Reverend Insanity - Chapter 672

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Chapter 672: 672

Three days later, Fang Yuan slowly woke up .

His heart was in serenity, he did not feel tired or restless anymore .

"It seems that the zombie body cannot compare to a live physical body in one more aspect, that is, not only does my soul gets weakened more easily, it also is more prone to agitation . " Fang Yuan found another drawback of the zombie body .

If the soul was weak, it could be easily resolved by using guts Gu to strengthen his soul . There were many guts Gu on Dang Hun mountain, these were all items of the highest quality for strengthening his soul .

But the irritation of the soul required pacifying the soul . The best way to pacify the soul was to use the Bewitching Lake's water, found in Obsession Death Domain . This water was recorded in >, it was praised by Verdant Great Sun as an excellent wine .

Fang Yuan did not have the waters of Bewitching Lake, but even if he did, he would not dare to drink it . He used the ancient method, the most effective one — sleeping .

"If I had a normal person's body, I would just need to rest for a while in order to pacify the irritation in my soul . But after becoming a zombie, I would need to sleep for three days straight . Soul path involves strengthening the soul, refining the soul, and pacifying the soul, these three aspects, but most soul path Gu Masters focus on the first two . Now that I think about it, that should be because sleeping is an excellent way to pacify the soul, thus they did not need to invest in this aspect . "

After sealing Spring Autumn Cicada, Fang Yuan gained a deeper understanding of soul path .

Next, he calculated this month's balance .

After dealing with Lang Ya land spirit twice, he earned sixty immortal essence stones . But he also spent a lot .

In treasure yellow heaven, he bought more than a thousand starlight firefly Gu, the killer moves spring star rain, icy yarn and six-nine stardust, large amounts of Gu refinement materials, large numbers of mortal Gu, as well as a group of old hairy men . And finally, to seal Spring Autumn Cicada, he bought small swamp Gu and pine island Gu, he spent a total of twenty immortal essence stones .

Right now, Fang Yuan had thirty and a half immortal essence stones left .

Do not think that this was a lot of immortal essence stones, Fang Yuan also spent much of his green grape immortal essence .

When deducing Immortal Gu recipes, he could only do it by himself, the first time he traded with Lang Ya land spirit, he only had nine green grape immortal essence beads left . After the second deduction, he spent six immortal essence beads, and improving the sealing method on Spring Autumn Cicada consumed one bead, right now he had two beads left .

It was necessary to improve Spring Autumn Cicada's seal . Earlier, his estimated cost was twenty-three immortal essence stones . After the improvement, it fell to twenty . This way, he saved two immortal essence stones .

Only having two beads of green grape immortal essence left was very dangerous . If he met with a mishap, Fang Yuan would only be able to use myriad self twice before he would be unable to deal with the situation, especially now, when Immortal Crane Sect was close to attacking .

Fang Yuan used fifteen immortal essence stones, converting them into his own green grape immortal essence .

This way, his green grape immortal essence rose to seventeen beads, while his immortal essence stones fell to fifteen and a half pieces .

Right now, the crisis with Spring Autumn Cicada's aperture had been temporarily resolved . And his predicament was also relieved after allying with Hei Lou Lan . Dealing with Lang Ya land spirit earned him huge amounts of immortal essence stones, it was the source of the strength to resolve Fang Yuan's problems .

The absolutely terrible situation was alleviated slightly . It was like a land of darkness with dark clouds looming, after Fang Yuan's immense efforts, he managed to create an opening, allowing sunlight to pierce into the land of darkness .

Right now in front of him, was another problem, and this problem had to be resolved quickly .

That was the feeding of Immortal Gu .

Fang Yuan was not worried about feeding mortal Gu . But feeding Immortal Gu was becoming a huge issue .

All in all, Fang Yuan had too many Immortal Gu, he had Spring Autumn Cicada, Fixed Immortal Travel, Calamity Beckoning, Delight in Water and Mountain, Worldly Wave Trace, Rising Azure Cloud, Cleanse Soul, Connect Luck, and Woman's Heart .

Ordinary Gu Immortals did not even have a single Immortal Gu . Fang Yuan had nine .

This was a great boon, as well as a huge burden .

Spring Autumn Cicada was fine, it consumed the water in the river of time, it did not need feeding .

Fixed Immortal Travel was once fed with one bead of green grape immortal essence a year ago in central continent time, that could last for six years . But one year in central continent was not one year of time passing by for Fixed Immortal Travel . During this time it was in Imperial Court blessed land, Fang Yuan's aperture, and Hu Immortal blessed land, all of these had faster time flow than central continent .

And this six years was a theoretical number, the more Fang Yuan activated Fixed Immortal Travel, the more this time would shrink .

Right now, although Fixed Immortal Travel could still hold on for a while, it was close to needing to be fed again .

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The remaining Immortal Gu were troublesome .

These recent days, Fang Yuan had been investigating and finally obtained crucial information .

Calamity beckoning Immortal Gu's food was the black blood of the desolate beast, six headed snake .

Delight in water and mountain Immortal Gu needed large amounts of earth qi, water qi, and some laughter stones .

Worldly wave trace Gu needed tens of thousands of underworld jellyfish, as well as thousands of deepsea lightning eels .

Rising azure cloud Gu needed the dragon scale of the desolate beast, cloud dragon, as well as tens of thousands of eyeballs from wind scythe birds .

Cleanse soul Immortal Gu needed the flesh and blood of over ten thousand white lotus giant silkworm Gu .

Connect luck Immortal Gu needed five thousand kilograms of sand from the resting area of the ancient desolate beast, worldly sand gull .

As for the poison path Immortal Gu, Woman's Heart, Lang Ya land spirit had earlier said that it fed on women's hearts . This Gu combined nurturing and refinement, the more hearts used to feed it, the stronger the poison .

"Among these Gu worms, calamity beckoning Gu was just refined, it already needs feeding and is very weak now . The Immortal Gu, Delight in Water and Mountain and Worldly Wave Trace, are components of the Immortal Gu House Water Pavilion, they had been inside Imperial Court blessed land all these years and have been fed well . Cleanse Soul, Connect Luck, Woman's Heart and Rising Azure Cloud were all hibernating inside true inheritance secluded domain, during these many years, Giant Sun's will had only fed them half of the resources they needed . Now that they are out of the true inheritance secluded domain, they have woken up fully and are extremely hungry, they need food . "

"Thankfully, I passed Rising Azure Cloud to Lang Ya land spirit, with him feeding it, it will not die of hunger . I have also left two Immortal Gu, Landscape as Before and Man as Before, with Tai Bai Yun Sheng, that's his problem to deal with . " Fang Yuan analyzed .

Even so, the pressure on him was quite intense .

Feeding Immortal Gu was not merely a question of immortal essence stones .

This world was not like Earth, Earth was a highly commercialized society, as long as one had money, they could buy nearly anything .

But in the Gu world, the economy was not developed, there were monopolies in many markets, and countless precious and rare resources . Immortal essence stones were a hard currency, but they could not serve all purposes .

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For example, looking at the food he needed, the desolate beasts six headed snake and cloud dragon, as well as the ancient desolate beast worldly sand gull, they were hard to come by and had great strength equivalent to Gu Immortals .

Although treasure yellow heaven occasionally sold the flesh, bones and other parts of desolate beasts, they showed up infrequently and would be purchased within moments when they were available in the market .

Even earth qi and water qi were not easy to extract .

White lotus giant silkworm Gu and laughter stones were very rare goods, they were hardly seen in treasure yellow heaven .

In contrast, Woman's Heart was much easier to feed, although it was slightly troublesome, the difficulty was lower .

There was another crucial point, that was time .

Fang Yuan did not have ample time to slowly prepare these foods .

Thus, he had no choice but to purchase these rare resources in treasure yellow heaven, even though this would make the price higher, and wisdom path Gu Immortals would be left with huge amounts of traces to make their deductions .

But Fang Yuan was now known as Eight Arm Immortal, for the time being, no one would connect it to Hu Immortal blessed land .

Even if they would, he had to do this .

After all, the survival of the Immortal Gu was much more important than being suspected!

Of course, he had asked Lang Ya land spirit long ago, as well as Hei Lou Lan and Fairy Li Shan, unfortunately he did not get ideal results from them .

Lang Ya land spirit had once owned laughter stones, but he had used them up when refining Gu .

And several years ago, there was a Gu Immortal who returned from eastern sea, sending Fairy Li Shan a batch of deepsea lightning eels . But there were only a hundred of them, and they were merely used as ornamental attractions . Later, because Fairy Li Shan did not take good care of them, all of these eels died .

But this gave Fang Yuan a reminder .

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Eastern sea…

In Fang Yuan's previous life, when he was a mortal, he traveled over the five regions, he went everywhere and had once stayed in eastern sea for a while .

Eastern sea had abundant resources, the most in the five regions, even central continent could not compare to it .

Moreover, over these recent years, eastern sea had been in turmoil, there were many opportunities available there, and the benefits would be huge too .

If Fang Yuan had not been stuck with Dang Hun mountain's problem, and due to Tai Bai Yun Sheng being the easiest path to resolving it, his first choice would have been eastern sea .

Thinking about Lan Xu blessed land, blue dragon whale, rainbow island and so on, Fang Yuan made his decision .

He summoned Tai Bai Yun Sheng: "Old Bai, how has your cultivation been?"

Tai Bai Yun Sheng laughed heartily, he could not stop talking: "Its great, my progress is very smooth . I helped Lang Ya land spirit repair his cloud soil and earned three immortal essence stones . Next, I restored several rivers and earned another two immortal essence stones . I then bought the defensive killer move nine cloud ring, spending two immortal essence stones . Finally, I bought seeds of float ball tea in treasure yellow heaven, spending another stone . "

"Float ball tea seeds are very common, you actually spent an entire immortal essence stone, it seems you bought a huge quantity . But your choice is correct, I have seen your blessed land, there are far more time path resources than space path resources . Float ball tea grows slowly and floats in the air . You can maximize your advantages and minimize your weaknesses . In a few years, when the float ball tea plants mature, you will be able to reap the harvest and sell them . " Fang Yuan evaluated .

"That is exactly the case . " Tai Bai Yun Sheng patted his leg: "After the float ball tea plants reach a certain scale, I will bring in a group of jade hummingbirds, developing my blessed land with that as the base . "

Fang Yuan looked at Tai Bai Yun Sheng, saying: "Jade hummingbirds are mutated beasts, the price of a jade hummingbird group will not be cheap . "

Tai Bai Yun Sheng replied calmly: "I have already thought about it, from now on I will use Landscape as Before to earn immortal essence stones, and learn from Fairy Li Shan's example . I believe my Landscape as Before is not inferior to Fairy Li Shan's mountain pledge Gu . "

Fang Yuan nodded: "You have landscape as before Gu, wherever you go, you will be extremely popular . "

Tai Bai Yun Sheng sighed: "It is a pity that showing myself in public is inconvenient now, we are the only survivors after Imperial Court blessed land was destroyed . Right now, we are already considered the top suspects by northern plains' Gu Immortals . If we are exposed, the consequences would be unthinkable . Also, the most crucial witness, Ma Hong Yun, has vanished, it seems a certain Gu Immortal is holding him captive, it is possible that we might have already been targeted by some Gu Immortals . "

"That is why I think that eastern sea would be a good place for you to go . " At this point, Fang Yuan finally stated his true intentions .