Reverend Insanity - Chapter 2243

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Chapter 2243: Chapter 2243 - Gu Yue Fang Xiang

Chapter 2243: Gu Yue Fang Xiang

Twelfth Hair laughed heartily as he said some pleasantries .

Looking back at the mermaid immortals, he saw that they were in a daze, some of the Gu Immortals even had tears in their eyes .

Twelfth Hair was startled, he quickly said: “If I have done anything wrong…”

Before he finished, Lian Ke Xin interrupted him: “Twelfth Hair, don’t worry . It is just that we saw everyone being harmonious and tolerant in this sovereign immortal aperture, each individual is given a chance with equal opportunities, they are close and tightly knit together, regardless of whether they are an inkman, rockman, snowman, or even human . ”

“To speak the truth, I have never seen anything like this . I did not even dare to imagine that such a place would exist in this world we live in!”

Twelfth Hair was silent .

He was originally a member of Lang Ya Sect, even though Lang Ya blessed land was well hidden, he was aware of the situation in the five regions and two heavens, the variant humans had low statuses, they were suppressed by the humans and were all living difficult lives .

Looking at it from the perspective of the Eastern Sea Merman Imperial Court, they had been surrounded by human forces and definitely faced much greater pressure than Lang Ya Sect’s hairy men .

Even though the sight in Star Collection City was simple and normal, it created a huge impact on the mermaid immortals .

For an instant, all of the mermaid immortals had a similar thought .

No matter how chaotic or dangerous the sovereign immortal aperture’s environment became, they had to continue living here!

“Maybe this is our true homeland!” Yu Zi muttered .

“This is a wonderful place to live in . ” Lian Ke Xin sighed deeply .

“I finally understand the true meaning of Great Love . Master is truly worthy of being Great Love Immortal Venerable, he is unlike the detestable Longevity Heaven or Heavenly Court . Be it Star Constellation Immortal Venerable or Giant Sun Immortal Venerable, they cannot compare to our master!” A mermaid immortal spoke about Fang Yuan in an extremely reverent tone .

Twelfth Hair gave a thumbs up as he said proudly: “Even among all the venerables, master has the biggest heart! It was only natural that Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable thought highly of him and gave all of his inheritance to master . Nobody else is qualified to receive this . We can only obtain true happiness by following master’s footsteps, since you recognize this now, then work hard to defend our home from now on, this is the way to maintain our blissful life . ”

The mermaid immortals nodded their heads, some were so moved they started crying .

After calming down, Tang Qiong asked: “I wonder what the profound use of this sub-hall is?”

Twelfth Hair gasped, he showed a complex expression .

There was pride and admiration in his eyes, one could even see excitement and thrill, but he also had some lingering fear .

Even Twelfth Hair’s hair could not conceal his expression .

This made the mermaid immortals even more curious .

Next, the female immortals heard the explanation: “This was once a formation called the liver life formation . But recently, master modified it into an Immortal Gu House . ”

“It has an excellent effect, it is very useful!” Saying so, Twelfth Hair gave a thumbs up again .

He said to the mermaid immortals with a tone that contained deep meaning:” You will definitely make good use of it in the future!”

After hearing Twelfth Hair’s in-depth description, the Liver Life Immortal Gu House left a deep impression on the mermaid immortals .

There was nothing else to introduce in Star Collection City, Twelfth Hair brought these mermaid immortals out of the mini nine heavens .

The group came to Mini Eastern Sea and looked at the sea area below .

Tides were rising, a sea breeze was blowing .

Twelfth Hair explained: “This is the location that master has chosen for your merman race to live and grow from now on . ”

The mermaid Gu Immortals quickly used their investigative methods to inspect this sea area’s environment .

The unexpected good news was that this sea area has a vast quantity of ordinary Gu materials, but they were scattered chaotically with no order at all . Furthermore, many of the Gu materials conflicted with each other, they were in the process of breaking down .

This situation was caused by the sovereign immortal aperture’s dao marks .

The sovereign immortal aperture had many dao marks, that naturally led to the creation of many Gu materials . Because of non-conflicting dao marks, strange situations occurred often and the Gu materials were distributed chaotically and ended up in an unstable state .

“This is the map of the five regions and nine heavens, it is a version from three days ago, I will gift this to you . ” Twelfth Hair pointed as an information path mortal Gu flew out .

“Version from three days ago?” Yu Zi was very alert .

“Indeed . ” Twelfth Hair nodded and explained: “Because strange situations are occurring all the time, terrain will also change along with them . And because master is constantly adding in resource points and annexing blessed lands and grotto-heavens, the map of the five regions and nine heavens has been changing all the time, it needs to be updated constantly . ”

Yu Zi looked into the Gu and shouted in shock: “So big?!”

Her shouting attracted the attention of the mermaid immortals, they had rarely seen Yu Zi, a leading elder, act in such a manner .

Twelfth Hair said with a trace of pride in his tone, he laughed: “The sovereign immortal aperture was originally over 335,000km2 in size . Now, after master’s annexing of apertures and undergoing tribulations, the size has expanded by a hundred times, we are over 33,500,000km2 in size now!”

When the other female immortals heard this news, they became dumbstruck and went into a daze .

Twelfth Hair smiled again: “Don’t worry, this place will continue to get bigger . If one day, the sovereign immortal aperture surpasses the five regions and two heavens in size, we will not be surprised!”

“I have already marked your territory on this map . ”

“My mission has been completed, but if you have any needs, feel free to contact me using this information path mortal Gu . ”

“I am currently living on Yellow Hair Continent, I am in charge of leading the yellow hair hairy men, you and I can be considered neighbors . ”

Lian Ke Xin and Yu Zi quickly expressed their gratitude, they took out their own information path mortal Gu that were used for communication and exchanged them with Twelfth Hair .

After Twelfth Hair said his goodbyes to the mermaid immortals, he vanished into the sky .

After Lian Ke Xin and Yu Zi discussed among themselves, the six mermaid immortals started to get busy .

They sent people to scout and probe the surroundings, including the sky and sea, to collate the resources . On the other hand, the Gu Immortals also created a super sized defensive Gu formation .

After the two tasks were completed, the mermaid immortals opened their immortal aperture’s entrances .

Groups of mermen went into this sea area along with their families .

Under the instructions of the female merman Gu Immortals, these eight hundred thousand mermen started to build houses, create underwater villages, towns, and even cities at the center .

The mermaid immortals created six cities, each one had a Gu Immortal to guard it .

The cities were surrounded by towns which had branched out villages .

Because they made ample preparation, the merfolk did not lack living resources .

Chaos was, of course, unavoidable, they had just arrived here after all .

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But with the guidance and control of the mermaid immortals, no losses appeared .

They worked hard for nine days and nights, after the merfolk mortals settled down, Yu Zi and Lian Ke Xin gathered the immortals for a meeting .

“There are many ordinary Gu materials but each one has low quantity, they change a lot as well . In my opinion, we should organize groups of merman Gu Masters to collect these Gu materials at set intervals of time . ”

“The environment is quite safe here, there are few desolate beasts and almost no ancient desolate beasts . ”

“There are also no common food like kelp, fish, or shrimp, we need to raise them from scratch . We also need to create a stable ecology . ”

“There are few immortal materials here . According to the map, the closest immortal material resource point is the seven treasures sea spring, it produces seven treasures water . ”

“Don’t target resource points, this is the sovereign immortal aperture, all resource points belong to master . If we want to get resources, we have to complete missions and exchange for them using contribution points . ”

Speaking of missions, these mermaid immortals had been researching hard on the missions .

“Twelfth Hair is right, I think that we need to focus on completing missions to prove our worth . That way, the other Gu Immortals will acknowledge us . ”

“I checked clearly, the most suitable missions for us are the ones to build water path resource points . Master has grand and magnificent ambitions, he is establishing water veins now . The first water vein has already been completed, he is making the second one now, this is our chance . ”

“You are right, but we cannot give up on other missions . Especially the ones that involve other Gu Immortals, I think we should take some of them and use the missions to get acquainted with and befriend the other Gu Immortals . Before coming here, we prepared a lot of gifts, they are still with us now . ”

After the mermaid immortals talked about this, the decision was that Yu Zi would stay in this sea area and be in charge of creating the ecology, this would create a stable source of food for the mermen .

The four female immortals led by Lian Ke Xin went around the place to collect information while also establishing relationships with other factions .

Lian Ke Xin spent an entire day to arrive at Yellow Hair Continent .

Twelfth Hair received her information path mortal Gu’s notification already, he went to the sky to welcome her .

As the saying goes, better a close neighbor than a distant brother, the two parties were inclined to establish a healthy relationship .

Lian Ke Xin brought a gift with her again, these days, while researching the contribution board, she noticed that in the sovereign immortal aperture, the hairy men were undoubtedly the number one force!

Twelfth Hair also prepared a present, it was very valuable too .

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After talking for a while, Twelfth Hair heard of the mermaid immortals’ actions and smiled at Lian Ke Xin: “You’ve done the right thing . ”

“In the five regions and two heavens, Gu Immortals will visit each other and hold banquets, in the worst case, they will at least prepare tea . But in the sovereign immortal aperture, this never happens! How can we have the time to entertain anyone in these useless banquets?”

“It is very wise of you to use these missions to meet with other people . If you follow the customs of the five regions and two heavens, you will not be well received by everyone . ”

After hearing these words, Lian Ke Xin felt glad internally, she understood the style of the sovereign immortal aperture’s Gu Immortals soon after .

Twelfth Hair said directly: “We both took a mission to nurture Gu Immortal seeds, let’s go . Time is pressing, let’s go to the most important one . ”

Lian Ke Xin went with Twelfth Hair and they flew while concealing their traces, entering a forest in the mountain .

A hairy man Gu Master was getting chased, he was covered in wounds and ran in the forest hurriedly .

Sounds could be heard from behind him, slowly creeping closer .

Lian Ke Xin inspected and found that this hairy man Gu Master was actually a mixed blood of hairy man and human .

“His name is Gu Yue Fang Xiang . ” Twelfth Hair introduced at this time .

Lian Ke Xin’s pupils contracted immediately, her entire body shuddered .

Twelfth Hair quickly raised his hand: “Don’t let your thoughts run wild! He is not master’s bloodline, he is the son of Gu Yue Fang Zheng . Hehe, master is truly farsighted, his vision is far beyond our understanding, he has been secretly nurturing this kid, creating opportunities and setbacks for him . He is currently the most qualified Gu Immortal seed among our hairy man Gu Masters!”

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