Reverend Insanity - Chapter 721

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Chapter 721: 721

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The corpse of the ancient desolate beast, astral wind flying heavenly boar, was right in front of them.

Although Hei Lou Lan and Fang Yuan were moved, they did not close in on it.

The two looked up towards the sky at the same time.

They saw that high in the air, the eighth star hall was shaking slightly. Loud explosions and the growls of fierce beasts could be heard from within the hall.

With a loud bang, the star hall shook intensely, a pillar of fire burst up from the roof of the star hall, creating a huge hole on it.

The star hall was not made of ordinary material, it was formed from the phenomenon in the grotto-heaven. At the area of the roof that was broken, starlight was emitting from it, as the hole continued to spread outwards.

A pillar of smoke flew up outwards into the sky.

"What an intense battle." Hei Lou Lan sighed.

"Fight, fight, the more intense the better it is." Fang Yuan muttered.

In the eighth star hall, it was a mess, the two sides were fiercely engaged in combat.

A heavily injured desolate beast flame tiger growled loudly, shooting out a fireball from its mouth.

The fireball shot a huge tree, while it was in the air, the flame tiger moved its claws and followed behind the fireball, attacking towards the huge tree.

The huge tree moved its huge branches.

Its branches were very peculiar, they were like soft and thick octopus tentacles.

With a loud thud, a tentacle-like branch destroyed a fireball.

With another whipping noise, a branch swung over, causing the flame tiger who was behind the fireball to be sent flying.

The flame tiger cried out in pain, it flew for up to a hundred steps and crashed onto the ground. With a burst of bright light, it returned to a human form — it was Immortal Monkey King Shi Lei.

Shi Lei spat out three teeth, his expression was excited and crazed: "What a great walking meat tree, as expected of something of legend, this ancient desolate plant is truly incredible."

Star Lord Wan Xiang who was beside him continued to unleash starlight attacks while transmitting helplessly when he heard Shi Lei's words: "Lord Immortal Monkey King, the enemy is very powerful, stop playing with it and use your earth path main battle strength."

Shi Lei was not an ignorant person, he did not hesitate as he said: "Alright, I have already used my transformation path battle strength to kill an astral wind flying heavenly boar, I am satisfied. Next, I will use my true earth path cultivation and destroy this energetic walking meat tree."

Star Lord Wan Xiang was overjoyed when he heard this, Immortal Monkey King Shi Lei was finally going to use his true strength.

But at the next moment, Shi Lei sat down on a rock in the hall, healing himself: "Star Lord Wan Xiang, hold on for now, when I remove the fire path dao marks on my body, I will use my earth path methods."

Star Lord Wan Xiang heard this and almost scolded him in anger.

But he did not do so, Shi Lei's request was reasonable, with fire path dao marks on him, it would interfere with and weaken the effects of his earth path Gu worms.

Star Lord Wan Xiang could only hold in his anger and agree, flying forward and facing off against the walking meat tree.

Although Star Lord Wan Xiang was heavily injured by Song Zi Xing and his foundation was damaged, he still had ingenious methods left.

Beams of starlight shot out like grand pillars, towards the walking meat tree.

The walking meat tree moved three branches to retaliate.

Star Lord Wan Xiang's body suddenly shuddered, as five starlight clones split from his main body and together, they took up six positions, unleashing different star path killer moves and attacking the walking meat tree.

The walking meat tree was hit several times, it flew into a rage and moved more than ten branches to fight back.

Crack crack crack.

Star Lord Wan Xiang's starlight clones were all smashed, Star Lord Wan Xiang evaded the branches coming from left and right, he quickly got into a disadvantage.

Facing off against the walking meat tree directly, he finally felt immense pressure.


With a loud noise, Star Lord Wan Xiang could not defend himself and was sent flying. Along the way, he crashed through a thick pillar, but his momentum was not lost, as he directly flew out of the star hall.

Seeing that Star Lord Wan Xiang was gone, the walking meat tree moved its branches and assaulted Shi Lei who was sitting down.

"Useless!" Shi Lei opened his eyes, the battle intent in his golden pupils were surging, he shouted in anger as he stood up, attacking the walking meat tree.

Star Lord Wan Xiang flew a long way out of the star hall before stabilizing his body.

He wiped the blood on his lips, looking at the eighth star hall, he showed a cold smile as his scheme worked.

He sent himself flying on purpose, this way, he could force Shi Lei to fight.

"I exposed the secret of this Starry Sky grotto-heaven to you, regardless of the consequences, yet you do not even want to fight? Guh." Suddenly, Star Lord Wan Xiang spit out a mouthful of blood.

An intense pain assaulted him.

He sucked in a breath of cold air, shock shining in his eyes: "When this walking meat tree hits me, it directly etches the dao marks of strength path into my body, causing my internal organs to suffer a huge blow!"

After realizing this, Star Lord Wan Xiang did not want to rush up foolishly to fight the walking meat tree.

"I'll let Shi Lei fight, he is a battle maniac anyway. Under the pressure of the walking meat tree, he would need to use his full strength. I have already paid such a huge price, I should heal the injuries on my body first."

Immediately after, Star Lord Wan Xiang summoned his Gu worms, which formed a star cloud bed. He sat on the bed as he floated in the air, healing his injuries.

After a while, he opened his eyes, the injuries on him had healed.

He first took a look at the eighth star hall, before looking down at the huge corpse of the ancient desolate beast, astral wind flying heavenly boar. He then looked at the other areas of the battlefield, seeing the other desolate beast corpses.

He hesitated, although he wanted to take all of the corpses first, considering Shi Lei's feelings, he had to dispel this thought.

"Forget it, I do not need to give Shi Lei an excuse later to make things difficult. In any case, there is no one else in this grotto-heaven, I should battle now and deal with the current situation."

Thinking of this, Star Lord Wan Xiang retrieved the star cloud bed Gu and flew away, entering the eighth star hall after traveling a short distance.

In the thick lush forest, Hei Lou Lan and Fang Yuan, who had concealed their auras, sighed in relief.

"Fang Yuan, the Gu worms that you left behind successfully deceived the enemy!" Hei Lou Lan said excitedly.

"My method can only create a hologram, it cannot deceive a proper investigation. Quick, let's not talk about this anymore, we should make this part of our earnings first!" Fang Yuan did not want to indulge in self praise, he moved ahead and sneaked towards the corpse of the astral wind flying heavenly boar.

The two quickly got to the side of the astral wind flying heavenly boar corpse.

The astral wind flying heavenly boar corpse was tall like a small hill, it cast a huge shadow on the ground.

Fang Yuan and Hei Lou Lan purposely detoured, hiding under the shadow, waiting for the appropriate moment to strike.

They first inspected the wild Gu on the astral wind flying heavenly boar's body.

There were many wild Gu originally, but after the battle with Shi Lei, more than half were destroyed. After the flying boar died, much of the remaining half escaped, very few were left.

After Fang Yuan completed his search, he started to collect the astral wind flying heavenly boar's soul.

The desolate beast corpses they encountered earlier had no souls. Maybe because they had died for a long time, their souls had flown away from their bodies, but the more likely reason was that Shi Lei or Star Lord Wan Xiang had taken them.

This astral wind flying heavenly boar had not been looted yet because the battle had just ended, thus Fang Yuan had a chance.

But the result was very disappointing.

This astral wind flying heavenly boar's soul was heavily injured, only a little bit was left. Evidently, during the earlier battle, it was attacked by methods directed at the soul.

"No wonder the star path Gu Immortal earlier did not fly here to collect the soul of this boar." Fang Yuan sighed, he willed and mobilized several hundred Gu worms.

These Gu were from light path and dark path, while a small number were from strength path, blood path, bone path, and qi path.

Under Fang Yuan's control, these Gu worms flew around the surface of the astral wind flying heavenly boar's body, going round and round as Fang Yuan nodded to Hei Lou Lan.

Hei Lou Lan was prepared since long ago, once Fang Yuan gave the signal, she used the tens of Gu worms prepared earlier.

Using these Gu worms, the astral wind flying heavenly boar corpse was quickly pushed into Hei Lou Lan's immortal aperture in a short time.

Meanwhile, Fang Yuan activated the several hundred Gu worms, remaining at the same spot as they continued to fly in the same manner as earlier.

They gave out bursts of light and shadow, forming into one figure, it was the image of the astral wind flying heavenly boar, it was very realistic! Simply looking at it, one would think this was really the astral wind flying heavenly boar in front of them.

"Your method is really good." Hei Lou Lan praised again.

Earlier, Star Lord Wan Xiang felt nothing wrong, he was deceived by this method.

Fang Yuan shook his head: "This simple method cannot deceive proper investigation. If I can elevate it to a killer move, the effect would be better."

"Oh no." Hei Lou Lan suddenly froze, she pointed at one area and noted to Fang Yuan: "You have a flaw here!"

Fang Yuan looked over and indeed, on the image of the astral wind flying heavenly boar, the anus was missing.

How could the flying heavenly boar not have an anus?

This was indeed a huge flaw.

Fang Yuan quickly manipulated his Gu worms, adjusting the image and forming the anus.

But Hei Lou Lan said: "Not good, not good, now that the anus is here, the penis is gone."

Fang Yuan looked and was embarrassed: "The astral wind flying heavenly boar is too high level of an existence and has a gigantic body, my methods cannot replicate it fully, this is the limit. To create something, it will have to lose something."

Hei Lou Lan nodded, her tone was grand and fearless: "Then stop changing it, keep the penis and discard the anus, that is more realistic."

Fang Yuan followed what she said and changed the image back.

"Hey, Fang Yuan, aren't you proficient in researching killer moves? When we go back, you should raise this to the level of a killer move, that would make it easier to use." Hei Lou Lan said in amusement.

"Do you think we will still encounter such good things later? This method is sufficient, we do not need to make it a killer move." Fang Yuan shook his head, before raising it and looking at the sky.

The roof of the star hall only had a small hole earlier, but now holes were all around the star hall.

All of the explosion sounds were even louder than before.

As he was looking, a broken tree flew out of the star hall.

With a loud bang, the giant tree's branches crashed onto the ground, causing the ground below Fang Yuan and Hei Lou Lan's feet to tremble violently.

Next, the other half of the giant tree, the crown, also collapsed.

"This is a walking meat tree!" Fang Yuan and Hei Lou Lan opened their eyes which were shining brightly.