Guild Wars - Chapter 18

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Chapter 18: 18
In this world, everything had its natural predator . A small fish feared a shark . The deer feared the lion . Draco feared this woman .

In his past life, he didn't have it easy taking over this organization, even with his skill back then . It was through the help of the woman approaching him right now that he was able to succeed finally .

But everything had a cost . For her, it was Draco himself .

Her name was Maria and she was a cougar of sorts . Her strike zone was Draco's age and he ticked all her boxes as well as the ones she didn't even know she had . Naturally, she had repeatedly devoured young Draco until he felt fear .

Now, the strange part was that if Maria went into a room full of celibate billionaires announcing that she'd take their fortune just for one round of sex, they'd agree without hesitation . That was how sexy Maria was .

Her bust was unrealistically perky for its considerable size and her peach was like two watermelons smashed together . Her waist was thin and her arms were soft as well as luminescent . She wore a dress that was similar to Chloe's, a long one that barely covered her underwear and showed a considerable amount of peach .

So the question was, why did Draco seem to disdain her and even felt fear? The answer was pretty simple .

Draco was an evil bloke and as malevolent fellows go, he had quite a bit of an ego as well as an alpha male complex – as seen by his unbridled narcissism . The fact that he was the bottom in the relationship gnawed at his heart and shattered his self-confidence .

Even though he was penetrating her body, her dominance and superiority penetrated his will to live .

Of course, the Maria of this timeline had no idea who Draco was, but it was clear she was willing to find out . Draco didn't want that at all cost .

Draco fled .

"Oh dear, why did he run?" Maria blinked with surprise, shocked by Draco's sudden escape .

But then, her beautiful and full lips curled into a smile as her bright green eyes shines with interest . "But no matter . No one who I want to devour can run from me . "

. . . . . . …

Draco returned to his ramshackle apartment while breathing heavily, clutching his knees as he gasped for breath . The him right now couldn't handle the stamina expenditure for running from the cartel area to his apartment so easily .

Draco felt incomparably uncomfortable at the moment . Who was he? The third most powerful expert in Boundless and one of the most powerful men in the world . Even though he wasn't at that peak yet in this life, he still regarded himself as such simply because that was who he was – what he had forged for himself with his own hands .

He would reach the same peak in this life and surpass it, that was a destined fact . It was only a matter of when in reality . But here he was, fleeing from a woman who made him feel a primal terror .

Feeling depressed and incomparably stifled, Draco lay down on his bed and fell asleep instantly . The ability to do so was a form of mental conditioning he had to go through in order to unlock Control .

After all, if he couldn't control his own mind, how could he control his surroundings in the Void of Perfection mode?

. . . . . . .

In the morning, Draco woke up almost the same way, no visible fatigue on his face . It wasn't that he had a perfect sleep, it was just that he didn't actually need to sleep per se . It was an already established fact that the act of sleeping was a mysterious facet of human biology, where sleep wasn't absolutely necessary, but still ordained by nature .

Draco was simply obeying nature to avoid the fatigue of lack of sleep, rather than to rest in actual fact .

After doing a few sets of exercises, Draco took a shower and ate instant noodles . If Rina could see Draco like this, she'd be flabbergasted as to how a Control master would be living so drearily . Draco had the potential to be rich and enter bigger circles, yet he chose to live like this .

In fact, it was the equivalent of seeing Lionel Messi or Usain Bolt living as janitor when they had the potential to be stars . Anyone would find it bizarre .

But it was precisely because of this state of mind that Draco could do what he did . That was why the big fighters out there remained unable to fully master or even achieve Control, leaving it for a select few . It all started from how the mind was conditioned .

Draco strapped on the gaming helmet and aligned himself properly, logging into Boundless . After going through the same animation he had seen countless times over two lives, he finally spawned outside the town hall of Stagnant Moss town .

Draco checked the time . He estimated that it would be about an hour for his generals to get all the necessary equipment and enter Boundless . Seeing as that was so, Draco had a few things to do then .

Draco walked to the Portal Center of Stagnant Moss town . He planned to enter the cities and set up various things needed for the second part of his early phase plans . His target was Cario City . Most would love to set up in the capital city, Sturgehaven City, so Draco's choice might seem weird from a general standpoint .

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However, Draco knew things others had no right knowing . In fact, this knowledge stemmed from his own intelligence in his past life . When Darkrow unlocked the cities, Draco was still a harveey . He had been beside Riveting Night by chance, his level also reaching 10 despite his low status . That was when they finally noticed Draco's combat talent .

The Draco at that time had made an idle speculation . Why did one of the main cities have the same name as the continent? This question had made many look at him like a simpleton . After all, it wasn't surprising for people to name things grandly, overestimating themselves . Hell, there were people naming their children Mercedes and Jewel .

However, Riveting Night pondered over Draco's words because she knew a bit more about the situation . The continent should have a ruling body that governs all the kingdoms and empires . Such a body wouldn't just allow any city to name itself after the continent . It was the same as hearing that the European Union tolerated France naming one of its most popular cities as Europe .

Riveting Night naturally wasn't going to bank everything on the words of some random harveey, but she did decided to let a branch be set up in Cario city . She also moved Draco to that branch and promoted him to a normal member .

That was the beginning of Draco's rise to power .

Draco shook himself and cast away those memories . They were quite literally things of the past that no longer existed and neither would they ever occur .

He walked over to the city's Lands Commission, equipping his Battle Maniac title . The title gave a three quarters discount on items and a quarter discount on immovable property as well as resources .

Right now, Draco was here precisely for the latter . He entered the building and met with a reasonably pretty young lady in uniform who guided him to the booths .

"Good day, My Lord . What can we do for you?" The commissioner asked with a pleasant smile .

"I'd like to purchase three plots of land in different locations and of different sizes . " Draco replied while observing the aesthetical design of the chamber .

"Not a problem my lord, may I know the sizes and locations of each plot so I may draw up a quote?"

Draco rubbed his chin as if he were in thought, when he actually already decided what to buy before he even began Boundless in this life . "One 50 Acre plot in the noble district, one 100 acre plot in the Central Boulevard and one 1000 acre plot in the Guilds Area . "

The Commissioner behind the counter was startled for a second but hid his surprise quickly . Draco chuckled internally, not really blaming the fellow . His orders were exceptionally heavy .

"The plot in the noble district will come to 500 gold, due to being a prime plot in the reserved noble district . Thankfully, my lord is a Minor Duke, so the cost is discounted by 50% . My Lord is a Battle Maniac as well, meaning we shall also give a 25% discount over all, making a 75% discount on the price . "

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Draco nodded in agreement . It was as he expected for this one .

"The second plot is located in the Central Boulevard which is the main commercial street of our humble city . In fact, land there is not easily sold to anyone, but my Lord has sufficient reputation . We shall grant it at 300 gold . Here too, a discount of 25% is applicable . "

Huh… that was much cheaper than Draco expected . Then again, it's not the same as him trying to buy land for a shop 7 years into the game in his old life . Naturally, the value of land always appreciates and when a horde of immortal adventurers entered your world, land became all the more precious . This was the undisputed advantage of unlocking the cities earlier .

In a month's time, Draco might not even be able to afford it even with a discount . Only powerful guilds with deep roots can shoulder the cost .

"The final plot is in the guilds area and such land was pre-allocated for the coming of immortal adventurers . The cost of a 1000 acres of land is 50 gold, but my Lands Commission would like to gift it to His Lordship as a token of friendship," The Commissioner stated with an amicable smile .

Draco was naturally stunned . What a good guild, being able to gift such a large plot of land to curry friendship . Draco was also surprised by the fact that his titles played more than a technical role . It seemed as if NPCs could naturally understand the weight of different titles and give priority to those with rarer or more politically powerful titles .

Draco was unaware just how powerful his Battle Maniac title was . While he may complain about the exposure it gave him, that same exposure would grant him endless benefits . Everyone in the world of Boundless knew of his name, the immortal adventurer who was highly regarded by the universal superpower, the War Maniac Pavilion .

Who would dare to not give him face?? In fact, the act of gifting him a measly 1000 acres of land for friendship would be seen as insulting to those in the know, but Draco had no idea of that and rather felt gratitude .

Truly, the ignorant knew no better!

"The total cost of everything would come to about 350 gold after discounts . Would you like us to put in a follow up application for the Tradeskill Association?"

"Yes please . I hope to construct a private residence on my noble property, a commercial shop in the central boulevard and a guild hall on my guild property . All at the highest possible levels too . "

Draco's request could be seen as outrageous . Most would buy the simplest version of a building and grind for designs to upgrade it as they leveled up . But Draco outright wanted the most expensive available . Simply madness .

The prices would climb from being a few hundred gold to a few thousand platinum . Even Draco knew he didn't have the money for that yet, not by a long shot .

But he did know where to get it .

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Draco paid the Commissioner and traded a few pleasant words before leaving the Lands Commission . Next, Draco sauntered over to the Adventurer's Guild .

In there, the design was more minimalistic than the lavish Lands Commission as well as the Merchants Guild, but it was still pleasing to the eye . The counters here were numerous in number possessed and had a larger patronage for obvious reasons .

To the sides were screens that contained a variety of available quests in different categories .

Draco walked over to a board that had no one standing before it, not because the jobs were unattractive, but because of the opposite . The rewards listed could allow a man to build a whole kingdom of his own, but naturally, the difficulty was scaled accordingly .

The title of the board was 'death quests' because no one who accepted it could come back alive . Naturally, the name would change soon as more immortal adventurers tried their luck . After all, they couldn't truly die like NPCs .

Draco selected the most difficult of the quests available, which was to subjugate an outpost in the Paradise Lands . This was the name given to the resource heavy area that the War of Attrition was currently being fought .

Naturally, Draco was already a participant of this war, but he didn't see why he couldn't get some hefty rewards for it . Zaine's outpost had taken a massive loss and it wouldn't be much for Draco to wipe them out .

In fact, this made the quest sound easy .

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Why wouldn't a Rank 2 fellow simply accept the quest and wipeout an outpost full of Rank 1 natives? The reason it became a death quest was because there was a proper military outpost under the surface that was mobilized when the outpost was about to fall .

These troops were obviously the reason the Adventurer's Guild had been stuck in a stalemate all this while .

Naturally, Draco wouldn't accept something he couldn't handle . He had a few ways to wipe out the outpost and escape with his life, respawning not included .

It seemed that this time around, Zaine had drawn the short end of the stick . After going through the acceptance process, Draco exited the Adventurer's Guild with a smile on his face .

Suddenly, Draco got a message in his inbox . It was from Rina .

"Hey sexy boss, we're here in this game thingy . We followed your lovely instructions and spawned in a dreary town called Stagnant Moss, terrible name in my opinion . We're waiting on you to make a dashing appearance, xoxo