Guild Wars - Chapter 135

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Chapter 135: 135

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Draco and Eva sat in their bedroom as they guzzled 1st Grade NuSmoothies like they were water. Around them lay almost 300 empty bottles, yet the two of them just kept going.   

It was already late in the morning, almost reaching the early afternoon. There were only about 2 hours until the update for Boundless would be completed and they could return to continue their conquest of the world within. 

As such, they used this time to laze about while feasting on the most expensive consumable product in the world to date. Even the richest man in the world would wish to stone them to death if he could see them waste so many in such a short time.  

Draco and Eva were far from satisfied, especially Eva. In the past, she had been fine drinking one a day, but now after having passed 200 it still wasn't enough. Not only did it help recover bloodline energy, they had discovered that it also improved their lost bloodline source.  

If it wasn't for Amaterasu's warning, she might forgo her disinterest in a second child after this one, in order to increase her family count. Since they could recover bloodline source, they could also have as many children in the game world and inject bloodline source into them.  

Well, mostly Draco. Eva was pretty much as.e.x.u.a.l to anything other than him, and she was only interested in giving birth to their child. She had no interest whatsoever in any other being.  

Draco though, was looking forward to mixing things up. As for the real world, his DNA belonged to Eva. Forget having a child, he wouldn't even look at the v.a.g.i.n.a of another woman here.  

In the digital world though, his original reticence had died down. The things he could create with his bloodline and those of whatever overpowered races existed would be great.  

His first target was the Dragoness under Vita settlement. No matter what, that beast was going to birth him a half-Black Dragon, half whatever-dragon she was. She would be the perfect test to see his compatibility with other species.  

After all, a human and a pig could not conceive a child, even in the digital world. Just because it was humanoid did not always mean that they would be compatible. A human and a member from the Pig tribe of Beastmen on the other hand...  

It was certainly extremely likely to conceive with other races, as that was the main racial benefit of humans in Boundless, but one could not tell for sure.  

Well, Draco was free to test however he wanted. There were many races in Boundless, so he had a long journey ahead of him.  

"Eva, I feel like we're acting similar to a spoiled Young Master and Little Princess." Draco suddenly said with a strange expression on his face.  

Eva also froze as she realized they really were acting like second-generation nouveau riche, with the way they lay on their bed so lazily while using up precious resources without a care about their worth.  

Of course, they weren't really wasting anything. Draco had fallen to 70% bloodline purity from his initial 95% while Eva had fallen to 70% from 80%.  

After guzzling almost 200 bottles each, they had returned to 93% and 79% respectively. Eva was still losing a bit of bloodline source per second, but she realized something scary after reaching her 250th bottle.  

Her bloodline purity had not stopped increasing! 

From 80%, it went to 81… 82 and then finally stopped at 90%, without being able to go an inch higher, no matter how much she drank.  

Draco also experienced something similar. As he reached his 300th bottle, his purity had increased from 95 to 96… 97…98 and finally stopped at 99%.  

Even though 4% may not look like much on paper, every single percentage of bloodline purity was a qualitative difference. If one were to use cultivation as a measurement, every single percentage was akin to a big realm. 

Draco reaching 99% meant that he was the pinnacle of what he could achieve until he found a way to fully merge the chaotic genes that were forcefully bound by the sub-human DNA.  

Eva's 90% meant that she still had room to grow, but with her immense training, her growth was even greater than Draco's in terms of how powerful it made them currently.  

They two shared a look. 

Eva had consumed 1st Grade NuSmoothies all her life during her past life and this one. Her bloodline had not increased by even 0.00000000000001% much less by so much.  

If all it took was the vast intake of 1st Grade NuSmoothies, the Lineages would have long since found out and the world would not be as peaceful as it was right now.  

Clearly, something had changed about them, not the NuSmoothies.  

The only thing they could think of was when they had shared their Vital Yin and Yang, as well as the strange phenomenon that occurred when Draco seeded Eva. He had transformed into a Dragonoid and she had transformed into a Sun Goddess.  

Afterward, they had been sent to the bloodline memory, but their bodies had still been intimately connected for what must have been hours on end. They weren't exactly sure if it was the act of impregnation or the connection thereafter, but something they exchanged must've upgraded their base purity. 

The real question was, did Lucifer and Amaterasu plan for this to happen or was it something no one could have predicted? 

Draco and Eva ceased to engorge precious resources and looked around with a bit of shame and embarrassment. So many empty bottles of 1st Grade NuSmoothies! 

How many people worldwide could have been nourished greatly had they drank it? No, most would have been already content if they could have received a vastly diluted solution of it mixed with water. Selling water bottles with just 1% purity of it would have guaranteed it would instantly sell out! 

Sigh, what was the use of lamenting about such things? It was better used to fuel them, after all. Besides when did either one of them bother considering the 'greater good' of some random people they never even encountered? 

Draco got up from the bed as he heard a knock on the door. With his active Control, he could perceive that it was Akainu, Sanji, Jada, Jade as well as Cherry and June.  

Draco opened the door for them and let them into their room.  

When they saw all the empty bottles lying around with one still in Eva's hands, they were so shocked they almost screamed. For the love of God, it hadn't even been a day since they procured them, why waste so many of them?! 

In fact, how could they even drink this much without dying from all that energy? After all, there had been many volunteering idiots in the past who had been made to drink as much as they could to see what would happen. All in the name of science. Suffice to say, even the best thing in too large a dosage proved to be fatal. 

Draco just smiled and moved to sit on the couch in the room. Eva remained lying in the bed, only gazing at the fellows here with utter boredom.  

Akainu and Sanji had already seen Eva, but this was the first time for Jada, Jade, Cherry, and June. They were naturally stunned to see such a beauty in Draco's bed. Jada and Jade both felt their hearts sink as they saw Eva's magnificence. 

They didn't truly love Draco, they were in a similar quagmire as Rina. Draco's physical handsomeness and the effect of his Dark Angel Inheritance were perfect if one was content being a lecherous bastard who wanted to bang everything under heaven, but it didn't capture the heart or soul. 

For that, Draco would have to work like any other fellow. He did have a headstart admittedly, but true love wasn't as easy to find as certain novels claimed. What mostly constituted love in the real world was physical attraction and l.u.s.t.  

When those two faded away, most relationsh.i.p.s would crumble and it was even worse for marriages as that concept possessed a heavier commitment. To truly capture the heart of a man or woman, one needed a specific demeanor, train of thought and behavior.  

So naturally, Jada and Jade felt pressured by Eva. With a woman like her by his side, why would Draco even bother to look at them? 

Meanwhile, Cherry's mind processed things differently. She originally planned to seduce some of The Sanguigno Brothers and create a faction loyal to herself. Eventually, she would either have the means to escape or take over the group.  

But when Eva's eyes landed on her body, her heart shook and she quickly looked down. All thoughts of resistance perished and she vowed to become whatever Draco wanted her to be for this life.  


Because she was more mature than anyone in the room and far eviler and insidious. She had helped her beloved Ferdinand and Baron D'our scheme through many plots and had seen many sides of society. 

She saw the way Eva looked at her, as well as the way Eva looked at Draco. Eva didn't bother to hide that fanatical light of devotion in her eyes as she gazed upon Draco. 

She also saw the callousness and nihility in Eva's eyes. This was a woman who wouldn't shy away from anything as long as she deemed it necessary.  

Cherry had also heard that she was most likely a Control master as well, which doubled her fear. With Eva around, she decided to live her life like a nun and do whatever was asked.  

Eva may not have possessed the Divine Eyes of Caelo, but she was learned in the way of social maxims as well as body language due to being an assassin that focused on interrogation, espionage, and intelligence. 

She could guess Cherry's train of thought, but so what? She was more interested in this June who was to become Draco's breeding slave in Boundless. She was also pleased to see Jada and Jade, who she knew of in the past.  

She hadn't socially interacted with them as they were with Hellscape, but she had fought them many times. Just like Draco, Eva felt there was something different about this current Jade from the other one they knew.  

The six guests seated themselves on the couch, with the four women sitting opposite Draco while the two men stood to the side. They could've sat on another couch, but they weren't going to stay for long.  

Draco looked at Akainu first. The harsh-faced mafia boss pulled on his lit cigar deeply before speaking in that suppressive and powerful voice of his: 

"We're already taking in the various businesses of The Boyz. Their estimated asset value is $30 million. They had about $5 million worth of products stashed in their various warehouses, $3 million of which is in your possession at the moment."  

Akainu gestured to the opened and unopened bottles of 1st Grade NuSmoothies.  

Draco pondered for a moment before he spoke: "Move all those assets into the name of The Sanguigno Brothers for now. Those that are fixed should be maintained or refurbished, especially buildings. As for the current assets, trade them in for cash and deposit it into the group account. You will be the main manager for that account." 

Akainu nodded and left the room promptly. He didn't need to be melodramatic about Draco's trust in them, their relationship had gone beyond 'partnership' and even brotherhood.  

They were more like a… family.  

Draco turned to Sanji. The handsome and suave fellow had a lit cigarette in his mouth as his pretty face was locked into a mocking smirk. 

Once again, that was not Sanji being derisive. He was actually a very nice guy, but this was just the way he genuinely smiled… 

"The network is almost ready and this is the stage to set up any specializations you want. Little Jade Beauty and I would like your input." 

Draco gestured to Eva. "She will handle all our intelligence and espionage. Eva is almost god-like in such fields, so just do as she says and watch the magic happen. If she isn't too busy feel free to ask her about anything, you might actually learn things from her." 

Eva smiled and waved to Sanji. Since Draco trusted The Sanguigno Brothers and seemed close to them, she wouldn't be cold to them either. Since she would be working with Sanji extensively, it would be best to have a good relationship. 

Sanji nodded to Eva and walked over to the bed where she had stayed. Since Eva was dressed in a baggy t-shirt that belonged to Draco and undershorts, she didn't want to leave the bed, but this was important so she had to.  

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Eva was curvy, but she was pretty average in terms of sizes, so while she did look tasty, she didn't incite l.u.s.t as Rina or Maria would. Her Celestial Maiden Inheritance also ensured that the most who saw her would want to worship her. 

Sanji and Eva left the room to see to the set-up.  

Draco then focused on Jada and Jade, who still acted suppressed by Eva. They could barely raise their heads as they suddenly felt so insecure and unsure that they blushed deeply.  

Draco smiled at this, and after taking a moment to imprint this rare image onto his mind, he addressed them gently: "My Beautiful Fire and Ice Twins, why do you look so gloomy? Did you not come here to chat with me?" 

Hearing Draco compliment them alleviated their discomfort a bit, so they eventually managed to raise their heads and peek at him. Jade was the more cool-headed twin, so she took the lead.  

"We… just needed time to gather ourselves. I'm here to report the progress of your account and your identity in the eyes of the public." 

Jade brought out some doc.u.ments and placed them on the table. "These are the particulars of your account as well as your official details. I've cleared everything about you and redacted a lot of your information. Even my brother and the World Council will struggle to get anything on you." 

Draco nodded in approval. A coding genius like Jade was invaluable in this modern-day and age. Still, Draco had some knowledge about these things and voiced his concerns.  

"While access to my information is impossible, the same lack of access makes me more visible. Why would my information need to be redacted?" 

Jade nodded and turned to a certain page of one of the doc.u.ments with a picture of Draco and Eva seated together in the black sedan. Eva had her veil on, but one could tell who she was if they ran an identity scan. 

"I put it down that the Japanese government redacted your information due to your relationship with Princess Eva of the Reiwa House, who also has her information redacted by the government," Jade answered confidently. 

Draco clapped his hands with pride. "Good! This will make things exceptionally easier when we host our wedding in the future. You have done extremely well, Jade." 

Jade smiled thinly and left the doc.u.ments there on the table. The ones pertaining to Draco's account were for him to scan with his Holo-Watch and provide the verification Jade used to set up the accounts.  

Draco turned to Jada next, who was frowning slightly with her arms crossed. She looked like she wouldn't tell Draco squat until she was appeased.  

Draco laughed and pointed at Jada. "Who would've thought that the great beauty Jada would be shy in front of me? Haha, my face is truly too big!" 

How could Jada allow Draco to use her to springboard his own narcissism? She was the queen of verbal conflict! Since when had she ever been used like this in her life? 

"Harrumph, don't flatter yourself, there's just been something stuck in my throat. The thing is, I had a recent premonition…" 

Draco became serious as he heard this. Jada's clairvoyance was an extremely rare and powerful ability in the real world, with her only weakness so far being that circ.u.mstances surrounding the Lineages could not be divined. 

Jada saw she had his attention and continued. "The castle will come under heavy attack by a foreign force in the next month."  

Jada paused there because she couldn't say more. It wasn't that she didn't want to, but her clairvoyance ability only gave her percentile probabilities for specific situations.  

She had yet to sense situations out on her own, otherwise she would have warned Parkins about Draco's arrival beforehand. 

This was the first time something like this happened and she was extremely curious as to why it had suddenly evolved into a slight foresight skill.  

Draco pondered her words and felt that it was a logical conclusion. After killing everyone from The Boyz, what else were the other mafia groups to do apart from becoming fearful and worried?  

That was why Draco initially had wanted to spare a few. That way, it could've been semi-reasonable.  

It hadn't been too long since he had taken over The Sanguigno Brothers. This act alone had raised some eyebrows, but it paled to his next act of eliminating the Cardinals.  

And while this could still be explained as some personal beef between the two groups, going to slaughter every single member from the top mafia group just for some product was way over the line. The other mafia groups were certainly cowed, but they were mostly really pressured.  

What if tomorrow, Draco took a fancy to something they had? Wouldn't they be wiped out too? 

"What are our winning chances, our losing chances and the survival rate for both sides?" Draco asked.  

"90%, 9.7% with a 0.3% chance for a ceasefire, 95% and 10% respectively." Jada replied after a spell of silence as she worked her ability to the maximum.  


Draco realized that the battle would certainly be interesting to see. "Thank you, Jada. I shall lay out my orders to make the necessary preparations ahead of time." 

Jada nodded and exited the room now that she had shared this pressing information. This left Draco with Cherry and June.  

Cherry didn't wait for Draco to ask before she started speaking herself. "I have begun my training as a personal courtesan and my daughter has also started her training. We wish to inquire if you have other directives for us... Master Draco." 

Cherry had originally dragged June here to find out if they could collaborate and seduce Draco. She still was unaware that Draco only ever planned to use June's digital avatar and had no such interest in her real body.  

If she did, Cherry would be even more depressed realizing that there was no hope of escape or uprising.  

Draco shook his head. "No. Do not bother me until your training is complete. June, you will purchase a Virtua Helmet and join us in Boundless. It is time to begin the early stages of your punishment." 

Cherry understood the dismissal in his voice and felt her heart sink. Her plans were meeting too many dead ends and despair started to rise in her heart. First was the terrifying Young Miss and now the man himself was insurmountable.  

However, for now, she still had hope. Draco had mentioned something about a Virtua Helmet. She would have to do research on that and see which avenues she could pick while remaining clean on the surface.  

When Cherry and June left, Draco was left alone. He looked out his window and realized that time had flown a little fast while they had been chatting and planning.  

In about half an hour, Boundless should be back online.  

Thinking that, Draco moved to the bed and held his Virtua Helmet up to his face. He smiled lightly as he stared at its meticulous design and felt its firm yet smooth texture.  

It was time to see what Update 1 would be like in this life. 

Author's Note: The next chapter is technically filler as it introduces and explains the details and changelog of the First Update. 

As unappealing as it may be, it's important to read it. I wasted one whole chapter explaining everything in detail so I won't have to later on.