Guild Wars - Chapter 217

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Chapter 217: 217
Draco pondered over his choices carefully before going with the second option .   

"I would rather suffer now and increase my tolerance passively, as opposed to doing it bit by bit over a long period of time . " 

Loving Aunt pursed her lips at this and sighed . "You truly are your father's son . Masochism runs in the family . " 

Her face became serious after her tease . "Since you have chosen this path, I shall spend the next 5 days taking you through the basics of all the Serpent God Inheritance techniques that are universal . The rest will depend on your own training . " 

Draco nodded .  Even 5 days seemed like a lot to him, as he expected everything to take three days or less .  All Loving Aunt would need to do would be to show him how to execute the techniques themselves .   

Once Draco could do so himself, or as long as he had learned the relevant theories, he would have to spend the rest of the time practicing on his own to fully grasp it . That would take time, and it wasn't something that Loving Aunt needed to be around for .   

"There are 5 general techniques in the Serpent God Inheritance that we have developed over the centuries to their optimal states . " 

Loving Aunt began by explaining the general knowledge of the techniques as well as how much they would cost .  

"The first is the Basic Manifestation Technique . This is something I've already explained and it's something you can already use so we'll skip that . " 

"The second is the Advanced Manifestation Technique, and you have experienced that one with my help during the fight with the Metal Dragon . This technique allows us to temporarily summon a full-body version of our Serpentine Familiars into the world . " 

"We would have to provide a hefty amount of bloodline energy for this summon, and the control required is extremely high . This surpasses the mere visualization needed for the Basic Manifestation Technique, as one would need to give life and will to their familiar . " 

"Only the most talented members of our lineage can use this .  Most just stick to the Basic version .  Who else but you could claim to possess a living incarnation of their Serpentine Familiar who is able to control themselves, my dear nephew?" 

"The third is the Basic Transformation Technique . This involves transforming a part of your body to mimic your Serpentine Familiar . It could be your hands into claws, your eyes into sclera, or your legs into a tail . " 

"However, the Basic Transformation Technique has limits . Your transformed body parts only exhibit the physical effects of the transformation, not the spiritual or supernatural elements . " 

"In other words, if you use the Basic Transformation Technique to turn your head into that of your Black Dragon, you would only be able to chomp people to death, but be unable to breathe fire . " 

"Like the Advanced Manifestation Technique, the Advanced Transformation Technique has very few users due to the sheer difficulty of changing one's body at a fundamental level . Not to mention that the energy drain is truly horrific . " 

"The fifth and final technique is the Ability Bond Technique . This allows you to display some of the unique powers of your Serpentine Familiar permanently . " 

Loving Aunt paused here and seemed to ponder a bit, adding: "Actually, if we put it in Boundless' terms, you could say the first four are like active skills and the last one is a passive skill . " 

"Only that before you can use it, you would have to 'activate' it and 'configure' it . This naturally depends on your Serpentine Familiar's nature and power, as well your own control over your bloodline and your available bloodline energy . " 

"Do you have any questions?" Loving Aunt asked as she settled down after that long explanation .   

Draco mulled over her explanation and found a point of interest for himself . "Earlier you said that those are the techniques which were developed into their optimal states, so are there any techniques that haven't yet been verified for general use?" 

Loving Aunt's expression changed and she seemed to hesitate for a split second, before shaking her head with a bitter smile .   

"This is normally reserved for the upper echelon in the Lineage, but I cannot really withhold it from our prodigy . After all, information like this should be known to your little wife through her own family . " 

"There are three techniques that have been developed, dating back to the times of those genius ancestors who were blessed with the Serpent God Array major . Since then, the most promising clan members have tried to further improve on them, but this is easier said than done because they have stringent requirements for practice and failure to use them could cripple or kill the user . " 

"We'd certainly love to empower our people, but teaching them those techniques would be simply sending them to death . " Loving Aunt answered with a bitter smile .   

"The first is the Ultimate Manifestation Technique . This is the most powerful version of the manifestation techniques . It allows us to summon our Serpentine Familiars into the world… permanently . " 

"The second is the Ultimate Transformation Technique . This is also the most powerful version of the transformation techniques . It allows us to transform into a humanoid version of our Serpentine Familiar at will, emulating all of its power when we do so . " 

"The third and most outrageous of them all was discovered recently, and it even has to do with you and your little wife . " Loving Aunt smirked as she looked at Draco strangely .   

"It is the Atavism Technique! This is an advanced version of the Ability Bond, and it allows the user to emulate the full aspect of their Inheritance . This is not exclusive to the Serpent God Inheritance, so the Horned Demon and the Dark Angel inheritances have it as well . " 

"These three are techniques no one in our Lineage is able to practice, but it might be possible for you to…" Loving Aunt said uncertainly .   

"Not to doubt you or your prowess my darling nephew, but I've seen many harmed while simply practicing these techniques, so I approved that they have been declared banned . I know that you are our prodigy and, given your bloodline purity, you are probably the only one who can do it, but…" 

Loving Aunt seemed to deflate a little . "I just don't want anything to happen to you . " 

Draco's heart warmed in that instant as he felt his aunt's intense care and worry for him . He smiled and shook his head . "Do not blame yourself, Aunt Fyre, I am thankful I have a great aunt like you who worries for me . It makes me feel safe in your presence . " 

It has to be said that Sublime Notion and Maria's training in Draco's past life has simply been too potent . Even on his aunt, the fellow sub-consciously used top-tier fuckboy lines that could capture even Aphrodite .   

As such, Loving Aunt's eyes became a little moist and her chest felt hot as she gazed at her darling nephew with love .   

Draco, realizing that things weren't looking good, immediately brought the matter somewhere else . "So, which one should we start with?" 

Loving Aunt suppressed her surge of emotions and got back to business . "First, I need to know which of these you can already use . " 

Draco cast his mind back to all the times he used the Serpent God Inheritance, especially in the real world . He then explained what happened each time and what he did, as well as how he felt when he was doing it .   

By the time he was done, Loving Aunt shook her head with a dejected expression . She looked up to the sky and sighed .   

"Do the heavens really despise the idea of me spending time with my darling nephew?" 

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Draco watched her antics with a confused expression . "What's wrong, Aunt Fyre?" 

"Well, you have used every verified technique except Ability Bonding .  As for our taboo techniques, I can only presume that your Dragon friend has allowed you to use the Ultimate Transformation Technique, so there are only the Ultimate Manifestation and Atavism left to teach you . " Loving Aunt said with a wry expression .   

"The small 5 days I had hoped to spend teaching you might only amount to two days now . That is why I feel like whatever entity controls our fates just wants to get things over and done with . " 

Draco could only shake his head . If his aunt had been the trainer for either the Horned Demon or Dark Angel Inheritance, she might have been able to spend weeks with him in training, but when it came to the Serpent God Inheritance, his achievements were too great due to his natural inclination .  

He could instinctively use the Basic and Advanced Manifestation Techniques, the Basic and Advanced Transformation Techniques, and had even performed the Ultimate Transformation Technique without realizing it was supposed to be so difficult .   

As such, all he had to do was spam those techniques as many times as possible in a day to train his tolerance and increase his proficiency the hard - and painful - way .   

This left only three techniques for Loving Aunt to teach him, and even then, they weren't as time-intensive as the ones he had already grasped, except maybe the Ultimate Manifestation Technique .   

"Whatever, let us begin then . " Loving Aunt declared with an air of resignation .   

"The Ability Bond Technique is a passive one that allows us to display the characteristics of a serpent . For example, my recent molting is a result of this technique . " 

"It also increases one's sex drive, their sexual prowess, and their seductive charm to a slight degree . One cannot reach the sexual prowess and drive of the Horned Demon Inheritance, or the seductive charm and beauty of the Dark Angel Inheritance, but it's somewhat close to them . " 

"Other abilities that the Ability Bond grants include a sharp increase in sensory abilities, as well as a respectable regeneration . "  

"These are all basic and overarching characteristics of snakes or serpents in general . Most of our strength comes from the Ability Bond, as it permanently strengthens us without draining too much energy . " 

Loving Aunt reached out and placed and finger on Draco's forehead . "Channel your bloodline energy and follow my instructions closely . "  

Draco did as he was told, and aimlessly moved his bloodline energy around for a few seconds, before Loving Aunt barked out some rapidfire commands .   

"Move it into your left aorta… there! Deposit some and infuse it into your marrow in your left femur… good! Now focus it at…" 

More bizarre and strange commands followed after, and Draco even felt embarrassed when he had to channel some into his testicles as well as his prostate, but Loving Aunt didn't react to that .   

Even as he went through the motions, Draco could feel a noticeable change in himself . He felt like his body was shifting and transforming at a molecular level, which was similar to how it felt when he unlocked the Body of Godliness but it was far weaker compared to when his whole body was rebuilt .  

His natural, non-Control senses increased greatly, which had the ironic benefit of increasing his Void of Perfection's effectiveness . After all, the 'domain' effect of the Void of Perfection was based off his five senses, basically using his brainwaves to extend them out of his body .   

Previously, his Void of Perfection had been strengthened because of the slow awakening of his Dark Angel Inheritance . This had further increased the quality and spread of his brainwaves, which improved his 'domain' in one aspect .  

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Now that his senses were being enhanced, his Void of Perfection was once again upgraded, albeit very slightly . He had previously reached a bottleneck with his Control in general, as he had already exceeded the limits of the technique .   

He would either have to develop upon it himself or merge it with his Dark Angel Inheritance to strengthen it . Currently, it was looking like he would do the latter, since the technique would be able to show unlimited growth if merged with his bloodline .   

When Loving Aunt made her final command, she took her finger away and breathed out lightly . When she opened her eyes, she gave Draco a strange look and shook her head .   

"You are a beast . Most would have long run out of bloodline energy . Even with my direct assistance, it takes up to a week or more to fully activate the Ability Bond, but you only took a few hours…" 

Draco was startled by what she said though . "Hours? But hasn't it only been a few minutes?" 

Loving Aunt seemed to take an obscene amount of pleasure from his confusion, as she smiled wickedly . "A few minutes? Haha, my dear nephew do you honestly think it is so easy to activate all your deposits? If it felt like a few minutes to you, it just speaks about your intense concentration and dedication to self-improvement, but it was many hours in the real world!" 

Draco was left speechless by his aunt's change in personality . He was reminded once again that the Lucifer Lineage members were known to be batshit crazy, and as he would eventually find out, Loving Aunt was one of the craziest among them .   

Draco looked up to the sky and saw that indeed, it was early noon now . Riveting Night was seated in her usual place while watching them lazily . She had probably heard everything, but she didn't seem surprised .   

After all, she knew Draco best, and, in her opinion, it was only logical that her Draco could do all of that . It was only Loving Aunt, who was just getting to know about his prowess, that was stunned out of her mind .   

It might also be because Riveting Night was a prodigy herself, so her sights were naturally set higher .   

Loving Aunt cackled and rose to her feet in a single motion, her magnificent chest bouncing up and down in a very mind-boggling manner .   

"Well, my time for today is up . It is now the turn of your little wife to handle your absurd proficiency . " Loving Aunt said as she skipped out of the courtyard like a little girl .   

Draco just watched his aunt leave with a strange expression . He suddenly felt like the man who would marry his aunt would have a tough life ahead of him .   

He then focused on Riveting Night who came over slowly . She didn't sit in front of him like Richmond or Loving Aunt had, but rather sat beside him and coiled her arm around his .  

If one of the maids were to see them, it would seem more like a romantic picnic rather than a training session, but well… 

"I won't bother explaining too much . Basically, I'm going to show you how to activate your bloodline's general aspect, as well as things that are unique to us prodigies that your aunt and co have no idea about . " Riveting Night said with a gentle tone .   

Her light and soft voice made Draco's heart beat faster . If it weren't for the fact that he needed to train, he would press her down beneath himself and ravage her… gently .   

Riveting Night seemed to sense his arousal and also visibly fought her rising temptation, so she made her voice a lot more serious in order to chase away these feelings for now .   

"First, our General Aspects . This is the form that represents our bloodlines and how it functions . Mine is, as you have seen, the Sun Goddess, while yours is the Ultimate Devil . " 

"This is also why Richmond stated that you have Royal Devil blood, even though you don't have an inheritance for it . " 

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"After being exposed to the core knowledge of the Lineages and our bloodline, as well as our virtual meetings with our original selves, I have come to the conclusion that the Inheritances are basically a subset of our potential . " 

"They are like the simplified and accessible version of the powers our bloodlines can produce, and are compatible with the sub-human DNA we have . " 

"In other words, we should have a plethora of powers outside these three Inheritances, but cannot use them because our sub-human DNA suppresses them . " 

"However, it is thanks to this suppression that we can even copulate with each other which allowed for the conception of our child, otherwise, we would be stuck in a similar situation as our original selves, unable to reproduce with each other due to their genetics being too chaotic . " 

Draco nodded . "A blessing and a curse . After all, this must be why they even decided to create Lineages, due to their inability to reproduce . " 

Riveting Night affirmed his statement . "Exactly . As such, our General Aspects allow us to bypass all the matter of Lineages, Inheritances, and whatnot . We are able to temporarily become like our original selves, though only for a short while otherwise, the penalty would be great . " 

"Even with 92% purity, I can only take on my Sun Goddess form for three split seconds before I no longer can . "  

"Surprisingly, your General Aspect seems to be the form of a Dragonoid, which might be due to your closeness with the Black Dragon . Even though that sounds different from an Ultimate Devil, the truth is that Dragons are considered a race of devils . " 

"In sub-human mythology, the ruler of the 9 hells is the 9-headed Dragon . In some tales, Dragons are regarded as noble entities that are majestic and emulate the strongest magic . " 

"However, in many tales, Dragons are vile monsters with almost unlimited power and great evil, devils that take pleasure in suppressing all . " 

"They hoard wealth, build castles, and only valiant knights that can free the land from their villainy and rescue the beautiful princess . " 

"Of course, I can't be too sure about this, as I'm just speculating . But the undeniable fact is that your General Aspect, while being an 'Ultimate Devil' shows the form of a Dragonoid . " 

"When we copulated and climaxed together in the real world, we were both forcibly transformed into our General Aspects by some special code Lucifer and Amaterasu left behind in our bloodline . " 

"At that time, our bloodline sources mixed and perfected themselves, allowing us both to increase our purity with enough fuel provided . We've broken some sort of shackle holding us back, as our General Aspects have now been strengthened and can be easily activated compared to before . " 

Riveting Night placed her head on Draco's shoulder gently . "I will transform into my own General Aspect, and it will resonate with you, making you transform as well . " 

"Try and feel out the process of transformation carefully, as it will be the key to being able to do so on your own . "  

Her voice lulled a bit and Draco became focused .   

"I'm starting now…" 

Riveting Night's body transformed into the form of the Sun Goddess, her light shining upon the endless mortals of the world, granting them salvation .