Guild Wars - Chapter 202

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Chapter 202: 202

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The City of Light was still as magnificent as ever, resembling a land of bliss. In the typical portraits of what heaven would look like in terms of architecture and aesthetics, the City of Light embodied.  

It was the kind of place that would have even the most filthy and evil man feel reverence and humble himself. Even Zaine's carefree smile disappeared as she became a lot more composed and respectful.  

This was the city of the True Gods in the mortal realm.  

As these two beauties came out and walked through the streets, many eyes naturally turned to the lascivious Zaine.  

The Church of Light was good but they weren't conservative. After all, there was more than just one True God, and the many types of gods all had different attributes.  

People were allowed to dress how they wanted, sleep with whomever they wanted and generally live their lives with freedom as long as they committed no evil in doing so. Evil in this sense referring to harming another.  

So, someone like Zaine was rare but not unprecedented, while some dressed like women from the era of nobles, so many layers of clothes that the shape underneath couldn't be seen.  

It varied based on the personality and preference of the man or woman. Nevertheless, Zaine was extremely enthralling and many fellows felt their loins stir as they watched her shapely chest bounce, as the succubus wore no bra.  

They couldn't stop staring at her fat behind as it jiggled with every step, proving that what lay underneath her dress was the softest and roundest butt in existence.  

One fellow could not take it anymore and approached Zaine with a gentle smile. \"Miss, are you busy?\"  

Zaine replied with a neutral expression. \"Yes, and I am taken.\"  

The fellow's face fell into a sad smile, as he bowed and walked away. The moment Zaine affirmed that she was taken, all attention on her dispersed. No matter how sexy she was, no one looked at her with interest anymore.  

This was the type of upbringing the people of the City of Light had received. They were free to pursue who they wanted and do what they liked, but the caveat was that by doing so they weren't allowed to harm anyone else.  

Since Zaine was taken, it would be attempting to harm her and her significant other by making a move on her. As such, she lost the interest of these people. 

Zaine was a succubus, so she naturally relished lustful intentions sent her way, but now that she belonged to Draco, she understood that some things would have to change.  

Just like how her mother, Supreme Succubus Crysta, had changed her style after becoming the woman of her father, she would have to do get used to doing the same.  

From now on, she would have to get used to only get some brief looks of desire, and get the rest of her fill from a certain someone. 

In her eyes, there was no parallel universe where Zaine would say 'No'. After tasting Draco once, she would never be able to be satisfied by another in her life and Zaine knew it, just like how Hikari and Roma knew.  

This was simply a minor event to Riveting Night, but only a devilkin, or more precisely, a succubus, would truly understand the serious implication of Zaine rejecting another male directly and proclaiming that she was taken.  

Riveting Night and Zaine soon came upon the humongous Cathedral that constituted the Church of Light itself. It wasn't opulent in the least, but its design was truly marvelous, causing one to feel like they were in the presence of divinity. 

Naturally, Zaine had never been to the City of Light or seen the Cathedral, but she was suitably awed and she felt her devil bloodline shake in the face of this aura. Devils and Demons were not allowed to exist in the same plane as the many races because they were seen as heretics.  

This wasn't something strange, as this bit of lore was a common aspect in all Western Fantasy media. Unsurprisingly, this section of Boundless had such a thing as well.  

Just like before, some altar boys and girls were in between their early and late teens. Most were average looking while some were ugly, but others were quite attractive.  

The Church of Light didn't discriminate or alienate anyone based on looks. They judged their personnel based on behavior, morality, and commitment to the cause. As long as their belief was there, even the ugliest hunchbacked person could have a future in the church.   

\"Hello madams, how can I be of help to you today?\" A short and chubby young fellow came up to greet them with a wide smile. Even though Riveting Night was hidden under her everdark hood, nothing could hide her curvy body.  

Let's not even start with Zaine. This boy who had just hit puberty was so smitten by these two goddesses that he had rushed over - nearly trampling his companion - to be the one to escort them around.  

Zaine smiled warmly at the young lad's enthusiasm, and even Riveting Night smiled with amusement under her hood. The fellow was truly innocent and naive, openly showing his infatuation like this.  

Riveting Night couldn't help but reminisce. This innocence... hadn't her Draco been just like this seemingly oh so long ago? Soon, this lad might grow up into a suave fellow who was a lady-killer.  

Only time would tell.  

\"We'd like to visit the Divine Auction.\" Riveting Night stated calmly.  

The fellow nodded and skipped along. \"Please follow me!\"  

Riveting Night and Zaine shared a look, following the fellow to a portal set into an arch that swirled with a bright blue color.  

The two women entered the portal and were whisked to an auditorium that looked like the Roman Colosseum, but with a stage in the middle as well as VIP rooms near the top.  

Upon entry, they were greeted by a pretty young girl who was quite slim, as well as possessing freckles on her face. \"Good day, my…\"  

This young girl's words halted as she saw Riveting Night. Her breathing became hurried and her face flushed deeply, her heart pounding suddenly in her chest.  

Riveting Night recognized this girl. Last month when she had come with Draco, the girl had seen her real face and had displayed intense emotions.  

Only, she had been a bit stout and chubby, but now she had slimmed down. Could it have been because she had eaten something? Or was it due to hard work?  

Against her better judgment, Riveting Night had let her live because she had been in an especially great mood, as Draco had affirmed his love for her and they had cleared out all their lingering regrets as well as their negativity. 

Ruining it by killing an innocent girl had seemed tasteless, so Riveting Night had stopped then. Now that she was seeing this girl again, Riveting Night was quite surprised.  

Was this an opportunity to correct her mistake... or was this a sign to let the girl live? 

The girl was showing an intense reaction, and even Zaine whispered to Riveting Night: \"I sense intense lust from her towards you. Has she seen your face before?\"  

Riveting Night nodded, which made Zaine's eyes gleam. \"Leave her to me.\"  

Riveting Night agreed and put the girl's behavior out of mind. She trusted that once Zaine handled the matter, everything would be cleared.  

\"We are here to attend the auction. When is it starting?\" Riveting Night asked.  

The girl stuttered but managed to answer. \"I-It's in… 10 minutes…\"  

Zaine stepped forth and captured the attention of the young girl. When she saw the sexy Zaine, her soul fled her body. She had been so fixated on Riveting Night that she had failed to take a good look at who Riveting Night had been with, and now that she did, her eyes couldn't leave Zaine's form.  

Zaine smiled seductively and spoke to the girl. \"Lead us to the best VIP room. We want privacy.\"  

This was something that was natural, so the girl nodded. \"Some other notable guests are visiting so apart from the room reserved for Master Draco, the other VIP rooms are booked.\"  

Riveting Night and Zaine's eyes flashed. This wasn't good news. Zaine had already gone to Sublime Notion to learn EVERYTHING about Draco and Umbra. 

If she was going to pave his road to the pinnacle of the world with gold, she would need to have a good grasp of the facts surrounding his existence.  

She had become a best friend and confidante to Roma, and in the short time befriended Hikari. If she claimed to know about Draco the second-best only Eva would dare to claim first. 

She had learned that last time they had visited, the Evil Duo had gained a huge haul because no other Rank 7 existence had been around at that time, so Draco's presence had been enough to pressure all.  

Now that they were present though, such a trick would no longer work. Now, it would develop into a financial showdown between Riveting Night and Draco against the Rank 7 powers.  

Riveting Night's budget this time was barely 150,000 platinum, which was the total amount of personal funds she and Draco had. Umbra's funds were currently being used to stabilize Vita City-State and handle the construction of various elements. 

Since Draco had chosen the hard path of its development, they would have to suffer the costs. With the Rank 7 Shop, they could mostly manage everything without worry, and their upcoming auction would make things easier. 

Not to mention that Riveting Night was visiting because of a certain material that the Church of Light possessed that had a high price tag.  

It was the scales of a Light Dragon! During the War of the Gods, the Church of Light had not been formed yet. At that time, many individual churches for each deity existed.  

After the war ended, many True Gods had perished while new True Gods ascended. Incidentally, Sigurd had been one of the most powerful ones to ascend. Even now, it was rumored that he was one of the most powerful True Gods around.  

When the Church was formed, Sigurd had tossed the corpses of all the Dragons he had slain to the Church. What use did he have for these dog things? He had already become True God.  

Even his killing of the Dragon Race had been nothing personal, just business. He wouldn't care if Draco and Hikari came to look for him if they became Origin Gods or whatever they felt was enough to kill him, though that was far into the future. For now, he was unaware of even their existence.  

Many of those corpses had been used over the centuries for various purposes. Now most of them were gone due to the repeat attacks by the Demon race. The majority of those materials had been used to craft armors and weapons to resist the Demons, and the number of materials had fallen to almost zilch. 

This was why Draco's Dragon's Blessing potion had been valued at more than 5,000,000 platinum per bottle. With 23 of them, the Church couldn't easily bear the cost, so they had deducted some reputation and handed him a Divine Chest which was priceless. 

Going one step beyond, they had allowed him to open it in the Divine Chamber. Not only did this protect Draco's secret of having a supreme item, more importantly, but it had also drastically increased the usually 30% chance of getting an item at the Rank of the treasure chest. 

If Draco did not have enough reputation with the Chruch at that time, this would naturally have been impossible even if the Church owed him over 100,000,000 platinum. They would simply find ways to pay him back with resources and the like.  

Now, Riveting Night had planned to purchase a set of scales belonging to a dead Light Dragon of the Supreme-Rank. The cost was not something that could easily be borne by the duo, yet they had to try.  

Thankfully, the recent fiasco with Vita City-State meant that the Church owed Draco and Umbra a deep favor. This favor could be exchanged for the right to buy the scales, but the price would still have to match the goods.  

Zaine's mind rapidly spun. She then revealed a devilish smile that made the young girl feel desire and fear at the same time.  

\"Lead us to Madam Carrie.\" Riveting Night said.  

The young girl complied and led the way while staying a few steps ahead of them. Meanwhile, Riveting Night approached Zaine.  

\"What did you cook up?\"  

Riveting Night had seen the gleam in Zaine's eyes, and she knew that meant the succubus had a plan. True to her belief, Zaine soon whispered to Riveting Night about a devilish plan so evil only a superior devil could have come up with it. 

\"Right now, you need money in order to outbid the Rank 7 powers in the auction, as well as for your transaction with the Church for the materials. The amount needed for this would certainly surpass 3 million platinum.\"  

\"The only way to get that much money in such a short time is by selling something of a high price. However, none of the valuable items you and Draco possess can be sold off so quickly while attracting that huge sum of cash.\"  

\"But there is one item Draco has in abundance that could turn the tables…\"  

Zaine's eyes gleamed with calculations. \"Aether Crystals.\"  

Before Zaine could continue, Riveting Night shook her head. \"Draco suspects that they will be crucial for his Magical Engineering. Not only that, but they are also important for his other Tradeskills. How can they be sold so easily?\" 

Zaine nodded. \"That is why we won't be selling them away permanently, but only temporarily.\"  

Suddenly, Riveting Night's eyes flashed. \"You want to sell the Aether Crystals to the Church at high prices, then regain them through the Rank 7 Shop's auction 70 days later.\"  

Zaine smiled brightly. Truly, Riveting Night, the most powerful female Immortal Adventurer in the world lived up to her name. She was able to grasp the meaning from just a few clues.  

Of course, Riveting Night might not be a schemer, but she wasn't an idiot. Once Zaine revealed a little, she was easily able to grasp the rest, wondering why she glossed over this.  

Zaine explained. \"The base price of an Aether Crystal at the low-grade is around 1,000 platinum. However, Draco used most of those for the City-State's formation, leaving only a few top-grade ones in his possession.\" 

\"He had also used the rest of the low-grade and medium-grade ones he had to imbue all that equipment for the Guild War. Luckily, he had gained the Aether Conversion ability and is able to produce four Aether Crystals every hour, with the weakest being at the medium-grade.\"  

\"Since then, approximately 247 hours have passed until this very moment. That means that assuming that every single Aether Crystal is at the minimum of medium-grade, Draco should have 1096 Aether Crystals on his person.\"  

\"Not counting those used, since the acquisition of this skill, we can assume that he should have a 1000 Aether Crystals, all at medium-grade or above.\"  

\"This is not taking into account the high-grade and top-grade Aether Crystals Sister Hikari produces in an hour. Even though her output is lower because she still has the basic Aether Production skill, her quality is higher.\"  

\"Draco had already announced his plans to set Aether Crystals as the main form of currency for the Rank 7 Shop's auction, and his biggest fear was that people would not have enough to pay.\"  

\"As such, we could easily sell what we have at this auction and let it fetch exorbitant prices, which would also be giving the various powers the currency to buy from us.\"  

\"How is this profitable? After all, we are simply giving out something we'll be taking back for things of equal value.\"  

Zaine's lips curled into an arrogant smirk. \"But is the value equal? No.\"  

\"Selling 1,000 medium-grade Aether Crystals, even at a base price of 10,000 platinum per piece, means that we could earn 10,000,000 platinum. With this amount, you should be able to suppress all in the auction, purchase the scales with ease and still be able to clear out Shuro's Shop, which is something that has been killing Draco all this while.\"  

Zaine's eyes flashed with a light of craziness as her brain whirled. \"When it comes time for the Rank 7 Shop, these powers armed with the funds we 'provide' them, they will have outbid each other in a price war, would happily give us back other Aether Crystals in exchange for the marvelous creations of Draco.\"  

\"If Draco had to use his own money to purchase raw materials, it would be a foolish endeavor, but he doesn't. Draco uses his Herald's Badge to take Common and Uncommon materials from Rank 1 and Rank 2 Shops to craft.\"  

\"These materials are then transformed by the two items, Pair Dadeni and Mjolnir into Epic variants. As such, Draco gains free Epic items which would have cost a lot at the cost of… nothing!\"  

\"Draco has no cost of production whatsoever! Every item he creates and sells is 100% profit!\"  

\"If Draco were to create items with his two crafting equipment, any Aether Crystal spent on them in any auction would be without incurring any losses!\"  

\"This is not even taking into account the fact that Draco is a Grandmaster of Enchanting, the only one in this entire age. The kind of weapons and equipment he can produce are enough to drain these hidden powers of all our Aether Crystals and then some of their own stock!\"  

\"After all, just the Eternal Growth passive on his two items for the Fire and Ice twins - by the way, they are extremely lovely, will they join the genealogy? - is enough to set the price of an item so high that only Aether Crystals can be used to pay for them.\"  

Zaine began to laugh at this point, and Riveting Night was joining in. Riveting Night immediately contacted Draco and informed him of everything she and Zaine had discussed.  

Draco simply replied by sending over 700 medium-grade Aether Crystals and 400 high-grade ones. According to him, the ratio of crystal quality per creation was 60% medium grade, 35% high-grade and 5% top-grade. Hikari has also produced some high-grade crystals, which he had added to the mix. 

He naturally kept the top-grade ones because their use was too great. Hikari's top-grade crystals were kept by him as well.  

With these crystals in hand, Riveting Night and Zaine couldn't help but feel victorious. They knew that before the battle had begun, the ending had been foregone.  

All this was thanks to the sharp mind of Zaine, which was fully activated for the purpose of making Draco gain all the benefits and powers of the world!  

If Mephisto knew that his usually lazy daughter was exploiting her gifts for Draco because the fellow had banged her senseless, how would he feel?