Guild Wars - Chapter 102

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Chapter 102: 102
「Black Dragon's Roar – Active skill

Effect: Send out a soundwave containing elements of destruction that deals 30n damage (Where n is total attack damage) over a distance of 1n (Where n is range of sight) .

Note: Due to inherent destruction elements, this attack has a 60% chance to disintegrate targets and negate drops . Cannot be used on players .

Cooldown: 1 hour」

This was the most broken skill Draco possessed to this day . Nothing he had earned so far, and nothing he could ever earn, would ever surpass the sheer absurdity of the Dragon's Roar skill .

It was overpowered, it was limitless, it was omnipotent .

Draco felt that it was so because it wasn't like Omega, which had severe repercussions for its use . Omega would rend any enemy under heaven for sure, but Draco would not get experience, he would not get loot, neither would he get any accolades or game announcements .

It was a life-saving trump card that would end any enemy he couldn't handle .

But it was only useful if the enemy was having a 1v1 with him and no other enemy would be able to reach him within the span of a minute . Otherwise, such a thing would be meaningless as he could only sit there and die .

Black Dragon's Roar - which had evolved from Dragon's Roar - would buff his total attack damage by 30 times over a range of 1 times his range of sight .

Total attack damage here didn't just mean the damage Draco would deal if he swung his sword once, no . It calculated the attack total of everything Draco owned, equipped and could muster at one point in time .

The maximum attack value from his swords, the strength value from his stats - and how it translated into attack damage - the attack value of these two when buffed with War Monger, Absolute Void and Dragon's Force, as well as other boost type skills .

Currently, his total attack damage was over 30,000! His total attack damage had been slightly more than 3,000 when he beat the Captain Rank Ursa of the Ursa's Cave dungeon, and he had been barely level 10 by then .

Now, with all of his acquisitions so far, his total attack damage had reached such a horrifying level!

Of course, it still wasn't even nearly enough to one shot a Captain Rank Monster, which was a dungeon boss with around 200,000 to 300,000 health usually . This was also his total attack damage, meaning that this represented the amount of damage Draco would do in an all-out attack .

He couldn't keep this damage output up at all .

Still, what was truly terrifying about this broken skill, The Black Dragon's Roar, was that it boosted this damage by 30!

Dios Mio! (TL: My God! in Spanish)

That meant that one round of Black Dragon's Roar dealt… 900,000 damage!

An attack of just under a million damage every 30 minutes… just which large scale conflict was Draco supposed to lose? Was it even remotely possible?

The issue was that the AI didn't plan to make Draco so overpowered . In fact, the Black Dragon's Roar skill was innocent in itself .

It dealt an impressive amount of damage alright, but a one hour cooldown was more than enough to negate its abuse in any Guild War, assuming the enemy guild used different barriers or tools to defend themselves .

The range of sight of a human was extremely limited . When range of sight was concerned, it related to how far you could see clearly and defined shapes, not until the nearest horizon .

The nearest horizon - on a clear day and on flat land - was usually 2 . 9 miles away . Since that distance wasn't counted, it meant that the range of sight would usually fall down to everything within a mile of the caster .

A distance limit of a mile and a cooldown of one hour made this skill sit perfectly at the Epic level, which was the rank of the Dragorugio armor . This was what the AI calculated .

One could say it was even a bit lower than a peak Epic skill, since each target hit with the soundwave had a 60% chance to disintegrate and leave nothing .

With the Richmond's Herald title equipped, Draco lowered his cooldown to thirty minutes . This raised the skill to peak Epic - in fact, almost Semi-Legendary - in terms of effect and results .

This was a bit much, but still manageable .

However, everything became messed up when Draco received the Divine Eyes of Caelo . The Divine Eyes of Caelo possessed True Sight, allowing Draco to see everything, see through everything and see beyond everything .

Not even counting seeing through and seeing beyond, just the basic 'seeing' made this skill incomparably broken beyond belief and all morality .

Draco's 'range of sight' with the Eyes of Caelo was no longer limited to human understandings, but that of a God who saw all and ruled over all . He could see every corner of Boundless, and if that particular segment was unable to be 'seen', he could always 'see through' or 'see beyond' if he eventually managed to Rank up .

As it were, Draco knew that this skill would be nerfed heavily in the future because it was too broken, it would ruin the game completely .

He could literally sit in his chair at the Guild Hall and send Black Dragon's Roar out every 30 minutes, killing every Rank 1 monster in the whole world . How could he not be nerfed?!

Realizing this, he had already accepted it, and theorized that it might happen after he was out of the Flora and Fauna quest .

After all, he was limited to 'seeing' during the quest, so he couldn't do too much harm with it here .

Since the AI had dared to allow him freedom with the skill, how could Draco not utilize it in such a situation?

As Draco roared, a soundwave spread out over the whole expanse of the Central Meadowland, impacting everything and everyone that was classified as an enemy . Many of these monsters were blown away as their screams echoed out .

Some directly froze in mid-air as they slowly disintegrated into dust, dispersing into the wind . None of these monsters were above Rank 1, and they also did not give a single bit of experience to Draco .

Most of the Rank 2 monsters were straight away sent into the red, as their HPs were barely above 600,000 .

Of course, their remaining 100,000 HP or less was almost impossible to remove as they were Rank 2 monsters . Even though their HPs were less than the raw damage value of the Black Dragon's Roar, one should not forget level suppression .

Draco could only negate this mechanic for Rank 1 monsters, but for Rank 2 and above monsters, the mechanic that increased the Rank 2 monster's damage while decreasing the damage received was still in effect .

Even Draco's absolute attack could not bypass this mechanic, so he was unable to kill any of the Rank 2 monsters, not even the Specialist Rank ones . No Private Rank monster could reach Rank 2, so the monster Ranking started from there .

Same thing happened with each successive Rank . At Rank 3, the minimum was Sergeant Rank . At Rank 4, minimum was Captain Rank .

Imagine how much of a joke it would be to see a Rank 7 Private Monster .

Not to mention the Rank 3 and Rank 4 monsters in the crowd . They barely lost 50% and 70% of their HPs respectively .

However, the multitudes of Rank 1 monsters were either disintegrated or had their orifices bleed out as the sound crushed their organs and mashed their brains .

Draco racked up so much experience in a few seconds that it was phenomenal . However, all that experience was severely cut down as his level was higher than most of the Rank 1 monsters currently .

Draco quickly funneled all his experience into the Guinevere's Necklace .

When he had drained more than 3,000% experience, which equated to 30 levels, he was sent back to level 20, which was where he started .

The experience he had accumulated from kills that had been awarded him was also distributed again, which sent him to level 31 . He quickly dumped those 11 levels worth of experience on the Epic item, hastening its transformation to Legendary Rank .

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Right now, Guinevere's Necklace was 25,300% of 30,000% full!

Even though Draco had earned absurd amounts of experience this time, it was not enough to top off this Epic item .

Truly, creating a Legendary item was too hard . Draco had managed to get it this far because of the abusive actions he had made as a reincarnator, utilizing his knowledge to perform things that were so astounding that his rewards were extravagant .

He had gotten the first 4,400% experience from the Nightingale's Cry dungeon, 5,000% experience for creating the Semi-Epic Dragorugio sets, 2,000% for making the Dragon's Blessing potion and 10,000% for completing the Subjugation of the Paradise Lands, which had been a death quest with no hope of completion .

All of this was dumped onto the Epic item, with the exception of 200% experience since Draco needed that to reach level 10 .

Now that he was grinding experience through normal combat, the amount he earned was nowhere near the amount he gained from doing impossible stuff . It was clear that if he wanted to turn Pair Dadeni and Mjolnir into Legendary items, he would need to go back to his old ways once he submitted this quest .

After all, unlike the slightly weaker Guinevere's Necklace, those two required 50,000% experience to be leveled up! That was equal to 500 bloody levels, and the game's level cap was 400!

How was one supposed to gather all that experience and still progress in life?!

Draco watched as all the Rank 1 monsters, the almost limitless amount of monsters, were blown to bits . He knew that with the sheer amount here, he would definitely earn enough to level Guinevere's Necklace, reduce the pressure on his army and win this battle .

However, his face changed when he saw some Rank 3 and Rank 4 monsters rush to defend the weaker Rank 1 monsters . Draco's assault had killed off barely 25% of the Rank 1 monsters, but the rest were rescued by the higher Rank monsters .

This terrified Draco because it meant that the higher Rank monsters were no longer feral entities that snapped at anything they saw . They had the cognizance to protect their cannon fodder, recognizing their crucial relevance to winning this sudden conflict .

Of course, it didn't mean that these monsters were tactical geniuses, only that they had respectable intelligence mixed with their beastly instincts .

They roared out at the weaker monsters, some form of communication going on between them . Draco didn't bother to look into the minds of the Rank 4 monsters, but did so for the Rank 1 monsters .

He found that these higher Rank monsters had commanded them to stall him and his army for as long as possible . Their Progenitor was on the verge of a breakthrough in power, and would clean everything up then .

Draco's heart went cold . It was clear that there was a mastermind, or some boss monster, that was the source of the parasitic monsters . Whatever or whoever it was, it was definitely higher than Rank 5 if it could make so many Rank 4 monsters submit to it .

Draco felt the pressure . Rank 1 he could fight with relative ease . Rank 2 he could only fight as he retreated and guarantee his life . Rank 3 he could only flee from like a coward . Rank 4 he was no better than dead meat in front of .

Rank 5…

It would be better to give up the quest then .

Draco's various berserk skills dissipated as their durations had elapsed . Draco was sent back to his normal self, but this was still somewhat potent for the fight .

He resumed his attack by diving headfirst into the fray, his attacks liberal and unhinged as he poured stamina into executing all his techniques .

"Sword Skill 45: Cross Slash!"

"Sword Skill 91: Unity Blade!"

"Sword Skill 51: Tornado!"

"Sword Skill 34: Reversal!"

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Draco used one technique after another, some with pure offensive use that maximized the damage he dealt in his normal attacks, while others defended or negated attacks from enemies . He swung his blades about, creating arc-lights and small whirlwinds around him .

His Control was activated to the maximum, straining his mind . He covered over 60 miles worth of distance, which was an outrageous amount that no human could manage .

His Void of Perfection was able to allow him to manipulate small objects and detect things within this range . Though, he couldn't use it to teleport or do anything magical just yet .

He could even bend light and sound in certain ways to create minor illusions .

This was Draco's strongest defense, as the attacks from the monsters piled on . Just like how he was in a frenzy to end this battle quickly, the parasitic monsters were in a frenzy to take him down .

The command to delay Draco meant - to them - that they should kill him as quickly as possible!

After almost dying at his hands, they were more than enraged . The very thought that this fellow dared to breathe clean air infuriated them .

It was a bloody and brutal battle that spanned over the course of more than half an hour . By this point, the parasitic monster army was dwindling fast, and Draco and his army were gaining ground .

The feral monsters had become more and more defensive, forcing Draco, as well as his Wood Monster Army, to take more ground and hunt out their targets .

Draco funneled all experience he earned into Guinevere's Necklace, bringing it up to 28,900%of 30,000% . He was ever so close to reaching the cap that he could almost smell it .

His excitement directly influenced the Wood Monster Army as they became more ferocious in their assault . Dozens of parasitic monsters were either cut, smashed or bashed as they progressed further .

At this time, Draco's cooldowns had all reset long ago, and he cast all five skills again .

Then again, War Monger had never elapsed since it drained Stamina and had no duration . Absolute Void was almost always active since its duration was 1 minute while its cooldown was 10 minutes, which was cut down to 5 minutes thanks to the title Draco had .

Draco could not use Armageddon unfortunately, because it was not like Dragon's Fire that could be controlled . It would burn anything in range and this included himself .

Draco once again sent a soundwave out, which managed to rout less than 15% of the remaining Rank 1 monsters, as the Rank 4 monsters had kept their eyes open for any tricks .

Now, the endless sea of parasitic monsters was no longer so infinite . Draco could see how many were left easily, and now their numbers only surpassed that of his army by a factor of five .

The battle was slowly coming to an end, and it didn't require a keen eye to realize who would be the victor .

The Rank 4 monsters had stayed at the back to defend the lake in which King had been born from, an area which was crucial to their rise and domination .

The Knights of Camelot had spent this time slaughtering various Rank 2 and Rank 3 monsters, their efforts really paying out as these limited number of higher Rank enemies becoming even fewer and fewer with every passing minute .

They cheered when they had vanquished all Rank 2 and Rank 3 monsters, leaving only the Rank 1's and Rank 4 monsters . Since their summoner seemed to be doing well and sprightly over there - quite like the jolly good lad he was - they felt it would be better to joust with the Rank 4 enemies .

"Lances at the ready!"

King Arthur roared this as he took out his legendary spear - Rhongomyniad . His Knights also took out their own spears that were renowned throughout the early Welsh era for being able to bring victory in any battle charge or joust .

"Lances at the fore!"

Their lances, which had been pointed to the sky in a resting position, were moved into attack position as they placed it against their right chests, using their biceps, as well as their shoulder, to brace them .


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They galvanized their Dragon mounts forward as they dove from the air, their forms blurring due to the sheer speed and velocity of this maneuver .

The Rank 4 parasitic monsters panicked as they saw these overpowered Knights rush at them, but they could not avoid their charge as their speed was far too fast .

They could only muster their defense and use whatever attacks or skills they had to meet this assault head on .


The world trembled as they two parties met, a huge shockwave erupting from the epicenter of the collision . This directly disrupted most of the battles going on as everyone had to focus on keeping their footing .

All the Rank 1 parasitic monsters, the Wood Monster Army and even Draco himself, stopped to observe the results of such a cataclysmic clash .

The results made one's eyes widen and their jaw drop .

The Knights were hovering in the skies, their lances pristine and undamaged as they seemed flushed and hearty .

However, the Rank 4 parasitic monsters were not feeling so good…

Their bodies were damaged and their HPs had been sent into the red . They were only alive due to the fact that they had cast their strongest skills to meet the attack of the Knights of Camelot, as well as the fact that the High Rank Dragons did not make an attack of their own .

"Hahaha! Good! I haven't had a good joust in years!"

King Arthur laughed uproariously, his demeanor less like a King and more like some boor .

Lancelot, the progenitor of male beauty who could give even Draco a tough time, smiled gently as he laughed in a clear and heart-moving tone .

"Arthur, you're having too much fun . "

"Lancelot, what dost thou speaketh over there? Dost thou prefer thy King to be morose every morn?"

King Arthur seemed to pout as he heard Lancelot's comment .

"Arthur, there's no need to revert to your Kingly speech pattern, we're not in the Royal Court . "

Lancelot smirked smugly, which made Arthur's face go red from frustration and anger at being outed by his own best friend .

"My King, we have not yet vanquished our enemies . "

Gawain was also handsome, but in a more heroic way . Arthur's handsomeness came from his blond hair and blue yes mixed with his Kingly aura . He practically reeked of nobility .

Lancelot was so handsome that he was beautiful . He was the personification of men who made women feel defeated by their physical perfection .

Gawain was more of a youthful, childhood friend type of handsome, his looks making him seem friendly and down to earth .

Galahad though was…

The fellow's looks made Draco speechless .

The fellow was a Shota!

Had Maria or any predator been here, the fellow would be lucky to maintain his virginity till adulthood!