Guild Wars - Chapter 206

Published at 21st of November 2020 10:15:25 PM

Chapter 206: 206

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The bids rang out instantly, so many calls going out in a second that it was hard to keep track of how high it had reached. Forget just the VIPs, literally everyone in the auction was bidding now.  

However, many calmed down from their excitement when they realized that they didn't even have 10% of the price for the Aether Crystals, and they began to sweat.  

Their greed had almost led them into a pit. No one wanted to become the transgressor that went against the Church's rules. The winner of an auction was expected to be able to pay for it. 

 If one was not, well they would find out what exactly it entailed becoming blacklisted by one of the strongest powers in existence. 

As such, the bidding slowly regained its regularity as more and more voices kept quiet. However, the value offered from those few voices who continued to speak made one shiver.  

\"30,000,000 platinum.\" 

\"31,000,000 platinum.\" 

\"32,000,000 platinum.\"  

The bids were climbing slowly, and that was simply because no one had such a large lump sum of cash available. The Merchant Guild was one of the highest, with 20,000,000 on hand.  

Even this amount hadn't been enough to win the Orb of Worlds replica, much less 1,000+ Aether Crystals above the low-grade.  

The circumstances going on in the background of this bidding, from the choice of presentation, the quantity, the reception, and the accumulation were complex, were plentiful and each played a role in the bigger picture, so one must break it down bit by bit.  

First of all, the Church of Light had chosen to display it at all once, more importantly, they had done so right at the end, because many powers would save their funds for the final bidding. After all, whatever item was last was guaranteed to be a killer, one that couldn't be acquired anywhere else. 

An example was the previous Drake's Egg. Even though many were under the false belief that it was a Wyvern's Egg, the bidding had still been fierce. Even most of the Rank 7 powers initially only hated VIP room 1 solely because of the acquisition of egg, and not for any other reason.  

The Church had deliberated whether to sell them in batches of 100, in two separate auctions, privately for only the Hidden Powers after the auction, or in bulk.  

Eventually, Madam Carrie had decided to sell it in bulk because of the way the auction had played out. Aside from the Epic items, Riveting Night had purchased the most valuable and expensive items with her 'allowance'.  

Aside from other materials and items which did not surpass 200,000 platinum, she swallowed up everything else like an evil whale in a small pond.  

The ones below were not easily estimated, but those in the 11th to 50th rooms should have no less than one, but no more than two, million platinum.  

Nobody had the raw purchasing power to buy the whole bulk at once, yet the Church wasn't worried about that.  

After all, an item like the Orb of Worlds replica was a single one, and it couldn't be easily split by multiple powers. Sure, those powers could take turns or make a quota of how many people to send over, but nobody would think it fair. 

However, Aether Crystals were different! There was a surprisingly large quantity that could be shared easily. As such, just like the Church and Zaine had predicted, the various powers began contacting others to pool funds together! 

Why was this more beneficial compared to selling in batches? It was because of the demand for Aether Crystals! Being the number 2 in the list of the top ten greatest items of the world wasn't just for show.  

It would mean that everyone would sell off all their worldly possessions to be able to get one of those. The only thing even more desirable would be the number 1 item of that list.  

Divine Crystals!  

However, while Aether Crystals were rare, even more so the higher their rank, Divine Crystals were practically non-existent. The whole world objectively had only 3 of them, all were in the possession of the Church, this was an established fact! 

Only Gods could have them, as Divine Crystals were similar to Aether Crystals, a purified crystallization of a certain energy.  

Since Aether Crystals had such a high demand, the bidding would not stop until one power completely suppressed all others and took them all away, due to the fact that they were sold in bulk! 

With every passing second, more and more powers began contacting those below them in the crowd, the various Rank 6 powers, roping them to their side and promising them benefits in exchange for their cash.  

As such, the top 50 VIP rooms went wild, each of them bidding like mad. They each contacted those in the 51st to 300th rooms, promising them equivalent shares of the Aether Crystals based on how much they could contribute.  

Soon, the bids surpassed forty million platinum, and the majority of the 11th to 50th rooms gave up, rather opting to send their funds to the higher-ranked rooms in exchange for the same terms they had offered others.  

This was exactly the result that Zaine had wanted to see. She knew that this would continue on until there were only two bidders left, and the one with the most people on their side would win.  

If the 700 medium-grade ones had been put forth, this same scenario would occur. But then why was it an inferior version compared to selling at as a batch? Because the current effect would be a one-time scenario. 

For example, the total value of the medium-grade Aether Crystals was seven million platinum. If the final two parties managed to amass around seventy million platinum each, one would win by having a slightly higher margin. 

Selling those medium-grade Aether Crystals at a 1000% profit was crazy good. 

But what would happen next? 

Afterward, the high-grade Aether Crystals would be brought out, with a base price of twenty million. At that moment, the joyful party that had spent seventy million for medium-grade crystals would become shocked and horrified.  

The other party who had maintained their wealth, on the other hand, would laugh with glee, purchasing the high-grade crystals without any competition, sending over another seventy million easily!! 

Or so a person with no comprehension of money and spending would say. 

After both parties had shown their hand, the aftermath would be a foregone conclusion.  

One party - consisting of likely half the combined powers - had just emptied out their pockets, so the other party could simply offer to pay the bare minimum.  

Even if some of the forces who had decided to keep out now wished to enter, the remaining party would ultimately outbid them by the bare minimum as it now had the biggest financial donger! 

So, while one would now have ninety or so million, they would have lost out greatly, as the more expensive and valuable item would have been swept away for a price at the base cost or somewhat above it.  

The best one would get would be the laughs and satisfaction from the face slap or reaction from the party who had bid seventy million for while the others got the better item for way less, but who in their right mind would prioritize that over benefits??? 

The next best option would be to sell the crystals in two different auctions. Following the earlier example, one side would bid seventy million and sweep away the medium-grade ones.  

Then afterward, the Church would heavily advertise the high-grade one, sending the various powers into a furor as they gathered funds for the bidding to come.  

They would sell their resources, lands and precious items for cash in order to bid for the high-grade Aether Crystals.  

At that time, the price would naturally be earth-shaking and heaven-defying! 

But this would harm Draco and Riveting Night. As has been continually stated, money was not a problem, but it was resources they needed.  

Even the auction Draco planned to host would not be accepting money, only Aether Crystals, and resources of equivalent value. What need did he have for huge sums when he had the Rank 7 Shop?  

Even if he was absolutely hurting for cash in situations where he wanted to buy stuff, like with Shuro's shop, he could easily just rack up Aether Crystals and sell them, like now.  

Resources could easily be transferred to money, but not the other way round.  

Another point was that the Hidden Powers would be selling their good stuff away to other powers, not to Draco himself. As such, if they came to the player auction, they could only be able to use his own crystals to buy items.  

If they used them all, Draco would have to buy-in his own stuff, which was seen as an extreme failure for an auction! 

Zaine's meticulously crafted plan would backfire so badly that she would look like one of those cartoon villains who spent every episode crafting plans only to subsequently get blasted off into the sunset. 

However, by selling in bulk, both powers would use all their available funds to bid, while leaving some for Draco's auction later on. Besides, using the above example, seventy million was more than enough to last the Evil Duo for months to come.  

Assuming nothing like Shuro's Shop popped up to swallow all his money like a whale, of course. Who knew when such a mutually beneficial event could occur?  

If they used this method, the secondary powers would be able to afford more when his auction came around, meaning that Zaine's plan would succeed 100%!  

\"65,000,000 platinum!\" Called the same gentle and calm voice from room 4. It was clear that they must have swallowed up all the funds of the various powers beneath them.  

\"66,000,000 platinum!\" Said the snarky voice from room 3. It was clear that he too had roped in the roughly a half of the auction under his banner.  

Currently, only these two voices called out the bids, while the rest looked on with trepidation, interest, and envy. They wished they could be the ones throwing about such exemplary amounts, but the best they could do was offer up their money in exchange for a mosquito's share of the bounty.  

Currently, of the 5 pinnacle VIP rooms, room 5, 2 and 1 were not bidding for some strange reason.  

VIP room 5 had only bid once throughout the entirety of auction, and it had been a deep and menacing voice that spoke. However, that voice continued to remain silent ever since then, and one could only wonder which power resided there. 

As for room 1, they had also been silent after greedily swallowing the best items of the action so far. This could only mean one thing...  they must have finally run out of funds! 

This was to be expected, as they had easily spent over twenty-five million platinum so far. If they still had money to bid, then the Divine Auction might as well have been hosted only for them.  

As for room 2, both rooms 3 and 4 knew that they were simply presiding over everything. No matter what, they would get a share of this after the auction was over.  

The Merchant Guild in room 3 and the Mage Association in room 4 knew this, as the entity in room 2 was naturally the War Maniac Pavilion! This was the supreme power of the world, representing the strongest military force! 

If Boundless were to be likened to earth, then the War Maniac Pavilion would be like having the USA, Russia and China's military power all in one.  

Who was supposed to stand against that?  

Only the Church of Light stood equal to the War Maniac Pavilion, and their relationship was just like brother and sister. Both powers mostly used their power to protect the world. 

Before VIP room 1 was occupied by Draco and his squad, VIP room 2 had been the pinnacle. This was why many powers were scared and suppressed by VIP room 1, even though they came out of nowhere.  

Who the hell could sit above the War Maniac pavilion in the eyes of the Church? Such a power clearly meant that they should have a Divine item or something of equivalent value in hand.  

That was why Draco dared not let his presence be known as the owner of VIP room 1. If everyone were to learn he had a bonafide Divine item, he would come crawling to the AI begging it to return his ability to respawn endlessly instead of three times a day.  

\"70,000,000 platinum!\" 

\"71,000,000 platinum!\"  

\"71,500,000 platinum!\" 

\"71,700,000 platinum!\" 

\"71,800,000 platinum!\" 

The bids began to slow down at this amount, and now both parties in either room were not as relaxed. Their voices were strained, and they were at their wit's end.  

They each tried to contact rooms 5, 2 and 1 for help, but the former two did not respond. In fact, room 1 promised to give them an eternal supply of Aether Crystals if they swore allegiance to the faction behind them, leading to both parties abandoning any further negotiations.  

Just because you were in room 1 didn't mean you could act wildly and boast. Even the War Maniac Pavilion didn't dare to make such a claim, much less an unknown power like you.  

Zaine could only snicker and sigh. If the leaders of either organization discover the truth, wouldn't they torture these two to death? Wouldn't they come to them, kowtowing to become their dogs, just as some opportunistic guild leaders had tried to do with Umbra? 

As for her, she was currently draining the negativity from Riveting Night's mind. She couldn't do it as easily as Draco might have been able to, since Draco's spawned mostly from his Horned Demon bloodline, which had control over hell and the seven deadly sins.  

As such, she required time and effort, but she was making good progress. Riveting Night's hood hadn't been pulled down, but the eternal darkness had been dispelled due to her trance, allowing Zaine to see her perfect face.  

Even Zaine had to admit that the Goddess of Beauty, Aphrodite, would pass over her title to Riveting Night apologizing for having ever pronounced herself as superior. Her face was too perfect, with no flaw in shape, form or design.  

It was like she was designed to embody what the word 'beauty' meant, or in Eastern terms, it was like she was the personification of the Dao of Beauty.  

It was no wonder that one look at her face had turned that pretty girl aide of Madam Carrie from a generally asexual girl to a lesbian in one go. Perhaps no one but Riveting Night could do this.  

Zaine cleared all meaningless thoughts from her mind as she focused on her task. While the bids had been going on for over half an hour and were now reaching the crawling point, Riveting Night's expression slowly eased up.  

Now, she mostly looked calm, although her eyes and lips twitched a little every now and then. Even her breathing stabilized and her aura became less malicious.  

When the price had reached seventy-two million platinum outside, Zaine lowered her hands from Riveting Night's forehead. The Succubus was sweating and looked strained, as her breasts heaved vigorously.  

Yet, one could not hide the look of victory and satisfaction on her face. Not a few seconds later, Riveting Night opened her eyes, revealing swirl of the purest darkness.  

Zaine's heart skipped a beat, because it was like she was looking into the deepest, darkest abyss. 

However, Riveting Night's eyes returned to their normal pitch-black color in a split second, and they focused on Zaine. Zaine could see a scrutinizing glance, which then changed into one of gratitude.  

\"Thank you.\" Riveting Night said simply, but Zaine felt extremely excited deep down. She knew her actions now were definitely not small, and it was likely she had built up great favor with her.  

As long as she gained the favor of Riveting Night, it was synonymous with gaining the favor of Draco. It was only thanks to Riveting Night that she, Roma and Hikari were allowed to be with Draco.  

If today, Riveting Night asked Draco to send them all away, or merely suggested it, Zaine had no doubts that Draco would do so without hesitation. 

Roma and Hikari were lost in their love for him, so they were blinded, but Zaine was incomparably clear. 

Since Zaine had entered Draco's camp for life, she wanted to make sure that Riveting Night wouldn't change her mind about keeping herself and Draco's other women around, because Zaine recognized the value of Draco building a genealogy. 

\"No problem.\" Zaine replied subserviently.  

After this exchange between the two of them, the Aether Crystals were finally sold off for seventy-five million, which instantly moved Draco up to the richest man in the world.  

This was only possible because many powers had pooled together ALL of their funds to bid for their items. No one power could claim to have this much on their person which they could spend.  

「Congratulations on your successful sale 


49,250,000 platinum」 

As such, the Divine Auction came to an end. Riveting Night had spent twenty-five million, seven hundred and fifty thousand platinum on all the items, each of which had great uses to Draco and Umbra as a whole. 

That was the amount the Church deducted before handing the rest to Riveting Night. Since they stated that no fees would be charged, they held onto it.  

Last time, Draco and Riveting Night had skipped the after party of the Divine Auction, and Riveting Night skipped this one too. She went with Zaine towards the office of Madam Carrie, ready to battle for the scales of a Light Dragon. 

Riveting Night only glanced at the half-naked body of the pretty girl, whose eyes were glazed over in euphoria as she panted on the bed, her robes askew. There was a damp patch on the sheets of the bed Zaine spawned, and it covered a good half of the linens.  

Riveting Night shook her head with amusement. After being taught a lesson by Zaine, this girl should know better than to desire after her. If anything, this desire would be shifted to Zaine.  

Since the girl wasn't to Draco's tastes, she would never join the genealogy and she was a part of the Church of Light anyway.  

However, were things so easily resolved? After seeing Riveting Night's perfect face and being manhandled by Zaine, this girl would not be able to let go.  

But her matter was only something on the side. Right now, the true question was how much Riveting Night would have to cough up for Madam Carrie to sell the scales to her. 

After all, the Church needed such things themselves too.