Guild Wars - Chapter 256

Published at 21st of November 2020 10:14:03 PM

Chapter 256: 256

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Draco and Riveting Night patiently waited for the return of Sublime Notion, Deployed Soldier and Money Lover. They were currently outside the Aether Hall, exactly where those three had disappeared in order to begin their quests. 

It didn't take long for them to appear. Barely hours later, all three of them coalesced in a bright beam of light at the exact same time. 

Money Lover was back in his usual tweed suit while Deployed Solider donned his Uncommon armor. Sublime was also back in her trademark white, frilly cleric robe with golden accents. 

All three of them looked at each other curiously, then at Draco and Riveting Night silently. They also took in the improved Vita City-State with shocked expression, and Sublime slapped her forehead. 

With how much this place had developed, she would be swamped with extra work! Thinking like this, Sublime Notion felt she couldn't take it anymore! 

She had tasted the good life and did not want to return to her hard-working ways! As such, she immediately turned around and bolted away, shouting: "FLEE!!" 

Draco, Deployed Soldier and Money Lover were floored, but Riveting Night seemed unmoved. All she did was whisper one line: "Leave her to me." 

In the next moment, Riveting Night disappeared in a flash of black light. Before any of the three could even make a peep, she had returned, with a dangling and thrashing Sublime Notion in her hand. 

"NO, LET ME GO!! I WANT TO BE FREE!! I WANT TO BULLY AND CAUSE DESPAIR!!" Sublime Notion shrieked while tears fell from her eyes. 

Ah… was this how her targets always felt? No wonder they all looked so despondent! Having one's freedom to act on their desires restrained was stifling! 

Even as she struggled, Riveting Night paid no attention to her Life Sister's cries. In fact, Draco could tell from their unique bond that she was enjoying this greatly! 

What a relationship these two had… 

"You talk to these two about their experiences during their quests," Riveting Night said, disappearing into the darkness. "I'll deal with this one." 

With that chilling line, she left the area, although one could hear screams and cries of protest. However, once the door to the Aether Hall was shut, everything became quiet again. 

There was an extended silence as the three men looked to each other with fear as well as confusion in their hearts before Draco coughed and focused on the matter at hand. 

"So, how was your quest?" 

"Eventful." Money Lover replied with a slight smirk. 

"Meaningful." Deployed Soldier answered with a solemn nod. 

"That's fine then. Can you tell me exactly what benefits your class has or will provide you?" Draco asked with a light smile. 

"Not a problem." Deployed Soldier responded while sending over some things for Draco to see through a PM. 

「Great Commander - Legendary Class 

Starting Stats: Str 30, Dex 30, End 30, Int 15, Spr 15, Cha 30, Lck 10 

Exp gain rate: 250% 

Rank up difficulty: 70% 

Class weapons: Any non-magical 

Class skills: Any non-magical」 

「Commander's Aura – Passive skill 

Effect: Immunity to all status effects for troops under the command of the user. 2.5x boost to all stats during wartime conflicts for all troops.」 

「Commander's Wisdom – Passive skill 

Effect: All troop maneuvers used by the enemy are unraveled to the user. All troop maneuvers used by the user are impossible to see through for the enemy.」 

「Unstoppable Charge – Active skill 

Effect: Rush with one's troops in an organized charge towards a location within 3 km, gaining invulnerability for the duration of the charge and dealing 300% extra damage on the first attack from troops within the charge. 

Cooldown: 30 minutes」 

「Muster – Active skill 

Effect: Troops that have signed under your banner will be summoned to the battlefield regardless of where they are in order to fight against their Commander's enemies. 

Cooldown: 1 day」 

Draco's throat became dry as he read the details of this class. Truly, Legendary classes deserved their reputation. Draco had yet to see an Epic one, but if a Legendary one was this exemplary… 

His starting stats were crazy, almost 25% higher than Draco's current stats as a level 35 optimal Avenger! One should know that after a class change like this, one's level was reset to level 10. 

In other words, at level 10, this fellow was - on paper - stronger than Draco at level 35! And since he was level 10, he could gain new stat points per level to further increase the gap between them! 

What the fuck?! 

Since when was Draco ever shown up by someone else? Wasn't he the one who always acquired things that would have to be deemed balance breakers? Was his time up? Was it the era of Deployed Soldier and co from now on? 

Then there was his high exp gain rate. One should know, a normal class had 100% exp gain rate. Draco's Avenger class had 75% because it was - possibly - a Rare-tier class, and so did Eva's Shadow Assassin class. 

But this fellow, with an already overpowered Legendary class, had a 2.5x experience gain boost. If Draco got 7.5% exp from killing a monster, Deployed Soldier would get 25% exp! In higher amounts, the difference would be staggering. 

Along with that, his difficulty for ranking up was reduced by 30%. While other players, regardless of Common or Uncommon classes, had a 100% - or normal - difficulty, this fellow was playing at 70% - or easy - difficulty! 


Draco roared this in his heart with utter unwillingness. However, he was greatly comforted to see that Deployed Soldier had a weapons limit. He wasn't automatically optimal like he or Eva, who could use any skill under heaven. 

He could only use non-magical ones, which by itself was pretty overpowered when adding the other benefits of the class, but was not as OP as it could get. 

All-in-all, Deployed Soldier, whether he realized it or not, was set for life. To compare, Draco was like an average kid from an average family trying to establish a multi-billion dollar company while Deployed Soldier was the son of a trillionaire doing the same. 

Draco wanted to go and sit down in order to soothe his aching heart, but Money Lover laughed and sent over his details as well, forcing the fellow to check them out. 

「Merchant King - Legendary Class 

Skills: Persuasion (Passive), Negotiation (Passive), Market Building (Active), Company Formation (Active). 

Starting Stats: Str 10, Dex 10, End 10, Int 30, Spr 30, Cha 60, Lck 10 

Exp gain rate: 150% 

Rank up difficulty: 30% 

Class weapons: None 

Class skills: Any verbal」 

「Persuasion – Passive skill 

Effect: All parties at your Rank and below are likely to be persuaded by the user. Parties above your Rank are significantly convinced by your words.」 

「Negotiation – Passive skill 

Effect: All trades are in the favor of the user. Buying prices are reduced by 80% while selling price are marked up by 80% without any penalties to sales.」 

「Market Building – Active skill 

Effect: Create a market in any commercial district instantly. 

Cooldown: 3 months」 

「Company Formation – Active skill 

Effect: Create a business company in any business district. 

This chapter is scrapped from

Cooldown: 1 month」 

Draco directly coughed blood as he took this in. He looked at Money Lover with a horrified expression, and the fellow gazed back with confusion. 

Why was the Guildmaster looking at him as if he had seen a World Boss monster? 

How could Money Lover understand what kind of beast he was? His Persuasion ability was superb, and would allow him to gain many benefits from peers as well as those higher than him if he played his cards right. 

However, Negotiation was truly soul crushing. He could buy things at 80% off, and sell them 80% higher without a penalty to sales. 

In essence, should he visit the Divine Auction, he could shout out "1 million platinum!" for a bid and pay only 200,000 platinum at the end. 

If he managed the Rank 7 Shop as a whole, every item Umbra sold within would be 80% higher, and customers would still buy them without hesitation, even though the same item was cheaper elsewhere. 

This wasn't logical, which was why it was a system ability. NPCs wouldn't even notice the difference. To them, it would be totally normal. 

Players would though, but only for now. When they entered the pods, they would become like NPCs, easily influenced by skills like this without realizing. 

With the Virtua Helmets, such things were limited. It might affect some, but be useless on others, depending on the structure of their cerebral cortexes. 

Then there was Market Building, which allowed him to literally spawn a market every 3 months. The Rank of this market was unspecified, but it had to be Rank 5 or above. 

Otherwise, why would the cooldown be so long? Even though building a Rank 4 market cost a few thousand platinum, it would not warrant such a long cooldown for a skill of a Legendary class. 

It could possibly even be a Rank 7 market, though that would be a bit much… 

Well, Draco couldn't tell. He would have to research more into Legendary classes and see how he could gain more class change scrolls from Shuro. 

The fellow had set off more than 2.5 months ago, so by the time Draco reached Rank 2, Shuro should be back. 

The last active skill of Money Lover's was Company Formation, which allowed him to build a company on the spot. This was amazing because the procedures for creating a company were arduous and annoying. 

Look at Draco. He had only built a shop, a guild hall and a residence in Cario City, but not a company. Such things were hard to form and even harder to manage. 

But the benefits of one were without question! A company could better manage any subsidiary business, shop or service managed by a party. 

In other words, if the Rank 7 Shop made 200,000 platinum per week - formerly 150,000 - with management from serf players and some NPCs, with a high-ranking company this could triple! 

Although Money Lover had a lower exp gain rate compared to Deployed Soldier, one should not forget that he was a Tradeskill class! He wasn't supposed to kill monsters, so such a thing meant little to people like him, yet he still got to enjoy an extra 50% boost! 

And then there was his Rank up difficulty which was only 30%! This was like playing an online shooter game with a god-level aimbot! There was no difficulty left at all! 

Draco rubbed his chest and shooed Money Lover as well as Deployed Soldier away before they gave him a heart attack. He told them to utilize their classes in the best way they saw fit, with complete free rein. 

Just as Draco was about to escape, he saw a message from Eva. Thinking his soulmate was sharing some important news, he opened it quickly. 

"Here are Sublime Notion's class stats, she is a monster. - Eva" 

「Seneschal - Legendary Class 

Skills: Administration (Passive), Advisor (Passive), Protect (Active), Repel (Active). 

Starting Stats: Str 10, Dex 10, End 10, Int 60, Spr 60, Cha 10, Lck 10 

Exp gain rate: 200% 

Rank up difficulty: 50% 

Class weapons: Any non-physical 

Class skills: Any non-physical」 

「Administration – Passive skill 

Effect: All matters relating to administration of a house, state or empire are perfectly handled without a chance for error. User suffers no fatigue from administrative duties and actively gains experience from doing them.」 

「Advisor – Passive skill 

Effect: User can see through most political situations and delivers the best advice possible. User can also handle any political situation, internal or foreign, with ease.」 

「Protect – Active skill 

Effect: Cast a barrier surrounding the user's state/house that negates 100% of damage for 1 hour. 

Note 1: Only effective on buildings and in-animate objects. 

Note 2: Can only be used when under siege. 

Cooldown: 3 days.」 

「Repel – Active skill 

Effect: Send away any invaders at your Rank or below with ease. Invaders above your Rank have a 50% chance to be repelled. 

Cooldown: 15 days.」 

This time, Draco couldn't take it anymore, with a rain of blood spurting from his lips, the fellow fainted.