Reverend Insanity - Chapter 931

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Chapter 931

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Earth shell snails lived in the depths of Earth Trench, or rather, they could only live there .

According to what Fang Yuan said, to collect the star night mucus, he would need to enter deep into Earth Trench and find an earth shell snail, trailing behind it as the snail moves, processing the mucus on the spot .

After processing it, he had to collect the star night mucus in a very short amount of time .

There was great difficulty in this, and it was very dangerous .

Earth shell snails had mild temperaments, it was not hard to get near them, one could even stand on their backs and attack them lightly, this desolate beast would not get angry .

The danger came from the fact that Earth Trench did not only contain earth shell snails .

The deeper one went into Earth Trench, the more fierce beasts, mysterious plants and wild Gu worms would show up .

Earth Trench was unfathomably deep, the place where the earth shell snails lived was a huge distance from the surface . Around the earth shell snail, there were many powerful beasts that formed into groups of desolate beasts, even ancient desolate beasts were not rare .

These fierce beasts and plants were the biggest threat .

"I definitely have to go into Earth Trench . Since Lady Blazing Heaven Demoness wants you two to protect me, then I will rely on you . Even if you die, I must live, do you understand?" Fang Yuan ordered them in a matter-of-fact tone .

Landlord Lei Yu and Doctor Yin Xuan gritted their teeth in anger, but they could do nothing to Fang Yuan .

Fang Yuan used Blazing Heaven Demoness' name, these two immortal zombies had no choice .

The two discussed for a while before Doctor Yin Xuan said with a gloomy face to Fang Yuan: "This is very important, I have to report to Lady Blazing Heaven Demoness first, we cannot decide this ourselves!"

In the end, the key obstacle was still Blazing Heaven Demoness .

But this was something Fang Yuan had expected .

Thus, he waved his sleeves, urging them: "Then go!"

He was not afraid of Blazing Heaven Demoness' investigation .

The truth was, star night mucus was a real thing .

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This was one of the gains that Fang Yuan had recently when modifying the star thought Immortal Gu recipe .

Star night mucus was a personal innovation by Fang Yuan, it had a lot of potential and had a variety of uses . Not only could it be used for star thought Immortal Gu, it could also be used for the refinement of other star path Immortal Gu, it was an easy to gather rank six immortal material that also had a lot of use .

"If I can find a suitable habitat for earth shell snails, I can make use of it to produce star night mucus continuously . This immortal material would be a monopoly if I sold it in treasure yellow heaven, I can definitely sell it for a good price . In the short run, its value and profit would rival guts Gu . "

Fang Yuan evaluated .

But in the long run, the star night mucus' method of production would be deciphered by others, they would even mimic him .

After all, processing immortal materials was not like producing guts Gu, in the hands of refinement path and wisdom path Gu Immortals, it could be easily deciphered . He could not keep a monopoly for long .

Doctor Yin Xuan stayed and accompanied Fang Yuan . The unlucky fellow, Landlord Lei Yu, carried a sense of heaviness and uneasiness as he went to a certain Gu formation in Dark Flow Giant City, using an information path Gu formation to transmit the information to Blazing Heaven Demoness .

Fang Yuan was not worried that Blazing Heaven Demoness would stop him .

In fact, Fang Yuan was rather confident that she would agree to it .

After all, refining star thought Immortal Gu would be of great help to Blazing Heaven Demoness as well . Fang Yuan still owed her a huge debt, if she did not want him to die, she might even send other immortal zombies to protect him .

Of course, there would not be many immortal zombies protecting him .

Right now, Northern Plains Zombie Alliance's attention was on the demonic path Gu Immortals of Snowy Mountain blessed land, to assault them and prevent them from obtaining Gu refinement immortal materials, so that Old Ancestor Xue Hu would suffer .

"If Blazing Heaven Demoness really did that, it would be in my favor . Entering deep into Earth Trench, the more people there are, the safer it is . By the time I get to the inheritance, I can shrug them off . If there are few people, I can shrug them off more easily . "

As Fang Yuan had expected, in the end, Blazing Heaven Demoness agreed with his idea and arranged for five immortal zombies to accompany him .

Among them, two were rank seven, and three were rank six . This was slightly beyond Fang Yuan's expectations, he could see Blazing Heaven Demoness' sincerity from this .

Three days later, the five immortal zombies gathered .

They waited for two more days, as the immortal zombies borrowed some Immortal Gu for this mission .

As the locals, no one was more familiar with Earth Trench than them .

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After making ample preparations, the group set off .

What was worth noting was, not only did Northern Plains have an Earth Trench, in fact, the five regions all had an Earth Trench .

The ground was split open into giant ravines, some Earth Trenches stretched on for millions of li, some were tens of thousand of kilometers deep, some were immeasurably deep, in the Gu Master world, it was one of the most magnificent wonders of nature .

The Earth Trench in Zombie Alliance was closely guarded by them . When Blazing Heaven Demoness was not in Northern Plains, Yin Liu Gong, Dragon Commander Ye Cha, and Huang Quan Weng, the three rank seven immortal zombies, would send at least one person to guard the entrance of Earth Trench .

Earth Trench was full of resources, there were many desolate beasts, in the past, when Dark Flow Giant City was built here, it was to occupy this rich resource point .

Everyone knew that Northern Plains has the least amount of cultivation resources compared to the other four regions . But in Earth Trench, there was a huge area of rich resources . The only drawback was, there were powerful desolate plants and desolate beasts inside, they were numerous .

Normally, only super forces could occupy the Earth Trench resource point .

Northern Plains Zombie Alliance was like this, the Demon Expelling Sect in Central Continent was the same . Demon Expelling Sect was a super force, having three Gu Immortals standing guard in it, it controlled the Earth Trench known as An Zu Earth Trench, it was very famous in Central Continent .

By night time, Fang Yuan and the others went through the entrance of Earth Trench .

Fang Yuan had planned for a long time, he was not going to sneak in stealthily . He was surrounded by five immortal zombies, he was going in boldly and openly .

The giant trench was like a giant beast with a bloodthirsty mouth, it slowly opened its mouth in the deep darkness .

Fang Yuan and the others went inside, as their view of the trench gradually enlarged, dozens of times, hundreds of times .

After they flew down for several minutes, the interior of the Earth Trench was already wide enough to fit seventy or eighty Dark Flow Giant Cities .

The eerie darkness shined with twinkling glimmers of light .

The cliffs on the two sides were smooth and bare, there was only a sparse amount of needle shaped plants that were stuck there like sesame seeds .

Nobody knew how deep this Earth Trench was .

Even the immortal zombies who were in control of this place for many years had never explored to the bottom of the Earth Trench .

Even though the Earth Trench was full of resources, there was also an unbelievable number of desolate beasts and ancient desolate beasts . Northern Plains Zombie Alliance did not have the strength, even though they exerted all their efforts, they only controlled the territory up to about one hundred and sixty kilometers from the surface .

In this current world, even though humans had been the overlords for a long time, they were not able to gain control over every area in nature .

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Compared to the majesty of nature, humans were very insignificant and small .

The profound mysteries of heaven and earth were endless, they were deeply hidden . Even Immortal Venerables and Demon Venerables were merely at the peaks of one or two paths, being able to observe the rules of the world .

Humans were far from understanding the mysteries of heaven and earth, there was a long road ahead of them .

As the group moved deeper, Earth Trench became wider and it showed just how small Fang Yuan and the rest were .

Here, they were already around a hundred kilometers from the surface . Mountains could not fill up this Earth Trench, it was shrouded in boundless darkness, devouring everything .

Everyone was very quiet .

Fang Yuan looked around without making a sound, he observed the immortal zombies secretly using his peripheral vision .

Five immortal zombie guards, two rank seven, three rank six .

Among them, the rank seven immortal zombies were Dragon Commander Ye Cha and Granny Yuan .

Among the three rank sixes, there was Doctor Yin Xuan and Landlord Lei Yu, as well as an enslavement path immortal zombie, called Lin Da Niao .

In the last five days, Fang Yuan had obtained some of their information, he was not clueless about them .

Among the two rank seven immortal zombies, the leader was Dragon Commander Ye Cha .

He was one of the three vice-leaders of Dark Flow Giant City, and also the strongest person in this trip . What was worth mentioning was that he used his own immortal aperture to raise large numbers of yaksha octopuses, gaining a reputation because of them .

Immortal zombies had dead apertures, but Dragon Commander Ye Cha was able to raise large amounts of yaksha octopuses, this was something others found puzzling, and many immortal zombies were curious .

The other rank seven immortal zombie was Granny Yuan, skilled in defense .

Doctor Yin Xuan, as his title suggested, was a healing Gu Immortal . He could not compare to Tai Bai Yun Sheng, but in regards to healing immortal zombies, he had quite the skill .

Landlord Lei Yu was skilled in attacking, his attacks were grand and powerful .

The final person, the immortal zombie Lin Da Niao, he was skilled in controlling birds, he was an enslavement path immortal zombie .

From this, one could see that Blazing Heaven Demoness had put in some effort in arranging these people to protect Fang Yuan .

Granny Yuan could provide him defense, while Doctor Yin Xuan could help Fang Yuan recover from injuries at a crucial moment, saving his life . If they were attacked by desolate beasts and were unable to win, Lin Da Niao could sacrifice the bird groups that he had, providing enough time to allow the immortals to make an escape .

The deeper they went, the wider Earth Trench became .

There was a lot of space between the two cliffs on the sides, birds could move very freely here .

At this moment, birds were flying out of Lin Da Niao's immortal aperture, flying around the place .

Enslavement path had its conveniences, ever since they entered Earth Trench, Lin Da Niao was in charge of the investigation aspect .

"The inheritance is that way, but I cannot go there directly, it would seem like I have an objective and they would be suspicious . " Fang Yuan did not do anything suspicious, he was very patient .

After some traveling, Lin Da Niao suddenly said: "There is a yaksha octopus in front and towards the left, it is injured . "

Dragon Commander Ye Cha's expression did not change: "Ignore it, we will detour around it . "

Fang Yuan's group of six was very powerful, a rank six yaksha octopus was surely inferior to them .

But this trip was to find earth shell snails and gather immortal materials, that was their objective .

By that point, they were sure to go through many battles, they should save their immortal essence for now .

Earth shell snails lived deep in Earth Trench, they moved very slowly and did not have fixed locations, they were very hard to trace .

The stronger the beast, the more they would have a sense of territory .

In an extremely deep part of Earth Trench, all sorts of fierce beasts and plants owned their respective territories .

But earth shell snails were a rare species that could move between territories without attracting the animosity of the desolate beasts .

Maybe it was because of the earth shell snail's gentle nature, it let the other strong living beings know that it was harmless .

But Fang Yuan and the others would not receive treatment like the earth shell snail .

Thus, there were bound to be battles .