Guild Wars - Chapter 199

Published at 21st of November 2020 10:15:35 PM

Chapter 199: 199

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The first time Draco had penetrated Zaine, he had still been in his crippled form. He had been slightly scrawny, but still somewhat handsome.  

Back then, Zaine had been 'captured' by Riveting Night, who had 'trained' her for a short period to satisfy Draco's urges until they had enough power to copulate without fear.  

Perhaps, somewhat surprisingly, Zaine truly was only at Rank 1, as Draco could still see into her mind with the rebalanced Eyes of Caelo. Yet, Draco knew that if she wanted to, she could've easily broken free. 

Mephisto just needed to send a projection over and Draco would be smashed into paste. However, Mephisto had become intrigued by Draco's talent, and Devils were - by their very nature - extremely interested in cross-breeding with the powerful.  

So, he had sent his daughter to the Nshaw Tribe and had used his power to alter their memories, allowing her to be 'one of them'. 

What a joke! Why else would Zaine, a Royal Devil, be involved fighting in some paltry war in the Paradise Lands? Was Mephisto so bored that some slightly resource-heavy Field Zone would warrant his daughter's presence? 

As Draco had discovered, Mephisto had sent Zaine over to collect his seed and birth a child with him, tying this Immortal Adventurer genius to their clan, or at least his offspring, while empowering them. 

Hence, that was why Draco had specifically commented that they were a bunch of clowns back then.  

An important detail to note was that their interest in Draco didn't stem from his bloodline or species, but purely his talent.  

His talent alone had warranted Mephisto to send one of his three precious daughters - and even the smartest and most capable one who was Zaine - down to the world.  

How had Draco started his ascent to power in this timeline? It had been by killing Ratchet, who had been a Rank 5 entity possessing the highest combat power of Mephisto's sons.  

How could this Rank 0, level 1 fool jump 5 goddamn ranks to kill his precious Ratchy boy? The answer was simple, he couldn't.  

If Ratchet hadn't been beaten to an inch of his life, lying in a derelict alley of some random town, in some random kingdom the events which followed would have never taken place.  

Who weakened Ratchet? How did he end up in that state? It was because the fellow had been hit with the rejection from the world after he tried to cross realms. It was the sort of spatial rejection by the divine entities of the universe.  

...basically, fancy westerner talk for a Heavenly Tribulation. After being weakened, Draco had taken advantage of this opportunity to kill him and all the rest happened.  

Yet, how could Zaine be here? Draco had asked himself this for the longest time ever since he found out that she was Mephisto's daughter.  

Brokers, Succubi, Incubi, Imps and other devilkin were present in this realm, but that was because they had come here at Rank 0 and grew in power on their own.  

Zaine hadn't been sent here at Rank 0, she had been dispatched shortly after Draco's defiance had impressed her father, her purpose solely to deal with him. That meant Mephisto had clearly paid a certain cost to send her here unharmed.  

However, shortly after capturing her, Draco had gone to the Flora and Fauna Unique Quest and had returned vastly different from before. His body had been rebuilt so that his above-average handsomeness leveled up to become heaven-defying.  

His power and aura now were completely different. He was physically and mentally perfect, with his bloodline being emitted in low waves.  

When Zaine had glanced upon the new him in Vita City State, her goals had drastically changed.  

She had planned to fuck Draco senseless until he could no longer think about any other woman. She would have born his children, then taken them all back to the Devil Realm to become one of their pillars. 

Yet after seeing him, her goal had changed into bearing his child, even if it was but a single one, at any cost. She had even privately forgone her father's mission. 

This was in part due to Draco's allure and the promise of their offspring's greatness, as well as how he viewed her.  

Zaine was a succubus, and she knew it. She was proud of it and loved her species. She loved the effect she had on men and she loved tempting them at all times.  

However, her charms were barely passable in Draco's eyes, and her temptations meant nothing against him. Why, had Riveting Night not suggested it, he wouldn't have kept her, but killed her! 

Nevertheless, he had made it clear during the Impartial Arbitration that he did appreciate her. Ironically, he appreciated the succubus for her sharp mind over her killer of a body.  

Still, to an intelligent woman, being recognized for her mind instead of her body was something that felt extremely satisfying. 

Zaine had decided that her path would be with Draco from that moment on. Unfortunately for her, Draco hadn't decided to add her to his path. As such, she resorted to this plan to find an opening.  

As long as she could take his seed and bear his child, she would rank in the top 5 within his genealogy easily.  

She knew that she could not surpass monsters like Riveting Night and Hikari, who were two women that stood at the apex of the world in terms of species and bloodline.  

Even Roma was far above her, solely because of her Ultima Sunt genes. She was much better than her, not to mention Roma had told Zaine about the Soul Bond the two of them shared.  

However, unless Draco found another woman who was either of the Royal Demon or Angelic bloodline, she would remain unsurpassed!  

Draco had allowed Zaine to learn so much intimate knowledge about himself and his women because he had seen into her mind. Zaine was in his camp for life, so there was no need to play games. 

He grabbed Zaine and brought her face close to his own. Zaine's beautiful light brown eyes that were filled with endless sharpness and calculations were laid bare to Draco.  

He smirked when he saw into her and discovered that every calculation and plan that went on in her brain was now seeking his benefit in every way. Zaine was now like Eva, who did everything for his sake, only without Eva's obsession. 

Having a woman who was a schemer excited Draco. Truly, neither he, Eva, Hikari or Roma were built for truly exemplary planning and calculations.  

He was aware that as long as something could be obtained by force, he would take that path instead of being subtle, in that regard he was more demon than devil.  

Eva was great at gathering vast amounts of information and using it to her benefit, but she too would more often than not just assassinate whoever stood in her way until she got whatever she desired. 

Hikari was simply too innocent to even attempt Subterfuge, and Roma was only slightly better than the Dragoness.  

Even Sublime was mostly just good at management because of her experience in other games, and not because of a calculating mind.  

The reason why one might mistake Draco and Eva as being good at calculations would be due to their future knowledge, but without it, they were normal.  

They were basically like transfer students who could excel in class because in their prior school they had already gone over the material, but once something new came up, they would be in the same position as any other student. 

The Evil Duo were naturally unparalleled under heaven in terms of fighting prowess amongst the players, but they had strengths and weaknesses. Scheming was not one of them, even though Draco was a devil himself.  

\"So, Zaine, I'm glad you have made your decision. You will become mine for eternity, to hold my future generations and be a part of my genealogy. I have big expectations for you.\" Draco stated with a slight curl of his lips.  

His pulsing red eyes made Zaine's heart throb, as excitement filled her. She was finally going to be allowed to achieve her goals! Once she did, she would become a part of his lineage, only the Gods knew what her fate would be. 

But her mind had already painted a future whereby helping Draco become the emperor of all meant she could also become someone who stood by his side.  

With their child's power, as well as his half-brothers and half-sisters from Draco's line, their grasp on this world would be absolute. 

Zaine didn't reply to Draco, because he wasn't asking a question. No, Draco was simply stating a fact. A fact about Zaine's goal and future.  

\"Release your true form. I will seed you in your natural state.\" Draco ordered as he stood back.  

Zaine was even more excited by this. By allowing her to take her full form, Draco was indirectly saying that her status as a devil would no longer be something she had to hide.  

Zaine quickly transformed, releasing her pink bat-like wings and her purple horns. Her nails also became longer and sharper, and her form became more refined and perfect.  

She released an aura of seduction that was just like what Draco emitted with the Dark Angel Inheritance, but Zaine's was just barely weaker.  

Draco nodded his head when he saw this. Zaine's aura would send men crazy, similar to how he was able to make women go crazy.  

\"Bend over and show me what is mine.\" Draco commanded with a possessive smile.  

A normal woman would feel apprehensive or unhappy, but Zaine was simply excited. Draco's demeanor was truly different like this. He was a lion claiming his right over his lionesses, expecting total compliance. 

It stimulated a primal part of her bloodline, and she obeyed his words. She laid her upper body over the bank turning her thick and plump butt to face Draco.  

Both her vagina and butthole were exposed to Draco, with nothing hidden. Draco could see her butthole quivering, while her vagina was very slightly slick with a clear fluid.  

Zaine was extremely aroused, even without any foreplay. How could she not be, when she was in the presence of Draco? Putting that aside, she had just watched him seed more than 20 women, while she also severely desired his sperm.  

It was honestly a miracle that she wasn't dehydrated from gushing out fluids.  

Draco took this sight in with a reverent expression. The back view of Zaine was too powerful, he even felt his will shake, even though it had been tempered.  

The back view of Roma, Hikari, Eva, and the Wood Elves had been great, but they were nothing compared to Zaine. Even the Dryads paled in comparison to her.  

Zaine was sculpted solely to induce lust, and for sex. She was a Royal Devil with a succubus bloodline, even purer than her mother's and her allure was not something that could exist in the real world.  

Only a virtual world like Boundless could produce a woman with such unrealistic body proportions and curves without the need for surgery or external means.  

Zaine saw Draco's temptation from how his demonic aura roiled, and she became even more excited. She shook and tantalizingly twirled her perfect ass, her eyes lidded and her lips lightly bitten.  

She even snaked a finger down to part her vulva, displaying the very pink canal that seemed to be the goal of many men, the sacred passageway called the vagina.  

If Draco could stand there and take this visual stimulation and teasing without reacting, then he would be inhuman, nothing more than a robot wearing human skin.  

Draco's eyes glinted as he lowered himself to Zaine's level and placed the tip of his dick to her entrance. Zaine froze in anticipation once she felt that, waiting for Draco to push it in.  

However, she could only fume quietly when the dastardly fellow simply rubbed his tip over her hole, teasing her the same way she had been teasing him.  

The wicked fellow even used the tip of his rod to caress her clitoris, which had her twitching slightly from the stimulation.  

Eventually, Zaine couldn't take it anymore and pleaded with Draco. \"Please put it in, Draco. I can't wait any longer.\"  

Draco too was struggling to hold back, but he wasn't willing to swallow a loss on this matter. Now that Zaine had broken first, he directly pushed into her without wasting anymore time.  

Both Zaine and Draco cried out when he went all the way. Zaine from ecstasy and joy at feeling his thick and hot dick pushing apart her walls forcefully, while Draco's was from the sheer stimulation from Zaine's vagina.  

Draco didn't stop there, he pulled his enhanced dick back and then pushed inward once more, making Zaine's eyes spin. She couldn't understand why it was so intense, but she guessed it was because she was so strongly aroused. 

Out of all the women Draco had plowed, Zaine was showing the most intense response, and so was Draco. 

Draco continually pounded into Zaine's tight and unholy canal, his face locked into an expression of shock and fear, while he began to sweat profusely.  

It had been a long time and Draco had tasted many women since then, so he forgot how powerful Zaine's vagina was.  

What was even worse was that since Zaine was so strongly stimulated, the intensity of her vagina's response to his dick's penetration was more intense.  

Both Roma and Zaine had the most special vaginas he had encountered. Roma's was like sticking his rod into a nest of feelers, little tentacles that came alive and rubbed his shaft gently.  

However, entering Zaine was like piercing into a foam that was alive. The shape of her vagina shifted many times mid-thrust to match the size and shape of his dick, the speed of his thrusts and the texture of his cock. 

All of this was calculated at each step to make sure that every single movement he made in her bestowed the peak pleasure to him. This was the power of a Royal Devil succubus, an entity built solely for sex. 

Draco was used to Roma, so he had thought he was powerful. He was not.  

Zaine's thick bum shook and quivered the more he pushed into her. Zaine's ass was much bigger and better-rounded than Hikari's, so the waves it produced were greater.  

Her vagina was extremely wet, and her walls were wrapped around him in a way that defied logic and human anatomy… but then again, Zaine wasn't human in the first place.  

If it weren't for his Horned Demon Inheritance giving him enhanced sexual prowess and intimate control over his genitals, Draco would've already shot out his load into Zaine.  

Right now, it was all about his willpower. How well could Draco hold on while being suppressed by this pleasure?  

Draco's eyes gleamed with madness, as he decided that he would taste Zaine for as long as possible. This pleasure was too good for him to release his load so quickly.  

As such, he clenched his teeth and used all of his will to hold on. Since his will was extremely tempered, Draco was able to continually bang Zaine like this without releasing.  

At first, Zaine was extremely pleased by how long Draco had lasted, as the more he pierced into her, the better it felt for her as well. She was feeling extremely good like this and hoped it would never come to an end.  

That sentiment quickly changed after a few minutes of this as fear emerged on her expression. Draco hadn't slowed down or reduced his intensity, he was fucking her with the power of an enraged bull.  

Her legs had long gone numb and her eyes began to roll back. Zaine's tongue rolled out and she felt her hold on her bowels begin to weaken.  

In no time, she cried out weakly as she orgasmed, a clear fluid slowly dripping from her genitals.  

However, Draco still wasn't stopping! Like a beast that was full of testosterone, he continued to pound her with alternating frequencies.  

What was worse, he even became handsy, caressing her breasts and rubbing her clitoris. It seemed that Draco had decided to stimulate her in order to take his focus off the pleasure assailing him.  

Zaine could only tremble when she was soon brought to her second orgasm, and the intensity of it made her mind go blank for a second. She felt like she lost the ability to move her legs, and her energy had been drained. 

Yet Draco still went on. If Zaine were a human woman with human anatomy, even her canal would be numb at this point, and pleasure would slowly turn into pain.  

However, she was a succubus. The same way a horse was built to move and could travel long distances even with riders on their back, a succubus that was built for sex could have sex for extremely long periods of time.  

This wasn't bad, as most succubi would continually rape their male targets while draining them of all their life energy, and they naturally needed to be able to accept dicks for long periods of time.  

The problem was that Zaine was too stimulated, and Draco's particular rod was too much. He was just shy of an orc, and that was something that couldn't be taken in easily. 

Not to mention that he was stimulating her all over. Zaine never got 'tired' of the pleasure, but she was exhausted.  

She felt every single push into her depths like it was the first time, which was the same thing Draco was experiencing.  

His will was close to breaking. This kind of stimulation was just too much and his Horned Demon Inheritance also worked like Zaine's succubus physique, allowing him to feel every thrust like it was the first.  

Draco could not hold it in any longer and burst out into Zaine with all his might. Zaine cried out in happiness as she finally felt all of his seed launching into her womb.  

Draco only infused what he considered to be the 'Devil' aspect of his bloodline into her, so his semen had a mesmerizing purple color.  

Zaine was happy as she felt his cum swirl in her, and despite the tyrannical nature of it, it wasn't able to defeat her. Zaine was built to take the semen of anything under heaven, so even Draco's sperm was suppressed in her womb.  

Zaine basked into the afterglow of her seeding, before gently pulling herself out of the pool, making Draco's cock fall out of her with a 'pop' sound.  

What made Draco laugh was that Zaine immediately locked her legs and walked in a very strange manner, like she was trying to prevent an 'accident'.  

\"What are you doing?\" Draco asked with amusement.  

Zaine turned and replied with a toothy smile. \"Making sure not a drop leaks out.\"  

Draco was flabbergasted. \"You do realize that even one sperm is good enough, right?\"  

Zaine nodded. \"I am aware of this, but it is better to be safe than sorry.\"  

Draco could only helplessly watch her waddle away in that strange manner. Truly, the women around him were extremely… quirky.  

Draco cleaned himself up in the waterfall and left the still semi-conscious maids in the super mini small world.  

After that intense battle, he was now extremely tired, and he easily went to sleep. Hikari was not here, and neither was Eva, so Draco slept alone for the first time in a while.