Reverend Insanity - Chapter 264

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Chapter 264: Absolutely terrible!

Shang Ya Zi turned pale with fright .

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His action of suppressing the price was against the rules . He would receive severe punishment were it to be discovered .

This was an organization .

Once you were in a high position, you needed to comply with the rules . The rules of a system was to ensure the benefits of the higher ups; despite many of the organizations advertising they represented the benefits of the majority, it was, for the most part, just a joke .

So the higher your position is, the more you needed to comply with the rules .

On the contrary, there was more corruption in the low-mid level positions .

After you reached a higher position, individual benefits had already become inseparably linked with the benefits of the organization; often, the benefits the organization received would represent your own benefits .

Shang Ya Zi could only be said to be a temporary higher up, many paid attention to him as one of the young masters of Shang Clan, but his real authority came from his father; he was just like rootless weed .

This also signified his punishment would be more harsh when he violated the rules because many people were watching him .

"This is not possible, I have already carefully investigated before I came, I even spent a large amount of primeval stones to buy information on these two from Feng Yu Manor . These two are clearly demonic Gu Masters and are also listed as wanted, they are stray dogs, why would lord father invite them?"

Shang Ya Zi felt this situation was incredibly unbelievable .

It was like the case of a rich person making things difficult for two beggars, when suddenly an imperial edict comes declaring that the emperor wanted to see these two beggars!

Shang Ya Zi was pressuring Fang Yuan because they were lone forces; oppressing them and finishing this affair in secrecy should have been absolutely safe and no one would know .

Naturally, there was bound to be some risks but Shang Ya Zi could only take that risk to protect his position as a young master .

"How could they have any relation to father when they don't have any background? Damn it, has the world gone crazy? What do I do? If they disclose this matter, my young master position is finished! Should I kill them? No, this is just courting my own death . I don't have any chance of doing anything in this third inner city, especially now that they have received father's attention . The main thing is these two bastards, they are at rank three peak stage . How am I supposed to do anything in this situation?"

In a split second, thoughts processed like lightning in Shang Ya Zi's mind, trying to think of countermeasures .

His eyes kept on moving about, and sweat was already starting to seep out of his forehead .

He had played with fire this time!

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"Damn it, what do I do, what else is there?!" He was roaring with worry in his mind .

"Shang clan leader wants to see us? What for?" Fang Yuan timely showed his doubt .

Bai Ning Bing was even more puzzled .

What is going on?

She suspected this was Fang Yuan's trick at first, and so glanced at Fang Yuan .

However, Fang Yuan also showed a puzzled expression which baffled her .

She couldn't help but think: I have been with him all the time, he shouldn't be able to conceal anything from me if he was up to something .

Moreover, what kind of person was Shang clan leader, he was high and above, standing at the peak of the mortals . No matter how proud Bai Ning Bing was, even she acknowledged Shang Yan Fei's authority and power .

"They why do I feel something amiss, as if I neglected something?"

Wei Yang laughed: "Rest assured, if Shang clan wanted to harm you guys, why would we make it so complicated? This is a friendly invitation, lord clan leader is very interested in you two . "

"It is our honor to be able to receive the clan leader's invitation . We will immediately go see him then . " Fang Yuan threw the chess piece on his hand and stood up .

Shang Ya Zi felt even more worried and promptly said: "Six hundred fifty thousand primeval stones, let's complete the deal!"

Fang Yuan glanced at him and smiled: "Sorry, I don't intend to sell the secret recipe!"

Shang Ya Zi's face turned deathly pale, his mouth felt parched and his gaze towards Fang Yuan even contained some vague imploring: "I was anxious and behaved rudely, please don't take it to heart, esteemed guests . The price can be discussed, we can properly discuss it after you are back!"

Fang Yuan gave a shallow smile . He didn't reply .

Who would discuss with you? But temporarily stabilizing this man could prevent him from taking desperate actions and reduce some trouble .

As he thought of this, Fang Yuan nodded: "If young master is sincere, then I will look forward to it . "

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Shang Ya Zi's expression immediately relaxed and showed a grateful expression; it was like a person that was about to fall from a cliff suddenly found a tree to grab on to .

"Okay, I will wait for you . " He promptly said .

"Esteemed guests, please . " Wei Yang showed the way .

"Lead the way . "

Following Wei Yang, Fang and Bai entered second inner city .

Bai Ning Bing had been anticipating the extravagant second inner city, but when she reached there, she was astonished and disappointed .

In the second inner city, buildings were made of stones and were very simple, even the fourth inner city was better than this .

But her expression soon turned grave as she realized the reason .

It is easy for the frugal to become extravagant, but very difficult for the extravagant to become frugal .

Shang clan's riches were as high as a mountain but they scrupulously abided by living in a simple way . This was not because they were miserly, but to maintain the vigor of the clan .

Wei Yang led Fang and Bai to a private residence .

"Esteemed guests, you can have some fruits while you wait . Lord clan leader has just recently come out of closed door cultivation and is handling some matters . He will come here soon . This is clan leader's private residence, please stay here and don't casually move outside . I will take my leave now . "

There was no one else in the house, Fang and Bai were left alone after Wei Yang's departure .

The two waited for a whole six hours but did not see even a shadow . Wei Yang said they could eat fruits, but where were the fruits? Not even tea could be found!

During the first two hours, Fang Yuan calmly sat on a wide backed wooden chair .

During the next two hours, he could no longer sit calmly and started mumbling to himself, revealing his impatience .

By the sixth hour, he clearly revealed impatience and unease as he began to move to and fro in the house .

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"Hmph, what the hell is this Shang clan leader doing? He wants us to wait for him, but where is he? He is too arrogant . " Fang Yuan's tone was angry as he paced around .

"Can you just sit down? My eyes are getting dizzy . Why not just cultivate peacefully?" Bai Ning Bing slightly frowned, this was not like Fang Yuan's usual behavior .

"There is something fishy here, do you think it was really Shang clan leader who invited us?" Fang Yuan's brows were tightly knitted together .

"How would I know? I was going to ask you that!" Bai Ning Bing rolled her eyes and puzzledly said, "Did you do something wrong and offended Shang clan?"

Fang Yuan snorted: "You have been with me all the time and you still can't understand me? There is no one in this private residence, I am not able to be at ease here . Let's go out and take a look at the situation!"

Bai Ning Bing thought for a little while and stood up: "Alright . "

Fang and Bai walked out of the house, the courtyard wasn't big and there was also nothing strange .

At the same time, in first inner city .

Inside a study, colorful smoke curled up and rose in front of Shang Yan Fei, showing the real time view of Fang and Bai .

"Wei Yang, what do you think of these two?" Shang Yan Fei asked his trusted aide .

Wei Yang mumbled: "The way I see it, these two are indeed demonic Gu Masters . From the information we collected, they are young but have rank three peak stage cultivation, their innate talents should be extraordinary . Among those two, Hei Tu is rather frank and is kind of rash; Bai Yun seems to have deep thoughts and should be very shrewd . Hei Tu, Bai Yun… these names should be fake . "

"Mm, your analysis isn't bad . In that case, you will be in charge of interacting with them for these few days . Test their abilities and closely follow them . " Shang Yan Fei finished speaking and put away the colorful smoke .

He was only worried about Shang Xin Ci and showed little interest towards Fang and Bai .

The small test just now gave him a basic understanding towards the temperament of these two . And combining it with the intelligence he received, he more or less had a general impression .

Not all demonic Gu Masters were demented people .

These two guys could be considered decent, and maybe it was because they were young, he could clearly sense their lofty character .

People who had principles were often lofty and unyielding .

First impression was important, Shang Yan Fei honestly felt Fang and Bai were quite good . But he was a prudent person, anyone who could sit stably at a position like his were all prudent .

He was waiting, waiting for the people he sent to investigate the truth to come back and confirm everything, then he could rest easy .

"Alright, handle this properly, you can leave now . " Shang Yan Fei waved his hands, then he took out the top document from the tall pile of documents in the study .

He had only been in closed cultivation for half a month, and the work had piled up so much already .
  . . .

Fang Yuan and Bai Ning Bing made a round in the private residence, there really was no one else .

The two were hesitating whether to go out to check the situation when Wei Yang appeared before them .

"Two esteemed guests, lord clan leader is very busy with work and is not able to leave right now . We can only cancel this meeting . " He looked like he was sincerely apologizing .

"What? We come and leave according to your whims?" Fang Yuan was indignant .

Bai Ning Bing was silent and expressionless .

Wei Yang smiled: "You two are our esteemed guests, why would Shang clan chase away their esteemed guests? Lord clan leader especially had asked me to attend to you as an apology . I have already arranged for a banquet in Shi Tian restaurant, please give me the honor of hosting . "

Fang Yuan and Bai Ning Bing glanced at each other, then Fang Yuan said: "Just in time, we are also hungry, let's go fill our stomachs first . "

Shi Tian restaurant was one of the best restaurants in Shang clan city and occupied a great amount of space in the third inner city . The decorations were elegant, and its dishes sumptuous . Its chefs were specialized Gu Masters who used special Gu worms to help in cooking delicacies that couldn't be matched by ordinary methods .

A typical meal here would last over four hours and more; there were over a hundred type of dishes, each with their own characteristics . Their top quality wine also left a rich aftertaste .

Bai Ning Bing didn't eat much and kept on worrying about Shang clan leader's invitation . She tried to get answers from Wei Yang indirectly at the banquet, but Wei Yang was a cautious guy too and kept his mouth closed .

On the contrary, Fang Yuan ate with gusto, with oil marks around his mouth . He also drank heavily and began to kick up a racket, his resentment and indignance from just before seemed to have completely disappeared .

Wei Yang looked at Fang Yuan who was drinking directly from the wine jar and then looked at Bai Ning Bing who was only drinking water; he instantly felt Fang Yuan, this ugly guy, was much more adorable .

After the banquet was over, Wei Yang dropped the two off at Nan Qiu garden .

Wei Yang left his parting words: "Take a good rest tonight, I will come look for you tomorrow and take you sightseeing around the Shang clan city . "