Reverend Insanity - Chapter 434

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Chapter 434
Chapter 434: Chang Shan Yin, be my husband!

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The wide and huge poison grassland became even darker at night .

Wind blew near the ears as the howling of wolves could be heard, resembling the cries of wandering spirits .

A fire was burning silently on the grassland .

Ge Yao got close to the fire, expelling the chill in her body .

There was a pot on top of the fire, and a meat soup was cooking in it, emitting a fragrant smell .

Ge Yao swallowed her saliva as her hunger intensified . Eventually, she gulped and asked Fang Yuan: "Senior Chang Shan Yin, can this meat soup be eaten already?"

Fang Yuan sat opposite the young girl, the two were separated by the fire .

"No rush, this dried meat has just entered the pot, it needs to cook to a boil . Wait a while more, when the meat is soft and juicy, it will be extremely delicious . " Fang Yuan took out the moving perspective cup Gu as he said plainly .

"Oh, we still have to wait so long . " Ge Yao pouted, her beautiful face was shining in the flame, together with her long robe exclusive to northern plains and her beautiful accessories, it showed a unique style .

But such a tranquil scene was not enough for Fang Yuan to take a second look .

His gaze was on the moving perspective cup Gu .

Moving perspective cup Gu was a rank five Gu, now that it was in northern plains, it was suppressed to rank four . Speaking of capacity, it was weaker than other rank four Gu . It was expensive to feed, one of the most expensive among the rank five Gu worms . It was also extremely heavy on primeval essence consumption . But why did Fang Yuan choose it specifically, expending his energy and resources to refine it?

That is because it originated from Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable, he stole from heaven and robbed earth, he was the wealthiest venerable in history .

He spent his entire life's effort to find the rumored legendary space cave .

Space cave was first depicted in <>, it was a forbidden ground on the same level as the river of time . In the river of time, there were large numbers of time path Gu worms . Inside the space cave, there were countless space path Gu worms .

It connected the five regions, hidden in a place no one knew . Pushing open a door from inside the space cave, one can reach any place in the world . The door that connected the space cave was also known as the space door . Space door was omnipresent, it could be in a narrow crack, or in the wide and boundless sky . Where there is space, there is a door into space cave .

But from the past until now, very little people could find the space cave, not to mention going inside . In the entire human history, only one person had managed to enter and exit it .

Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable discovered the recipe of the moving perspective cup Gu, his intention was to send this moving perspective cup Gu into the space cave, and bring out large numbers of wild Gu worms inside it .

But he failed, yet succeeded .

Four hundred years later, his blessed land was excavated, and all sorts of Gu Immortals competed for it . The recipe of the moving perspective cup Gu was also spread as a result, its strong effect quickly caused many Gu Immortals to recommend it, and it became famous throughout the regions .

Fang Yuan took out the golden dragon Gu from his aperture .

The rank four golden dragon Gu was suppressed into a rank three . After it flew out, it entered the moving perspective cup Gu .

Fang Yuan injected large amounts of primeval essence into the moving perspective cup Gu .

This cup with a gold top and silver bottom, immediately gave off a strong golden-silver light, floating in the air .

Fang Yuan pulled back his hand, and pushed the cup slightly forward .

The moving perspective cup Gu moved forward, until it vanished . First, the sides vanished, and then half the cup was gone, finally it vanished in mid air .

Ge Yao stood up abruptly, staring with wide opened eyes as she saw this strange scene .

At the same time, far away in central continent, Hu Immortal blessed land .

Little Hu Immortal suddenly had a feeling, immediately teleporting into Dang Hun palace's secret room .

In the secret room, a moving perspective cup Gu gave off a shining radiance as it floated in the sky . As if it was pulled by an invisible force, it moved forward slowly before vanishing in the air .

When moving perspective cup Gu completely vanished, Fang Yuan stretched out both his palms parallel to the ground as he activated his primeval essence again .

Suddenly, a golden-silver light burst out in his palm .

Immediately after, Ge Yao saw the rim of a cup appearing, gradually growing to become half the cup, and finally,the entire cup appeared from thin air .

When the light faded, the cup-like Gu worms landed in Fang Yuan's palms .

"Done . " Fang Yuan muttered, seeing this cup, he knew that his plans did not go out of control .

"Senior Chang Shan Yin, what did you do? Eh, this Gu doesn't seem right . " Ge Yao walked a few steps towards Fang Yuan and asked curiously .

"In what way?" Fang Yuan laughed lightly, taking out a primeval stone and recovering his primeval essence quickly .

Ge Yao did not speak, she only stared at moving perspective cup Gu, when suddenly her eyes shone, as she shouted: "This Gu is not the same, originally it was golden top and silver bottom, but now it is silver top and golden bottom . "

Fang Yuan laughed .

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That's right!

There was not just one moving perspective Gu, there were two .

These two Gu worms, one was golden top and silver bottom, while the other was silver top and golden bottom . The two together, made up the complete moving perspective cup Gu . Before Fang Yuan left, he brought one with him while placing the other in Hu Immortal blessed land .

When he injected his primeval essence, the two moving perspective cup Gu entered the space cave, and swapped positions with each other inside the space cave . The one that was in the blessed land thus came to Fang Yuan . As for the cup that held golden dragon Gu, it returned to Hu Immortal blessed land .

In the past, Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable wanted to rely on the moving perspective cup Gu to steal the Gu worms inside space cave . He failed and did not achieve his goal . But the moving perspective cup Gu, in another way, was a great success .

Using the omnipresent space cave, a pair of moving perspective cup Gu could interchange in the space cave and transport resources between two places .

Most importantly, it was rank five, it was not a unique Immortal Gu .

In Fang Yuan's previous life, during the chaotic battle of the five regions, moving perspective cup Gu was a must-have Gu for all factions . Even Gu Immortals competed for it .

Fang Yuan took out a letter from this moving perspective cup Gu .

It was written by little Hu Immortal, stating the current situation in the blessed land .

Fang Yuan had only been in poison grassland for five to six days, but a month had already passed in Hu Immortal blessed land .

The letter stated that other than Dang Hun mountain, everything was going well . Immortal Crane Sect suggested another transaction, but according to Fang Yuan's instructions, little Hu Immortal rejected it .

If they did more transactions, Immortal Crane Sect would have a higher chance of finding out that Fang Yuan was not in the blessed land . Fang Yuan was in northern plains, but he was still concerned with the blessed land . Using the moving perspective cup Gu to exchange letters like this, he could control the situation behind the scenes, and other people's schemes would not succeed .

Fang Yuan sent a letter back after looking at the one he received .

Ge Yao was completely lost, she could not read central continent characters .

Together with this letter, Fang Yuan placed three rank four Gu inside, golden coat Gu, charging crash Gu, and bone wings Gu .

The more things were placed inside, the more primeval essence consumed by the moving perspective cup Gu . In contrast, the distance between the two cups did not matter .

This is because moving perspective cup Gu was created in a special way, it used the mystical forbidden passage of the space cave .

Fang Yuan's earlier attempt was a test run . After making sure that the moving perspective cup Gu was working fine, he started to send all his Gu worms that were from southern border into the blessed land, for little Hu Immortal to take care of them .

In the blessed land, little Hu Immortal sprawled on the table, staring at blank space with her large shining eyes .

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The golden dragon Gu in the moving perspective cup Gu was already taken away .

Suddenly, moving perspective cup Gu started floating again, and entered the space cave . Afterwards, another cup appeared and landed on the table .

Little Hu Immortal took out the things inside moving perspective cup Gu, and saw Fang Yuan's reply, extremely elated as she shouted: "Master's reply!"

With just one cycle, the primeval essence in Fang Yuan's aperture were mostly expended .

He had to hold onto a primeval stone and replenish his primeval essence again .

Ge Yao stood at one side, gradually starting to understand . She, who was overwhelmed with curiosity, asked a few more questions again . But Fang Yuan only smiled plainly, not replying her .

"Hmph, acting all mysterious, it's no big deal . " The girl pouted, sitting back at her original seat in displeasure .

She sat down, frowning as she stared at Fang Yuan angrily .

Fang Yuan completely ignored her, causing her to be even more angry .

She was doted on by her father since young, she was the beauty of her tribe, no one had ever dared to look down on her . But during this entire journey, Fang Yuan did not give her any attention .

Many youths had pursued her with great enthusiasm, causing her temperament to become even more arrogant .

Ge Yao stared at Fang Yuan for a while more, after he recovered his primeval essence, he started to use the moving perspective cup Gu again, completely forgetting her existence .

However this time, this northern plains young girl's displeasure vanished .

"He is after all Chang Shan Yin, he is not someone those young and immature brats can compare with . In his eyes, what am I? Just an unimportant junior I guess . "

Thinking so, Ge Yao felt dejected, as she looked at Fang Yuan's face, she became dazed .

Fang Yuan used human skin Gu to change his appearance, with the features of a northern plains native, it matched her sense of beauty even more .

When Chang Shan Yin was young, he was one of the most handsome teenagers in Chang tribe .

His five features were proper, his nose was sharp, his brown eyes were deep, his thick lips showed his determined personality .

His sideburns were already turning white, it showed the experience and wisdom of a mature man . That was an intense attraction to a young girl .

As the light of the flame flickered, Fang Yuan's expression flickered along with it, his determined and mature disposure was strongly felt .

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Ge Yao's thoughts drifted, she thought secretly, what kind of person was Fang Yuan?

The startle when they first met, the warmth when he smiled, the knowledge when he gave her pointers, the bravery when he fought, and the absolute calmness when he tore down his own skin .

All these scenes flashed in the young girl's heart, it was so vivid, like the memories were ingrained in the girl!

"What about his past?" Ge Yao thought again .

Chang Shan Yin's past was a heroic tale, it was widely spread in northern plains .

Numerous people respected him, love him, and thought well of him .

When he was young, his reputation was overwhelming, he was the future hope of Chang tribe .

He was famous very quickly, his first-rate wolf enslavement skill caused people to marvel .

Most importantly, he was righteous and just, forgiving and kind, he never oppressed the weak, was filial to his parents, and helped tribesmen in need . At the same time he had a great sense of brotherhood and loyalty, he placed his life on the line to protect his tribe, and performed great deeds for Chang tribe .

He married a beautiful wife, but gained the betrayal of his childhood friend . Fate toyed with him, causing this man to lose his mother, his sworn brother, his beautiful wife, and almost, his own life .

But he survived in the end .

Relying on his own hard work, he crawled up from the abyss of death, and created a legend that normal people could never imagine!

"This man shoulders endless pain and suffering, countless wounds and injuries are hidden within him . " Ge Yao thought of this and had a strong urge to hug Fang Yuan, using her warmth to heal this injured lone wolf, the former Wolf King .

As the fire burned on, the wood was crackling under the flame .

Ge Yao's gaze towards Fang Yuan became more infatuated, she could not longer help herself .

Under the warm fire, a young girl's feelings were developing, and growing .

When Fang Yuan finished this round of cup exchange, and took out a primeval stone to recover his primeval essence, Ge Yao secretly made the most important decision in her life .

She suddenly stood up, shouting towards Fang Yuan: "Chang Shan Yin! Be my husband!"

The voice spread far and wide in the quiet grassland .

"What did you say?" Fang Yuan frowned, even with his five hundred years of experience, he could not anticipate this girl's change of heart .

After he reacted, he smiled: "Stop fooling around, young girl, I am your senior . Looking at our age, I am over twenty years older than you, my son will be a good match for you . "

"No, Chang Shan Yin, I want you!"