Guild Wars - Chapter 258

Published at 21st of November 2020 10:14:01 PM

Chapter 258: 258
Cobra was unsure of what exactly he was supposed to do in this situation . He knew Draco well enough to know that something was clearly amiss . He was a trained assassin who was no weaker than Eva if one took away her future memories .  

Draco may have hidden the dark gleam while patting Local Lord, but Cobra sensed that slight bit of intense killing intent that had just as quickly been smothered . It was so intense that he almost shat himself, and he was someone who had taken the life of a fellow human being himself for crying out loud! 

Draco let go of Local Lord and turned to Cobra . "Ah, my favorite general, Cobra . What is the name of this fine fellow here?" 

Cobra's heart trembled when Draco locked eyes with him, but he maintained his stoic demeanor and answered calmly . "His name is Local Lord and he has the Elemental Berserker hidden class . He has joined us during our last recruitment drive and has been undergoing training with his batch ever since . " 

"He is one of our best candidates and should be a fine addition to our core members due to his top-notch skills as well as his abilities to motivate his peers . Cobra gave Draco rundown of his assessment of Local Lord, making the fellow smile lightly .  

Draco nodded . "That sounds reasonable, but if all that you are telling me is true, I feel that he has earned himself an extra reward . Continue taking these fellows on a tour of the City-State but send Brother Local Lord to Akainu afterward . Fill him in on the 'population' plan and see to it that he is brought over post-haste!" 

Cobra suddenly understood . He was no fool, so he knew a bit about Draco and Eva . They were supernatural beings with strange abilities that made them stand above the rest .  

This was common knowledge amongst the Five Generals, Akainu, Sanji, Jada and Jade . Then again, Jada and Jade had some strange abilities of their own, marking them in the same category .  

So, Cobra could deduce that this Local Lord fellow must be someone like Draco, only that the fellow was apparently unable to tell that Draco was similar to him .  

This would explain his outrageous clear time for the core member test that had stumped the Five Generals, as well as his ease in killing monsters during the training . Yes, it all made sense to Cobra in this instant .  

As such, he nodded and turned to Local Lord . "Please follow me closely . Your status here will now be different as you are part of the special plan . Later, we shall go and pick a plot for you to build your residence . I shall explain more on the matter at that time . " 

Local Lord grinned widely . "Not a problem, Boss Cobra . Just lead the way!" 

At this moment, Local Lord was sneering inside . What a bunch of sentimental fools! Just because that fuckboy found him pleasing to the eye, he would give him so many benefits? Trash! 

Thinking like this, Local Lord laughed inside . Such a future was truly the only way forward . As for anything that would lay in his path, he would either fight or fuck it! Any resistance was there to be crushed by him! 

As they walked off, Draco silently rubbed his chin with a bone-chilling smile that looked like it came from a malevolent demon that had sighted some juicy prey .  

'Local Lord, ah, Local Lord . I had planned to deal with you far later in this timeline . Playing with you at this stage would just be bullying a child . There is no fun enacting revenge if you can't at least put up a fight, forced to struggle and beg . ' 

'But who would have thought that your audacity would be so big as to join my guild, and even have thoughts of taking over? You even want to capture Eva and play with her… this guy…' 

Draco shook his head . If the future Local Lord, who was at least a cunning and worthwhile enemy, could see his past self, he would simply commit suicide at the fellow's foolishness .  

The future version had to plan for 7 or more in-game years, planting seeds and creating favors, all for that one moment he managed to sway Eva's mind for Draco's life .  

Yet, this guy wanted to capture her like this? Draco was even worried that Eva might chance upon him before he carried out his plan for the fellow, as she would be far less reasonable than him .  

It was totally possible for Eva to sell all her future memories to the AI in exchange for the AI preventing him from logging out permanently, so that she could torture him for eternity .  

But it would only be a stopgap measure . As the prodigy of the Pangu Lineage, how could they allow him to be trapped for that long? All they had to do was pull the helmet off to free him .  

Even if he sustained mental/brain damage, he could just regenerate it easily! As such, one had to take more thorough measures with him .  

'Soon . In time, your foolishness will lead you right into my web, and when I capture you, you will not even be able to beg for mercy . ' 

Draco left the City-State with that final thought . He had more important things to deal with, and Local Lord's horrible fate would be played out in time .  

Clarent had been silent the whole time, but not because he was well-behaved . As the Combat Pet of Draco, and one who had once resided in his soul, how could he not feel that killing intent? 

In fact, Clarent was so close to the source of it that he had been spooked mute . It was only when Draco left that he began panting like an athlete that that had run 10 miles .  

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"Damn, did that fellow try to rape your wife in your previous life? Why do you have such an intense killing intent for him?" Clarent asked with a huff .  

Draco looked at the Dragonling with surprise . "You pretty much hit the nail on the head!" 

Clarent was stunned . "What? That fellow actually tried to touch Queen Riveting Night? Is he mad?" 

Clarent couldn't be blamed . He, like many others in the world, was fucking terrified of Riveting Night . It couldn't be helped, as Riveting Night's getup and the way she carried herself induced chills in others .  

As such, he refused to believe that there was anyone who could be so braindead as to pounce on that woman . However, without being aware of the finer details, a fellow like Clarent would never truly understand .  

Draco put this matter aside and headed towards Cario City . He could've used the Portal Center, but his cape had to see some use . Its blink skill would go to waste otherwise .  

When he arrived, he noticed that the city was bustling even more . Because of the Rank 7 Shop, as well as Umbra's presence, Cario City was far more popular than Sturgehaven City, the capital .  

Draco ignored these people and continued to blink away . After a few more blinks, he arrived at a location he had once fought a serious battle at, a land now filled with destructive energies .  

That's right, he was at the Ruined Plains of Deriam! This was where he had killed his alter ego, the Dark Knight, who was a digital clone of him with all his skills and instincts, as well as his bloodline .  

Dark Knight was a perfect clone of him only lacking his memories . Even when Draco unlocked his bloodline, it had affected the Dark Knight so greatly that he was forcefully transformed .  

'Since I have learned Subjective Magic and have activated my bloodlines, will the fellow also have access to them?' Draco mused .  

After all, the Dark Knight had been like a mirror of him so far . Any changes that happened to Draco should happen to the Dark Knight, only that it would be modified to fit him since he was neither player nor NPC, but something in-between .  

However, this was all speculation for later . The simple fact was that the Dark Knight was unlikely to trouble Draco unless Draco caused him more pain . He should probably be roaming the world, trying to understand the meaning of life .  

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Draco went to the border of the Ruined Plains of Deriam and sniffed the Destruction Energy lingering there . He sighed with pleasure and went into the place without hesitation .  

Draco moaned once he did, yet the sound was quickly stifled by embarrassment . However, being bathed in Destruction Energy like this felt far too good! 

It was like growing up in a smog-filled city, where the air smelled like shit, the world was grey-ish and the sky was dark, then, after coming of age, moving into a place where the air was fresh, the sun was warm and the sky was bright .  

That feeling of breathing clean oxygen, or that feeling of drinking fresh water after a workout, was what Draco was feeling now .  



Clarent couldn't say the same . The Destruction Energy here pounced on as if he was a tasty morsel, sizzling on his skin like he was on a grill . Chunks of his flesh fell off and he could only howl as he sought to escape .  

Draco frowned and waved his hands . The ambient Destruction Energy immediately became docile and coquettish, like a naughty young daughter trying to coax her father for more spending money .  

Draco shook his head with a smile and 'commanded' it not to harm Clarent . The ambient energy seemingly complied, and Clarent felt free . He was stunned at first, then he remembered that this energy was created by Draco .  

Well, specifically, it was created when an Orb of Destruction from Draco's Black Dragon collided with an Orb of Destruction from the Dark Knight . But hehe, who was the Dark Knight a clone of? As such, one could say that this energy was all from Draco! 

Draco took out Dragorugio and Fragarach . With a sigh, he swung both swords lazily as he warmed himself up, though it was not necessary .  

It was just that it had been a while since he last came out to slaughter monsters for experience, and this time would see him facing the most difficult kind for a Rank 1 person .  

That's right, Draco was going to solo the whole Ruined Plains of Deriam, which was filled up with void monsters waiting for the activation of the Abyss Event .  

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It was something only he could do, though Riveting Night could have easily come along, but she would have to dedicate some bloodline energy in defending herself to be able to fight .  

After all, even if Draco gave her a pass to enter through his manipulation, that only meant that the Destruction Energy wouldn't actively try to harm people .  

Basically, it was like a sentient toxic smog . If it chased you, that was bad, but if it didn't, that didn't change the fact that this entire place was filled with it . After all, just sniffing it would still kill you in one blow! 

Draco saw the first oid Monster nearby, and it was currently using its Abyssal Energy to traverse this region of destruction . One should not forget, Draco's Orb of Destruction could wipe out Captain Rank Void Destroyers with relative ease back then .  

Destruction Energy was number 4 on the energy rankings for a reason while Abyssal Energy wasn't even in the top ten! How could these vile things possibly be able to resist? 

As Draco leapt forth to cut this monster into piece, Clarent also roared spurting out fire to cook the monster into a sizzling barbecue .  

Thankfully, Draco had a very important item with him that made this journey even more profitable than before! 

「Abyss Key – Event Item 

Rank: Legendary 


Passive 1 – Abyss Absorption: The possessor of the Abyss Key can Absorb Abyssal Energy and convert it into Aetheric Energy .  

Passive 2 – Abyss Protection: The wielder of the Abyss Key and his followers will be immune to the negative effects of Abyssal Energy .  

Active 1 – Abyssal Trove: Activating this skill transports the user and his followers to the Abyssal Trove . The Key will shatter after this is activated . 」