Guild Wars - Chapter 200

Published at 21st of November 2020 10:15:33 PM

Chapter 200: 200

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Draco woke up in the morning with a tired sigh. He had expended a lot of energy on his continuous intercourse with those maids, so his recuperation time had suffered for it.   

Not only that, but he had also stretched his will during his copulation with Zaine and the taste of her unparalleled succubus canal still lingered on his mind as if he was still inside of her.   

Draco noticed that neither Eva nor Hikari had returned while he was asleep, and his lips twitched. 

Hikari and Eva… those two would have to be punished thoroughly. Abandoning him to the wolves was unforgivable. The Sun Goddess and White Dragoness were both starting to become unruly in recent times.   

If Draco failed to tame them soon, they might soon end up as the ones pressing him down under them. Individually, Eva and Hikari were eternally loyal to him, but when put together, evil and rebellious thoughts began to form.   

Draco momentarily put these thoughts aside and went to take a bath. He noticed that the maids had cleared out, and had even cleaned the area. No one would ever be able to tell that a crazy orgy had taken place there a couple of hours prior.   

Draco shook his head and went to the sauna this time, allowing his body to sweat. The circulating heat helped him feel clean in mind and body.   

Next, he went for a quick shower and then wiped himself down. Afterward, he prepared breakfast for his group, which consisted of scrambled eggs, chunks of bacon as well as ham.   

He also baked some butter bread to go with it, which smelled heavenly and felt soft to the touch.   

When Draco brought the meal to his people, he found Hikari and Eva seated at the table long before he had arrived.   

Hikari had her head bowed slightly, yet Eva stared at Draco like nothing had occurred in her absence. The madwoman even dared to smirk!  

Outrageous! Unacceptable!  

Happy Saint had yet to log back in, so Draco was surrounded by just his ladies. With the only other people being Hikari and Zaine, both who would bear children for Draco, Eva had lowered her hood, displaying her beauty that was unmatched by any living female.   

Hikari was just a smidgen below Eva's level, while Zaine was miles off. She was definitely alluring and beautiful, but hers was more reasonable. It was only Zaine's body that was extremely unfair and unreasonable.   

Zaine herself started wolfing down the food without any reservation. Now that she was officially part of Draco's genealogy, she lowered all her walls and displayed her true nature.   

What was Zaine's true nature? Was it the sexy and confident succubus that loved tempting men? Was it the scheming and calculative woman who was always thinking ahead?   

Initially, his evil nature had been the most prominent. Yet after he met Qiong Qi, his shameless side took hold, leading him to conduct much mischief.  

Eventually, Draco's main form became his pragmatic nature after he had infiltrated the GloryGore Labs and had his bloodline unlocked.  

Ever since, he became mostly pragmatic, while balancing both 'good' and 'bad' thoughtstreams to some extent. Similarly, Zaine had displayed her seductive and sharp-minded nature already.   

But was that actually her truest nature?   

From the way she was wolfing down the food, the answer was a clear no. 

Zaine cleared her plate, leaned back and rubbed her belly with a nonchalant look on her face.   

\"Well, I'm tired. Now, I'm off to sleep. Please summon me sparingly, as I need to recharge my daily energy.\" Zaine said with an indolent expression, getting up to leave the table without even waiting for the others to finish.   

Both Eva and Hikari were stunned by Zaine's sudden change of character and the unmasking of her true self. Draco was the only one to simply smile at her behavior while shaking his head, as he had seen many scenes like this inside her mind a merely a couple of hours ago. 

Zaine's true character was that of a lazy deadbeat! This woman, who was the living incarnation of lust, did not need to work out. Her body would always maintain the optimal form in order to seduce all males.   

Not to mention that she didn't even truly digest normal food. She survived on taking the vital energy of her prey, or processed Worldly Energy. Now that she was with Draco, she would have an endless supply of the highest quality sperm.   

It made sense though. How could Ratchet and Zaine be roughly the same age but have starkly different levels of power? Ratchet had been the best combatant of Mephisto's Lineage because he was cruel and loved killing.   

Zaine might not be the same, but if she had put her mind to it, she could have long reached Rank 4 or 5. Yet, she had halted at Rank 1 all her life, until Mephisto eventually bestowed this task to her.   

No wonder Mephisto had been so exasperated when he was speaking to Zaine after she and Draco had first copulated. For his most beautiful and intelligent daughter to be such a lazy lass… no wonder Mephisto seemed too tired of life.   

Eva and Hikari blinked, slowly coming to terms with the reality before them. It seemed their time with Zaine going forward would be extremely interesting.   

While they ate slowly, Eva openly stared at Draco, as if enjoying the sight of the most precious thing in the world. Hikari glanced at Draco furtively, like a high school girl peeking at her crush.   

Draco harrumphed unhappily, but sat with them and ate. He refused to look their way, and while Hikari was extremely bothered, Eva's eyes shone remarkably.   

According to the memories of her future self, that Riveting Night had been hated to the point of death by Draco ever since he chanced upon the scene of the 'other' her nearly doing something unforgivable with Local Lord. 

His mere dissatisfaction right now could not waver her peacefulness, because she knew how obsessed they were with each other.   

She would go mad and die without Draco, while he would also fare the same. They were so tightly bound by fate that even death had been unable to separate them.   

Eva also knew that this wouldn't be the last time. She was currently maneuvering some undercurrents in the dark which would lead to even crazier events than what just happened.   

If she faltered here, how could she shoulder the blame for future events to come? As such, Eva stood her ground and acted like she did nothing wrong.   

Draco's momentum faltered when he met with Eva's resistance. She knew him too well, they were one. As his soulmate and the mother of their child, he naturally couldn't stay angry at her for long and he felt most of his unhappiness slowly fade.   

Draco accepted that Eva was extremely hard to deal with, if not impossible. The woman downright only continued breathing because he was alive. The moment he took his last breath, she would stop breathing too.   

However, Hikari wasn't as skillful as Eva. She had spent less than a whole month with Draco, so despite her closeness and extreme loyalty, she was unable to maneuver drama easily.   

As such, she felt bad, like she had done something very wrong. Acknowledging this provided Draco with an opening to move onto her as a target.   

Draco spoke calmly. \"Did you sleep well, Hikari? You abandoned me and our child to sleep in the cold so harshly that I barely slept at all.\"  

How could Draco be so wicked and spout such vile words? The fellow had gone off to seed many sexually attractive women including Zaine, the Queen of Lust. How could he claim to have slept in the cold?  

Even Eva felt like smacking Draco on his back, but Hikari fell for it hook-line-and-sinker. Her face paled and her lips trembled as shame filled her.   

\"I-I…\" Hikari struggled to find the words to explain herself, and tears formed in her eyes.  

Eva frowned and glared at Draco judgmentally. She didn't say anything, but she didn't have to. Her piercing gaze said it all.   

Draco clenched his teeth under Eva's gaze and Hikari's pitiful sadness. Even he felt like he what he had done had been too despicable. It was obvious that Eva had been the ringleader behind everything whereas Hikari was merely a naive follower.   

However, because he had been unable to deal with the ringleader, he had chased after the henchwoman ruthlessly. This was no different from bullying the weak but fearing the strong.   

Draco sighed and gave up. \"But it's okay. I understand that you might have needed some space to think about stuff. Just please don't leave us alone again, okay?\"  

Hikari's eyes brightened and her lovely chest heaved. Her cheeks became red as the light of an intense love shone in her eyes.   


She didn't say anything else, but that one word alone and her current look made Draco feel ashamed. In the end, the trio went out to the courtyard.   

Richmond was there just as any other day. He briefly seemed surprised that Zaine wasn't around for today's session.  

However, her presence had never been crucial to the lessons anyway, so Richmond didn't waste more than a second on this line of thought.   

After sharing perfunctory greetings, Draco sat down and began casting without pause. He had crafted the Wand of Eternal Frost and banged Zaine for over 40 minutes, both of which tempered his will.   

As such, he shot out fireballs en masse, more than five of them back to back. As soon as his body started to cry for a break, he was immediately restored. He then sent out five wind blades, restored, then sent out five ice lances, restored and sent out five earth spikes...  

Draco was like a machine, as each spell took him less than a second to cast. In a matter of just three hours, an uncountable number of basic spells had been fired out by him.   

Draco then began firing out two lightning bolts, allowed himself to be restored, sent out two poison sludges, was restored again, then sent out two shadow tendrils. He even tried with Light Magic, casting an illumination spell that was basic to the Lumenmancer class.   

After working with the simple spells of the rarer elements, Draco began double casting them. He first double-cast the simple spells of the normal elements for over an hour.   

A total of six hours had passed since he began, putting it slightly beyond the afternoon. Draco tried to double cast a normal element simple spell and a rarer element simple spell.   

After four consecutive failures, he finally succeeded on his fifth attempt. Draco sent out a fireball and a lightning bolt at the same time, which made Richmond nod his head in satisfaction.   

Draco was making great progress. After experiencing one success, Draco slowly became more fluent with double casting this mix of spells together.   

He spent another three hours on this, making sure that he was able to create both spells in tandem in the shortest possible time. Even though these were the simplest spells of their respective categories/elements, Draco still found it had to maneuver them with ease. 

Draco's skill with both elemental categories slowly increased till the three-hour mark was up, and he could largely perform a double cast of this nature within 1.5 seconds.   

It took slightly longer because fueling the rarer element spell would obviously take longer due to it requiring a lot more to function. The disparity also created a slight imbalance that Draco had to rectify somehow. 

Draco released a breath he was holding. His face became serious as he finally began with his crazy plan that he had been working towards today.   

That's right, Draco was going to try double-casting rarer element spells!   

Absolutely crazy!   

This fellow had barely even started casting spells through subjective magic, yet he already dared to go this far… truly no sense of propriety or shame. 

It was akin to a person in their final days of driving school trying to Tokyo drift with the car. Unless they were the bastard child of Takumi Fujiwara, how could they succeed?  

Richmond saw what Draco was trying to do, and he was baffled. This apprentice of his was truly full of youthful vigor, underestimating the difficulty of things in the world.   

Still, he was slightly proud of Draco. This is how a student should be. One should always take the lessons of their teacher and try to take the extra one step forward. It was up to the next generation to blaze a new path and leave behind a legend.   

However, that didn't mean Richmond accepted that he would succeed in a mere 3 hours. Doing so would mean that Draco didn't need the title of the Mage God.   

After the quest ended, he could directly name himself the Mage Progenitor or something similar, because he could simply perform the impossible.  

Draco easily handled the first 3 stages of the Spell Formation, completing them within picoseconds. It was the final stage that gave him trouble all the time, which was using his will to gather resources to fuel the spell.   

As he pulled the Worldly Energy, Draco slowly began to lose out in terms of his will. While it had been tempered greatly, it wasn't strong enough to handle this kind of load.   

The spell shattered, and Draco panted like a dog. Richmond nodded as if he had expected this and cast a restoration spell. He didn't chide Draco nor did he give him any pointers. 

Failing was not something inherently bad. Learning from one's failures was the only way to succeed. 

Since Draco had chosen to blaze his own path for this particular bit, he would have to see it through on his own.   

Draco sighed and began again, refusing to give up while there was still some time. He passed through the first 3 stages with a whiz and then was once again blocked by the last stage.   

He failed once again. This repeated as Draco continuously failed over the next three hours without any hint of success. No matter how much he clenched his teeth, or how red his eyes became, Draco couldn't turn this failure around.   

Richmond quietly restored him every time. He acknowledged that Draco was an unparalleled talent that even probably slightly surpassed himself, but some things could not be accomplished simply because you wanted to. Some things would take time and effort no matter how talented one might be.   

Draco sighed and took it with a grain of salt. He had suffered many setbacks in his previous life, and those lessons he had learned allowed him to smoothly sail through this one.  

Suffering one now was acceptable, as it would make the feeling of success even sweeter when he reached that level.   

Draco left the courtyard with Hikari and Riveting Night. Once they returned to his room, they went to bathe each other and played around a bit. Hikari even tried to make some moves on Draco, as she was clearly ready for another egg. 

However, Draco dodged her easily. Even though Vita City State would speed up the process of egg-laying, Hikari might encounter some issues if she were to simply lay eggs like a hen.  

Only because she might be able to, didn't mean it was a good idea. 

Dragons had a low fertility rate with each other but could impregnate all lower species easily. It was bizarre, but it was there. 

The Dragobond allowed Hikari and Draco to have a higher chance of conception, and his sub-human genes also allowed the conception to become even more achievable due to its very nature.   

As stated before, it was incomparably easy for humans to impregnate anything or be impregnated by anything. 

Eva simply watched this with a smile. She had no intention of giving birth within Boundless yet, or even at all.  

While they accepted Boundless as a second reality, they would be harming their digital child.  

This was because their 'real' child would be able to enter this world at will, but their 'digital' child would only be able to exist in the confines of this world. 

If Boundless suddenly shutdown or prevented them from logging in, or was destroyed by an external entity, that child would be GONE.  

If Draco and Eva had planned to become like nearly every other human and remain logged into Boundless for so long that they would become one with the AI, that would have been fine. This was pretty much how Draco had thought in the previous timeline, and was where the world would head to.   

However, after encountering their true selves, Lucifer and Amaterasu, they knew that their path was far more complex than simply playing Boundless. 

Draco didn't mind creating a genealogy with NPCs like Hikari or Zaine, because that would be something he would leave in the world of Boundless as a legacy.   

But a child with him and Eva being left behind…? Forget it. It was not going to happen.   

Besides, due to the sheer power of Draco and Eva's bloodlines/existences, they could only afford to have one child, and even Lucifer and Amaterasu were unsure as to how powerful that child would be.   

Hikari could only sleep with her dissatisfaction, and Draco promised her that he would give her something good after the auction of the Rank 7 Shop. Hikari sighed and let it go.   

The trio slept peacefully that night, although Hikari was noticeably handsy during the night…  


The next morning heralded the 8th day of the training, meaning that there were 71 days until the auction of the Rank 7 Shop.   

Draco prepared breakfast for his group, but noticed that Zaine was absent. When he asked around, he learned that she had returned to Vita City State in order to use its benefits to hasten her childbirth.   

Not counting the maids, Draco had been very careful about the selection of genes he had given each woman, as it would directly affect their conception and how their pregnancy would function.  

Only Hikari and Eva would have to wait out the period of their pregnancy in full. Roma, Zaine and all the maids turned concubines would experience shorter pregnancy periods in the City-State.   

Starting from Roma, Draco should become a father in less than 3 weeks. After that, Zaine would be next, as Succubi had horrendously low gestation periods, just like nymphs.  

It should be around 1-2 months normally, however, because of the human's normal duration of 9 months, Zaine would need about 4 months normally. Inside the Vita City State, that was reduced by a factor of five, meaning that Zaine would need less than 4 weeks at most.   

She would be giving birth right after Roma, which was a truly crazy thing. 

Draco was looking forward to his children. 

Roma's child would be half Ultima Sunt, a quarter gypsy and a quarter human. 

Hikari's child should have been either a Black Dragon boy or White Dragon girl, but seeing as the system was unable to calculate it and some Ultima Sunt, as well as human genes, had been mixed in, only time could tell what it would become. 

Zaine's child, on the other hand, was far less mysterious. They would be a supreme devil.  

Just as with Roma, he had allocated 10% of his bloodline source to impregnate Zaine with the difference that the focus had been on his 'Devil' aspect. For some reason, the game gave him that attribute.  

Was it perhaps because lore-wise, Lucifer was a devil?