Gu worms of all paths were available, there were lots of rare and extinct mortal Gu, there were over a thousand Immortal Gu available from rank six to eight . There were countless Immortal Gu recipes, immortal materials, and immortal killer moves . There were hundreds or thousands of Immortal Gu House construction methods, and the immortal inheritances even made Yu Zi and Lian Ke Xin stare with wide eyes .

“This is water path great expert Chang Guan Shui’s inheritance, he cultivated water path mainly with information path on the side . He has a killer move called one watery chapter[1], it is extremely famous in history!”

“This is the inheritance of our merfolk expert, Third Princess, she was the most powerful mermaid of the Remote Antiquity Era, she had resisted Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable on many occasions, she created the water path rank eight immortal material, too much water, it has already gone extinct, to think that we would see it here . ”

Yu Zi’s and Lian Ke Xin’s hearts palpitated as they read on .

Fang Yuan promoted himself as Great Love Immortal Venerable, he started to do transactions of Gu refinement in treasure yellow heaven, all of the mermaid immortals knew of the prices he set .

Although the prices were fair, they were incomparable to this .

“Using contribution points to exchange for things we want, this is much easier than making transactions in treasure yellow heaven or exchanging with the external board . ”

“What did I see? We can apply for Lord Fang Yuan to personally help us pass tribulations! He is truly Great Love Immortal Venerable!”

Lian Ke Xin and Yu Zi licked their lips uncontrollably, their desire towards contribution points rose to an unprecedented level .

They cast their heated gazes towards the mission board along with the other four female immortals .

Evidently, if one wanted to get cultivation resources from the exchange board, they would need contribution points, while the source of contribution points were missions .

There were many missions on the mission board .

Within Mini Purple Heaven, a large number of ancient desolate beast mixed heavenly eagles had turned into immemorial desolate beasts for some reason, the mission was to investigate the truth .

Dog shit was falling from the sky in Mini Northern Plains, piling into mountains and polluting the frost dragon’s lake, the mission was to investigate the cause of the dog shit and get rid of it .

The dragon scale sea area in Mini Eastern Sea was flowing in reverse, a lot of seawater had entered the mini nine heavens, the mission was to fix the immortal formation and rebuild dragon scale sea area .

Inkman City Lord Mo Tan Sang got pregnant inexplicably, an expert in abortion was needed now .

The mermaid immortals looked at the mission board and fell into temporary silence .

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The quantity of these missions was out of their expectations .

In normal situations, the immortal apertures of Gu Immortals were calm and peaceful, they only had to rebuild areas after going through tribulations or when they had new resource points added . They were not like the sovereign immortal aperture, which had strange events occurring at every moment .

The mermaid immortals looked for a while, they felt worried but also happy .

The worry was that even though the sovereign immortal aperture was Great Love Immortal Venerable’s immortal aperture and was renowned in the world, it was not peaceful at all, there were chaos everywhere, it would not be easy to live in here .

But they were happy because the chaos meant an uncountable number of missions, they had no lack of contribution points to earn .

Twelfth Hair had been observing the mermaid immortals’ expressions, he sighed: “I’ll speak the truth, the sovereign immortal aperture is currently in a state of peace . You have not seen the situation when master annexed the two heavens’ grotto-heavens, when he gained a huge number of dao marks, strange phenomena occurred endlessly . Inside the sovereign immortal aperture, there was not a single idle person at that time . ”

“Currently, even though there aren’t many situations occurring, after the battle in Crazed Demon Cave, we lost many Gu Immortals, although most of them revived, they cannot ascend to immortal yet . You can see for yourselves, there are many many missions now, but some areas need people to guard them . For example, Star Collection City is too important, we cannot lose it . In addition, with many strange situations occurring, we need at least one rank eight Gu Immortal guarding the aperture at all times, because there are too many missions, master brought all of you into the sovereign immortal aperture to help out . ”

“Earlier in the hall, Fairy Miao Yin spoke bluntly but she was not wrong . If you want to gain the acknowledgement of the existing Gu Immortals, you need to work hard and make achievements, use your actions and contribution points to prove your loyalty to master!”

The mermaid immortals heard his words and nodded .

Lian Ke Xin and Yu Zi looked at each other, they had finally understood Fang Yuan’s intention .

Tang Qiong quickly expressed gratitude to Twelfth Hair and handed over a gift again .

The other mermaid immortals asked at this time: “Lord Twelfth Hair, you gave us five Gu worms each, three are used for the boards, what about the last two?”

Twelfth Hair received the gift while smiling and explaining: “One of them is used to connect to treasure yellow heaven . Within the sovereign immortal aperture, all Gu cultivators need to use this Gu worm to access treasure yellow heaven . The other one is used to monitor you, it has to be kept on you at all times . If it is destroyed, you need to report it immediately, we will hand out a replacement in Star Collection City . ”

After pausing for a while, Twelfth Hair continued: “No need to think too much about it, not just all of you, we have it too . It might be a mortal Gu but it has saved many of our lives already . We face danger when we handle those strange phenomena, it is possible that we will die during the missions . ”

“For example, look at this mission on the board . ”

The mermaid immortals looked at where Twelfth Hair pointed and saw the Mo Tan Sang abortion mission .

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Twelfth Hair showed a strange smile: “You might not be familiar with Mo Tan Sang, but his status is not low, he is the Gu Immortal leader of Mini Western Desert . He is a male inkman, but while handling a sudden situation, he got mysteriously pregnant . Now, he is offering a huge price to undergo an abortion, many people are interested but were unable to do anything about it . If the abortion fails, he might lose his life after all!”

The mermaid immortals opened their mouths, they were dumbstruck .

“Alright,” Twelfth Hair continued: “Follow me, I will bring you to a place . In a way, this place is more important than the three boards!”

The mermaid immortals immediately gained deep interest, they followed Twelfth Hair as they left the square and arrived at a sub-hall of Star Collection City .

They saw that there were many Gu Immortals at the sub-hall .

Many Gu Immortals were holding onto each other, some were bending their backs as they dragged themselves into the sub-hall while looking extremely enervated .

Afterwards, these Gu Immortal walked out of the hall with a revitalized appearance, they looked highly spirited .

Even though there were still deep eye bags on their faces .

These Gu Immortals would nod sincerely when they saw acquaintances, when they went past each other, they would greet each other and talk about their missions or ranking on the contribution board .

When these Gu Immortals saw the mermaid Gu Immortals, they showed expressions of understanding .

A few of them took the initiative to greet the mermaids, they were very welcoming .

“Oh, I’ve heard that we are bringing in a group of merman Gu Immortals, are they the ones?”

“Great, with them joining us, we can finally take a breather . ”

“There are more and more missions now, I hope this can reduce our workload . ”

“Twelfth Hair, you are so lucky to have taken the mission of bringing them in!”

[1] Author is making a joke here . The character’s name means adding water, while water is slang for filler in Chinese, therefore a watery chapter is a filler chapter .

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