Reverend Insanity - Chapter 437

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Chapter 437

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Chapter 437: Wind Wolf King

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The wolf group finished eating. Fang Yuan rode on the hump wolf's back and resumed his journey.

"These days, I have been moving according to the direction Ge Yao pointed. I am almost at the edge of poison grassland. If I move further, I will see human habitations."

Hump wolf was a natural mount, its two humps formed a comfortable saddle.

Fang Yuan sat between the two humps, inspecting his aperture while moving forward.

There were only around ten Gu worms remaining in his aperture. Besides Spring Autumn Cicada and moving perspective cup Gu, they were all northern plains Gu worms.

The Gu that were from southern border and central continent were already sent to Hu Immortal blessed land. Fang Yuan did not keep even a single primeval stone.

Southern border primeval stones could be used in northern plains, but they had some differences with northern plains primeval stones. Ge Yao could not see it because she was too young and too naive. But generally, any Gu Master that had some experience and shrewdness could notice it.

"Unfortunately, moving perspective cup Gu - a rank five Gu - has been suppressed to rank four in northern plains and can only contain rank four Gu. If I could send fixed immortal travel to the blessed land with it, it would be perfect. Sigh, I hope my method is effective."

If some other Gu Immortal took fixed immortal travel Gu, it would be a heavy loss to Fang Yuan.

However, Fang Yuan could do nothing else as he had already done everything possible.

"Immortal Gu's aura lasts for about a month. If there are no problems during this period, then fixed immortal travel Gu will be safe."

"Soon, I will run into northern plains Gu Masters. I absolutely cannot be careless, it would be best if I can subdue a thousand wolf king during this period of time and raise the number of the wolves to over two thousand."

Sometimes, humans were more terrifying than wild beasts. A wolf group of over two thousand wolves could intimidate most of the small characters.

"Currently, I only have one rank three and one rank two wolf enslavement Gu, I must use them carefully. I will be moving using Chang Shan Yin's identity in northern plains, wolf enslavement should be the main priority. But there is an obstacle, I do not have the recipes for rank three and rank four wolf enslavement Gu."

Almost all the beast enslavement Gu were expendable Gu, and after they were used, whether it resulted in success or failure, they would disperse.

Rank three wolf enslavement Gu could enslave thousand wolf king. Rank four wolf enslavement Gu could enslave myriad wolf king or mutated beasts.

Without the recipe for these two Gu, Fang Yuan would not have many wolf enslavement Gu. Without these wolf enslavement Gu, Fang Yuan's wolf group could at have a most a few thousand wolves, it was not enough to enter the limelight.

With the hump wolf's pace, the following journey was sped up by three times.

Fang Yuan travelled day and night, the dark clouds hovering over his head also gradually thinned.

Two days later, he finally reached the edge of poison grassland.

In the sky, the dark clouds were dispersed here and there. Rays of sunlight passed through the gaps between the dark clouds and fell on the ground in the form of light pillars.

Looking from afar, the green grassland flourished under the light; flowers having the colors of blue, purple or yellow eagerly blossomed.

The low and gently sloping mounds were completely filled with greenery without any gaps.

A small river flowed gently beside the mounds and sparkled like a silver necklace under the sunlight.

"I am finally out." Fang Yuan felt moved. Riding on the hump wolf's back and surrounded by poison beard wolves, he slowly walked towards the sunlight.

The poison beard wolves were restless.

They were adapted to hunting in dark surroundings, the sunlight would greatly affect their battle strength.

Fang Yuan did not care, these poison beard wolf group were only temporary, they would be eliminated sooner or later.

Fang Yuan gazed back, poison grassland behind him was still covered with dark clouds, dusky sunlight and gloomy cold wind. On the corrupted land, there were dark purplish poisonous grass, bent into all kinds of shapes.

Compared to this side of the grassland which had sunlight shining over it, it showed a clear contrast, like they were two different worlds.

"Hu Immortal blessed land's eastern area is also covered in dense clouds. If they are not dealt with in time, that land would also develop towards the direction of poison grassland. Poison grassland… I will be back."

Just as Fang Yuan was mumbling, his body suddenly relaxed.

Since the time he entered northern plains, he felt uncomfortable, a formless restriction had covered his body.

Right now, this restriction slightly loosened and Fang Yuan immediately felt he was much closer to this vast land.

Subsequently, his aura rose and from rank three peak stage, it reached rank four initial stage.

A joyous feeling rose up involuntarily, causing Fang Yuan to laugh heartily.

With his body gradually adapting to northern plains, his cultivation also slowly recovered; this would be a great help to his following plans!

"Northern plains, I'm coming!" Fang Yuan shouted. He squeezed the wolf's belly with his legs, the hump wolf started running towards a distant location, leading the poison beard wolf group.


Shouting resounded over a hill, dozens of Gu Masters were in an intense battle with over a thousand wind wolves.

The battle had already continued for fifteen minutes.

"This damned wind wolves!" The leader Ge Guang cursed with a malevolent expression, he waved the sabre in his hand, cutting off the head of a wind wolf.

But after cutting off the head, his sabre broke into two. The two halves of the sabre were also already filled with holes.


A wind wolf suddenly leapt and charged towards Ge Guang.

"Young tribe leader, careful! Spiral water arrow!" A Gu Master behind Ge Guang anxiously shouted.

Hearing this shout, from a tacit understanding that came from fighting all year round, Ge Guang did not think and suddenly bent his waist; it looked like he took the initiative to send himself to the wolf's mouth.

The wind wolf that was in mid-air opened its mouth and revealed its sharp fangs. Just as it seemed like it was going to bite off Ge Guang's head, a blue water arrow shot out from behind Ge Guang with a strong rotational force.

This spiral water arrow ruthlessly shot into the wind wolf's mouth, sending it directly towards the afterlife.

Taking this chance, Ge Guang squeezed the wolf's belly, urging his hump wolf to retreat into the defensive range of his group.

Sabre Gu!

He put his palms together and squeezed out the final trace of primeval essence in his aperture, pouring it into the sabre imprint on his palm.


A completely new sabre instantly formed; Ge Guang suddenly swung his right hand and tightly grasped it.

"Die!" He growled with an iron-like hoarse voice.

The new sabre was extremely sharp, cutting a cold light in the air and splitting a wind wolf into two.

But this was only a small victory, it was truly difficult to have an active influence on the whole devastating situation.

"Damn it, I don't have enough primeval essence!"

"There are at least over three thousand wolves, it's too many!"

"Young tribe leader, we are completely surrounded! There is no hope even if we fight to the death, it would be better to break through the east, the defensive line there is the weakest!"

The surrounding Gu Masters shouted one after another.

Ge Guang's fierce eyes shone and after thinking for a moment, resolutely refused: "No, there are puddles in the eastern side. The defense there looks the weakest, but it is actually a trap prepared by the wind wolf king. If we go in, we will be sending ourselves into its trap!"

"Then what should we do?"The surrounding people asked.

Ge Yao gritted his teeth and firmed up his mind: "Turn around, we will break through the west."

"But we have still not found lady Ge Yao. If we return like this, what will we say to lord tribe leader?"

Ge Guang snorted: "Although Ge Yao is my sister, for her own selfishness, she ignore our tribe's circumstance and fled the marriage. Sacrificing great men for a mere woman is not worth it! Spread the command, we will break through! Let those lowly slaves stay behind. It is time for them to offer their lives for their masters."

"Understood!" The surrounding people immediately transmitted the order.

Northern plains tribes would go on war campaigns all year round. Some defeated Gu Masters would become slaves. Slaves had very low status and when necessary, they would be treated as cannon fodders and abandoned.

Soon, Gu Masters divided into two groups.

A pair of slaves was to stay behind on the mound and use their lives to block the enemy. While the other group was led by Ge Guang to break through the west.

"Kill kill kill!" Ge Guang charged through the frontlines riding on the hump wolf, wielding his saber roughly and bravely.

"Protect young master!" The Gu Masters behind him were also tall and stoutly built men, they closely moved around Ge Guang on their hump wolves.


Suddenly, a large three-leaf wind blade flew towards them.

"Master!" A loyal Gu Master warned loudly and was the first to react.

He did not have a trace of primeval essence left, he directly charged towards the front on his hump wolf and used his own body to obstruct the wind blade.

Nothing surprising happened, he was cut into two by the wind blade, immediately losing his life.

The wind blade was weakened to two-leaf but still moved towards Ge Guang.

Ge Guang reacted, immediately lifting his sabre to block it.


The wind and the sabre collided; the sabre shattered into pieces, Ge Guang spurted out a large mouthful of blood and fell from the hump wolf's back.

"Young tribe leader!" The Gu Masters behind him immediately came over to protect him, but with this, their break through failed. Endless wind wolves came over from both sides and firmly surrounded them again.

The wind wolves quietly parted open a path; a young and vigorous wind wolf king slowly walked through the path and appeared before everyone.

Thousand beast king!

Its body was enormous like a warhorse. Brisk dark green fur covered its whole body and its eyes were like emeralds. Its alternating steps and unhurried pace unexpectedly gave an elegant and noble feeling to Ge Guang and the group.

Right now, the slave Gu Masters that had stayed behind on the hill were already killed. Large amounts of wind wolves came over after killing them.

The Gu Masters had already exhausted their primeval essence, the wind wolf king's appearance caused them to feel restless.

Someone pulled Ge Guang to retreat, but Ge Guang swung his arm and stood up with difficulty, he shouted: "What are you afraid of? I don't have primeval essence, but I still have my hands, legs and teeth! Warriors, don't let these beasts scorn you. We will use our blood to prove ourselves, we are the brave tribesmen of Ge tribe!"

Everyone was agitated by his words, their morale immediately rose and a will to fight to death emerged in them.

The wind wolf king was walking leisurely, when suddenly it turned its head to look at the eastern direction of the battlefield.

A large group of dark purplish poison beard wolves were rapidly closing in!