Guild Wars - Chapter 257

Published at 21st of November 2020 10:14:02 PM

Chapter 257: 257

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Draco called over Slim Fatty to his room in the Aether Hall. Most people were not allowed to enter at all, but core members could as long as they were summoned. 

As one could imagine, she was simultaneously worried and excited when she walked through the halls of the building, wondering if Draco called her over for a 'talk'. 

'Calm down, Sheila. Just because he called you to his room doesn't mean he plans to do anything. Maybe he wants to discuss swordsmanship… yes…' 

Even though she told herself this to calm down, there was almost no confidence behind those words. Who among the core members of Umbra didn't know that Draco was building a huge genealogy? 

Not only that, but his newly founded clan had been recognized by the system even. Slim Fatty was part of the people who had visited the GloryGore Labs to have her DNA analyzed, so she could give birth in game. 

Could this be why Draco summoned her? After all, he had never done this before now. It was suspicious that he would call her like this specifically after her DNA was extracted. 

Wild thoughts ran through Slim Fatty's head as she considered this. She wasn't exactly unwilling, because no female with normal orientations and a healthy sex drive could resist Draco's Dark Angel's aura of seduction. 

However, she didn't really have feelings for him per se. Apart from lust due to his aura, she mostly felt something touching her soul whenever she spent time with Fitter Cleric, so she preferred to be with him. 

Sleeping with Draco, even though it was just a virtual avatar, and even though he was the Guildmaster of Umbra... 

As such, when she stopped in front of his door, she didn't enter right away. With a red face and trembling legs, she knocked on the door lightly. 

When she heard a 'come in' from a female voice, her anxiety bled away. Since there was a woman in there already, Draco would not try to touch her, right? 

When she entered, she saw Draco leaning on a workbench while making some of those devices that had almost caused a war to erupt during the auction. 

On his bed lay Eva and Hikari, who were whispering something to each other. They were in a very questionable and compromising position that would give anyone the wrong idea. 

Roma and Zaine also sat near Draco, chatting with each other while giggling under their breath. Their children were both placed near Draco, and he would occasionally stop to explain what he was doing to them. 

Despite the two babies being absolutely clueless, they still listened to their father with some level of attention. Rila also sat on a stool near Draco and watched what he was doing curiously. 

When they noticed her, Eva and Hikari waved, while Roma and Zaine nodded to her. Draco paused his work and walked over to her, though he had to do a double take. 

She still had her trademark short auburn hair and brown eyes, but she now glowed with a certain luster that was hard to ignore. Especially since now that her weight was back to normal, her sizes had filled up! 

She now resembled a noble knight of a kingdom, or specifically, the daughter of a military general who had trained for war. That air of valiance surrounded her and gave her a certain allure that was appealing to most. 

Had Draco still been an otaku, he would have called her 'waifu material'. 

He smiled and nodded. "Did Amber help you with your eating disorder then?" 

Slim Fatty was startled. "How did you...?" 

Draco rubbed his chin with a cryptic smile. "Let's just say that I know that troublesome woman very well… or maybe just enough to guess." 

"Anyway, that is not why I called you here. This is for you." Draco said while taking out Swordblade. 

When Slim Fatty glimpsed upon the sword, her eyes gleamed, especially when she registered its effects. It was clearly a sword made specifically for her to use, and she was enraptured by it. 

When she held it, she felt like she was holding a normal blade. She could not tell that it weighed enough to give even Riveting Night a hard time, despite her rebuilt body. 

She swung it a few times, and finally noticed the weight since the wind the sword created almost blew a chair apart. She looked at Draco with shock, and he simply laughed. 

"Go to the Land of Riches Field Zone in our Paradise Lands with your brother, Kiran and Bella, Cobra's sister." 

"Oh, and feel free to add your little boyfriend Fitter Cleric as well." Draco added with a teasing smile. 

Slim Fatty immediately became red to her ears and fled the room, leaving Draco and his people chuckling with amusement. Next, he called over many members of Umbra who were either core or people he trusted. 

He handed them the weapons he had specifically created for them in the 14 days after the auction. Due to the time constraints, he couldn't make too many, but with a crafting rate of 1 per hour, he was still able to outfit many people. 

These were all Semi-Legendary weapons that matched their classes and play style, so they were perfect for them up until the late game. He sorted them into groups before sending them out to other profitable Field Zones within the Paradise Lands. 

Their task for the foreseeable future was to forget about everything else and just level their weapons to Legendary Rank. Draco reasoned that by the time they were done, he should be back from the Refinement God's Treasury. 

Apart from this, he had deposited some All-Sight and Angel's Kiss potions. They were free to use them, yet limited to serious situations only, so that they could come out on top. 

After all, they weren't like him who couldn't suffer any penalties from death. If they died and their RNG was shite, they would drop their weapons. 

For example, just imagine what would happen if these fellows tried to fight an enemy like Kilean the Cockatrice or the swift Magic Hind. Those were top-tier bosses that would almost always cause a party wipe. 

With a light smile, Draco finished up on this newest Advanced Spatial Creation Device. He then tossed it into his inventory, where one could see a stack of 99 increasing to 100. 

What did Draco plan to do with them? After all, if he dared to sell them, he would be courting not just death, but destruction. Not to mention that 100 of them meant he wasted 100 top-grade Aether Crystals. 

What a waste! Just because being in the Aether Hall allowed him to create 4 of them an hour didn't mean… well, maybe he did have some leeway since… 

Sigh, fine. Let the fellow have his way then. 

Draco turned to his children and kissed them all gently, even going as far as to rub his cheeks on Rila, who wished she could hurry and grow up so that it would be awkward for him to do this. 

He then waved at his gossiping inner circle, who were certainly planning something devious behind closed doors. However, he couldn't easily butt in, so he simply left them alone to scheme. 

He went towards the Anomaly Realm to pick up Clarent, who had been studiously converting Worldly Energy into Aetheric Energy following Draco's command. 

The Dragonling harrumphed and leapt onto Draco's shoulder, not even bothering to spare him a glance. He was clearly unhappy at being turned into a worker, but Draco simply laughed and told the fellow that they were going out to play. 

Hearing that, Clarent's eyes lit up and he instantly became energetic. He even thwacked Draco on the head and chided him for walking like a grandma, which made Draco smile bitterly. 

Soon, the two of them reached the gates of the City-State. Draco almost always blinked in and out of the City-State, but today he wanted to see what his city's border management was like. 

What he saw pleased him. Things were orderly and legal. The ones working her were members of the Nshaw Tribe, so there was no way anyone could sneak in. 

Bribery was even worse, as they would beat you to an inch of your life. Putting aside their loyalty and their wealth as citizens of the state, one should not forget that they were originally xenophobic! 

It was only Draco who was making them behave more receptive towards outsiders, so they were even lucky that these fellows allowed them in without discrimination. 

Trying to push your luck through bribery? Be happy that it stopped one inch from death! Were it not for strict orders, they would not have shown so much leniency. 

Draco was about to leave when he saw Cobra walking into the state. The crowd had parted for him and his entourage. The Nshaw Tribe guards nodded at him and he nodded back. 

They were all kith and kin under Vita City-State after all. 

Draco was about to walk over to Cobra when he saw a face he would never forget walking behind the fellow. 

It was Local Lord! 

He wore his typical bronze colored armor with his long fur cape. His large bronze body rippled with muscles and his coarse, rugged face was handsome in a brutish way. 

His eyes also fell on Draco, but he tilted his head in confusion. Who was this pipsqueak and why was he gazing at his greatness like an idiot? Was this really what being a member of Umbra amounted to? 

Draco could sense Local Lord's bloodline, but he couldn't sense Draco since the fellow had locked his away through subjective magic and Control. Otherwise, Local Lord would have easily recognized him. 

Draco walked over to Cobra's group. His every step pressed on the hearts of the members here, and Cobra groaned. Not this move of their Guildmaster again? 

Who had annoyed him here? He usually never did this unless someone had annoyed him. Now he, Cobra, had to enjoy this treatment too! 

As Draco got closer, each and every member felt their souls shake and tremble. Draco's calm gait and neutral expression betrayed nothing, and one couldn't sense anything amiss. 

Step. Step. Step. 

Badump. Badump. Badump. 

The timing was impeccable, and his steps increased in tempo as he got closer, now forcing their hearts to race to meet his tempo. 

The faster he moved the faster their hearts beat. Many clutched their chest with grimaces of intense pain as they felt like their hearts would burst out of their chests. 

Local Lord frowned deeply, as this had no effect on him. Even if his heart burst into pieces, he could regenerate a new one in a matter of seconds. 

His level of regeneration was above that funny comic book character who was even in a relationship with death. 

Just when these players thought their hearts would burst, Draco stopped, and their bloodflow returned to normal. Still, they felt intense fear at this moment, because they had truly seen the specter of death hanging above them. 

Draco gazed at Local Lord with interest, while Local Lord gazed back unsure how to react. Just as Local Lord was about ask what the fuck Draco wanted, the fellow burst into laughter and patted his back. 

"Who is this handsome fellow? Such big muscles and valiant aura!" Draco asked with marvel in his eyes. 


Everyone was confused. The way the fellow had made his entrance, they thought someone was about to die. It turned out that he was just here to fawn over this fellow? 

Local Lord also laughed as he similarly patted Draco on the shoulder. "Brother, what are you saying? If it comes to handsomeness, how can I compare to you?" 

Draco scratched his head with a slight blush. "This… well, thank you Brother." 

"Guildmaster what are you doing here?" Cobra asked with confusion. Since when was Draco so nice to strangers? 

Eh? Guildmaster? 

All of the ones here froze. None of them had been to the First Guild War or the First Player Auction, so they had not seen Draco before. They thought he was a random guild member, but it turned out he was the boss. 

Local Lord's eyes narrowed as he heard this. 'So, this is the famous Draco? Pff, he's just a pretty boy. He even looks like some fuckboy.' 

Draco continued to pat the fellow on the shoulder, but a dark gleam appeared in his eyes which went unnoticed by all.