Reverend Insanity - Chapter 494

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Chapter 494

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Chapter 494: All of you, get lost!

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Throwing aside expendable Gu, a Gu Master's first choice of a Gu worm would become their vital Gu.

The relation between vital Gu and a Gu Master were very close; one could even say their lives were connected.

No matter which side was injured, the other side would also be implicated.

Vital Gu had one advantage which other Gu did not have — that was no matter how severe the backlash was after Gu refinement failure, the vital Gu would still preserved.

Thus, most Gu Masters would regard the vital Gu as their core Gu. Generally, the Gu Master's strongest Gu worm is their vital Gu.

Once a vital Gu forms, it would be difficult to change it.

But that was not absolute.

If the Gu Master found an extremely good Gu worm and wanted to cultivate it as their vital Gu, they could destroy their original vital Gu.

But this type of action was extremely dangerous.

Once the vital Gu was destroyed, the Gu Master would suffer enormous backlash; at the least, they would suffer heavy injuries, and the worst outcome meant death.

After rebirth, Fang Yuan's vital Gu was Spring Autumn Cicada which had been hibernating in the center of his first aperture with no movement.

Now, he had a second aperture and had a chance to choose a second vital Gu.

He had been able to guess this from the Gu recipe, but Fang Yuan was still happy after truly finding that it gave him this chance to choose.

'Which Gu should I choose as my second vital Gu?'

Immortal Gu could be taken out of the equation.

Fang Yuan's second aperture was only a rank three mortal aperture, unable to store Immortal Gu. Spring Autumn Cicada was a special situation.

Besides Spring Autumn Cicada, Fang Yuan also had two other Immortal Gu - Fixed Immortal Travel and Gruel Mud.

But Immortal Gu Gruel Mud was an expendable Gu; if he made it his vital Gu, after it is used up, Fang Yuan will suffer heavy backlash. Fang Yuan naturally would not do such a stupid thing.

As for Fixed Immortal Travel, it was far away at the poisonous grassland so there was no need to mention it.

Without much hesitation, Fang Yuan made his decision.

It was rank three all-out effort Gu!

He was cultivating strength path and enslavement path. All-out effort Gu was a must and was also the most ideal core of the strength path.

Previously, Fang Yuan intended to use undefeated hundred battles Gu to ensure the safety of the all-out effort Gu during Gu refinement.

But due to many reasons and because of the situation, Fang Yuan had no choice but to use undefeated hundred battles Gu to refine Immortal Gu Fixed Immortal Travel.

As long as all-out effort Gu became his second vital Gu, Fang Yuan would no longer need to worry losing this precious Gu worm after Gu refinement failure.

Two days passed in an instant.

Fang Yuan returned to the northern plains through stargate Gu.

The time flow in Hu Immortal blessed land was five times faster than the outside world. Fang Yuan had spent two days in the blessed land but only a night had passed in northern plains.

It was crack of dawn.

From the edge of the sky, gentle purple and white colors started to appear.

As the sun started to rise, the grass started to gradually look glossy green from the previously dark color.

The crescent lake reflected the dazzling sunlight and sparkled.

The light of dawn shone upon Fang Yuan's face, he smiled and looked at the side.

The sparse wolf group was once again replenished with many white wolf figures.

These were water wolves with a size that crossed ten thousand; a water wolf myriad beast king led them along with 6 thousand wolf kings under it.

As for the vermillion flame wolf group, night wolf group, mutated beasts and so on, Fang Yuan did not bring them.

It would be too abrupt and conspicuous if he brought them all out at once.

Fang Yuan was disguising as Chang Shan Yin and wanted to properly manage this identity, thus he had to avoid such exposing actions.

Water wolves were different.

This action was proclaiming he was taking in wild water wolves. The water wolves' appearance was easily explained. But if night wolf beast emperor or those mutated wolves appeared, it would make no sense.

"I will have to continue taking in the wild water wolf groups." Fang Yuan rode on the hump wolf and with a thought, the whole wolf group again moved out majestically towards the next destination.

Three days later, on a certain area beside the crescent lake.

Gu Masters from two tribes were furiously looking at each other.

"Zhong Fei You, your Zhong tribe is too much of a bully, these five black skin fat beetles are clearly our tribe's goods, but you actually dare to seize it out in the open!" One tribe's tribe leader Chai Zhang shouted.

"Bullshit! We have already agreed to our territories with this water wolf nest as the boundary. And this is our Chai tribe's territory. As these five black skin fat beetles have come to our Zhong tribe's territory, they naturally become ours!" Zhong tribe leader Zhong Fei You sneered.

Chai tribe's Gu Masters were furious at such words.

Chai Zhang's face even flushed with anger as he lashed out: "Shameless! Our Chai tribe is moving out our camp to hurry to the heroes assembly, and naturally we need to pass through this place."

Zhong Fei You's eyes shone with a chilly light as he grinned: "So this is your Chai tribe's mistake. You could have detoured this place, why would you walk into my tribe's campground?"

Chai tribe's Gu Masters were raging. Zhong tribe camp was placed at a tricky position, occupying the main road. It would be even more troublesome if Chai tribe was to take a detour; the way around had at least three myriad beast groups. Zhong tribe's action was intentionally extorting them.

"Zhong Fei You, aren't your actions too unsightly?" Chai Zhang gnashed his teeth.

Zhong Fei You shrugged his shoulders without concern, laughing coldly: "If your Chai tribe doesn't accept it, we can fight it out."

Cha tribe's Gu Masters' momentum slowed down.

Chai tribe was a small scale tribe while Zhong tribe had expanded into a mid-scale tribe two years ago.

Zhong tribe was strong; if they fought, Chai tribe would definitely suffer!

As the Chai tribe's leader, Chai Zhang was naturally clear of this. He had thought of retreating but three of these black skin fat beetles were holding their tribe's most precious goods.

These goods had been meticulously gathered and were what the Chai tribe wanted to use with, to side with Liu Wen Wu. If he had to give them up, Chai Zhang was of course very unwilling.

In the end, should he fight or retreat?

Just as the two sides were in a stalemate and Chai Zhang was hesitating, from far away wolf howls resounded.

Howl... Howl...

Wolf howls came one after another, endlessly. At the same time, the sounds of a large number of beasts rushing forward were also transmitted to everyone.

"This lineup…"

"Wolf group!"

"It is noon right now and the water wolves' nest is nearby, how could a wild wolf group come here?"

Zhong tribe and Chai tribe's people shifted their gaze towards the location of the sound, as if they were facing a great enemy.

They soon saw the majestic wolf army rushing towards them like a river, through the sparse jungle.

In this wolf group, there were strong night wolves, the defensive turtleback wolves, outstanding wind wolves and the white fur water wolves, which were the majority.

Different from other wolf groups, they were moving harmoniously like an army. There was only one reason for this.

Chai Zhang's heart thumped as he immediately thought of a person - Chang Shan Yin!

Zhong Fei You's expression became extremely unsightly.

Their Zhong tribe also wanted to side with Lord Liu Wen Wu, thus they were coveting after these goods of Chai tribe, but they had never thought someone would upset the whole situation at the crucial moment.

As the wolf group approached closer, the Gu Masters of the two tribes became restless.

"Such a large wolf group!" Someone could not help exclaiming in shock.

"Gasp… this scale, there are at least twenty eight thousand turtleback wolves, fifteen thousand night wolves, and the wind wolves are even more than the night wolves. The water wolves are the largest with about thirty two thousand." Someone drew in a cold breath and calculated the numbers with his rich experience.

The wolf group's size was really too big. They spread open grandly, forming a half-moon shaped formation and covering the two tribes.

Zhong tribe and Chai tribe's Gu Masters were instantly surrounded; and with the crescent lake behind them, they were in an unfavorable situation.

"Didn't they say Chang Shan Yin suffered huge losses after attacking Pei, Bei and Zheng tribes? Why does he still have so many wolves left?!" Chai Zhang's lips turned dry; the dense wolf group not only covered them, there were still many of them left who were hiding in the forest, their figures indistinct.

Zhong Fei You could not keep up his relaxed attitude from before. He looked at the large numbers of thousand beast kings and myriad beast kings among the wolf group; his heart stuck in his throat.

Enslavement path was different from other paths; they could change the situation with just a lone force.Normal enslavement path Gu Masters were already people who should not be underestimated, let alone Chang Shan Yin!

Zhong Fei You understood clearly that these wolf groups were enough to annihilate their Zhong tribe two-three times over and still have enough strength left!

Simply because they were in the wild with no obstacles to rely on. They did not have the walls of their camp, they were not in formation, they did not have time to rest and also no time to recover their primeval essence.

One hump wolf carrying Fang Yuan on its back leisurely walked out of the thin forest.

"Chang Shan Yin!" Zhong Fei You and Chai Zhang similarly called out.

In an instant, countless eyes gathered on Fang Yuan's face.

Fang Yuan expressionlessly rode on the hump wolf with his back upright just like Chang Shan Yin's habit.

His sharp gaze swept through everyone. He did not speak, but his closed lips was sufficient to display Chang Shan Yin's proud and aloof aura vividly.

Zhong tribe and Chai tribe's Gu Masters were silent. They only felt an enormous rock pressing down on their heart; the atmosphere seemed to freeze and made it difficult for them to breathe.

Especially when they thought of the Wolf King Chang Shan Yin challenging three tribes in one night, many started to shiver.

Pei, Bei and Zheng tribe had been mid-scale tribe for long time. While Chai tribe was only a small scale tribe and Zhong tribe had only advanced to mid-scale tribe not long ago.

Zhong Fei You and Chai Zhang glanced at each other, seeing the graveness and the intent to cooperate in each other's eyes.

The two were similarly agonized: Just now, they were both about to fight, and now they had the hearts to ally. This play of fate really made one not know whether to cry or laugh.

"Lord Chang Shan Yin, your fame is well known to me, Zhong Fei You…" Zhong Fei You gritted his teeth and bowed deeply towards Fang Yuan.

No one felt that the grand tribe leader Zhong Fei You's action was inappropriate. The other was Chang Shan Yin!

But Zhong Fei You had yet to finish speaking when Fang Yuan waved his hand and indifferently said: "All of you get lost, don't block me."

Zhong Fei You's eyes widened, his eyes showing an unconcealable humiliation.

But he did not retort and instead lowered his head, bowing towards Fang Yuan again before turning around to his Zhong tribesmen: "Retreat."

Chai Zhang discerned the situation and also immediately shouted: "We are also retreating."

Immediately, both the tribes started retreating far away.

Soon, the crowded lakeside only had the wolf groups and Fang Yuan, one person.

Of course, there were also those three slow moving black skin fat beetles.

Fang Yuan glanced at these three black skin fat beetles without interest. The things the two tribes were fighting for, did not have enough attractive force towards him.

He waved his hand and the water wolf group immediately rushed into the water, circling and attacking the water wolf nest here.