Reverend Insanity - Chapter 671

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Chapter 671: 671

Half a month later, Fang Yuan went to Lang Ya blessed land again .

It was foggy in front of him, it was a scene of white, among the turbulent cloud sea, twelve cloud buildings were motionless . Many large rivers resembling dragons were flowing above the cloud soil .

After Tai Bai Yun Sheng's restoration, Lang Ya blessed land had returned to its former state .

Fang Yuan was brought into a cloud building, meeting Lang Ya land spirit .

Lang Ya land spirit still had layers of qi path seals . But there were originally eighteen layers of seals, under the Inkman King's help, three layers were removed, only fifteen were left .

Inkman King stood beside Lang Ya land spirit, he did not dare to act arrogantly in front of Fang Yuan, he greeted first: "Sir Fang Yuan, how have you been?"

Fang Yuan smiled at him, his protruding fangs made his smile look very scary .

He turned to look at Lang Ya land spirit, tossing a rank four east window Gu towards him: "Look . "

East window Gu was floating silently before Lang Ya land spirit .

Lang Ya land spirit could not stretch out his arms, but Fang Yuan lent him the east window Gu so his consciousness could enter it .

After checking the contents, he nodded in satisfaction, priasing: "Not bad, quite impressive! You completely deduced these three Immortal Gu recipes! Incredible, this thought process is spectacular!!"

"Land spirit, I did not come here personally to listen to your rubbish . " Fang Yuan interrupted Lang Ya land spirit rudely, pointing out his intention .

Lang Ya land spirit was not stupid, he willed and summoned thirty immortal essence stones: "This is your remuneration!"

Fang Yuan took these immortal essence stones and placed it in his immortal aperture .

His earnings this time was not as much as previously . That was because deducing these Immortal Gu recipes cost him six green grape immortal essence beads . If not for the stargate which was already built, he would have to waste another two green grape immortal essence beads, raising his cost to eight .

Even though these Immortal Gu recipes were also remnant recipes with at least ninety percent completion rate, each of them needed in-depth analysis . Some Immortal Gu recipes were very hard to deduce, there were hurdles one after another, when he thought with his brain, he would expend more wills .

But even so, the profits were still immense .

Inkman King used an envious gaze and watched the two finish their transaction, before smiling: "Sir Fang Yuan, actually, each transaction need not be done using immortal essence stones right? Over here in Lang Ya blessed land, there are lots of good stuff that cannot be found in treasure yellow heaven . We can do trading . To speak the truth, my inkman city has some precious goods that sir might be interested in . Not long ago, your senior brother Tai Bai Yun Sheng had bought a killer move from me . "

Inkman King saw that Fang Yuan had ample funds and wanted to do business with him .

Fang Yuan heard this and smiled: "Inkman king's suggestion is great, I lack three small swamp Gu, and six pine island Gu, I wonder if you have them?"

This problem stumped Inkman King . He showed an awkward expression: "I am ashamed, this is the first time i've heard of small swamp and pine island . "

"These are all olden antiquity Gu worms, little swamp Gu can change the terrain, forming a small swamp . Pine island is the same, it can create a floating island on top of the sea . There is a huge tree in the middle of the island, the tree roots would extend and hold the soil together . " Lang Ya land spirit explained .

Next, he asked Fang Yuan curiously: "These Gu worms have all been eliminated from use, right now, Gu Immortals have better and cheaper ways to change the terrain of the blessed land . Why do you want these Gu worms?"

"You don't need to ask about my intention, from your tone, I assume you have these Gu worms in Lang Ya blessed land?" Fang Yuan asked mysteriously .

"Of course!" Lang Ya land spirit raised his head, saying arrogantly: "Every time I obtain a new Gu recipe, I will refine a few Gu worms to keep them as collection . I have up to a hundred little swamp Gu and pine island Gu as collection, I can sell them to you . But the materials to refine these Gu worms are now all extinct . You will need to pay an immortal essence stone . "

Goods were more expensive when they were rare, little swamp Gu and pine island Gu were not even sold in treasure yellow heaven .

Fang Yuan had no hesitation, he tossed an immortal essence stone to Lang Ya land spirit and obtained three little swamp Gu and six pine island Gu .

Next, he looked at Lang Ya land spirit curiously: "Strange, you collect so many Gu worms, how do you settle the issue of feeding them?"

Fang Yuan had been troubled these days over the feeding of Gu worms, especially the Immortal Gu that he had .

Lang Ya land spirit gave him the answer: "The problem of feeding mortal Gu is easy, just create a special environment and let them hibernate . But you can't do this for Immortal Gu, even if they hibernate, you need to feed them, but the food that you feed them will be halved compared to normal times . "

This answer was a little disappointing to Fang Yuan .

"Can you go into detail?" He asked .

"I believe you have gone to Eighty-Eight True Yang Building's true inheritance secluded domain right? true inheritance secluded domain is a special environment, it can cause Gu worms to hibernate, mortal Gu will not need to be fed, and Immortal Gu's feeding cost would be greatly reduced . "

Fang Yuan frowned: "Even so, true inheritance secluded domain has so many Immortal Gu, I do not believe that Eighty-Eight True Yang Building can obtain so much resources every ten years to feed these Immortal Gu . "

"That is because Giant Sun Immortal Venerable used food path methods . Food path is a very secretive path, it is solely for the research on how to feed Gu worms, variant humans, wild beasts, and even humans, these very tough questions . Don't ask me questions about food path, I have no idea . The Immortal Gu that I have area all fed in the most traditional way . "

Fang Yuan did not give up: "Back then, your main body and Giant Sun Immortal Venerable refined Eighty-Eight True Yang Building together, would you not know the food path methods that he used?"

Lang Ya land spirit rolled his eyes: "The main body had once made an oath with Giant Sun Immortal Venerable to not reveal any information regaining the food path methods . This is a huge secret, actually, I want to know about it too . But in the memories that I inherited, there is no such information . "

Fang Yuan nodded, he knew that land spirits were upright and would never lie, he was only asking casually .

Although he had completed the transaction, Fang Yuan did not leave yet, he had another objective in coming here .

He took out a star shoot Gu, placing it before Lang Ya land spirit: "Can you reverse refine the recipe of this Gu?"

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Lang Ya land spirit could not stretch out his hands, he could only sniff this star shoot Gu, saying: "This Gu had obviously been tampered with, the Gu recipe is very hard to recreate, at the very least, a refinement grandmaster is needed . With just this rank three star path gu, it is impossible to reverse refine its recipe! Because this is a new Gu, it will need to be researched and that would result in some costs…"

Fang Yuan smiled, stretching out his right palm, showing five fingers: "I have over five thousand star shoot Gu . "

Star shoot Gu was a necessary Gu worm in formulating the killer move spring star rain, Fang Yuan tried using it once and found that the killer move was very effective .

He had bought so many star shoot Gu at once, he had the intention to reverse refine it . But right now, his intention was even stronger .

"Five thousand… of course I can reverse refine the recipe . What a pity, I am currently sealed, I can't do anything . " Lang Ya land spirit sighed .

Fang Yuan frowned: "This qi path seal still has fifteen layers, how long would it take to remove them all?"

"At least a year . " Inkman King said .

"So long?"

"No choice, this seal is definitely an immortal killer move, the more it is unsealed, the more difficult it becomes . " Inkman King showed a bitter laughter .

Long Hair Ancestor was one of the three supreme grandmasters in refinement path history, their names were contained in legends . Lang Ya land spirit's current refinement path realm was at least refinement grandmaster level . Meanwhile, Fang Yuan was only a refinement path master .

If he could get Lang Ya land spirit to help, that would be the best . But now that Lang Ya land spirit was sealed, he could not refine Gu, and would not be able to reverse refine the recipe .

"Actually, it is not impossible to reverse refine the recipe . " Inkman king suggested: "Lang Ya blessed land has many old hairy men right? These old hairy men all have refinement master attainment . By then, let them work for the land spirit while Lang Ya land spirit directs them personally, wouldn't that work?"

Lang Ya land spirit rolled his eyes at Inkman King: "An outsider's silly words! Refinement path is profound and deep, many methods and killer moves require the relevant wisdom, cultivation, and talent, as well as huge amounts of practice . Do you think that many refinement masters would add up to one refinement grandmaster? Bullshit!"

Inkman king was scolded till he was stunned, but he only laughed and did not dare to rebuke .

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"In that case, forget it . When you are unsealed, we'll talk about it . " Fang Yuan said his goodbye, turning around and leaving .

This matter was not urgent at the moment .

"Lad, even if I am unsealed, I will not reverse refine it for you for free . Prepare three immortal essence stones!" Lang Ya land spirit shouted towards Fang Yuan who was leaving .

Fang Yuan did not turn around, he waved his hand as he stepped into the stargate, vanishing .

"Hmph, rascal kid . " Lang Ya land spirit watched him disappeared as he muttered .

After Fang Yuan returned to Hu Immortal blessed land, he entered Dang Hun palace, starting on the matter of sealing Spring Autumn Cicada .

He had already obtained small swamp Gu and pine island Gu, these were the final missing pieces .

Seven days and seven nights later, Fang Yuan planted large numbers of Gu worms on his first aperture as well as the area around his stomach .

These Gu worms' effects were interlinked, they amplified each other and formed a strong seal . On one hand, they helped the first aperture to alleviate Spring Autumn Cicada's pressure . On the other hand, they expelled Spring Autumn Cicada's partial aura towards the outside of his body after some modifications .

Thirdly, and most importantly, the seal would not affect the activation of Spring Autumn Cicada .

"This seal can last for four years . This way, I have resolved the problem of Spring Autumn Cicada bursting the first aperture for the time being . " Fang Yuan checked that there was no problem and sighed in relief .

This tough problem was finally settled, he felt a pressure lifting off his shoulders .

The process of sealing Spring Autumn Cicada was not easy . After all, he was using mortal Gu to seal an Immortal Gu, Fang Yuan's soul was so exhausted it faded slightly .

After succeeding in the sealing, Fang Yuan fell asleep, not wanting to get out of bed for three days .