Guild Wars - Chapter 198

Published at 21st of November 2020 10:15:36 PM

Chapter 198: 198

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Draco took a step back. His breathing stilled as he suddenly found himself in a situation he had never predicted. 

He had naturally been aware that Zaine would try to pull something eventually, but he didn't think it would be this quickly and on such a large scale.  

This succubus was proactive! She didn't waste time executing her plan, taking the initiative and catching Draco off guard!  

Draco's mind raced and almost exploded when he realized something. The moment they had returned to his room, Eva and Hikari had possessed very strange expressions!  

Eva had suddenly logged out while justifying it as taking care of her body, which was valid. Hikari had struggled to find a reason, but Draco's shamelessness had provided her with the perfect excuse! 

After all, when he seduced her, it was more likely that Hikari should have pounced on him. Now that she was done with her egg-laying, she was ready to bear more children!  

For her to decisively leave… 

Draco's heart sunk.  

Abandoned! Marooned! Betrayed!  

These were the emotions roiling through Draco's mind as some of the maids exited their bathing pools and approached Draco with overly exaggerated gaits. 

After all, they weren't like the Dryads or Wood Elf girls who were built to drain their male counterparts of seed for their own purposes. Most of these maids had been pretty and mostly normal girls who had been made sexier all of a sudden.  

This realization calmed Draco down and he smiled. Without any coercion, he walked into the hot springs and lowered himself into it with a smile.  

The maids looked lost. Zaine had given them a game plan to attack Draco, but with his unexpected action of proactively walking into the tiger's den of his own accord, he had directly taken control.  

Had they been Succubi, Dryads or any other species with a poor male-to-female ratio, they would have capitalized on this and immediately pressed themselves on Draco.  

However, every present female other than Zaine was human. They had completely different values and approaches to sexual intercourse. 

Even though the Western Fantasy world was extremely open with sexual matters, they still had some reservations, especially about a large orgy of this magnitude.  

The fellow had been bullied and played around with by Wood Elves as well as Dryads, so he was not new to orgies and had used the experience he gained against the maids. 

As he languidly sat in the hot springs, he glanced towards Verita, who had a worried expression on her face.  

Truth be told, she had been unsure if this was a good idea, but other maids had been too lost in their lust when Zaine proposed this drastic idea to her. 

As such, they pushed her into this pit. Now, Draco was looking directly at her naked body and she couldn't help but feel worried.  

Verita hesitated, but eventually stepped out and swam towards Draco with her head bowed low.  

\"What does my Lord need of me?\"  

Her voice was thin and full of worry, but Draco just smiled plainly. He gestured to his penis which was submerged in the pool before saying: \"This is what you wanted, right? I'm right here, so take it.\"  

Verita was shocked by Draco's words, and she failed to react. She began to panic inwardly and took one step back. \"M-My lord, this… I-I…\"  

Draco's eyes gleamed with dark light and his expression locked into a frown. \"You are the Head Maid of my Castle! When you want something in this material world, you take it! Who dares to say you can't have it while I am alive?!\"  

Verita's head buzzed with Draco's tyrannical words since he channeled his Dark Angel Inheritance. If she wanted something, she should take it? Simply because she was the Head Maid of Lord Draco?  

Despite how unorthodox his words were, she found herself aroused and enthralled by the concept. After having lived the life of a servant as well as having been trained at the Maid Academy for most of her life, she had been groomed to be in a position of subservience. 

However, Draco directly told her that she could be dominant over anyone and acquire anything she wanted because he stood behind her. This was a wholly different feeling for Verita.  

Draco turned to the maids, who were watching all of this with worried expressions. Now that Draco had taken the higher ground, they were beginning to wake up from their lust and realize that they might really be in trouble.  

\"That applies to all of you. As the maids of the only Rank 7 Castle on Cario Continent, the world is your plaything. If you want something, take it and use my name to validate it! Even if it is a married man you want, capture him! If it is the pet of a King you want, capture it!\"  

The maids were all stunned. They were all basic maids after all. Yes, they were the best of the best, able to work in one of the few Rank 7 Castles in the world, but they were now being told that they were one step below a Lord like Draco himself.  

They couldn't comprehend the sudden shift in their statuses.  

\"However!\" Draco suddenly barked, as he raised a finger. He then pointed to himself and spoke with a sharp glint in his eye.  

\"Once you claim me, you will become my exclusive concubines. You will be my women who I will plant with my seed to bear offspring to build my ultimate genealogy.\"  

Draco lowered his finger and shook his head. \"Some of you might have dreams and plans for your future lives, so do not let a moment of lust cloud your minds. Once you become concubines of mine, your lives would no longer be the same and it would be impossible to step back on the road you planned for yourselves.\"  

Draco adopted a calm posture and relaxed his back against the edge of the hot springs. \"So now, you have a choice. You can remain a 'normal' maid of my Rank 7 Castle while abusing the privileges I grant you, and today's matter shall simply be forgotten.\"  

\"Or, you can stay here, enter the hot springs and take my seed, becoming a mother for one of my children. Once that happens, you will cease to be a maid of this Castle, and officially become one of my women. You will be given the proper status and nobility in my Vita City-State.\" 

\"However, be aware that the success of the child you bear for me will affect your overall standing in my genealogy. So before you make this choice, consider the benefits and detriments carefully.\" 

Draco ended his speech and sat there calmly enjoying his soak. He hadn't applied any pressure nor did he try to use his powers of seduction. He didn't even state a time limit, opting to let them weigh the options and make the choice themselves. 

As for the various women in the Aether Hall, their situation was completely different. They were slaves who had been bought by Riveting Night for one sole purpose, so they had no choice.  

However, these maids were - first and foremost – normal humans and should have the opportunity to make the decision on their own. 

Truth be told, Draco had done this same thing for Roma. It wasn't like he had just pounced on her and taken her virginity. He had given her a clear choice.  

Still, Roma's situation had been a special case at the time, so she accepted without hesitation.  

However, like Draco said, most of these maids were merely acting on their pent-up lust and arousal. Some had different plans for their lives.  

Not every woman desired to become something akin to a queen. Some would be perfectly happy with leading a perfectly normal and happy life with a man who would dedicate himself only to her.  

Maybe they would work a few months, take their more than generous salary, then retire.  

Some might even open businesses, marry their childhood sweethearts or build their own harems. Each of them had their own dreams and goals, and now those dreams were being tested.  

Were they going to enter Draco's genealogy and become concubines? Or were they going to stick to their own plans and control their own lives?  

After weighing it in their minds, more than 90% of the maids stepped back, bowed and left the super mini small world room. Now that Draco had temporarily suppressed his aura of seduction, they were clear-headed.  

These maids felt regretful but they had circumstances and situations that didn't allow them to follow Draco's path. 

They would continue to work in the Rank 7 Castle and stay loyal to Draco, but they would not be able to taste him. Just because they didn't want to be concubines didn't mean they didn't want to taste Draco, but… sigh.  

Now they could just hope that their Lord was not joking when he said he would forget about their infringement and allow them to use his name to their benefit. 

The congested super mini small world became a lot freer in no time. Many of the remaining maids shuffled and fidgeted, unsure of whether to leave or stay.  

Some had truly taken Draco as their dream man, but they couldn't help but hesitate. A climb in status was tempting, and to become a mother of his child was also tempting.  

Some hesitated because they weren't sure that they were good enough. Richmond had only changed their external looks, not what was internal, so they naturally felt that a child between a powerhouse like Draco and them would at best be slightly above average.  

Draco though, smiled inwardly when he read their thoughts. He knew very well that children between a player and an NPC, or between a player and a player were different fundamentally.  

If two NPCs or two monsters gave birth, the traditional rules of childbirth were in effect, but once a player got involved, the process fell under the system's management. Just like how his egg with Hikari had been assessed by the system, his child with Roma would also be assessed under the system.  

Still, it was naturally better if both parents were overpowered entities with powerful bloodlines, bodies or species.  

At this moment, Verita took a courageous step forward. Her eyes gleamed with seriousness and resolve.  

Unlike the other maids, Verita's knowledge and intuition were much higher, which was why she had been appointed as the Head Maid of a whole Rank 7 Castle. Her insight, as well as her abilities, were not something these other maids could match.  

She knew about Draco's talent and potential, but there was more to it. She had seen Eva, Hikari, and Zaine. Although the latter was not part of the group, she would soon join.  

All those women were outstanding and peerless in terms of looks alone, and their auras were too great. If Draco impregnated all of them, his children with them would be heaven-defying, even if they got less than half his talent.  

If she could enter such a genealogy, she would become an entity that would be unsurpassed in the world! After Draco had planted the idea that she could be the opposite of servile all her life, she had latched onto it greatly.  

As such, Verita made her choice. 

Draco nodded and looked at the others. The various maids were stunned by their Head Maid's confident decision, but they began to feel their resistance weaken when they saw Verita kneel in the pool before Draco.  

She slowly reached out and grabbed Draco's flaccid penis, gently stroking it with a fascinated expression on her face. She wasn't ignorant about sex, as she had been trained to please her masters.  

It was a common thing for female (and even male) servants to have to satisfy the sexual urges of their masters in the Western Fantasy world, so they would naturally be trained beforehand.  

That was why the 300 maids had been able to get this far, because they knew it was considered as part of the job description. It was Draco tacking on his own conditions that prevented them from continuing.  

Draco's flaccid dick began to rise slowly through Verita's gentle movements with her hand, and she smiled lightly. The head of his dick rose above the water level, and this made the spectating maids begin to feel a certain heat from their abdomen, trailing down to their thighs.  

Verita paused for a second and then lowered her head, enveloping Draco's rod in her mouth, performing slow fellatio on his glans, as the shaft of his dick was buried in the water.  

The spectating maids could take it no longer. Many of them decisively entered the water and approached Draco with their hearts set. The rest hesitated for a bit before following along.  

Once all of them entered the hot springs, Draco released a breath he was holding, and his held back Dark Angel Inheritance effect blasted out.  

What Draco had done wasn't to tone it down, which required skill and training. No, what he had done was akin to holding one's breath, or blocking a vent while pressure was building up.  

Now that he released it, the accumulated effect was much more intense and more powerful than normal. It caused all the maids who were approaching to halt in place while they shivered crazily.  

Even Zaine, who had been watching all this from the waterfall area with a patient expression, was buffeted. Even though it was strong, Zaine was still a Royal Devil, so she the most she felt a bit of attraction to Draco on a primal level.  

She desperately wanted to capture his seed for their own child, but she was playing the long game. This whole scenario was only one step in her plans.  

Verita and the others became like crazed beasts as their eyes became red and their sense of reason left them. To Draco's shock and dismay, they all clamored to be the first for his seed.  


He had to directly command them to stop with all his might before they could settle down. Draco decided to stop playing around, as he had to sleep and then go for training tomorrow.  

As such, he channeled his Horned Demon Inheritance as best as he could, with the idea of 'improve sexual prowess' repeating itself continuously in his mind.  

Nothing directly happened, but Draco felt as if he had taken some enhancement drugs. His dick became slightly more girthy and firmer. Even though he wasn't penetrating anyone, he began to leak cowper's fluid.  

He felt like his orgasm was at the base of his shaft, simmering and waiting to be fired out at his will.  

Draco stood up and grabbed Verita easily, carrying her with both arms wrapped around her back. Before she could complain or say anything, Draco pierced into her all the way.  

Verita and the other maids had already manually broken their hymens in the academy, because the blood that came out from their first time was seen as a taboo to be taken by their noble masters.  

However, Verita couldn't help but cry out as she felt Draco's cock push all the way into her.  

Was length important? Debatable. The fact was, once one reached between 4-6 inches, a man had a good enough tool to please most women. 

What was more crucial was girth. The wider you could push their walls, the greater the response for them. A girthier dick was more intense than a longer one.  

Draco's girth had been his secret to success and was why he could get most females he was pounding to reach orgasm. However, activating his Horned Demon Inheritance made his usually 'great' girth become 'exemplary'. 

As such, the response from Verita was stronger than usual, and her cries as Draco madly pounded her made the other maids feel a mixture of fear and desire.  

They wanted to be on the receiving end of such an intense plowing, but they also saw how Draco's enhanced cock stretched Verita out. They were scared that they would shatter like glass if they were to take that in.  

Draco paid no mind to them. His Horned Demon inheritance had made his whole demeanor change and he was no longer as gentle as he had been with Roma, Zaine, Hikari or Eva… or even the Wood Elf girls or the Dryads.  

Now, Draco acted like a beast, like a Horned Demon that had captured female humans to impregnate with his evil hellspawn. 

In no time, Verita was twitching strongly as a whitish fluid emerged from her canal, and her voice became hoarse from crying out her ecstasy.  

Draco released his simmering load into her, holding nothing back but his Ultima Sunt genes. He only implanted his natural bloodline into Verita. It was up to the RNG Gods to decide how far her ambition would take her. 

After that was done, he roared out in triumph, before his red eyes turned to the other maids who were shivering with a combination of apprehension and want on their faces.  

Draco grabbed one of the younger ones, who was just barely above the legal age. She had a moderate bust and a pretty good behind. She was slightly shorter than Draco, and her skin was a medium tan.  

Draco draped her over the bank, placing her on her back, and then plowed into her as well. A fresh batch of semen had already generated in the base of his dick, ready to be fired out at his leisure.  

This maid was also easily overwhelmed by the sensations she was feeling, as her abdomen felt full, and her insides were being pushed apart by a large intruder.  

In nothing more than a few minutes, she also lost her strength and orgasmed, while Draco's own seed burst into her with its typical tyrannical nature.  

Draco put her aside and grabbed another maid, before laying into her as well. Each of the maids he plowed quickly lost their strength as they were put through intense stimulation in their genitals.  

Draco made sure to fill each of them up with a load of his semen, which made them go even crazier as they felt that wicked fluid enter their wombs and lay down the ground rules of their pregnancy.  

Over 20 maids were seeded by Draco in a matter of hours, their bodies shivering as they lay sprawled on the bank of the hot springs.  

Draco stood in the center of the water, his dick still rock hard and throbbing, some fluid still leaking out of it temptingly, which would have any female feel her lust spike.  

Draco's eyes turned to lock onto Zaine, who was slowly entering the water of the hot springs with a slight smirk on her face. The perfect shape of her breasts, her waist, hips, and ass were tantalizing.  

Her thighs were full and supple, her stomach was toned into abs. Her arms were soft, yet firm. Her face was extremely alluring, with her thick lips and sharp, manipulative eyes.  

Zaine was the kind of woman who could tempt a paladin to forsake his sworn god, just for the chance of a night with her.  

And now, the daughter of Devil King Mephisto and Crysta, the Queen of Succubi, was standing in front of the God of Devils and Demons himself.  

Draco took one step towards Zaine and reached out.  

Zaine smiled and released herself into the arms of the beast.