Guild Wars - Chapter 133

Published at 21st of November 2020 10:17:18 PM

Chapter 133: 133

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Draco frowned after he heard this. Why did it sound like the only reason Lucifer even bothered to create them was so they could have a child? Was he going to open his dog mouth and utter some garbage like 'now that you have fulfilled your purpose, you can die' next? 

However, sensing her companion's unhappiness, Eva gently rubbed his back.  

"Forgive us, Lucifer may have been a bit too blunt, but what he meant to say was that we wish for a second life without influencing your own. I am not sure if that makes sense, but we don't regard you as clones or some backup plan." Amaterasu's face lightened as she spoke kindly. "You are our ideal selves. A mirror image of us that is capable of accomplishing the dreams we harbored without the shackles that came with our birth." 

Lucifer coughed and continued from here. "Yes, perhaps I was a bit improper. Basically, while inheriting the various aspects of the races that attacked us has allowed us to gain unimaginable powers, it came with a few detriments as well." 

"To you we may seem like Gods, but the truth is we are just overpowered children. We have so much untapped potential and power which is wasting away because we are unable to figure out how to properly use it." Lucifer sounded depressed at admitting his own flaws.  

Draco and Eva shared a look of shock before their minds comprehended what they had just been told. 

It should've been obvious from their explanation. Just look at Draco himself. The fellow had lived the entirety of his life not knowing he even had a bloodline, so after he unlocked it, he naturally didn't know what to do with it.  

He could only utilize instinctual techniques, yet every move he made wasted a huge amount of energy.  

These 9 Original Humans could be described as chimeras of different species meshed together, though they retained the mind and knowledge of a human. Since they hadn't grown up or received training from those enemy races, how should they know their techniques? 

To use another example, it was like suddenly receiving Excalibur. It was an almighty and all-powerful sword of legend, but if one only knew how to swing it like a bat, one would still be cut into pieces by a swordmaster using a normal sword.  

Draco felt like it made so much sense. This one admission also cleared up a few of his other questions.  

Firstly, why would the 9 Original Humans need to worry about seeking revenge on those enemy races if they had all their powers combined? If one considered the issue of numbers, then it would make sense for the 9 humans to have fostered the Lineages, so they could have soldiers for battle.  

However, they didn't take any Lineage members along, indicating that the Lineage members were either too weak to contribute, or that their contribution wouldn't change anything significantly.  

The probable answer was that the 9 Original Humans weren't disadvantaged by numbers or power, but by skill.  

Draco inhaled deeply as he pondered over this. If this was true, then these 9 Original Humans had become too powerful. They were damn lucky that the universe was a unique existence that was self-contained, otherwise they would have been struck to death by the heavens. 

It shouldn't be an exaggeration to call them the Gods of the Universe at this point.  

And yet, Lucifer claimed they were so utterly unskilled that their prowess had been far from what it could be... 

This brought Draco to his second question, which was why then had they bothered to create the Lineages in the first place? It seemed like a stretch to assume that everything happened to eventually create Draco and Eva.  

Though this may have been Lucifer and Amaterasu's plan what about the other 7? After all, while the sub-human DNA was extremely useful for genetic engineering, it would dampen the power of the descendants.  

Take a look at Draco and Eva.  

They had been mixed with sub-human genes despite being the most perfect replicas of their originals, yet the power gap between them and the two opposite them was so wide. Not to mention that the Lucifer and Amaterasu before them were projections from a few centuries ago. 

The only logical answer seemed to be that the Lineages were created as a form of a home base. The purpose should have been to increase the average power of the sub-humans as well as have them do research on means to improve their genetic abilities over countless generations.  

Yet this argument seemed a bit wonky when one took into account that they had left the planet instead of staying to harvest the fruits of their work.  

And going by that, one could guess the story behind Local Lord too.  

Amaterasu took over. Her face became serious as she spoke this: "We left this message to inform you of many things. The first is the most prudent, which is in regards to your future child. I beseech you, the two of you must absolutely not have more than one child. Even though nothing in the universe can stop you from having more, you have to understand that with your power, such children may be too powerful." 

"Your firstborn on its own is something that no one can foresee. As I stand here, I can honestly say that I cannot fathom just what abilities your child may possess. Raising such a child will take all of your time and more, so increasing the count will make your lives more difficult than it should be." 

Draco and Eva shared a look once again. 

Truth was, they never considered having more than one for a similar reason. They didn't need Amaterasu to say it, they understood the ramifications of their act. Draco's plan after learning about the Lineages had always been to have only one child in the real world.  Then, he could foster quite a few in the game world.  

An army comprised of descendants who were mixed with his bloodline and various other notable species - like Dragons, Phoenixes, Elves, Angels - would be a force too horrible to imagine. 

Lucifer picked up from there. "Another thing we wish to entrust to you, is to take care of the sub-humans. They might seem like bumbling idiots to you, but with enough time, we predict that they shall grow to be a force that may become strong enough to subjugate the galaxy."  

Draco and Eva nodded. Since these two left a few centuries ago, they would probably be slack-jawed to find that the sub-humans had progressed so far that they were inches away from interstellar travel.  

"Finally, you should beware of the non-human species in this world. When we came to this planet, we changed the topography and evolution of it, but some entities existed here long before us. Under the ground and in the skies exist many things that would boggle the mind." 

Lucifer shook his head slowly. "At least, make sure you have a strong grasp of your abilities before you venture out into the unknown. To us, they were too weak to waste time on. To you, they might pose as great hurdles until you achieve perfection." 

Draco was shocked. So, he was right! There existed a myriad of lifeforms in the world!  

Eva wasn't as startled. The Lineages had long speculated some things as well. They had yet to find concrete proof, but they seemed to be onto something.  

"That's about it, I guess. There's a lot more we could tell you and we're sure there's a lot you want to know, so this won't be our last meeting. Please keep your own safety paramount above all else, you are too important to be lost." Amaterasu said with a light smile, as she and Lucifer faded away. 


Draco and Eva woke up to find that they were still connected to each other intimately, although it was clearly deep into the night. Draco could feel his member pulsing in Eva, as his bloodline energy and some more of his bloodline source had flowed into her w.o.m.b.  

Eva also felt her bloodline energy drain constantly, though the rate was much slower compared to Draco's. Her loss of bloodline source was much weaker since the child would be grown in her body, so the deductions could be made over time.  

Draco pulled out of her and fell beside her on the bed. He reached out and brought Eva's spongy and lithe body into his embrace, cradling her like she was the most precious item in the world.  

Eva relaxed herself onto Draco's chest, her breathing turning shallower and gentler. She felt sleepiness overtake her as she bathed in the afterglow of their connection. Additionally, there was now a zygote which was draining her energy constantly.  

Draco himself felt extremely tired. Unlike Eva who lost a little at once and continued to do so, he was charged a huge amount of energy in one burst. Just keeping his eyes open became a difficult task.  

He sighed as he allowed the exhaustion to wash over him, closing his and sensing his consciousness slip away into dreamland.  


When Draco woke up, he noticed that his body felt extremely weak and appeared malnourished. It was like he had starved for weeks on end, which shocked him. How could he go from his perfect and well-built shape to this? He was a Control master, who required little to no sleep, so it was impossible that he had been out for that long. 

Draco searched for Eva and saw that her lithe body has also turned extremely skinny while she slept, her face locked into a mask of discomfort. Immediately, Draco woke her up gently.  

Eva came to groggily, her eyes bleary and fatigue evident in her movements. However, when she discovered the state of her body as well as Draco's, all her tiredness was beaten back.  

"We need to consume as many 1st Grade NuSmoothies as possible. They are our best bet to recover from this state rapidly." She suggested solemnly while getting out of bed.   

Draco frowned and followed her, reaching out for another set of clothes. "I agree, but where can we get some on short notice? I also don't really have enough personal funds to legally purchase them yet." 

Eva smiled and pulled over one of her suitcases. She opened it, revealing the contents. Not a single dress in sight, instead it was filled with a couple of gadgets, some cold weapons and the rest was filled with rows and rows of 1st Grade NuSmoothies.  

"You tell me." She replied cheekily.   

Draco could only laugh and spank her tight butt lightly, making Eva giggle in response.  

Draco uncorked the cap of the bottle and gazed at the purplish liquid within. He had obviously seen and drank many 1st Grade NuSmoothies back when he had reached his optimal power during his past life. 

As such, he downed the liquid in one go, marveling at how easily it slid down its throat and how wonderful it felt once it hit his belly. Let's not even mention the taste, it was literally the best feeling one could ever get when it touched the tongue.  

Eva had drunk the damn thing almost her whole life, yet she never got sick of it. That should say enough about how heavenly it was.  

Draco couldn't help but cry out in pleasure as the NuSmoothies got to work in his system, instantly filling him with life and energy. He felt his weakened body - which felt like a deflated balloon - fill up with power and potential. 

However, one wasn't enough. 

Draco began to open more and more of the bottles as he downed the liquid like a madman, his lips turning purple-stained from the NuSmoothies. He stopped when he had taken exactly half, as he left the other half for Eva who was downing as many as he was, but even more wildly.  

Draco trembled as he felt his lost bloodline energy begin to restore itself. From the absolute bottom, it went to 10%, then 30% and then 50%. Eventually, it hit what should have been the maximum yet it kept rising, which was what had the fellow shivering.  

His blood roared as endless power was injected into it, and he noticed that his black mass swallowed all this up like it was seawater to a whale. No matter how much he poured in, it wasn't enough.  

Draco's face changed when he saw a part black mass split into two perfectly same copies of the same mass, the new copy heading to an area that had been pulled away to fuel the child.  

Eva also shared his shocked expression as she stared at Draco, expressing that the same thing must have happened to her.  

Next, they both became overjoyed. 

"Our bloodline source can be replenished! Good!" Draco laughed.  

"We need more! Hundreds of them in order to recover everything. Then there's our daily upkeep and the extra I will need to fuel our baby." Eva commented seriously.  

Draco became serious too. "We must acquire a great amount of 1st Grade NuSmoothies on short notice. I can only think of one place." 

Eva nodded. "We must take it from The Boyz mafia group. Unless something's changed, they should be the number 1 in the city and should have a huge stockpile somewhere for illegal trading." 

"Let's get ready then. You and I are all we need to bring those idiots to their knees." Draco suggested with an evil smirk on his face.  

"Draco, wait. In terms of raw power, we are unmatched, but we have to remember the warning of those two." Eva stopped Draco quickly as she voiced her concerns.  

Draco paused and thought about it. Eva was right, he was still thinking along the lines that everyone under heaven was just a normal human. What if The Boyz happened to hide an underground army of werewolves? 

Of course, this was extremely unlikely. Still, the moral of the story here was to move with caution.  

"What's your plan, Eva?" Draco asked with curiosity. 

Eva smiled darkly. "We haven't teamed up in the real world with both our bloodlines and Control yet. We can use this time to test out our chemistry."  

Draco nodded with approval. "So, one goes in through the light and the other through the dark. You are truly insidious, my Celestial Maiden." 

Eva grinned with malicious intent as she took a dagger out of her suitcase. "Soon, they will understand that they either bow to you, or they die." 

However, Draco walked up to her and hugged her gently. "Us, not me. We are a team now and I cannot be at my best without you." 

Eva blushed and spoke softly. "En." 

But deep down, she shook her head.  

Everything Draco just said was deleted from her brain. In this world, there was only him and his goals. Thinking any differently was just absurd and illogical to her.  

The two began to get ready as they planned their foray. With Eva being the one to do the infiltrating while he would barge in, they both dressed differently.  

Eva wore a pair of booty shorts and an off-shoulder long-sleeved crop top that displayed her belly and her shoulders. Draco had to stop to marvel just how amazing she looked like that.  

(Author's Note: I'm not an expert on women's clothes, so I'm not sure if my naming was correct.) 

'Sigh, This Daddy is too handsome. Just look at how extraordinary my soulmate is. Who can match her if not me?' Draco thought arrogantly.  

Eva almost tripped over herself as she saw his usual shameless expression on his face again, nevertheless she kept quiet.  

Draco wore tight red camo shorts and a white long-sleeved sweater. He wore his traditional black slides while Eva wore gladiator sandals.  

When the two emerged from their room, every single activity halted as they took in the magnificence of the duo. Eva didn't bother to wear a veil inside the castle since this was their stronghold.  

However, whether or not people could see her outside the castle was irrelevant, since she would be invisible to all. Bending light around a large area drained her, but bending light around herself had been the cornerstone of her stealth abilities before she achieved Control in their past life.  

It was even more so now. 

Draco signaled to Akainu who happened to be next to Sanji in one of the bigger guest rooms. The fellow managed to shake off his daze as he jogged over to the Evil Duo without being able to take his eyes off them. 

"Prepare a car for us, Akainu. Eva and I have some…'plans'… to carry out." Draco commanded with a smile.  

When Akainu saw his expression and heard his words, his mind clicked. He immediately understood that they were both off to do something outrageous and were likely to go alone.  


Hold on… 

In that case why take her along? It would be much better to take any of the boys along, unless… 

Akainu sucked in a cold breath.  

Could it be that she was also an expert? 

Wait a moment... this aura she emitted?! At first, he had not noticed, because of Draco being in the proximity, but he got the same feeling of dread coming from her as from Draco. 

By God! 

Two young Control masters! And they were a couple! 

Akainu's face hardened as he moved to carry out Draco's order. "Prepare the sedan boys! Brother Draco and the Madame are going out!" 


Soon enough, Draco and Eva were seated comfortably in the back of a black sedan, being driven to their destination. When they told the Driver where they were headed, he was startled initially, but his excitement grew. 

As it were, he was speeding crazily.  

What a joke! 

Fear? He didn't understand the meaning of such a word! He hadn't read the dictionary before after all… 

But that was beside the point! 

He would get the unique opportunity to witness Draco and his mysterious, yet celestial woman tear down the number 1 mafia group in their city.  

After that occurred, who would dare to mess with them? The avenues this would open for them in the underground societies would be endless! 

Draco sighed lightly. He would've liked to visit the Cartel, but that wasn't something as simple as visiting a mere mafia group. The Cartel was an organization, a conglomerate of different powers smashed into one monolithic power that was too terrible to talk about.  

If he dared to visit the Cartel, he would have to quickly write his will before he left so that he could complete his suicide properly.  

While he thought of this, he felt the vehicle slow down. Draco looked ahead to see a very large and opulent mansion ahead of him, one that would look perfect in the 1960's.  

At the gates were two guards and one could see various patrols here and there.  

"How do you want to enter, Brother Draco?" The driver asked with shaking hands.  

Draco smiled and pointed straight ahead.  

"Through the front door."