Reverend Insanity - Chapter 384

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Chapter 384
Chapter 384: Scheming Ghost Doctor, Secret Door of Life and Death

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"To think that this three kings inheritance is a trap, the true winner is you, little beast king!" Killer ghost doctor Chou Jiu laid on the ground, staring deeply and closely at Fang Yuan as he exclaimed .

After Fang Yuan convinced the land spirit, he rushed to Chou Jiu and beat him up .

Chou Jiu had an ugly appearance, his hair was like dry yellow grass, his brain was protruding and his eyes were of different sizes . His cheekbone was very high, his nose was flat, there was a large clump of hair growing out of his nostrils, and his yellow teeth were projecting outwards .

But his gaze was very complicated, he had a plotting ability that ordinary people could not possess .

"Little beast king, I know about you, you have great talent, from a vagabond, you grew to this extent, I admire you greatly . Compared to you, I am merely several years older . When I was young, I did not have such accomplishments . You are a dragon among men, you will eventually soar to the heavens, and roam the world freely . I have no intentions to be enemies with you, if possible, I would like to use the information regarding the door of life and death to preserve my life . "

Fang Yuan had killed four rank five Gu masters earlier, some of them were shocked, some furious, some fearful, but this Chou Jiu was extremely calm .

After understanding his situation, he placed his ego down and praised Fang Yuan .

He laid on the ground, not moving, as if he gave up on resisting .

But at this moment, the land spirit suddenly transmitted: "Quickly kill him, he is activating his token and Gu worms furiously, I am trying to suppress them but this is causing great immortal essence expenditure . "

But Fang Yuan was slightly stunned, almost thinking he had hallucinated: "Door of life and death?"

This door of life and death was a big deal, it was recorded in <>, a secret forbidden land in ancient times . It was similar to the river of time and ordinary abyss .

After Verdant Great Sun died, Ren Zu went to the door of life and death to attempt to revive him .

Legend says that behind the door of life and death holds the secrets of life and death, if a person can comprehend it completely, they would be able to control life and death itself .

"Chou Jiu knows the location of the door of life and death?!" Fang Yuan's heart was palpitating, as his expression turned cold, warning severely: "Chou Jiu, activate your Gu worms one more time and I will kill you immediately . "

Chou Jiu's expression changed, his pupils shrinking as he slowly sat up, looking at Fang Yuan: "You can sense me using Gu worms!"

A thought flashed across his eyes: "You can use Gu worms, while I can't use mine at all . Sigh, it seems there is only one possibility — the land spirit is still alive and you subdued it . So this blessed land has such a secret . What a pity, back when the three kings obtained this place, they did not truly control the blessed land, thus you have obtained it now . But this blessed land is on the brink of destruction, there is no way to save it . The land spirit must be extremely old and weak too right, otherwise the Gu Masters would've been chased out already . Why would you need to eliminate us personally?"

Although Fang Yuan did not control this blessed land, after expressing his identity, the land spirit would listen to some of his instructions in order to assist him with the Gu refinement .

Chou Jiu was over a century old, he was old and scheming, easily guessing the scenario .

"Since you control the blessed land, then I won't bother with this pointless act . As long as you preserve my life, what you will obtain will be out of your imagination . " Chou Jiu said, stopping his secret actions .

Fang Yuan laughed without denying: "Talk about the door of life and death . You know the location? The door of life and death is a forbidden ground not inferior to the river of time, there is an extremely wide area inside, reflecting the five regions of the main world . Legend says that there are many unique and natural Gu worms inside, like life Gu, and death Gu . "

Chou Jiu nodded: "I know the door's location, not only that, I have even explored it multiple times and captured some of the life Gu and death Gu inside, eventually refining one life one death Gu . I placed this Gu inside the door of life and death, every time a person dies because of me, it will absorb this death energy and convert it into lifeforce . Because of this lifeforce, my healing methods are extremely profound . This is the reason why I became one of the four great doctors of southern border . "

Killer ghost doctor revealed his own secret, to increase his trustworthiness .

"Oh? So that's it . " This was the first time Fang Yuan heard such a thing, although he had his previous life's memories, he was not all-knowing .

"Then in that case, tell me, and I may spare you a life . " Fang Yuan promised .

But Chou Jiu shook his head: "The secret regarding the door of life and death is way too important . I have once vowed before the sea oath Gu, to not reveal the details to outsiders . Once I say it, I will turn into dust, wiped off from this world . But if you join the shadow sect, you will be one of us, and I will be able to tell you . "

"Sea oath Gu? Shadow Sect?" Fang Yuan frowned .

Sea oath Gu is a rank six Immortal Gu, it was very famous during ancient times, together with mountain pledge Gu . Mountain pledge and sea oath, they worked like the poison vow Gu, but poison vow Gu was an expenditure Gu while these two Immortal Gu could be repeatedly used .

Fang Yuan had heard of the sea oath Gu and had an understanding of it . But he was unfamiliar with 'Shadow Sect' .

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Hearing this name, it sounds like a sect for Gu cultivators . That means, the loner Chou Jiu, had a secret organisation behind him?

Fang Yuan felt a little threatened, the situation was slightly out of his expectations .

It was not hard to kill Chou Jiu now, but Fang Yuan knew nothing about Shadow Sect, this gave him a sense of insecurity .

"That's right, my sect is the Shadow Sect . The great ancestor who created Shadow Sect, was a rank eight Gu Immortal of the Immemorial Era . He was the one who found the door of life and death, and placed it into his blessed land . Later, many Gu Immortals were nurtured in Shadow Sect, the benefits are endless for you if you join Shadow Sect . "

Saying so, Chou Jiu said a bunch of benefits, truly expending his verbal talent, spouting an exaggerated tale .

Fang Yuan struggled a little, before calming down: "Hehehe, Chou Jiu, that's a nice plan there . If I join Shadow Sect, you not only will be free from danger, I will even have to call you senior brother . In such a traditional sect, respecting seniority is the most important thing . If I join it, I will definitely have to make an oath and be restricted with all sorts of methods . At the end, I even have to contribute my gains on San Cha mountain, and do missions for the clan in the name of loyalty, am I right?"

"Shadow Sect?" Fang Yuan sneered, shaking his head: "Let's not talk about the possibility of you lying, even if it is real, so what? A sect that was created in the Immemorial Era, it is a miracle that it is still around now . You mentioned there were many Gu Immortals in history, but they are mostly dead already right . Otherwise, Shadow Sect would be a great force in the southern border, why would you have to fight alone, and slog it out single-handedly?"

Chou Jiu's expression turned white, he had to reassess Fang Yuan .

Fang Yuan was so young, but he was so calculating and scheming . Facing potential benefits, he could remain so calm and analytic, what sort of young man is this? He is definitely a hundred year old monster!

Fang Yuan laughed heartily, continuing: "I am the type of person who likes to take all the benefits for himself, don't tell me about win-win situations . Even if you made the sea oath, it is not unbreakable . Sea oath Gu and mountain pledge Gu have an obvious weakness . When you made the oath, you had to face the sea or a large mountain . As long as the piece of ocean or the mountain is destroyed, the oath will lose its effect . "

Chou Jiu's heart froze .

Fang Yuan was knowledgeable and knew many things, he was not like a newbie at all .

These kind of people were the hardest to fool .

Chou Jiu calmed his spirits: "It is useless . The sea that I made the oath to is inside the Shadow Sect blessed land, if you want to destroy that sea, you will need to know the location of the blessed land . But for me to say that location, you have to destroy the sea first . It is a dead loop . "

Fang Yuan sneered, killing intent surging: "Since there is nothing that can be done, forget it . You can die now . "

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Chou Jiu sighed greatly: "If you want to kill me, go ahead . "

He did not move, but in his heart, he felt certain .

The door of life and death was a legendary location, who did not care about their life and death? Little beast king definitely cannot endure such a temptation, his actions now were only to scare him .

But Fang Yuan shot out the bone spike resolutely .

This bone spike flew towards Chou Jiu's heart .

At once, an intense sense of danger assaulted Chou Jiu .

"What! He actually wants to kill me?!" Chou Jiu was shocked, quickly evading .


A crisp sound and the bone spike pierced his shoulder, inches away from his heart, only after it stabbed through his back did it stop .

"You, you!" Chou JIu pointed at Fang Yuan, his trembling voice contained fear, shock, and confusion: "Little beast king, you madman! You really wanted to kill me, if I did not dodge, I would've died! That is the door of life and death, the door of life and death! Back then, even Ren Zu had to spend all his effort to find it . This is an unparalleled holy land, the controller of life and death, as long as you can obtain it and comprehend it, you will attain immortality!"

Fang Yuan looked at him coldly, speaking plainly: "Didn't you say you can't tell me the secret? Then what use do I have of you?"

"You can join the Shadow Sect!" Chou Jiu's body was sweating, either out of pain or fear .

Fang Yuan snorted coldly, raising his hand and aiming again .

Chou Jiu quickly waved his hand, shouting: "Wait, wait, don't be rash . There are other methods than this, we can use the poison vow Gu, if we make a poison vow, we can trust each other . "

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"I do not need your trust . " Fang Yuan replied coldly .

"Then use the slavery Gu, I will acknowledge you as my master, don't kill me . "

"You are a rank five Gu Master, we need to use the rank five slavery Gu . This Gu is extremely rare, way more expensive than its other rank five counterparts, where do you want me to find it? Moreover, even if we use these Gu, can you tell me the location of Shadow Sect's blessed land?" Fang Yuan retorted .

Chou Jiu's expression froze .

Fang Yuan observed his expression, and his heart moved, knowing that the words were true .

Fang Yuan's killing intent was not real, he was merely trying to test Chou Jiu .

Chou Jiu suggested the poison vow Gu, slavery Gu, he was already frantic, but still did not dare to mention the location of the blessed land . It seems he really did make the sea oath .

Chou Jiu wanted to lie and make up a random location .

But as long as he did not die from the oath, it means he lied . If he said the real location, the oath would take his life as well .

Or rather, even if he managed to say it, he would lose all his value and Fang Yuan would not let him off .

In this situation, Chou Jiu was at his wits' end .

Recognising this, he laughed bitterly: "To think that I Chou Jiu would die here today . "

"Being able to die in my hands is your honor . " Fang Yuan replied plainly .

Chou Jiu looked at Fang Yuan seriously, nodding in agreement: "That's true, with your talent and mentality, as long as your luck is not too bad, you will definitely be a walking disaster of the demonic path . You want to kill me, there is no point in begging anymore . It is fine if I die in your hands, at least better than getting killed by those scumbags outside . Actually, I have a plan to allow you to learn about the door of life and death . "

Saying so, a cunning light flashed across Chou Jiu's eyes .