Guild Wars - Chapter 220

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Chapter 220: 220
Draco was understandably surprised by Loving Aunt's assertion . "Any external source of energy can be used? So, electricity, kinetic, potential, light, heat, and others?" 

Loving Aunt nodded . "Even life energy .  However, as I stated, the cost of this is almost a thousand times greater than what would be needed for bloodline energy . " 

"Not only that, but this also depends - once again - on your Serpentine Familiar . Mine is a Blue Underwater Adder, the embryonic form of the Leviathan, which is a God Serpent . " 

"As such, the price I had to pay was really high, but I still managed to gather enough external energy for it . "  

Draco remained quiet for a few seconds before he asked the most prudent question . "What type of energy did you use for the technique?" 

The serious and amiable aura around Loving Aunt froze, becoming something sinister and evil in a split second . The change was so fast that even Draco and Riveting Night were slightly startled .   

"Among them all, the quickest I could gather was that of life energy . " Loving Aunt answered with a mirthless smile and a cold glint in her eyes .   

It wasn't directed at Draco, but he still sighed deep down . It seemed as if his aunt had done something truly horrific in the past .   

'Hm . . . no, wait!' Draco's eyes glinted with sharpness as he made some connections .   

With a heavy expression, he gazed at Loving Aunt and asked a question with an unbearably heavy weight . "When did you activate the technique?" 

Loving Aunt wasn't bothered by her nephew's questioning . After all, she was callous to any normal life in the world because of her bloodline and her age, but to Draco, she would never even harm a hair on her beloved nephew's head .   

That was why Draco was unbothered by his Aunt's change . However, her answer did make him pause for a second as his hunch was answered .   

"Around 1945 . "  

If Aunt Fyre was 139 years old and it was currently 2065, it meant that she was born in 1926 . In 1945, she should've been 19 years old, which made sense why she would still be so easily moved by his father and love in general .   

Draco closed this train of thought . He didn't want to dig into the matter too deeply, because it involved topics that were extremely taboo . He also didn't want his perception of his aunt to change .   

Even though he himself had carried out brutal slaughters and done vile evils, if Draco was correct, then her deeds must have been way worse than the Evil Duo's actions put together .   

Loving Aunt seemed to notice her nephew's thoughts, and was heartened by the fact that his gaze towards her didn't change .   

There was no true evil or true good . Most people just favored one side more than the other, but unless one was a deranged entity, they would need to seek out a balance .   

Depending on the amount of morality a person favors, they would need some of the opposing faction to maintain their general sanity, otherwise they would devolve to become wild beasts .   

Loving Aunt had committed a vile sin in her past in order to gather enough power to impress the target of her affection, but it turned out that this target had already been won over by her own blood sister .   

Left adrift with her goal unachievable, she settled down and became a trainer, raising many of the young generation with fervor . She had brought up the battle power of the Serpent God Inheritance extremely high in this generation, and had become one of the central pillars of the clan .  

Atonement? Not really . For one to atone for something, one had to first feel remorse for their actions . As could be imagined, Loving Aunt did not feel any such things .   

It was simply this very same sub-conscious desire for moral balance described earlier that had led her to go so far, and now that had carried over to her nephew .   

Loving Aunt had a very awkward relationship with her younger sister, something which made Draco's mother feel very bitter about over the years .   

On the fateful day that the Lucifer Lineage had allied with the Amaterasu Lineage to resist the Pangu Alliance - formed of the Pangu Lineage and the other 6 Lineages - the result had been a destructive stalemate .  

Riveting Night had shared the basic details of the events during their years as babies with him, and it was part of the reason why Draco hadn't stormed his 'family home' after unlocking his bloodline .   

When he mixed this knowledge with his insight gained from dominating the world in his previous timeline, he was able to see through Loving Aunt like she was a piece of white paper .   

However, this did not bother him . As far as he was concerned, she was his only true family from the Lucifer Lineage . The rest were weak dogs who had caved in to compromise with the enemy over his life .   

"However, you don't need to follow the same path I did . You can substitute life energy in this game world with the various other types like Worldly Energy or whatever else there is . "  

"In the real world, you are even luckier .  In my time, electricity wasn't so plentiful and the world wasn't as developed as it is now .  You can easily use Nuclear Energy to achieve your goals, but it should be harder to acquire than killing a nation . " 

Loving Aunt said this with a true expression of envy, making Draco rub his head with awkwardness . It was true that he was born in a good time . The real world had nuclear energy aplenty and even anti-matter energy was being researched after World War 3 .   

'It seems like I'll have to work with Eva to raid CERN after the members of Umbra reach the Central Country and we deal with those troublesome mafias . ' Draco pondered thoughtfully .   

He shelved that plan for later . He had some dealings with the noble institute of science in his past life, but it seemed like their relationship in this life would be very sour .   

'As for Boundless, I'll have to use either Divine or Origin Energy . Forget about Worldly Energy, I might as well use bloodline energy instead of that . ' 

'Aetheric Energy is a good option, but lord knows how many Aether Crystals I'd need . Even if I gathered enough of them, why would I punish my Black Dragon by limiting it?' 

'It is clear from my usage of Aether Crystals so far that Aetheric Energy is synonymous with the Legendary Rank . This is a blessing and a curse, because it allows anything it touches to jump to the Legendary Rank, but I have the feeling things made using it are also constrained at the Legendary Rank . ' 

It could be said that through his insight as a reincarnator and his continued use of the energy, Draco understood Aetheric Energy pretty well .   

It also helped that he 'excreted' the stuff every quarter-hour .   

From a normal point of view, Aetheric Energy was absolutely godly, because it could jump ranks and bring anything it touched to the Legendary Rank .   

This Rank was something that players who had reached Rank 6 in his past life didn't even have .  Its actual value seemed diminished because Draco acquired them like cabbage, but it was still there .   

The value of Aether Crystals was so high for a reason . Its greatest secret was right there, its ability to improve anything .   

However, what many might not realize was that it also limited items . For example, the wands he made for Jada and Jade would never become Divine, at most reaching Legendary .   

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The same went for anything he made with Aetheric Energy through Enchanting, Alchemy, or whatnot .   

However, who gave a damn? Would someone who had been gifted premium brand shoes complain that those weren't the limited one of a kind edition, when they could see everyone else going around in dirty sandals? 

Look at what those wands had been able to allow Jada and Jade to do! They could even solo a dungeon on their own, and it was currently only Semi-Legendary! 

Rina's staff could even clear out a whole AREA ZONE .  How many lives existed in an area zone? Hundreds, if not thousands, yet she could wipe them out in one hit .   

This was the power of a Legendary item . Only an insatiable beast like Draco would feel dissatisfied, because he was eyeing Origin Energy itself, completely skipping over Divine .   

To summon his Black Dragon with Aetheric Energy would confine it to Legendary - or in this case, Supreme - Rank . Why would he do that when he himself had a natural path to become a Primogenitor Dragon? 

As such, only the purest Divine Energy would suffice . Draco even pondered if he could get his grimy hands on Origin Energy, but that was unlikely .  It might perhaps be possible when he reached Rank 5 or 6 .   

As such, Draco put away any thoughts about the energy source and moved onto the other stuff .   

"What about the splitting of the soul? How does that work?" 

Loving Aunt smiled and explained warmly, her aura returned to its calm state . "Things like the soul and the spirit are extremely esoteric, being very hard to explain or discover . " 

"However, it does exist . One's soul is located in the same area that allows you to master Control . "  

Draco started . "You mean the pineal gland?"  

Loving Aunt nodded . "The very same . It is a mystical organ with many properties, but one of its greatest secrets is that it holds the physical form of the soul . " 

"Many love to think that the soul is an intangible entity that exists in some different dimension or in the soul sea, dantian or whatever else they like to cook up, but that is just fantasy . " 

"How can one have a soul and yet it exists separately of the body? So then what ties your soul to your body? It must certainly have a physical form that is attached to your corporeal form, and that is in your brain . " 

"You have to split a part of the energy stored in your pineal gland into the vessel you create for your familiar, and this would grant it permanent life, sapience, and a firm bond with you!" 

Loving Aunt finished her explanation with a clap . "As we are in this game, I cannot use the Ultimate Manifestation Technique to show you my Blue Underwater Adder . To do so would require me to go through this process once again . " 

Draco nodded . He understood clearly that his ability to reflect bloodline changes in the game onto his real body was something unique to himself .   

Even his seal had been broken by the Eyes of Caelo's help, with a little push from the AI at the GlorygGore Labs .   

Riveting Night - and probably Local Lord - did not have this ability either, so Draco realized it had to do with his reincarnation . Something must have happened that allowed his physical soul to merge into the digital one .   

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However, this Ultimate Manifestation Technique could not be bypassed . He would have to create the Black Dragon in the game world and in the real world separately, using different methods with the same theory .   

"What about making the vessel?" Draco inquired .   

"The vessel is rather complex to make . The material you use might limit the amount of power your Serpentine Familiar can display, as well as the longevity of it . " 

"After all, everything in this world has an expiry date . Immortality is a figment of one's imagination, so one would have to consider how long they want their Serpentine Familiar to live based on the chosen material . " 

"You can use clay, which is the easiest to acquire and surprisingly sturdy . All those creation myths have each creator using clay to form humankind, and it isn't because they were poor deities . " 

"It turns out that clay is pretty suitable for housing life . Other than that, you can use anything else you want, sand, humus, water, fire… anything . "  

Loving Aunt raised a finger . "However, you must shape it into the form of your Serpentine Familiar . The size is also important . " 

"If you want it to be the size of a fly, naturally the energy and soul requirement would be greatly reduced . " 

"However, if you want a life-sized version, like that of your Black Dragon, it is a project that might even require builders . The amount of energy needed could also kill a planet . " 

"After all, just my average-sized Blue Underwater Adder required so much life energy . If you are going to bring to life a Black Dragon in its true size, you might need to drain the earth's core of its heat energy . " 

Draco passed a hand through his white hair and sighed . Finding the energy for it in Boundless would be relatively simpler than the real world .   

No, not finding, but rather generating or claiming it . After all, the anti-matter energy being experimented on at CERN might be enough to spark a small-scale big bang, so it would definitely be enough to bring his Black Dragon to life .   

The problem was how he would take it and how to generate more of it . He would be going up against one of the most heavily-defended and scientifically advanced institutes in the world .   

Unlike in Boundless were he had his cheat-like items and godly skills, in the real world it was only his Control and his bloodline . Going against laser or pulse technology would equate death, and unlike in Boundless, there was no Seal of Camelot to revive him .   

As such, he would need to plan seriously for this one with Riveting Night .   

"Let's go through the methodology for the technique then . After that, we can work on getting your bloodline more active . I've sensed a stunted flow when you move your bloodline energy . " 

Loving Aunt began to explain how the ridges and contours of the vessel had to be shaped, as well as how to split the soul without killing oneself or dealing irreparable damage .   

She also enlightened him one how to connect the energy to his Serpentine Familiar's vessel . After all, it wasn't like the vessel would have a power supply cable to connect it to the energy source .   

She also handed over some illustrations she had prepared and gave some demonstrations to Draco, all in order to make her beloved nephew's path forward much easier .   

Draco absorbed all this knowledge seamlessly, making it as crucial in his mind . When the time came that he had enough materials and means for it, he would perform it without hesitation .   

Right now, there were too many things on his plate that needed to be sorted out before that could happen .   

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After this was done, Loving Aunt sighed and gazed at Draco . "Now, to help you activate your Serpent God Inheritance fully . Follow my instructions closely . " 

Loving Aunt placed a finger on his forehead and began speaking . "Spread your bloodline energy through these acupoints equally and simultaneously…" 

It had to be said that activating the Serpent God Inheritance was - on paper - the hardest of the three Inheritances to activate . It required more energy on average and overall, it was a tough process .   

Unlike the Horned Demon or Dark Angel Inheritances, this one needed the lineage members to activate all the necessary acupoints at once, instead of sequentially .   

Luckily, Draco had some small experience in this area, and his mind was strengthened by the Dark Angel Inheritance's power, so he was able to control his flow of energy enough to succeed .   

His body began to transform slowly, scales appearing on his skin, and his eyes turning into serpentine slits . Most importantly, he felt his whole skin begin to itch, like it was a layer of uncomfortable clothing .   

Loving Aunt removed her hand from his forehead at this point, then sighed with a mixture of relief and sadness . "That's that I guess . " 

"The discomfort you are feeling is due to your need to shed your skin . It's a good sign confirming that one has truly reached 100% activation . "  

"Well, I'll leave you to it then . " Loving Aunt said as she got up to leave .   

However, she froze when her hand was held by another . She turned to see Draco rising to his feet as he gazed at her with tenderness .   

"Thank you, Aunt Fyre . I wouldn't have come this far without you, and I definitely hope we can spend more time together in the future . If you want, you can stay in this castle whenever you want . " 

Loving Aunt felt a strange floatiness in her body, which was due to her extreme happiness . Her eyes curved into crescents and she beamed like a young girl, making her shine like a lighthouse on a stormy night .   

"Thank you, dear Draco . It was one of my greatest pleasures to assist my sweet nephew and I'll definitely take up your offer to stay here . " 

There was a lovely and touching aura in the courtyard, causing even the evil Riveting Night to feel a bit teary-eyed . However, this tender aura was soon dispersed by the source itself .   

"However, I've run out of money . In order to show your sincerity my dear nephew, how about supplying me with some more?" Loving Aunt suggested with a sly glint in her eye .   

Draco just stared at her with a defeated expression, suddenly gaining a great insight into why his beautiful aunt might scare away any man who craved her . "Yes, not a problem my dear aunt…" 

Riveting Night just snickered away in her corner .  

. . . . . . … .  

Author's Note: And so, we are largely done with the Training Arc . This arc was only included because some readers had asked for it back during the Flora and Fauna days, so I scheduled it here .  

I respect all authors who write Training Arcs, because it requires a lot of imagination and research to come up with plausible theories for powers or the like, as well as good control of the overall pacing .   

However, such slow and stable moments aren't really my thing and it shows . My strength lies in battle of wits and power growth/acquisition, as well as battle .   

The next arc is the Player Auction Arc, which is quite short . Apart from Magical Engineering and Scrivening which should take up a few chaps each, everything else will be fast-forwarded, with the exception of the birth of Roma and Zaine's children .