Guild Wars - Chapter 149

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Chapter 149: 149
Riveting Night saw Draco's expression and couldn't help but feel awkward . It was clear that the unique Chaos Wave had done something very bad . She just had no idea how bad it actually was .   

Draco quietly sent the updated details of the Phoenix Cry arrow to Riveting Night . When she saw it, her face took on the same color as his due to shock and horror .  

That Chaos Wave had ripped off 100,000 points of durability! And one shouldn't forget that was after Draco had quickly recalled it! 

This was a synergy of two Epic rank active skills forming a unique skill . It was natural that this unique combo would be strong, but to damage a Legendary item, which was one entire Rank above it, especially to this degree, was terrifying .   

It was like hearing that two high-powered sniper rifles could blow up a tank if they shot their bullets at the same time . This was absurd and unbelievable, nevertheless, this was the current situation .   

Draco and Riveting Night shared a look before putting away their weapons . There was no point continuing after they had discovered this crazy effect of the two short swords . Going any further would just wear down the durability of Draco's items and risk destroying something .  

The members of Umbra finally calmed down and felt their chests heave as they processed what they had just witnessed . When they saw their Guildmasters withdrawing, they followed .   

Everyone re-appeared where they had been before they went to the Guild Arena, whether it was within the Guild Hall or in the wild .  They all seemed flushed and moved by what they just witnessed, even though it was so dangerous .   

Their eyes burned with fervor and motivation . They wanted to reach the level of their Guildmasters and be worthy of Epic or above items of their own .   

As such, they carried out their tasks with single-minded determination, excitedly dreaming of one day reaching a height where they would receive a similar reward given by their Guildmaster .   

. . . . . .  

Draco and Eva spawned in the Guild Hall's Training Hall accompanied by some other players . They all gazed at the Evil Duo with hungry gazes, as if they wanted to devour their leaders .   

Draco and Riveting Night simply smiled . They blinked out of the Training Hall and appeared in Draco's super mini small world room .   

Roma, Hikari and Sublime Notion were already standing there waiting for him . Fitter Cleric was there as well, looking as serious and mysterious as ever .   

Draco nodded to Hikari, who effortlessly conjured a parlor-style area with Worldly Energy . It was styled the exact same way as what she had seen in the Mayor's Hall of the Vita Settlement .   

Draco sat at the main position, with Riveting Night coiling herself around him as always .  Hikari sat beside them with a slightly envious expression while Roma stood behind them with a neutral smile .   

Fitter Cleric sat opposite Draco while Sublime Notion stood to the side quietly .   

Draco nodded at everyone and began speaking .   

"We have multiple things on the agenda for today . First, I would like to ask Brother Fitter to open all the chests we earned during the Dragon Slaying event . Second, will be the distribution of the loot amongst our members and those of Meiren . " 

"Third, I'll be heading to Vita Settlement to begin with the upgrade process . There is no reason for it to stay a settlement when we have the means to upgrade it . " 

"Lastly, we will visit the Rank 7 Shop to take inventory of the occupied shop spaces as well as those still unrented or unused . We need to maximize our income from it if we want to fund the Vita Empire without crumbling . "  

"The first two points, we can do them right here . For the third one, I want every member of Umbra to assemble there . Set the meeting in about 6-10 hours . " 

"As for the final point, it will be all of Umbra's upper echelon . Inform them that we will proceed right after this gathering is over . Anyone have any objections?" 

Everyone shook their heads, though Hikari and Roma didn't need to, as this was mostly targeted at Sublime Notion .   

"Understood, Guildmaster . I shall inform everyone then . " Sublime told him with a bow .   

However, Draco stopped her from leaving . "Before you go, take Roma with you . You are to situate her in my Noble's Residence and use 10,000 platinum to ensure that her every need is met . " 

"Everything, even breathing or thinking, should be taken care of for her in the best possible way . "  

Sublime was startled by this, but she nodded . "I'll make sure to make the necessary arrangements . " 

Roma was stunned by Draco's words as she felt her heart soften .   

After all, she understood that Draco had ordered this because he cared about her pregnancy and wanted their child to be the best it could be, as such he invested an astronomical amount to her care .   

Roma bowed to Draco without saying anything, holding back tears of joy and she left with Sublime Notion . However, she swore to repay Draco - and herself - by giving birth to the greatest child under heaven .  

Hikari felt an intense wave of jealousy when she saw how much importance Draco accorded Roma due to her pregnancy .   

She began to feel the urge to give birth to her own child, not just for her race and definitely not for the benefits, but because she hoped to become as important to Draco as Roma or Eva were .  

Draco smiled at Fitter Cleric and waved his hands . Riveting Night also waved her hands in tandem, releasing all the chests they had been awarded from the Dragon Slaying event .   

There were 3 Legendary Treasure Chests, 7 Epic Treasure Chests, 60 Rare Treasure Chests, 150 Uncommon Treasure Chests, and 11,000 Common Treasure Chests .  

This naturally formed a veritable mountain of chests, especially for the Common ones .  Hikari just stared at it all with bulging eyes while Fitter's breathing paused for a second before he regained his composure .   

"Should I start from high to low or low to high?" He asked frankly .  

Draco smiled . "Whichever way makes you feel more comfortable . " 

Fitter Cleric gazed at the mountains of Common Chests and pointed at them . "I'll start from low to high then . " 

He chose to open all 11,00 Common Treasure Chests at once, which was a pretty banal event when done individually, but was pretty amazing when done in such large quantities .   

The phenomena occurring was no lesser than opening an Epic Treasure Chest, illuminating most of the area with a bright light .   

Out of the chests came thousands of Common items, not a single one Trash-Tier .   

This made Fitter Cleric breathe a sigh of relief under his breath . It wouldn't have mattered if he failed with even all of them, but to start in such a good manner was an auspicious sign .   

Draco looked at these Common items with derision . He sent them all to the Guild Warehouse to be sold at the Intermediary Trade Center .  He wasn't going to taint Umbra's or Meiren's members with such trash .   

Fitter Cleric focused on the Uncommon Treasure Chests next and he chose to open all 150 at once . Once again, every item that came out was Uncommon, with not a single Common among them .  

Fitter Cleric felt encouraged by this even more . Draco sent these Uncommon items to the Guild Warehouse as he notated that they should be shared with the average or elite members of the Meiren guild who were outstanding among their group .   

Fitter Cleric then opened the 60 Rare Treasure Chests and once again made a perfect collection . His confidence grew endlessly and he felt more secure in opening the more valuable chests .   

Draco sent 40 of the Rare items to the Guild Shop . They were for the members of Umbra to work hard for . The remaining 20 were sent to the Guild Warehouse, for Meiren to distribute however they wanted .  

Next, the 7 Epic Treasure Chests were opened by Fitter Cleric as he paused for a bit to gather courage . All 7 chests glowed with might and power as they illuminated a large section of the super mini small world .   

7 items shot out of these chests instantly, bringing with them a feeling of intensity and might .   

「Hrunting – Sword 

Rank: Epic 

Durability: 500,000/500,000 

Passive 1 – Speed: The wielder of this sword has their attack speed boosted by a factor of 3 .   

Active 1 – Thrust: The wielder of this sword performs a fatal thrust against an enemy . There is a 30% chance to break any defense in the way of the sword . Cooldown: 5 hours . 」 

「Kaumodaki – Mace 

Rank: Epic 

Durability: 500,000/500,000 

Passive 1 – Demon Slayer: This weapon deals 1000% extra damage to Demonic beings .  

Active 1 – Shockwave:  Smash the earth to produce a shockwave that deals 30% blunt damage in an Area of Effect . Cooldown: 30 minutes . 」 

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「Thunderbolt – Ornamental Item 

Rank: Epic 

Durability: 500,000/500,000 

Passive 1 – Lightning Barrier: A barrier of lighting emerges around you whenever you are under attack, reducing incoming damage by 40% and reflecting 10% of the damage back to the attacker as lightning damage .  

Active 1 – Thunderstrike: Send out a bolt of lightning that deals Area of Effect damage amounting to 30% lightning damage . Cooldown: 20 minutes . 」 

「Gandiva – Bow 

Rank: Epic 

Durability: MAX/MAX 

Passive 1 – Indestructible: This bow cannot be damaged or destroyed .  

Active 1 – A Thousand Bows: Fire one shot that replicates into a thousand, dealing stacking Area of Effect damage . Cooldown: 12 hours . 」 

「Magical Engineering – Epic Tradeskill 

Effect: Learn how to build and design magical technology that has not been seen since before the recurring Great War . 」 

「Fire Stone – Material 

Rank: Epic  

Use: Engineering」 

「Deunian Beans – Material 

Rank: Epic  

Use: Alchemy」 

The line-up was quite impressive . Draco placed Hrunting, Kaumodaki, and Gandiva in the Guild Shop at half the price of typical Epic weapons . A normal Epic weapon had a starting price of 50,000 gold, so Draco put a price tag of 25,000 gold there .   

One would need 25,000 UPs to buy these items, so it should serve to motivate the members of Umbra to work even harder . The best part was that even serf players could acquire these items if they slaved enough, though it would be infinitely harder .   

Draco even went as far as sharing the stats of these three items in the Guild Text Chat, allowing all 3,000 of the Umbra players and the 1,000,000 and climbing serf players to l . u . s . t after it .   

This sparked a wildfire in the guild as members turned into crazed undead . Every time they thought they couldn't be motivated anymore, Draco would do something to spark their craziness .   

Draco smiled and placed the Epic materials in the Guild Warehouse . Whenever any player who had any of these Tradeskills reached the Master rank, they could remove it for free and work with it .   

Draco wasn't stingy with Epic materials as he could spam them in the two most important Tradeskills . As for the Thunderbolt, he pondered for a bit .  

"Do we have any Electromancers?" he asked suddenly .   

Electromancer was a hidden class, so if anyone had that in the guild, they should most likely be a core member probably .   

Riveting Night shook her head . "No . " 

Draco sighed and equipped it . It would be a waste to leave it . While not perfectly suitable for his needs, he would use it himself for the time being .   

It would certainly come in handy during situations where he needed to clear out a large number of mobs in a short time .   

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Draco then took the Magical Engineering Tradeskill book and learned it . After experiencing the sheer power of Tactics, he was more than eager to see what this new Tradeskill could do .   

Draco had never focused on Engineering in his past life as a Tradeskill, but the magic it had been able to do in terms of development was exemplary .   

War weapons, transportation, communication .   

Without engineers in a guild, it was impossible to develop in these avenues . Engineering itself was an advanced Tradeskill, so obtaining the Tradeskill book was hard as hell .   

Draco put it on his agenda to collect a few of those next time he went out to plunder Rank 2 shops .  While rare to find there, he might get lucky after traveling around enough . If he was unlucky, he might try higher-ranked shops or auction houses, all to teach his Tradeskill members, grooming his own talented engineers .  

Knowledge flowed into Draco's mind from the Tradeskill book . It was a mixture of basic Engineering info as well as how to use a special resource in making these items run with magic .   

That's right, Aetheric Energy!  

No, not Worldly Energy, but Aetheric Energy was required to craft with this Tradeskill . It was a given, since it was of the Epic variety, that the costs involved would be terrifying .   

After all, Draco had used Tactics to fight the Metal Dragon and had won a grueling battle, but it had only gained 15% Tradeskill experience .   

Unlike relatively common Tradeskills like Blacksmithing or Alchemy where Draco could perform the impossible through a mixture of his previous knowledge and circ . u . mstances, he could only work hard in order to make Epic Tradeskills level up .   

In essence, he would be like everyone else, having to work from the ground up .  

However, the benefits were also great . Engineering was already an advanced Tradeskill that pioneered the future and moved the gears of society, so what about Magical Engineering where one had to use Aetheric Energy to power these contraptions?  

Just what kind of havoc would these creations be able to wreak upon the mortal world? Draco had some inkling with the help of the Tradeskill, but he would have to activate it first .  

That was for another time though, as he focused on Fitter Cleric . The Luckmancer was about to open the three Legendary Treasure Chests, which was the heaviest task he could perform at this time .   

After taking a deep breath and calming his roiling emotions, Fitter Cleric opened all the chests at once . A blinding glow illuminated the entirety of the super mini small world, and even tried to break out, but was prohibited .   

Everyone waited with bated breaths as the glow died down, revealing three imposing items hovering in the air . Each of them seemed to be timeless and ageless, exuding grandeur over the millennia .   

「Fragarach – Sword 

Rank: Legendary 

Durability: 1,000,000/1,000,000 


Passive 1 – Unstoppable Force: No armor or defense can stop this blade .  

Passive 2 – King of Wind: Every attack with this blade can summon the wind, dealing 300% wind damage .  

Active 1 – Lugh's Might: Swing the blade down with unparalleled force, dealing 500% sword damage over a large area . Cooldown: 3 days .  

Description: Sword of one of the lesser gods of the sea, Manannan mac Lir, later bestowed to Divine Hero Lugh, it was said to be a weapon that no armor could stop .  

Further abilities can be unlocked by sacrificing experience points . 0% of 100,000% needed to upgrade to Divine Rank」 

「Flamesear – Staff  

Rank: Legendary 

Durability: 1,000,000/1,000,000 


Passive 1 – Fire Mastery: While wielding this Staff, Fire Mastery is raised to the maximum .  

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Passive 2 – Flame Control: Gain immunity to fire damage and control all fire elemental beings at your rank while wielding this weapon .  

Active 1 – Supernova: Create a mini-sun that deals 1000% fire damage over a large Area of Effect . Cast time: 30 minutes . Cooldown: 1 month .  

Description: Staff of the Fire God Flashflame . It was damaged and cast down to the mortal realm during the War of the Gods .  

Further abilities can be unlocked by sacrificing experience points . 0% of 100,000% needed to upgrade to Divine Rank」 

「Tome of Healing – Tome 

Rank: Legendary 

Durability: 1,000,000/1,000,000 


Passive 1 – Blessing: Healing grants the beneficiary a buff with every cast that lasts 30 seconds .  

Passive 2 – Dispel: Healing removes all sequelae, negative status or sickness regardless of source .   

Active 1 – Heal the Land: Perform an ultimate healing spell that cures every ailment of every kind for allied and neutral parties within an area zone . This includes inanimate objects . Cooldown: 3 months . 」 

Draco and Riveting Night gazed upon these Legendary items with fervor . Draco directly took Fragarach and equipped it in his off-hand . He had been looking for a suitable sword to pair with the Dragorugio one, and now he had acquired one .   

His original plan had been to craft a replica sword, but he wasn't sure if the new one would be able to synergize with the set since it was already complete . However, he need not worry about that anymore .   

Flamesear though, Draco gave to Riveting Night to distribute . Whether she gave it to Rina or Jada wasn't his concern, as he trusted her judgment fully .   

As for the Tome of Healing… 

Draco pondered deeply . He could give it to Hikari of course, but the White Dragoness didn't look the least bit interested in it .   

Draco could understand, since even her natal healing skill was almost as good as the whole Tome, with even better ones left unexplored .   

As such, the next best option was either Sublime Notion or Warm Spring, who were both healing classes . Sublime Notion had greater skill and technique, while Warm Spring had the best healing class .   

Draco decided to handover to Riveting Night once again, who was feeling the pressure . Both girls were her sisters, and choosing one meant forsaking the other .   

How could she make such a choice?  

Draco saw her suffering and sighed . "Let me be the bad guy for you . " 

He would distribute it himself and garner the dislike/hatred of the leftover party instead of Riveting Night . As much as Riveting Night wanted to say no, she simply couldn't make the choice .   

She returned it to Draco quietly .   

"Is that all?" Fitter Cleric asked calmly .   

Draco nodded to him with a smile . "Yes, once more you have done an excellent job . You can withdraw 1,000 UPs from Sublime Notion as a reward . " 

Fitter Cleric breathed out deeply as he gazed at the two Guildmasters solemnly . To be able to give out so much money so nonchalantly… They weren't simple at all .  He thanked his lucky stars that he became a Luckmancer .  

Fitter Cleric left without talking too much, and Draco smiled lightly as he waited with Riveting Night .  Hikari also waited silently, as the core members of Umbra were rushing back .   

After all, they had to go and inspect the Rank 7 Shop to see how they could increase their income flow . Another reason was that Draco wanted to set up the 6th floor, which was the Private Bazaar .   

However, his true goal was… to announce the first-ever Auction of the Umbra Guild!