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Reverend Insanity - Chapter 23

Published at 21st of July 2017 09:26:31 AM

Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Raising Gu Is Like Keeping a Mistress

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The sun had descended .


The sunset was still blazing in the horizon . The mountain range from afar was muffled with a thick layer of ash . Moreover, it was getting darker and darker .


The classes for today had ended as groups after groups of disciples were leaving the schoolhouse .


“We had a great time today . We really did learn a lot . Especially how to use the Moonlight Gu . ”


“The Moon Blade soaring in mid-air was really cool . It’s a pity that my aptitude is not enough . In the future, I can only be a logistic Gu Master, and can’t go on a real battlefield . ” The youngsters were talking with each other excitedly .


Some people had immediately made some friends .


“Let’s go eat together, then grab some rice wine after, how about that?”


“Sure, it’s a great idea . ”


“You guys go first . I have to stop by the store beside the schoolhouse’s Gu Chamber to buy a scarecrow to practice at home . ”


. . . .


Fang Yuan walked to the Gu Chamber alone .


The Gu Chamber consisted of many Gus, varying in species . Fang Yuan’s Moonlight Gu was chosen freely from here .


After a period of time, disciples could be able to have a chance to receive a Gu for free . If they wanted to acquire more Gus, there would be a price for it .


For the time being, Fang Yuan didn’t think about refining any other Gu . He went to the spacious store right beside the Gu Chamber .


Seven disciples were standing there, bargaining with the owner for scarecrows .


“Oh, it’s junior brother . ” A level one Gu Master was taking charge of the store . He was around twenty-ish . Seeing Fang Yuan coming, he was selling on one side, while taking the initiative to greet Fang Yuan on the other side .


Fang Yuan had unexpectedly just found out that that Gu Master was Jiang Ya . The young Gu Master that had taught those hunters a lesson back at the tavern .


“So it is senior brother . ” Fang Yuan nodded without changing his expression .


Jiang Ya took out a scarecrow from behind the counter, putting it in front of a disciple, but smilingly turned to Fang Yuan and genially asked, “Junior brother also came to buy a scarecrow? I will leave one for you for only for three Primeval Stones . This thing sells fast . I only have seven left here . There won’t be any left if you wait until later . ”


He was arrogant and nasty toward ordinary humans . But to people like Fang Yuan, his attitude was much more friendlier .


Fang Yuan shook . He felt ridiculous inside: This Jiang Ya really knew how to sell stuff . A scarecrow was only made from the Scarecrow Gu . Including the Primeval Essence being put into it, the price should not be any more than one and a half Primeval Stones .


“Senior brother, you are not fair . First-come, first-served, why are you keeping one for him?”


“Exactly, we came here sooner . There are also regulations when it comes to business . ”


“There it is then . I will give you the Primeval Stones, give me the scarecrow then . ”


The young men standing at the store were all anxious after hearing that there were only seven left . They didn’t even bother to bargain anymore but took out the Primeval Stones one after another .


Quickly thereafter, seven people satisfyingly left .


“Does junior brother want to buy scarecrow?” Jiang Ya smiled and asked, “Although I said they were out, there is still one more left, I hid it . If junior brother doesn't buy it now, you won’t have another chance . ”


Fang Yuan wasn’t interested in the scarecrows . He shook his head, taking a Primeval Stone out and putting it on the counter, “I will buy ten petals of Moon Orchid . ”


Jiang Ya was dumbstruck . He intensely stared at Fang Yuan then took the Primeval Stones, pulled open a drawer under the counter, and took out a paper bag, “Ten petals of Moon Orchid, you can check it . ”


Fang Yuan took a look at it . After discovering no flaws, he left the store .


Gu needed to be raised .


A Gu Master refined Gu, used Gu, but also needed to raise Gu .


Refining Gu was tough; one could be in a situation where they were caught off-guard by a dangerous backlash . Using a Gu was not easy, one needed to practice more . Knowledge for raising Gu was even more wide-ranging and profound because there were numerous types of Gu . Their food was also exceedingly strange .


Some needed to eat soil, or light, or taking up tears, or sucking the Qi of the Ninth Heaven’s Cloud .


Talking about the three Gus that Fang Yuan was having right now, the Moonlight Gu ate Moon Orchid’s petals, twice a day, one in the morning, and one at night . It would eat two petals per meal . The wine worm had to drink wine . A jug of Green Bamboo Wine could last four days . The Spring and Autumn Cicada was even more eccentric . It directly drank the water of the River of Time to maintain its vitality .


The River of Time supported the operations of this world . It was not as far as the horizon but was right under one’s nose . It flowed inside every person .


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Every movement of each living entity needed the actuation of time .


Time was like flowing water, rapidly passing by . The River of Time was insubstantial and invisible while all living things were existing and living inside the river’s water .


After buying the Moon Orchid’s petals, Fang Yuan walked to the tavern to purchase the Green Bamboo Wine .


The Wine Gu could also drink unfiltered wine or rice wine to keep on living . However, once it had drunk such a second rated wine, the volume was much higher . It had to be several jugs a day . Fang Yuan had thought about it . It would be much better off buying the Green Bamboo Wine directly . Not only was it is more cost-effective compared to the second rated wine, but the others also wouldn’t find him suspicious .


“Young master, you are here again . ” The tavern’s servant had already remembered Fang Yuan .


Fang Yuan directly threw three Primeval Stones to him, familiarly said, “Give me a jug of Green Bamboo Wine, and some good food . Keep the change here; I will take care of the rest when the month ends . If this is not enough, I will give you more . If not, you keep the change . ”


Although he was staying at the schoolhouse’s dorm right now instead of this tavern, he still came here for food whenever he went to buy wine .

“Alright . Young master, please sit over here . The wine and food will be served immediately . ” The servant replied, leading Fang Yuan to his seat . He took out the towel on his shoulder, carefully wiped the table and chairs, then left .


It was like what the servant had just said . The wine and food were served immediately .


As Fang Yuan eating, he was also calculating inside, “One Primeval Stone could buy ten petals of the Moon Orchid which the Moonlight Gu consumes four of them a day . Whilst a jug of the Green Bamboo Wine just costs two Primeval Stones; it could have at least sustained the Wine Gu for four days . In other words, just to raise these two Gus, I will need to spend around one Primeval Stone each day . ”


It looked little, but in fact, it was already quite a high rate of consumption . A typical family of four only needed one Primeval Stone to cover their living expenses for a whole month .


It had been sixteen days from the time that he had refined the Gu . Just for raising the Gu, Fang Yuan would waste fourteen and a half Primeval Stones .


“From the hidden legacy of Hua Jiu, then taking the Primeval Stone bag from Fang Zheng, and the reward for coming in first, the total Primeval Stones I have right now is forty-four and a half . However, I have used up six and a half of them in refining the Gu, another fourteen and a half for raising the Gu, and another half for living expense . Hence, I am left with twenty Primeval Stones . ”


Fang Yuan took out his bag . As he opened it, Primeval Stones were being put inside .


These Primeval Stones were of an ash-gray hue . They were oval shaped which were about the size of a duck’s egg with similar volume .


After counting it really came out to be twenty that were left .


In other words, if Fang Yuan couldn’t find some money, he would only be left with enough Primeval Stones to last him half of a month . He was different from those at his age . They all had, more or less, assistance from their families or friends . Particularly for Gu Yue Mo Bei, and Gu Yue Chi Cheng, they have never lacked of Primeval Stones .


But Fang Yuan could only find a way by himself .


“Aunt and Uncle have cut off my living expense . However, the clan’s schoolhouse will give their students three Primeval Stones as an allowance each weekend . It seems like I should show off something at the examination in using the Moon Blade three days later to take the ten Primeval Stones reward . ” Fang Yuan thought as he was eating .


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He was at a growing age . Without knowing, he had eaten all the food .


Taking the sealed Green Bamboo Wine jug, Fang Yuan left the tavern .


“Young master, young master . ” The servant chased after him, “I will tell young master this . Not more than a month later, a caravan will come to our mountain stronghold . Generally, they will collect all of the Green Bamboo Wine in our tavern . Young master only loves Green Bamboo Wine; you even come each week to buy several jugs . The owner has ordered me to tell young master this . We only have a limited amount of Green Bamboo Wine . After selling it to the caravan, I’m afraid that not much will be left . ”


“So it is like that?” As Fang Yuan listened to him as he slightly furrowed his brows .


Understanding the other’s implication, Fang Yuan had five hundred years of experience over this . The tavern’s servant and the young Gu Master Jiang Ya implied the same thing . However, Fang Yuan could naturally tell, Jiang Ya was lying while this servant was telling the truth .


This was quite troublesome . Fang Yuan needed to raise the Wine Gu . In the long run, the amount of wine he needed would be massive .


If this tavern didn’t have enough of that, later on, he could only use the second rate wine to raise the Wine Gu .


He couldn’t be drinking several jugs of wine each day . After a period, people would be suspicious .


Thinking about it, Fang Yuan took out ten Primeval Stones, “I will take five jugs . Bring it to the schoolhouse’s dorm with me . ”


“Yes, young master . ” The servant received the Primeval Stones .


Without proper storing methods, the petals of the Moon Orchid could only be kept for about five days . Hence, Fang Yuan only bought one bag a day . However, the Green Bamboo Wine could be kept for long . There would be no problems in regards to this .


A few servants then followed Fang Yuan to the schoolhouse’s dorm . As they put the jugs underneath his bed, they all took their leave .


Looking at the decreasing amount of money in his bag, Fang Yuan deeply sighed .


Refining Gu was tough but raising it was not easy as well .


He didn’t have to practice using the Gu thanks to his accumulated experiences from five hundred years ago . This meant his Primeval Essence wouldn’t be wasted . He could save a significant amount from this .


Those at his age would have to use their Primeval Stones to practice using the Moonlight Gu . Wanting to increase their proficiency, they would need to practice more and more . If their Primeval Essence was being wasted much, and if their recovering speed was too low, they could only replenish it by using the Primeval Stones . Buying a scarecrow had already cost three Primeval Stones even . This was all about money .


“I’m lucky that my Spring and Autumn Cicada only eat time, but not any other food . If not, I would be broke soon . Basically, I won’t be able to bear the costs . ” Fang Yuan suddenly felt incredibly lucky .


The higher the class that the Gu was, the larger its quantity of food would be, or it would be exceedingly rare, even harder to raise . A level two standard Gu would have used at least one to two Primeval Stones a day .


It was good that one could buy the food for it . There were some types of food for Gu that were incredibly hard to find . They basically weren’t sold on the market .

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Like the Spring and Autumn Cicada’s food was time . This was even rarer .


There is an idiom that said money couldn't buy time .


No matter how much money you have, can you buy time?


You cannot!


Theoretically speaking, there was no limit to the number of Gus a Gu Master could refine . If you wanted, ten, a hundred, or even a thousand Gus were still possible . One could refine how many Gus as he desired .


But, in fact, a typical Gu Master only had around four to five Gus .




The biggest reason was that they couldn’t raise them all .


The higher the quality of a Gu was, the more expensive the cost of raising them would be . This would always cause too many troubles for the Gu Master .


Another reason was that they couldn’t use them all .


Urging the Moonlight Gu to release a Moon Blade attack had already wasted ten percent of Primeval Essence . A grade C aptitude Gu Master could only activate the strike for three to four times before using up their Primeval Essence inside the vain apertures .


Raising numerous of Gus but being unable to use them, then wouldn’t it be useless?


Therefore, a quote was being spread among the Gu Masters .


Raising Gu is like keeping a mistress .


Keeping a mistress, one would need to buy food, clothing, houses, etc . It was incredibly costly . A normal person wouldn’t be able to keep many .


Nonetheless, even if they could, a man’s energy was limited . Hence, they wouldn’t be able to use them all . Being addicted to raising one for no intentions?


The level of a Gu Master was enhanced, carried along the quality of food for his Gu . Hence, don’t say a Gu Master didn’t know how to restrict their Gu’s quantity . Typically, a Gu Master would only raise four to five of the same-level Gus .


If it were more than this, the Gu Master would soon be broke!

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