Reverend Insanity - Chapter 464

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Chapter 464
Chapter 464: Either Eternal Life or Shit

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If there were no external influences and Fang Yuan could just rely on his own strength, he would be able to accumulate strength and breakthrough when the opportunity comes .

However, because of Spring Autumn Cicada, what he lacked was time . Not only that, if he wasted time and could not make it to some opportunities, the advantage of his rebirth would also be gone .

"These three chances are indeed very precious . Although blindly saving these chances for the future may give the impression that I will be able to make full use of these opportunities, it will in fact delay my growth . Specific situations need specific analysis; I cannot blindly follow Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable's example, but Ma Hong Yun's choices also wasted these three chances . "

After deep and careful contemplation, Fang Yuan made his decision .

"Land spirit, I have thought it through . " Fang Yuan spoke slowly, "This time, my request is for you to refine stargate Gu . As for the remaining two chances, I will leave it for later . "

"You really want me to refine stargate Gu? You need to know you are giving up a precious chance to refine Immortal Gu . Maybe, you can take a gamble and use that recipe for Blood Deity . " land spirit instead tried to persuade Fang Yuan .

He liked recipes to an extreme degree, Blood Deity's recipe might be damaged but he still wanted to collect it .

Fang Yuan shook his head, when he decided on something, he would not hesitate: "No, refine stargate Gu . "

"Alright . There is no strongest Gu worm in this world, only a Gu worm that is most suitable for oneself . You can't use Immortal Gu, but looks like this stargate Gu is extremely useful to you . I will refine this Gu for you . "

The land spirit grandpa then willed as he teleported five Gu Immortals over .

Among these five Gu Immortals; one was very ugly, one had a ruddy face, one wore blue clothes, one wore yellow garments and one wore pink skirt . They were Gui Wang's group .

They attacked Lang Ya blessed land, throwing in their green grape immortal essence to expend Lang Ya blessed land's white litchi immortal essence .

However, the result was that the land spirit had intentionally shown weakness in order to capture all of them .

Lang Ya blessed land had rank eight Heavenly Essence Treasure Imperial Lotus and would never lack white litchi immortal essence . Gui Wang and the group did not have an Immortal Gu, thus the land spirit enticed them into the blessed land .

It waited till these five rushed into the cloud buildings before confining their rank five Gu .

Gui Wang and the rest realized the situation was bad, promptly using all their immortal essence but they could not compare to the Lang Ya land spirit .

The land spirit did not use even a single desolate beast to capture these five immortals .

Having cultivated to this stage, the five immortals knew to adapt to the circumstances and immediately chose to save their lives by submitting to the land spirit .

After finding themselves teleported over, they soon reacted and bowed to the land spirit, greeting together: "Subordinates greet Lord Lang Ya land spirit!"

"Hm…" The land spirit stroked his snow white beard, recovering his sagely demeanor just like when Fang Yua first saw him .

"This is Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable's inheritor Chang Shan Yin, greet him . " land spirit introduced Fang Yuan .

"Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable's inheritor?!" The five immortals looked at each other, clearly seeing the shock in each other's eyes .

Their contempt towards Fang Yuan because of his mortal identity immediately disappeared . Who was Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable? He was a rank nine Gu Immortal!

Since Immemorial Era to Remote Antiquity Era, Olden Antiquity Era, Medieval Antiquity Era, Early Antiquity Era to present age, only around ten venerable level Gu Immortals had appeared in human history .

An inheritor of a rank nine Gu Immortal…

This identity shocked the five immortals before this shock turned into envy and jealousy .

"Why don't I have such luck to become an inheritor?"

"This kid's luck is too good, simply too heaven defying . He actually became Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable's inheritor!"

"Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable had set up many inheritances, it is rumored that his greatest inheritance is in space cave . I wonder how many inheritances did he get?"

The five immortals' thoughts surged rapidly while they greeted Fang Yuan .

The act of Gu Immortals greeting mortals was like an elephant kowtowing to an ant . But the five immortals did not feel any humiliation .

Meanwhile, Fang Yuan was extremely indifferent, even if a rank nine Gu Immortal kowtowed to him, he would not feel any honor . If the roles were reversed, even if he had to beg and kneel to a mortal, he would not feel any humiliation .

In his eyes, all that would eventually die were equal . The only difference was whether they died early or late .

Be it those with status and social class, whether they were nobles or peasants, they were nothing more than a group of fools waiting to die . All of them live in a fake world with self-imposed rules, by comparing the lives of each other, a portion of these fools would feel that they were living a great life .

In truth, those fools who think of themselves as nobles or aristocrats were only deceiving themselves . And those fools who think of themselves as lowly are even more pitiful . Are kings given their high status upon birth? All living beings are born equal, why should one bow to others?

"There is only immortality, only eternal life should be the goal one should pursue! If one cannot live forever, is there any difference between a rank nine Gu Immortal and a pile of shit in the gutter?! I am a huge fool, but I do not wish to be a fool that is made of shit…"

There was no way to express such mental behavior and aspirations to others, and even more importantly Fang Yuan did not want to express them .

Fang Yuan indifferently accepted the greetings of the five immortals then looked at Lang Ya land spirit: "Land spirit, are you not going to personally refine the Gu?"

"Of course I will personally refine it, but having these five as support can be considered making use of trash . " Land spirit snickered .

Being called trash and also being disregarded by Fang Yuan caused these five immortals' expressions to turn unsightly .

Rage was burning in them, but they were captives right now and they could not flare out . They could only helplessly hold in this anger and listen to the land spirit's commands .

However, the first try at Gu refinement by former Long Hair Ancestor who turned into a land spirit, along with the help of five immortals, ended up in failure .

"Hmph, this stargate Gu is rather difficult . There was no mistakes from me, but rather the refinement itself has only a fixed success rate . " The land spirit explained and said to Fang Yuan, "Don't worry, stargate Gu is only rank five, I will definitely complete the refinement for you . "

"Hehe, I will be waiting . " Fang Yuan lied down on the cloud bed with no hurry .

The time flow in Lang Ya blessed land was thirty-six times faster than the outside world . Over a month here would only be a day in outside world .

The land spirit had inherited Long Hair Ancestor's arrogance and his temperament became bad when he failed .

He glanced at Fang Yuan and saw that he had already finished drinking the cloud mist tea, he casually pointed to an immortal: "You! Clumsy and having breasts for brains, I don't need you to refine the Gu, go make tea for my little friend!"

The female immortal who was scolded and ordered was Fairy Huang Sha .

She was furious, but did not dare to flare up as her life was in Lang Ya land spirit's hands . She could only bite her lips and forcibly restrain her anger to steep tea for Fang Yuan .

Fang Yuan, however, said: "I don't like to drink tea, do you have wine here? I only like drinking top quality wine, there should be some in your grand Lang Ya blessed land, right?"

"Hmph! Why would there not be? Celestial horse wine and destitute wine, both are top quality wine, which one do you want to drink?"

"Bring out both of them for me to taste . " Fang Yuan said without batting an eyelid .

Thereupon, Fairy Huang Sha became Fang Yuan's serving maid .

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The celestial horse wine was milky white and gave off a thick fragrance of milk; it tasted silky, mellow and soft . Destitute wine did not have any special color, looking like clear soup, and did not have even a bit of wine fragrance; it also tasted flavorless . However, the after-effect was extremely strong, usually only one mouthful would be enough to make one completely drunk for seven-eight days .

Taking advantage of the land spirit refining Gu, Fang Yuan just took a light sip before openly storing these two vats of wine in wolf swallow Gu .

The second Gu refinement attempt also failed .

The land spirit's expression became even more unsightly as he howled: "Hmph, I don't believe it, I will continue!"

The land spirit naturally sensed Fang Yuan storing the wine, but right now because of his self-respect, he chose to ignore it .

"Young master, please be merciful and save this servant . " Looking at the land spirit and the rest going for third attempt at Gu refinement, Fairy Huang Sha implored to Fang Yuan with a soft and weeping voice .

Her skin was white and tender, like a litchi whose skin had just been removed . Her eyebrows were bluish-black, her eyes were like a lake hiding an amorous gaze . Her breasts were very big and her waist was thin, her figure was endlessly seductive and one could even say it could shock heart and soul .

Right now, as she talked with eyes that had tears in them, let alone men, even women would be moved .

"If you can save this servant, I am willing to serve you for my whole life and follow your orders . " Fairy Huang Sha implored again with soft voice .

This was a pleading from a female Gu Immortal!

If it were any other mortal men, they would already be extremely moved and their little brother would furiously rise up . Men all had a desire to conquer, especially if it was conquering a noble woman .

But Fang Yuan did not even glance at her . These five immortals were all cannon fodder in his past life, they all died in Lang Ya blessed land . They paid a proper price for their greed and impulse .

Although Fairy Huang Sha was beautiful, she was no different from a pile of dung in the gutter in Fang Yuan's mind .

"But if I cannot obtain immortality, I am also a pile of shit in the gutter… hehehe . " Fang Yuan sneered in his mind .

Fairy Huang Sha was about to plead again . She had complete confidence in her beauty, and right now she had a feeling that this person might be her only chance to escape with her life .

However how could she know Fang Yuan was even more abnormal than Lang Ya land spirit .

"You are too noisy, get lost . " Fang Yuan directly kicked the half leaning delicate body of Fairy Huang Sha .

Fairy Huang Sha fell down on the floor, she was baffled and could not react for a long while .

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She was actually rejected? Is he not a man?!

A strong sense of humiliation struck her proud heart, causing her face to become twisted and her gaze towards Fang Yuan filled with extreme resentment .

"Hehe . " Fang Yuan scoffed, got off the cloud bed and walked towards Fairy Huang Sha, then he lifted his foot in front of her face .

A dull sound was heard, Fairy Huang Sha was kicked over and her head struck the floor, producing another heavy dull sound .

Her rank five Gu worms were all taken away . Under the situation where her immortal essence was used up and was under Lang Ya blessed land's suppression as well, how could she be Fang Yuan's match?


Fairy Huang Sha's lungs were about to burst with anger, her incisor tooth had broken from the kck, causing her mouth to fill with blood . She let out a deep growl and her expression turned malevolent; compared to her weeping and pitiful look just before, they looked like two completely different person .

"Hmph, how can mere beauty entice me? If you look at me one more time, do you believe I will not smash all your teeth?" Fang Yuan's dark and deep pupils shone with cruelty .

Fairy Huang Sha's delicate body shuddered, she tightly clenched her fists and seemed to exhaust all her strength to stand up .

But she lowered her head in the end and did not look at Fang Yuan again .

At the other side, stargate Gu's refinement failed again .

The land spirit stomped his foot in anger, his expression turning even worse . He was aware of the situation with Fairy Huang Sha .

He approached Fang Yuan and smiled: "Little friend, please don't get angry . I just captured this little thing, so haven't had the time to teach them properly . You can play with her if you want, make her dance or strip her clothes or do anything you want . Hehehe, materials have been used up, I will go buy them . "

Hearing these words, Fairy Huang Sha seemed to have fallen into an ice hole . An intense feeling of humiliation surged in her heart like a tide .

"Make me strip my clothes and dance?!"

This proposal made her feel incomparably cold and afraid . Since young till now, she had never received such treatment . A grand Gu Immortal being played with, Fairy Huang Sha felt it would be better to die instead!

Gui Wang and Loner Hong Yu at the side seemed to have been stimulated as they licked their dry lips and looked at Fairy Huang Sha with burning gaze .

The two who were normally close to Fairy Huang Sha like sisters, Fairy Fen Meng and Fairy Qing Suo, remained silent as if they had not heard anything .

As the tragedy was about to unfold, Fang Yuan sneered: "Strip her clothes, make her dance? No need, what meaning is there in that? Lust? Desire to conquer? Hmph, nothing but pointless urges . What I am interested in now is only stargate Gu . "