Reverend Insanity - Chapter 433

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Chapter 433

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Chapter 433: Snow Wash Gu

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Ge Yao gradually let her guard down: "Your words are reasonable. If you truly are Chang Shan Yin, then you would be the great hero of our northern plains! For a mere outsider, I definitely wouldn't make things difficult for you. Yet how can you prove your identity?"

Fang Yuan chuckled and his expression changed, revealing a trace of the arrogance that belonged to a senior expert: "I, Chang Shan Yin, will neither change my name or surname, I am me, why would I need to prove myself? Little girl, if you want to leave now, I will definitely not stop you."

Fang Yuan's statement of allowing her to leave succeeded in shaking Ge Yao's doubts, creating enormous hesitation in her heart.

Fang Yuan did not miss this chance: "Little girl, it's alright to be on guard, but just think, how many opportunities did I have to kill you on the way? There is no need to mention anything else, just think of the time we spent flying. I just had to release my hands and you would have fallen into the earth spike rat group, your death would have been certain. But didn't I do that? Our meeting was fated; since you had the courage to flee your marriage, why don't you have courage to face me?"

Ge Yao fell into silence.

Fang Yuan observed her expression and knew the time was ripe, finishing off his explanation: "Come with me, you are still young, it is not safe for you to wander around the depths of poison grassland alone. Didn't you tell me you were searching for the snow spirea? You want to find a snow wash Gu in the snow spirea, and bring it back to the clan to earn great merit, allowing you to cancel your marriage, correct? Honestly speaking, that line of thinking isn't realistic; one or two snow wash Gu won't change your situation."

"It just so happens I also need a snow wash Gu. I will bring you along to search for the snow spirea and capture a few snow wash Gu, then I will take you back to your tribe and personally persuade your father. What do you think?"

"Really?" Ge Yao's eyes immediately shone brightly: "I remember that father idolizes you, saying that you were a great hero. Father will definitely listen to you. But what do you still need the snow wash Gu for? Your mother has already passed away…"

"Sigh!" Fang Yuan's voice was melancholic, his expression lonely; he lowered his head before smiling bitterly, "I already know my mother passed away due to poison over twenty years ago. I could not find the snow wash Gu and return in time, I was unfilial. Do you know, since then, snow wash Gu had already become my obsession? I must definitely capture one and kneel in front of my mother's tomb to repent."

Tears fell down Fang Yuan's cheeks as he spoke of this.

The girl looked at Fang Yuan's tears and was thoroughly convinced by Fang Yuan's lies. Her heart ached and consoled: "Senior Chang Shan Yin, this is not your fault. Everything was because of that damned Ha Tu Gu!"

"Don't speak anymore, let's go." Fang Yuan waved his hand and walked forward.

"I am sorry, I was wrong. I should not have doubted you." Ge Yao felt a twinge of guilt, immediately following behind Fang Yuan to apologize.

Fang Yuan consoled the girl, causing her inner guilt to become even heavier.

The two continued to walk to the depths of poison grassland; the purple fog continued to become denser and even poison resistant wild beasts like poison beard wolves rarely appeared.

After walking two to three hundred li, Fang Yuan and Ge Yao had no choice but to use their Gu to detoxify themselves. After walking another five to six hundred li, the poisonous purple fog became so dense that they could not even see their own hands.

Ge Yao's fog sparrow Gu had already lost its use in such a situation. However, Fang Yuan was already prepared and could still scout the distance of a thousand steps.

"Senior Chang Shan Yin, we should return. We can still go in another direction, maybe we can find the snow spirea there. If we go any deeper, I'm afraid…" Ge Yao's face was suffused with a purple color, she had already reached the point where she could endure no more.

But Fang Yuan shook his head and refused to accept her suggestion, persisting on moving forward.

The girl did not understand, but Fang Yuan was understood that snow spirea grew in very poisonous environments.

And this poisonous grassland also had a lot of history.

In the deepest part of poison grassland, there was a blessed land where rank the seven Gu Immortal Zi Yan Ran, titled Lady Poison Scorpion, resided.

An uncountable number of poisonous grass grew on her Zi Du blessed land with many large poisonous swamps and marshes. Large amounts of poisonous beasts and poisonous Gu lived on her blessed land.

The toxins of these poisonous beings accumulated to such an intensity that even the blessed land could not endure it.

Thus, every few years, the blessed land's entrance would open to release the dense toxic gas outside.

Most of the toxic gas formed into the purple poison fog in the poisonous grassland.

Some creatures at the lowest rung of the blessed land also took this chance to sneak out. Thus, there were large numbers of poison beard wolves in the poisonous grassland.

After a long period of this cycle, a complete change occurred to the surroundings of Zi Du blessed land. Dark clouds covered the surroundings all year round, creating a world devoid of light. Purple fog lingered and tormented all living beings. Large numbers of poisonous grass grew, and the poison beard wolves rampaged around outskirts of the poisoned lands. The grassland had become a forbidden zone for living beings and was named the poisonous grassland by the mortals out of fear.

Zi Du blessed land was at the center of the poisonous grassland, and the place Fang Yuan was currently at was around the center.

In the depths of the grassland, dense poisonous fog lingered all year round, encouraging the growth of a large number of snow spirea. Fang Yuan knew if he persevered in moving forward a little longer, he would definitely see the snow spirea.

Sure enough, as he had expected, after walking forward another few hundred steps, Fang Yuan discovered a snow spirea.

The snow spirea was twenty feet tall; it had numerous branches and leaves on a pitch black trunk, contrasted by the countless drooping spirea branches that were pure white. Within the dense purple fog, it appeared sacred and noble.

Fang Yuan walked to the snow spirea with Ge Yao, who immediately let out a shout of joy.

The two began to carefully observe the snow-white leaves on the spirea branches.

Soon enough, Ge Yao discovered one leaf that had already turned into a Gu.

It was a snow wash Gu, an invaluable rank four Gu. Snow wash Gu's detoxification ability was extraordinary, widely acknowledged by the northern plains' Gu Masters.

The two searched for a long while and found three snow wash Gu.

Fang Yuan only took one and gave the other two to Ge Yao, causing the girl to inwardly feel grateful.

After he acquired the snow wash Gu, Fang Yuan took out a dark pearl.

The Immortal Gu, fixed immortal travel, was sealed inside, and at that moment, it quietly let out a slight amount of it's immortal aura. If this aura persisted, it would easily be discovered by Gu Immortals.

"It is time." Fang Yuan willed and summoned a Gu from his aperture.

He poured his primeval essence towards the Gu at once, turning the Gu into a red iron cabinet, which then firmly sealed the dark pearl.

Immediately, the Immortal Gu aura was cut without the slightest bit leaking out.

This was the Gu worm Fang Yuan captured on San Cha mountain, unique to Tie clan - iron cabinet Gu.

Fang Yuan carried the iron cabinet on his back and walked back the way they came with Ge Yao.

After walking around two to three hundred li, Fang Yuan stopped and took out earth treasury flower king Gu, stored the iron cabinet in its stamen, then planted it deep under the ground.

This Gu was a rank five Gu and Fang Yuan had to spend quite some effort to plant it. His primeval essence was not enough, thus for a period, he had to pour primeval essence slowly while he absorbed primeval stones.

It took him whole four hours before he finished.

At Qing Mao mountain, Fang Yuan had obtained Flower Wine Monk's inheritance. The Flower Wine Monk had hidden his Gu worms into earth treasury flower Gu.

Earth treasury flower Gu was only a rank two Gu, and only after it advanced again and again, could it become a rank five earth treasury flower king.

When earth treasury flower king bloomed open, it was ten times larger than earth treasury flower. It had huge dark golden petals that were as soft as silk and in the depths of its stamen was dark golden floral liquid.

However, when earth treasury flower king closed shut, its whole size was smaller than an infant's fist.

It completely curled up in the depths of the ground, not leaking out the slightest bit of aura.

After planting the earth treasury flower king, Fang Yuan carefully destroyed all traces of it on the ground. At this moment, he had genuinely and completely hidden the Immortal Gu fixed immortal travel.

Fang Yuan's aperture could not store fixed immortal travel. He could only use this method to hide the Immortal Gu and retrieve it in the future.

In such a vast grassland, who would think an extremely precious Immortal Gu was buried here?

Yet the aura of the Immortal Gu had still been a problem. Its aura would persist for a long while and attract Gu Immortals.

Thus, Fang Yuan had intermittently sealed the Immortal Gu when he buried it; it was to guard against a Gu Immortal's search.

"Unless, the Gu Immortals that come possess an investigative Immortal Gu, capable of seeing through the ground and scouting hundreds of li deep into the ground, the possibility of its discovery is slim."

If fixed immortal travel Gu was truly discovered by some Gu Immortal and taken, Fang Yuan could only attribute it to his bad luck.

However, even if that happened, he would absolutely not bring fixed immortal travel with him. Compared to the Immortal Gu, he felt his own life was more precious.

The two continued moving through the grassland and returned to that battlefield.

When they reached the place, Fang Yuan looked for another direction and did not move along their original way, using Ge Yao's return heart Gu to point the direction.

The return trip was not smooth, Fang Yuan and Ge Yao encountered the attacks of wolf groups' time and again.

They even encountered thousand wolf groups three or four times; Fang Yuan could only grab Ge Yao and fly to the sky to avoid this calamity.

As the two got closer to the outer edge of poison grassland, the number of wolves and difficulty they encountered decreased.

About a hundred poison beard wolves pounced upon Fang Yuan and Ge Yao.

Fang Yuan laughed brightly, he was happy instead of shocked as he flew to the air and pointed down.

"Wolf enslavement Gu, go!"

A rank two wolf enslavement Gu turned into a lump of blue smoke and descended, enshrouding the hundred beast wolf king.

The hundred beast wolf king struggled intensely, its soul resisting strongly. But in front of Fang Yuan's hundred man soul, it failed utterly.

"Howl, howl."

When Fang Yuan landed on the ground, the hundred beast wolf king ran around Fang Yuan's feet with its tail swaying like a little puppy.

The wolf group it brought also remained motionless under its command, becoming Fang Yuan's minions.

This was already the second wolf group Fang Yuan had subdued.

As they continued, Fang Yuan's strength became stronger, the wolf group around him growing larger.

Their trip of death before had unknowingly become a leisurely outing.

When the wolf group following Fang Yuan increased to a thousand wolves, with four hundred beast wolf kings, poison grassland was no longer scary.

With this safety, Fang Yuan began to settle the Gu worms from southern border.

Northern plains natives were xenophobic; his original appearance would have made him suffer exclusion and vigilance wherever he walked, making it difficult for him to do things, and the southern border Gu worms were also enormous flaws which could expose his identity.

The innately cautious Fang Yuan would not allow these gaps to exist.

All the Gu worms on him that were not from northern plains must be dealt with.