Guild Wars - Chapter 209

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Chapter 209: 209

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Draco's sudden smirk made Shuro feel even more uneasy, but he calmed down.  

Last time, Draco had demanded for him to stay there no matter what, so him coming here could only mean that the fellow had somehow gathered the funds to purchase his items.  

If his shop was truly cleared out, it would be even better for him.  

\"How can I help you, Lord Draco?\" Shuro asked calmly.  

Draco smiled as he prompted Shuro: \"Please open the shop for me.\" 

As if programmed by a coder from the early 10's, Shuro gave a very iconic response before the shop screen popped up before Draco.  

\"Shuro has wares, if you have platinum.\" 

Draco ignored that and surveyed the 10 items as if to make sure, they hadn't changed and were actually there.

「State of Being Upgrade Potion – Consumable  

Rank: Legendary (100% effectiveness)  

Effect: Permanently upgrade one's racial State of Being to one Rank higher.  

Price: 60,000 platinum」

「God's Heraldry – Consumable  

Rank: Legendary (100% effectiveness)  

Effect: Become the herald of a random True God on this plane.  

Price: 170,000 platinum」

「Phoenix Contract – Consumable  

Rank: Legendary (100% effectiveness)  

Effect: Allows one to gain a Phoenix mount with an excellent attack, defense, and support capabilities.  

Price: 210,000 platinum」

「Privateering – Legendary Tradeskill 

Effect: Learn how to sail the monster-infested seas and build ships that can survive the deep waters.  

Price: 80,000 platinum」

「Scrivener – Legendary Tradeskill 

Effect: Learn how to transform learned and theoretical techniques into skillbooks through writing.  

Price: 500,000 platinum」

「Merchant King – Legendary Quest Scroll  

Effect: Provide one with the \"Merchant King\" class change quest.  

Price: 30,000 platinum」

「Seneschal – Legendary Quest Scroll  

Effect: Provide one with the \"Seneschal\" class change quest.  

Price: 30,000 platinum」

「Great Commander – Legendary Quest Scroll  

Effect: Provide one with the \"Great Commander\" class change quest.  

Price: 30,000 platinum」

「Lightfire – Fusion item 

Rank: Legendary  


Passive 1 – Purification: Cleanse all darkness and evil in the world. Every Light or Fire based skill, spell or technique will deal 1,000% more damage to evil beings.  

Passive 2 – Light's Might: Light and Fire based skills, spells or techniques deal 500% more damage.  

Active 1 – Inferno: Purge the world of all dirt. Send out a shockwave of heat and light that deals 800% Light damage and 800% Fire damage over an Area Zone. Cooldown: 7 days.  

Price: 300,000 platinum」

「Purefire – Fusion item 

Rank: Legendary  


Passive 1 – Clear Mind: All status effects relating to the mind and soul are unconditionally resisted.  

Passive 2 – Clear Body: All status effects relating to the body are unconditionally resisted.  

Active 1 – Heartfire: Expel all the negativity in a target's heart and body, bringing about perfect mental and physical stability. Cooldown: 1 day.  

Description: This is a flame that was birthed due to the presence of purity, a legendary mystic flame born from the power of the soul. Ranked number 2 out of the Great Ten Mystic Flames.  

Price: 350,000 platinum」

These items could be used and abused in such horrifying ways that Draco began to sweat. This would be his first step in completely breaking the balance of Boundless' world, shattering it until it only revolved around himself.  

Just like before, the total came to 1.79 million platinum, the only difference being that he could actually afford it. Draco waved his hands magnanimously and paid for everything directly.  

Originally, the Evil Duo had about 150,000 platinum going into the Divine Auction. Even after Riveting Night's shopping spree, she had come home with 49.25 million platinum, increasing their total funds to around 49.4 million platinum.  

After deductions, they now had about 47.61 million platinum in total, which was more than enough to buy anything they desired.  

Shuro watched with a deadpan expression as his shop was cleared out. His red eyes flashed and his hands tidied up his robe as well as his samurai hat.  

Draco originally had some filthy plans for this fellow, as retribution for previously withholding these treasures from him, which was why Shuro had felt uneasy at first.  

However, with such good loot in hand, Draco reverted to a basic gamer, and he had no time to be evil. He quickly rushed off with Qiong Qi lightly jogging behind him, leaving Shuro behind.  

The strange samurai watched Draco rush off and muttered something under his breath. He then slashed his katana out into the empty air at so fast a speed that an afterimage had been left.  

A spatial tear was ripped open with his blade and the samurai walked through it slowly, using some strange means to close it as his body disappeared to the other side.  


Draco reached his room and smiled as he arranged the items before himself. His eyes flashed as his brain sorted his thoughts into plans on how to best allocate them all.  

After all, he wasn't planning to swallow all these items. Some had no utility to him personally, but would benefit Umbra greatly. As such, he had to pick and choose who would use these items and when.  

First up was the State of Being Potion.  

「Effect: Permanently upgrade one's racial State of Being to one Rank higher.」  

An effect like this was absolutely amazing. However, one needed to pay close attention to the entire description. Otherwise, they might get surprised that they don't end up climbing a Rank on the general State of Being rankings. 

For example, a Dragon drinking this wouldn't become an Ultima Sunt, but a Low-Rank Dragon would become a Medium Rank one. 

Draco wasn't going to use it on himself, as that would be scarily foolish. After all, the system had already given him a free path to reach the pinnacle with the only downside being that it was tied to his Rank.  

Why would he waste this precious resource when he could eventually reach the pinnacle with his own effort? It would be counter-intuitive. 

Then who to give it to? Eva?  

At least not until she gained the bloodline compatibility trait in its fullest. Just like Madam Carrie and Zaine had felt, Eva's Sun Goddess form had the potential to be rated as a Divine entity by the game.  

The only problem was that an in-game Sun Goddess already existed, so Eva trying that would provoke unlimited troubles, hence why she had suppressed it.  

She had three Inheritances, the Celestial Maiden, the Goddess of Light and the Abyssal Eye. The first two promised her Divinity while the last one would be her becoming equal to the highest Rank of Void Monster, which was the Void Creator, a General Rank World Boss.  

In the previous timeline, Eva's bloodline purity had been just below the level needed for this - at 80% back then - but everything changed in this timeline. The previous 90% had even increased by another 2%, so now her 'base' purity was 92%. 

If this continued, Eva would reach 99% like Draco, and one could only shiver in fear of when that time came. She had been slightly weaker than the other two prodigies in terms of purity, but her skills in the previous timeline had completely made up for it.  

Putting this aside, Eva was not an ideal candidate. Neither was Zaine, nor Roma, as they were already at the pinnacle of their respective forms.  

The Ultima Sunt bloodline in both Draco and Roma could not be upgraded in any way, unless through ranking up. This was the consequence Draco had chosen when the game had asked him how he wanted to handle the racial assimilation.  

So, the only other choice left would be Hikari! 

She was a Supreme Ranked Dragoness, so if she were to drink this… 

Hm, wait…  

Wouldn't she become…? 

A God Ranked Dragoness?! 

Haha, naive thinking. How could a Legendary potion grant someone the benefits of divinity? A God Ranked Dragon was the equivalent of a True God, a being that could produce endless Divine Energy at their wish.  

For that, a Divine potion would be needed.  

Draco was stumped. He decided to keep the potion in his inventory for now. In the future, he could give it to his children or even his soon to hatch Drake's egg. It would be a Low-Rank Dragon, so he could send it to Medium Rank from a young age.  

Next was the God's Heraldry.  

「Effect: Become the herald of a random True God on this plane. 」  

Draco did not plan to use this either. He was perfectly content with Richmond, not to mention he had beef with the True Gods, albeit ever so slight. This was due to his Ultima Sunt matter, though perhaps it had worsened because of him fathering children with traits of them.  

He put it aside for Eva. As a potential Goddess of Light and a Celestial Maiden, she was the best candidate. Like Draco, she would be locked at the second highest State of being below her Inheritances.  

Draco's bloodline ensured that he should be a peak Dragon God at the least. When he broke through 99% and reached 100% of his bloodline, he would become the equivalent of a Primogenitor Dragon.  

However, he had been suppressed to Supreme Ranked Dragon, which was the best below divinity. It wasn't just for balance purposes, but granting him that would violate an actual law of the game. 

To cross into divinity, one could not just be born into it unless they had Origin God parents like Rila.  

Hikari, who had a Dragon God father and a God Ranked mother, became a Supreme Rank at adulthood. 

Sigurd, a great hero, had chosen to slay the entire Dragon Race to acquire divinity.  

Even Richmond and co, who seemed so unwholesomely powerful, were at best, 0.25 Gods. Normal Rank 7 'Gods' were at best, 0.001% Gods. 

However, as long as Eva could get her bloodline recognized, she would be close enough. She would face fewer bottlenecks than Draco in becoming Divine, due to the nature of her Inheritances.  

The next item was the Phoenix Mount Contract.  

「Effect: Allows one to gain a Phoenix mount with an excellent attack, defense, and support capabilities.」  

This would be the best mount for Eva in the entirety of Boundless. Her bloodline would resonate with a Phoenix so strongly that they could bond on a deeper level.  

What was a Sun Goddess? One who controlled the light of the Sun. Even though Eva had little to do with the heat aspect, it didn't change what her General Aspect involved.  

What was a Phoenix? It was a bird of the purest fire, an entity that was born at the core of the sun. What kind of relationship would the Sun Goddess and a Phoenix have?  

Draco suspected that should Eva reach 95% as he had, she could become a Supreme Ranked Light Phoenix, just like how he had become a Supreme Ranked Black Dragon at 95%.  

He put this contract aside for her as well.  

Next was the Privateering Tradeskill. 

「Effect: Learn how to sail the monster-infested seas and build ships that can survive the deep waters.」  

Draco was the most torn about this one. As stated earlier, the slots for his Tradeskills were limited, and the ones he had already learned could not be removed.  

As such, he had been careful about the Tradeskills he chose. Alchemy, Enchanting and Blacksmithing were the core of the Tradeskill world, something that was imperative for one who aimed for the top.  

Of course, there was the fact that he had trained in them extensively in the past so… 

Along with that, Draco took Taming because he couldn't raise the Drake's egg without it. He also took Cooking and Brewing, because these two were another bunch of fundamentals.  

Not mentioning his ability to abuse them, Cooking and Brewing were two Tradeskills with the easiest learning curves. Brewing wasn't limited to alcohol, and included simpler beverages like soft drinks and the like.  

As long as Draco could find the right ingredients, he could even brew any soda from the outside world in the game! 

He had also learned Tactics for his warfare. Zaine might be a schemer, but that pertained to political and financial aspects. In matters of war, she knew dogshit, and her intelligence was discovered long after he had learned the Tradeskill anyway.  

Finally, Draco had Magical Engineering, which would pave the way for his empire. A Magical Engineer could influence a whole Divine Empire, which was crazy. As an Epic Tradeskill, it was definitely bordering on Legendary.  

If only there wasn't the astronomical cost to level it up...  

He also saved slots for Scrivening and the possible secret of the Refinement God's Treasury Unique Quest. Not to mention that he could always encounter more Legendary Tradeskills in the future. With any luck, Shuro would perhaps bring more of them on his next visit. 

As such, Privateering wasn't too crucial. It would only really play a role when he went to ransack Poseidon's Vault of the Deep.  

As seen when Draco and Eva went to the Underwater Wreckage Dungeon, the maritime development of the world was poor. The Sea Zones were deadly, more than 3 times harder to traverse through than their counterparts, the Field Zones.  

Draco put this one in his inventory. He had an idea of who could use this Tradeskill to its best, but he would have to seek the fellow out. That would require him to make a long journey... 

Next was Scrivening.  

「Effect: Learn how to transform learned and theoretical techniques into skillbooks through writing.」  

As for this, there was no need to deliberate. Draco learned it immediately.  

「Congratulations on learning skill(s) 

Scrivener: 1, 0%」 

Draco planned to delve into its secrets at a later date. As such, he moved onto the next item, which was the Merchant King class change quest.  

「Effect: Provide one with the \"Merchant King\" class change quest.」 

As for this, he planned to let Money Lover undertake this quest. With the Merchant's Guild, he had exchanged land in Vita City State for the right to allow three people to undertake the 'Money is Power' Quest.  

He originally planned to send Money Lover there, but now there was no need. Both quests gave new classes, but the Merchant King was a whopping Legendary class.  

Since he already had one of the best candidates under his banner, he felt no worry.  

Next was the Seneschal class change Quest. 

「Effect: Provide one with the \"Seneschal\" class change quest.」  

This was ideal for Sublime Notion. Draco knew a bit about the Seneschal class because of Hellscape and Darkrow's Kingdoms. Aides to the King/Queen ranged from the Royal Aide, Advisor, Chamberlain and finally Seneschal. 

This was a class that was built for administrative duties. A person with this class could even turn a derelict and failing Kingdom into an Empire with relative ease.  

Not only that, but the Seneschal was seen as the last line of defense for any Emperor.  

Such a person was supposed to have the best magical skills, and they were rumored to have been only below the Mage God in the old era.  

At the time, Draco had assumed that they meant a Rank 7 Mage, but with the revelation of the Titled Gods, he couldn't see how powerful Sublime Notion could become. 

Nowadays, Seneschals were like Qilin horns and Dragon feathers. Most Emperors had Chamberlains at best, and so a Seneschal would greatly benefit Vita City State.  

Draco would have to co-ordinate Sublime's quest properly, and have Zaine manage the City State while she was away. However, he would have to wait for the succubus to give birth first.  

Next was the Great Commander class change quest.  

「Effect: Provide one with the \"Great Commander\" class change quest.」  

This quest was tailored for Slim Fatty. Her Sword Saintess class was definitely great, but it was Semi-Epic at best. Compared to a Legendary class, it was like trying to compare boobs to butts.  

Given her military upbringing, she was practically born for this quest.  

Draco put it aside as well. He was now left with the two most crucial items of the whole batch.  

It was the Lightfire and Purefire Mystic Flames. Lightfire would definitely go to Eva, as it would enhance her light-based skills greatly, but Draco was unsure about the Purefire.  

He had bonded with the Flame of War, and - even if he could - he didn't need any other flame, truth be told. As such, Purefire did not attract him in any way.  

Besides, its effects made one immune to any status effects of both body and mind, as well as giving one the ability to cleanse another. This was the kind of item one would give to a saint or healer.  

Draco was pondering about giving it to Hikari, but the problem was once he did, that would be it. She would not be able to use another Mystic Flame, even if there might be one better suited for her.  

As such, Draco put Purefire aside.  

Draco turned around to see Qiong Qi folding his arms while watching him calmly. It was clear that this Lion had seen every item he had put down, so how could the shameless fellow not have designs?  

\"Good to see Brother Draco is working hard. As Brothers for life, it isn't too surprising to say that what's yours is mine and what's mine is yours.\" 

Qiong Qi patted his chest with a loving smile. 

\"However, I also recognize the pains my darling Brother went through, as such, I shall be magnanimous and leave you with 20% of the loot. Please transfer my share post-haste, I have a spa appointment.\" 

Draco was indifferent on the surface, but deep down he wanted to beat Qiong Qi until his mother would be unable to recognize him. How dare he try and twist their brotherhood like this?  

Not even a hyena would do such evil! 

\"I'm sorry Brother Qiong, but these items belong to others. If they were mine, how could I not share them with you? Alas… you should've told me earlier.\" 

Draco had an expression of lament and difficulty, which made Qiong Qi feel like this Brother of his was truly someone from the same womb as himself.  

\"No matter. As your Brother, how could I chase you after such petty matters? Even though it seems others take some precedence over me, to me, you are my number 1.\" 

Qiong Qi's reply came millimeters close to making Draco blow his top, but some breathing exercises helped him restrain himself.  

Draco laughed and patted Qiong I on the shoulder. \"No worries. You can go to one of the maids for them to arrange a special room for you.\" 

Qiong Qi nodded. \"Even though this Castle is below me, it is still your home and your standard of living, Brother Draco. As such, I'm willing to sacrifice my dignity to reside here on your behalf. No need to thank me.\" 

Qiong Qi then strutted out with his head held high, ignorant of the murderous look Draco was giving him.