Guild Wars - Chapter 113

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Chapter 113: 113

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The Galleon set off when Draco and Eva boarded, like they had been waiting for them all this while. As soon as they set sails the captain and the deckhands stopped caring about the two players, rushing about their duties with mechanical accuracy.

What were Legendary and Divine tier dungeons? So far, we hadn't heard of any classification of dungeons apart from 4-man, 10-man, 20-man and 100-man. We had also heard of Area, Continental and World Dungeons.

What was the difference?

Essentially, Legendary Dungeons were open instance dungeons that were always ongoing. It was quite similar to the dungeons featured in the most popular MMORPGs of the early 20's.

Everyone could enter at the same time and interact with each other - or interfere with each other - but they would all have the same quest line to complete. If one did not complete the quest line, there was no reward except for whatever experience or gold you gained along the way.

Without finding out what to do next, you could not proceed. Boundless had kept this kind of System where you needed to do specific things, to unlock further interactions with the NPCs to progress.

Why were Legendary and Divine dungeons so rare and required such special circumstances in order to access them?

Because the reward for completing the quest of any Legendary or Divine dungeon was a random item draw that was one Rank below the dungeon's that had to do with the lore of the dungeon.

In other words, completing the quest line of a Legendary Dungeon gave out an Epic item while completing a Divine dungeon gave out a Legendary item.


But wait… if that was so, how come no one - publicly - had a Legendary item?

Haha, such cute naivety!

Where was one supposed to find a Divine Dungeon???

Look at how secretive the Adventurer's Guild was over a Legendary Dungeon… who did you expect to know where their Divine dungeons were?

Even this Legendary Dungeon had only been discovered a few months before the death of Draco, so players in previous life had to spent what… over 14 years of playing the game to finally unearth the secret the Adventure Guild had managed to hide under their noses for so long.

In the previous timeline, there had been no shortage of Epic items nor ways on how to acquire them. After all Draco hadn't been the only Master Rank Tradeskill player.

But to find a Divine dungeon that gave out Legendary items was too hard. Draco was unsure if Richmond himself would be privy to that information. After all, the head of the Adventurer's Guild wasn't much weaker than him.

But that was only considering the benefits of the dungeon. The difficulty of the Legendary Dungeons was exactly as the name implies, at the legendary tier. Same with Divine dungeons.

The previous timeline's players had a saying about Legendary and Divine dungeons.

'Difficult to enter, difficult to exit.'

Draco and Eva stood at the bow of the ship, gazing at the calm sea silently. Their silence and arrogance put pressure on the NPCs, as this couple looked very strong and had a strange aura around them that was stifling.

They watched as the ship reached a small whirlpool that was unable to pull the galleon into its depths. Frankly, the whirlpool was only as large as a round dinner table, but the NPCs on the ship gazed at it with trepidation and hesitation.

Draco and Eva jumped right into the whirlpool without wasting a second, scaring the NPCs with them.

"Madmen! They're mad!"

"How could they?! Do they not know of the legends?!"

"They're dead! Dead!"

"Sigh, what a pity…"

The NPCs weren't like Draco and Eva, who would take the fastest route to the Underwater Wreckage dungeon. They would use the roundabout method of diving down on their own.

Draco and Eva allowed themselves to be pulled down by the surprisingly strong suction force of the whirlpool. A normal person would have their bodies squeezed and pulled apart by this force, but they were nonchalant about it.

It had nothing to do with in-game stats, but their own bloodline resilient bodies. Of course, they both had to add some Bloodline Energy to their respective Inheritances to make sure that they were fine.

It took just a few minutes to be ejected out from the bottom, which lead to a small cave that was connected to the whirlpool with a bubble. The cave was pretty small and had smooth walls as well as smooth flooring.

It was clear that this cave was not natural, but artificial.

This became very obvious when a giant crab with a blue shell rushed up to the Evil Duo with excitement.

"Hello! Hellooo!!"

The giant crab waved his claws about as if he was trying to catch their attention, but what was most surprising was his ability to speak.

He stopped right before them, bobbing up and down with excitement.

"Wow, it's two humans! That's great! And you guys look super strong too!"

Draco and Eva shared a look. They had naturally heard of this dungeon and had a rough idea of what kind of reward awaited them, yet their spies in Kamisuo had been unable to discern what the content of the quest was exactly.

They were unsure, could this Giant Crab be the quest giver?

Thinking along those lines, Draco smiled and greeted the fellow.

"Hello there. Do you have a problem you require us to help with?"

The Giant Crab waved his claws animatedly as he spoke.

"Why yes! My wife and I went into the wreckage of a giant ship from a time we believe to coincide with the War of the Gods! We wanted to explore its depths and unearth some useful treasure to make our lives easier, but…"

The Giant Crab's voice became a lot weaker as he reached this point.

"We underestimated the dangers of doing so, and my wife was captured by the undead spirits haunting the wreckage."

The Giant Crab clutched Draco and Eva's thighs as his voice became imploring.

"Please, please help me save her. She is everything to me. I'm willing to become your slave if that's what it takes!"

「The Underwater Rescue – Legendary Quest

Description: Assist Creo in saving his wife, Mila.

Stage 1: Enter the Underwater Wreckage.

Rewards: Epic item, 10,000 gold」

「Accept Quest?


Draco and Eva were startled, before the former broke into a laugh while the latter shook her head. Creo was naturally flabbergasted that his earnest plea would receive such a response, but he didn't show it outwardly.

Draco's eyes flashed as he suddenly cut off his laughter.

"We'll help you for free. Just stay out here and don't get in our way."

Draco's words were like the decree of the Emperor in the ears of Creo, making him feel like bursting into tears.

"Thank you! Thank you! I promise I won't get in your way! Please save her!"

Draco and Eva entered the tunnels of the cave, heading towards the Underwater Wreckage. Since the cave obviously wasn't the location of the dungeon and there was only one tunnel, it was safe to say that this was the only path forward.

The Evil Duo walked through the tunnels with impunity, not even bothering to maintain alertness.

This Legendary Rank dungeon that they had been slightly worried about was now dogshit to them.


Its monster population was of the Undead variety.

「Lightbringer- Special Rank;

500% damage against evil aligned beings

500% defense against evil aligned beings」

Since Draco had a title like this, Undead that were of the same Rank as he was were nothing but playthings. Unless it was Rank 2 or higher, it would eventually die by his hand, especially with all his accumulations so far.

Draco knew for a fact that Legendary Dungeons did not have enemies that were higher than your Rank. Everything was scaled down to the level of the players, because with their accumulations and skill level, even same tier enemies were a tough battle for them, much less one Rank higher.

Draco and Eva together could fight off a Rank 2 monster and scare it away, but not kill it. That even included the chance that the monster was an undead.

However, even a Rank 1, level 50 undead monster, which had almost 30 levels over them, was nothing but a toy in their eyes.

One should not forget, Eva's Bloodline element was of the light. Not only was Draco supercharged against undead enemies, but so was Eva. That was why they dared to walk through a Legendary Dungeon with impunity.

The Evil Duo soon entered a cavern where the lower half of a ship's hull was attached to the northernmost end, while they had entered through the southern entrance.

The cavern was large, but the ship that plugged the other side and prevent water from flooding it was even larger. The ramp of the ship was lowered into the cavern, and the Evil Duo could see a lot of undead squads milling about.

These weren't feral undead, but intelligent and skillful humanoids that resembled their former selves. Almost all of them were soldiers, with a few being servants that had been taking care of the ship's miscellaneous duties during their living days.

Draco took out Hawkeye and the Phoenix Cry, unleashing his Control to the maximum. Eva whipped out her throwing knives and coated them with her light energy that was buffed by 30% thanks to the Eye of Heaven.

The two began to fire at the various undead with almost scary synchronization, as if they were two parts of one whole. They never hit the same target and their shots always complemented each other in one way or another.

Every time the Phoenix Cry arrow impacted an Undead, it would screech out in pain before turning into ash. The arrow would then disappear and reappear in Draco's quiver, allowing him to fire it again.

Using the Star Shot Technique, which was now sitting at 90% completion, Draco's shots ripped through the atmosphere with a thundering boom. Shockwaves emitted from his arrow as it sped towards the enemies before him, who could barely respond to the incoming projectile before they were pierced through and insta-killed.

And then there was the other passive effect 'Sonic Wave', which sent out a piercing sound attack against any enemy within 1km of the arrow. The cry sounded like the shriek of a Phoenix, causing one's ears and brain to turn into mush.

On Eva's side, she was much more efficient than Draco as she fired out light energy coated throwing knives like a machine gun. Eva had made sure to fill her huge inventory with an almost infinite amount of them, throwing them about without abandon.

Her shots were precise and always aimed towards the forehead, as she also used her Control to the max. Nothing that was in range was even able to take one step closer to them as they fired like crazy.

The sheer number of undead provided them with a lot of experience, though not as much as what Draco had earned during the final battle of the Four Point Valley Fight.

Nonetheless, the experience was good. By the time Draco and Eva had bombarded the whole cavern and slaughtered everything within, they had both gained 200% experience which they decided to keep rather than place into their items.

Draco was now level 25 and this was what his character sheet looked like.

「 Name: Draco

Class: Avenger (Optimal)

Race: Hybrid (Human/Ultima Sunt)

Rank: Adventurer (1)

Level: 25

Exp: 66%

Str: 18

Dex: 20

End: 10

Int: 20

Spr: 15

Cha: 10

Lck: 10

Combat Skills: Absolute Void, Revenger, Cloud Feet, Armageddon, Instant Healing, Rain of Arrows, Necrotic Hands, Evil Curse, Life Steal, Divination, Dark Resurrection, Beckon.

Non-Combat Skills: Soul Bond, Omnipotent Archer, Charm, Insight, Foresight, Flexibility, Illusion, Evolution, Ultimate Stealth, Pinnacle Intelligence.

Tradeskills: Smithing (level 35, 86%), Alchemy (level 45, 89%), Enchanting (level 27, 23%), Cooking (level 3, 15%), Taming (level 1, 0%), Tactics (level 1, 0%)」

His Alchemy had broken through to the Expert Rank (level 40-60) with all the Epic potions he had made. His Blacksmithing had fallen behind, but with Mjolnir, he should be able to catch up easily in due time. The same could not be said about Enchanting which had barely been used, merely to enchant Lokthar's set. Until he found a similar item, he would have to be content with enchanting all the items he would make using Mjolnir, so its level would definitely climb then.

Eva's character sheet looked like this;

「 Name: Riveting Night

Class: Shadow Assassin (Optimal)

This chapter is scrapped from

Rank: Adventurer (1)

Level: 25

Exp: 78%

Str: 13

Dex: 35

End: 5

Int: 5

Spr: 5

Cha: 5

Lck: 35

Combat Skills: Stealth, Short Blink, Instant Healing, Multishot, Assassinate, Shadow Tendrils, Shadow Veil.

Non-Combat Skills: Revenger, Cloud Feet, Speed Break, Escapism, Shadow Illusion, Dark Interrogation.

Tradeskills: Slave Trading (level 21, 90%), Negotiation (level 10, 12%), Tracking (level 34, 90%)」

「Stealth – Active skill

Effect: Enter into visual impalpability for as long as you have Stamina to burn.

Cooldown: 1 minute after dispersement」

「Short Blink – Active skill

Effect: Teleport 30 meters in any direction.

Cooldown: 5 minutes」

「Instant Healing – Active skill

Effect: Heal 30% or 15,000 HP, whichever is greater, instantly.

Cooldown: 2 minutes」

「Multishot – Active skill

Effect: Target up to 10 enemies at once and fire an equivalent amount of applicable projectiles towards them with 30% less accuracy but 10% critical chance.

Cooldown: 3 minutes」

「Assassinate – Active skill

Effect: Stab into an enemy with less than 15% health with a 5% chance to Insta-kill them if they are within your Rank. If the Insta-kill fails, deal 200% damage.

Cooldown: 10 minutes」

「Shadow Tendrils – Active skill

Effect: Summon shadow tendrils to bind, pierce or harass an enemy target. Tendrils last as long as you have Mana to burn and consume 10 mana per second.

Cooldown: 7 minutes」

「Shadow Veil– Large-scale active spell

Effect: A veil of shadow envelops the battlefield, reducing visibility and accuracy of everyone within by 30%, unless they are allies of the caster.

Duration: 1 minute

Cooldown: 72 hours」

「Cloud Feet – Passive skill

Movement speed +20%

Attack speed +10%」

「Revenger – Passive skill

Weapon damage +20%

Magical damage +20%」

「Speed Break – Passive skill

Effect: Enemies within 100 meters of you have 10% reduced movement speed.」

「Escapism – Passive skill

Effect: It is easier to lose aggro from enemies by 200%.」

「Shadow Illusion – Passive skill

Effect: When in stealth or under the effects of any concealment technique, you will summon a shadow illusion of yourself when your concealment technique is broken.」

「Dark Interrogation – Passive skill

Effect: Your words have the ability to sway listeners into displaying visual effects that directly or indirectly answer your query.

Note 1: This only works on those within your Rank and to limited effect.」

The two had some skills mixed between them, but there was enough distinction in their growth that one could see the difference between an Avenger and a Shadow Assassin.

Draco and Eva did not bother to pick up any of the drops. Draco did not bother to summon Roma, as the two should be more than enough for this dungeon. Besides, it was a perfect opportunity to spend time together without anyone else interfering.

They climbed up the ramp and entered the huge ship that comprised the Underwater Wreckage. When they did, their quest details were automatically updated.

「The Underwater Rescue – Legendary Quest

Description: Assist Creo in saving his wife, Mila.

Stage 1: Enter the Underwater Wreckage. - Complete

Stage 2: Navigate to the prisons section of the Underwater Wreckage.

Rewards: Epic item, 10,000 gold」

Draco and Eva shared a look.

"Should we use Control, your Divine Eyes or just wander about and have fun?" Eva asked slowly.

Draco pondered for a bit before speaking. "Let's use my Divine Eyes to find our objective and the best path to it. We'll then use our Control to identify every monster on the way there and kill them for fun and experience."

Eva liked this suggestion and assented immediately.

Draco's pulsing red eyes sharpened as he 'saw' the prison section of the Underwater Wreckage. It was a miserable place that was poorly kept and had a heavy guard presence.

There was a large and thickly armored undead Warden who sat on a seat near the cells themselves, his dark black eyes roving around for intruders constantly.

Draco took back his gaze as he noted the route to the prison cells, sharing what he had learned with Eva. With that, the Evil Duo set on on a bloody - technically bloodless - journey through the hold of the Underwater Wreckage, destroying every undead they encountered on their way.

Draco stuck to using a bow and arrow while Eva stuck to her throwing knives coated in light energy. They continued to insta-kill everything they saw, none of the monsters able to put up a meaningful counterattack.

By the time they reached the prison cells, Draco and Eva had vanquished more than a 100 enemies, gaining slightly less than 150% experience each. They placed this into their evolveable Epic items, Eva's Eye of Heaven and Draco's Pair Dadeni.

It was certainly pitiful when compared to how much they required, but small steps would eventually bring one to their goal anyway.

Draco's Star Shot Technique was sitting at 99% now and he had already drafted 25% of the second level as well as 3% of the third level.

The importance of this was the fact that when he completed the first level, his damage and efficiency would increase by 50% at the least. Looking at how much damage he did already, compared with the two Legendary Archery items he was using, he would easily become this game's greatest archer among players.

However, it was a fact that Archery wasn't the only field Draco would learn while in Boundless. There was so much more for these reincarnators to cover.