Reverend Insanity - Chapter 813

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Chapter 813

Lady Wan Shou looked up, her gaze piercing through Snowy Mountain blessed land towards the clear outside sky of Northern Plains .

The sky had been clear, blue and cloudless above Snowy Mountain blessed land, but after Yao Huang arrived, his aura was so grand that winds and clouds swept through the sky, dying the sky orange and yellow .

Yao Huang's voice arrived before his figure could even be seen: "Old friend Xue Hu, I seek your understanding for visiting without prior notice . "

His voice resounded throughout the area, piercing into Snowy Mountain blessed land, causing countless snowy peaks to tremble and accumulated snow to roll down . Some snowy peaks even had small avalanches .

"Hahaha . " Old Ancestor Xue Hu laughed heartily as he flew out of Snowy Mountain blessed land to the sky, the air behind him was filled with frost energy .

The sky changed, one half shined with orange radiance while the other half repelled with frost energy .

However, right at this moment, a wave of pitch-black ink clouds flew over from the west .

The ink clouds seethed violently, quickly spreading throughout the sky, it did not lose out to Old Ancestor Xue Hu and Yao Huang, forcefully spreading its territory in the sky .

Lady Wan Shou's expression changed and her heart sank, crying out: "Why did Heavenly Lord Bai Zu come as well!"

Ink clouds, frost energy and orange radiance seethed with irresistible force as they divided the surrounding sky into three sections .

Old Ancestor Xue Hu sneered: "Heavenly Lord, why are you here to join in the commotion rather than managing your force properly?"

Heavenly Lord Bai Zu coughed as he laughed dryly: "Old friend Xue Hu, it is merely Miniscule Mountain, how can it be of interest to you? It would be better if you return it to the righteous path and prevent some trouble . "

Lady Wan Shou's expression turned dark, and the demonic path Gu Immortals who had stayed behind in Snowy Mountain blessed land looked at the sky with stifled breaths .

Heavenly Lord Bai Zu was part of the lone cultivator faction, but after the auction, he had been preparing to establish a righteous path force . Right now, he was working together with Yao Huang, and the situation did not look good for Old Ancestor Xue Hu who was alone!

However, at the next moment, Old Ancestor Xue Hu raised his head and laughed loudly, his valiant spirit burst out: "In that case, both of you can attack together, let's have a round of combat before any further talk!"

Saying so, he flew to the sky with a loud sound and directly tore open the heavenly wind qi wall, entering white heaven .

Rank eight Gu Immortals had such immense and terrifying power that it was hard for the surroundings to endure their wrath . Normally, when they fought, they would tacitly agree to enter the immemorial nine heavens to avoid causing a catastrophe to the living beings on the surface .

"My friend, since you have such an interest, then I shall keep you company . " Yao Huang's gaze flashed as he followed Old Ancestor Xue Hu .

Heavenly Lord Bai Zu was dazed for a moment before giving a bitter smile: "Since old friend Xue Hu is insistent, please forgive me for my following actions . "

The three rank eight Gu Immortals entered white heaven, shortly afterwards, explosions resounded out from the sky .

"The three have started the fight in white heaven!" Someone exclaimed this among the Central Continent Gu Immortals .

They had still not reached Snowy Mountain blessed land and were an immense distance afar . Right now, as they looked at the sky, they could see space churning over a vast range, ink clouds seethed, white frost energy blew out and orange light filled the sky .

The explosions were like lightning in the sky, they were never ending and could make a listener's heart tremble .

"Quick, take advantage of their fight to enter Snowy Mountain blessed land!" Feng Jiu Ge looked on with a firm gaze before rapidly withdrawing it, a sharp light flashing past his eyes .

The Central Continent Gu Immortals took deep breaths, these people were skillful and daring, after hearing Feng Jiu Ge's commands, they felt a long awaited excitement and nervousness, they all increased their speed .


Halfway along their route, they suddenly heard an ancient desolate beast's cry coming from the sky .

The Central Continent Gu Immortals quickly evaded it .

"This is a remnant heavenly dog!" The immortals stared blankly, recognizing this ancient desolate beast .

Boom . The remnant heavenly dog crashed to the ground like a meteor, smashing open a huge crater, it struggled for a while before it turned motionless .

"Even this remnant heavenly dog was beaten out of white heaven . "

"How can the power of rank eights be so fierce?!"

"Just the repercussions of the battle could cause this remnant heavenly dog to die such a miserable death…"


The warning was just called out when hailstones started to fall down the sky .

These hailstones were like the peaks of small mountains, raining down over the surroundings, their frost energy was piercing to the bone, countless living beings froze to death, and the Central Continent Gu Immortals also could do nothing other than to make a detour .


Suddenly, a thunderbolt struck down from the sky, brushing past the corner of Old Oracle's clothes .

Old Oracle gave a miserable scream as he quickly pulled away from the dazzling lightning . Almost half of his body was gone, and he was instantly seriously injured, close to death .

After a while, as the Central Continent Gu Immortals got closer to Snowy Mountain blessed land, a cold wind blew, almost as if it was blowing their souls out of their physical body .

The higher the cultivation of Gu Immortals, the greater the gap between each rank . There was simply a world of difference between rank eight and rank seven, since ancient times, characters that could fight against rank eights with rank seven cultivation were very rare . Over these recent years, the huge Central Continent had one such character - Feng Jiu Ge .

The Central Continent Gu Immortals were blown from side to side, and were just barely able to maintain their concealment, but their expressions did not look good .

All these signs suggested Northern Plains' rank eight Gu Immortals had battle strength that might slightly surpass that of rank eights within Central Continent!

Central Continent had many more rank eight Gu Immortals than Northern Plains . In the five regions, Northern Plains had the fewest rank eight Gu Immortals . This was because of the frequent battles in Northern Plains, among the five regions, Northern Plains' Gu Immortals had the highest death rates .

In Northern Plains, those that could carve out a path of blood through obstacles, standing at the peak and establishing their foothold at rank eight, were naturally not ordinary people . All of them were champions, it was impossible to merely achieve it through luck .

Just the collateral damage of the battle in white heaven could throw the Central Continent Gu Immortals in an awkward predicament .

Old Oracle had restored his body after narrowly escaping death, but his expression still carried disbelieving shock as he muttered: "How is this possible? I actually was not able to predict this thunderbolt?"

Bu Fei Yan's gaze wavered as she wondered, if she was in Old Oracle's place, could she escape that thunderbolt with her movement ability . She could not help speaking: "Are we still continuing?"

Chen Zhen Chi looked up at the sky, which had now become like a tattered rag which had been patched up with a sew countless times . Techniques entangled with each other as they covered areas of all sizes, some had seething dark clouds, some had cold winds, some had thunderbolts, and some had hailstones .

It was truly a scene like the end of the world .

These Central Continent Gu Immortals were not ordinary experts and had outstanding insight . They could see that these small areas were completely transformed by dao marks, some were filled with ice path dao marks, some with lightning path dao marks, some were of wind path, and some were of soul path .

They were less than a thousand li away from Snowy Mountain blessed land, but this distance was extremely dangerous, it was filled with sinister and fatal traps .

"This is the gap between rank seven and rank eight?"

"The dao marks in each of these single areas are more than what we have after bitter cultivation!"

"Life-and-death is beyond one's control, how long has it been since I had such a feeling!"

"Too dangerous, too dangerous, it's not worth throwing away our lives just to capture someone . "

The Central Continent Gu Immortals started to announce their intentions to retreat .

Only Feng Jiu Ge remained unmoved as he kept moving ahead, his gaze calm as if he could not see the dangers around him .

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The Central Continent Gu Immortals felt their hearts shaking when they saw Feng Jiu Ge in this state .

"This guy is truly monstrous, being able to battle rank eights with rank seven cultivation…"

"I could not normally sense it, but now that I think of it, Feng Jiu Ge is truly terrifying . "

"No, even if he can battle rank eights, it is only for a short while . Once our identities are exposed and the three rank eight Gu Immortals attack us, our deaths are certain . This guy, Feng Jiu Ge, is facing death with indifference, moving ahead boldly . I had almost forgotten his origin as a person of the demonic path, he only converted to righteous path later on!"

The Central Continent Gu Immortals followed behind Feng Jiu Ge, communicating the intent to retreat with their gazes, but due to their reputations and their sect's names, they could not say it out loud and wanted others to say it first .

It became harder to bear with every passing minute and second . Right as they were feeling awkward, Feng Jiu Ge, who was at the lead, suddenly stopped and held up his hand behind him: "Stop!"

The Gu Immortals quickly stopped and saw Feng Jiu Ge looking up with a serious expression .

They followed his gaze towards the sky, where all sorts of powers were still entangling and repelling each other . The Gu Immortals who had the capability to do so activated immortal killer moves to look beyond these barriers, into the scenery inside white heaven .

These Gu Immortals immediately cried out in shock .

Inside white heaven, where three rank eights had been fighting, there was no longer a stalemate, instead, Old Ancestor Xue Hu occupied the upper hand . The grand frost energy suppressed Yao Huang's orange radiance till it was tightly withdrawn, and made Heavenly Lord Bai Zu's ink clouds retreat .

"I had not expected Old Ancestor Xue Hu to have such powerful battle strength, fighting alone against two, yet he has already grasped victory in such a short time . " Feng Jiu Ge heaved a sigh, his expression one of admiration and regret .

"Retreat . " The chance was lost, he immediately flew away without hesitation .

The other Gu Immortals were already anxious to retreat, at this moment, they quickly retreated from this dangerous area without speaking .

Heavenly Lord Bai Zu could finally endure no longer, saying: "Old friend Xue Hu has exquisite methods, I have learned a lot . We have lost . "

Yao Huang also said shortly afterwards: "The current state of Northern Plains is in turbulence, old friend Xue Hu, now is not the time to determine the winner and the loser . Since you have your sights on Miniscule Mountain, we can forget my previous suggestion . Until we meet again . "

Yao Huang was still bent on defending his reputation, Old Ancestor Xue Hu laughed loudly and said with an unforgiving tone: "The two of you want to come and go as you please, what do you take me for?"

When he finished speaking, heaven and earth started to tremor, the ground quaked and mountains shook .

Endless frost energy descended, sweeping away all obstacles, the sky became clear with no more cold wind and thunderstorms .

In a huge surrounding range, the ground was instantly covered with a layer of ice and snow .

The temperature rapidly descended, the ground was frozen as if Northern Plains had returned to the cold winter from the warm spring .

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Boom! Boom! Boom!

Three explosions resounded from the sky .

Echoes rumbled throughout the world, deafening like a lord of thunder shouting beside one's ears .

The concealment of the Central Continent Gu Immortals lifted from this attack and their bodies staggered . Besides Feng Jiu Ge, everyone's ears were bleeding, their eardrums had broken!

"Leave, leave quickly!" All color drained away from the Gu Immortals' faces, the battle intent inside them fell to the abyss as they only concentrated on flying away .

There was also a large earthquake in Snowy Mountain blessed land . Primeval energy fluctuated rapidly, and the Gu Immortals inside shivered as both their bodies and minds suffered intense shocks .

After a long while, the ground gradually stabilized . Six mountain peaks of Snowy Mountain blessed land were half-destroyed, there were enormous fissures in the ground, and countless resources planted and stored in the blessed land were destroyed .

However, Snowy Mountain blessed land's Gu Immortals were flushed red with excitement, their eyes shining brightly .

They looked far away where a tall male figure descended slowly from the sky .

Old Ancestor Xue Hu!

From above him, pure white crystal clear powder was spreading with the wind .

Feng Jiu Ge looked back at this sight, his pupils dilated as he muttered: "Split heaven powder, even white heaven was split…"

Snowy Mountain blessed land's Gu Immortals, however, were ecstatic as they flew out of the blessed land and made greetings .

"This subordinate welcomes old ancestor!"

"Now, the debate of who the strongest rank eight of Northern Plains is, has been settled!"

"Old ancestor has endless power, the greatest in Northern Plains! Yao Huang and Heavenly Lord Bai Zu had to retreat with their tails tucked between their legs!"

The demonic path Gu Immortals stopped one after the other in the air, and only Lady Wan Shou moved closer .

"Dear . " She spoke warmly with a proud expression which also contained worry .

"Rest assured, I have my reservations, but Heavenly Lord Bai Zu and Yao Huang also have their own concerns . These two were coveting Fortune Rivalling Heaven and did not want me to successfully refine it . I defeated both of them, now let's see who in Northern Plains has the guts to disturb my work . " Old Ancestor Xue Hu chuckled and continued, "It is just that I tore open the sky to white heaven above, and have to trouble you to repair it . Otherwise, desolate beasts and ancient desolate beasts will descend from the crack . Although they are of no threat, they will be a persistent bother . "

Lady Wan Shou relaxed after confirming her husband was alright . She poked at Old Ancestor Xue Hu's broad chest and said with a helpless tone: "Oh you . "