Guild Wars - Chapter 265

Published at 21st of November 2020 10:13:52 PM

Chapter 265: 265
Draco crashed into the stage, creating a human-shaped crater in the concrete . The bustling crowd went silent as they felt their minds snap .  

This… what was going on? Draco was a pureblooded Black Dragon that even had the pureblood of a Royal Demon! How could he be slapped back like this? 

Draco himself leisurely climbed out of his hole and shook himself down before jumping back into the fray again . After all, he was invincible, meaning that he would feel no pain and suffer no damage .  

However, the physical force of attacks was inescapable, hence why he was blown away like a ragdoll .  

Seeing him come out unharmed and unbothered, even jumping back into the fray, the crowd became energetic again . Many realized that he must probably have been testing the waters earlier .  

Now, he would become serious, right? 

Thinking along the same lines, how could the Dragon Lords allow this? The Earth Dragon stomped on the ground, sending a slab of earth shooting at Draco at scary speeds .  

Draco flapped his Hellfire wings and gracefully made an arc in the air . Because the Earth Dragon had attacked from behind him, he casually stepped atop the speeding slab and used it to taxi himself to his target .  

The Earth Dragon blanched when he saw Draco masterfully using his own attack to his benefit . He, like the crowd, felt that Draco had been toying with them, but was now getting slightly more serious .  

The Golden Dragon roared and hundreds of golden portals opened behind him . Out of them shot many different kinds of weapons such as spears, swords, knives . Even arrows and other projectile weapons were fired out as well, an endless number soon blotted out the sky .  

Draco smiled lightly and activated a wood mana shield around his body and continually fed it resources . It managed to withstand more than 30% of the Golden Dragon's casual attack before shattering .  

The Dragons in the crowd roared when they saw that Draco could use magic as well . Wasn't this something utilized more commonly by other races, especially the elves? 

Just when did Black Dragons become so versatile? Normally, all they knew how to do was behave in an overbearing fashion and press down White Dragons beneath them .  

However, Draco had revealed himself to be a combat genius! He was easily able to outclass his opponents in terms of skills . . . but their good impression didn't last long .  

After Draco's barrier shattered, he then activated the Dragorugio's Chest Plate's Active Skill Destruction Barrier and used his two swords to deflect the thousands of projectiles coming at him .  

His hands moved so fast that their eyes could barely follow, and they were Dragons! As for the other races, they couldn't see anything at all! 

However, eventually the golden aura that had surrounded Draco elapsed, and he could only smile wryly as he was cut to ribbons . After all, his blink skill was meant for traversal, not battle, so its cooldown was 30 seconds .  

Only about 7 seconds had passed since the start of combat, and he was forced back down to 1 HP as a golden aura surrounded his body again . His first resurrection was gone, and he was already on his second one! 

Yet, he couldn't even reach the Sky Dragon to start a renewed assault .  

The Sky Dragon dashed in and performed some acrobatic maneuvers moving her large wings in strange patterns . However, the storm of wind blades that roared towards Draco showed that she wasn't having an epileptic seizure in midair .  

Draco spawned earth mana shields around himself which countered the wind blades perfectly . However, there were far too many of them . As such, the earth shield shattered and the wind blades struck him back to the earth .  

Instead of crashing, he caught himself and landed gracefully . There was still a look of focus on his face, so the crowd was tensely watching the fight with confused yet grave minds .  

They had expected total domination from the get-go, yet it should have come from Draco, instead of the three Dragon Lords . Many Dragons realized in that moment that there was something really wrong with this Draco fellow .  

The biggest reason for their suspicion was that he hadn't used any notable Destruction skills or any other techniques that Black Dragons were known to use .  

The second was even graver . He had maintained a human form while fighting .  

Why wasn't he transforming back into his true form? At first, they thought it was that he was looking down on his opponents and felt that doing so would be too good for them, or remaining like this would even the odds .  

However, even an idiot could see that there was something wrong here . Which Dragon would be content to stay in a human form for so long during battle? 

Draco shook his head . His sword skills and techniques would never be sufficient to do anything in a fight like this . What he had to do was utilize his pinnacle moves while he still had extra lives .  

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As such, he put his two swords away and maintained his Horned Demon true body, channeling his bloodline to the highest degree, as well as his Control .  

He shot like a bullet towards the Sky Dragon once again . Since he didn't have to divert attention to using any techniques or skills, he was able to move even faster by flapping his wings .  

There was also a trail of fire behind him, sending him forward like a rocket . Still, no matter how fast Draco became, he would not be able surpass a Sky Dragon .  

This was even with Rapid Legs and Absolute Void still buffing his movement speed so greatly . As such, the Sky Dragon quickly darted back and shot out her super-fast wind blades .  

With his mind fully focused, he managed to avoid most of them . The few that struck knocked him back slightly, but he quickly recovered and bolted towards his target .  

The Sky Dragon wanted to cry . Why was he so focused on her? Had he or a friend of his proposed to her before and she rejected them or what? Even if that was the case, why make such a big deal out of it?! 

This time, she flapped her wings strongly and created two mini-tornadoes . This was a superior air element skill know as Wind Cyclone, and it was graded as a Rare skill for Aeromancers and the like .  

The suction power of the tornado shocked Draco, as he felt himself drawn into it no matter what he did . He might have wings, but he had only developed them recently .  

It was only thanks to instinct that he could fly competently, how could he possibly be a professional at it? As such, he was easily drawn in and battered brutally before being launched to the ground .  


Another human shaped crater appeared . However, the silent crowd noticed that he climbed out once again, completely unscathed . The fact that his defense was so strong but his offense was so weak baffled the Dragons .  

Hey there, are you sure this fellow isn't a Metal Dragon pretending to be a Black Dragon? Black Dragons had only an average defense, but the most overpowered offense .  

However, what about Draco's assaults had been overpowered? Sure, against species below the top 50 of the State of Being Rankings, like humans, he might be able to flex easily .  

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But against a pureblooded Dragon? He would have to step up his game! The way it was looking, he wouldn't even be able to take any one of the Dragon Lords below 95% HP, much less defeat all three .  

Draco knew his chances were abysmal as soon as he saw the objective of the procedure, but he was still tongue-tied when he realized that there was absolutely nothing he could do .  

He was just too ignorant of what it meant to be a species in the top 50 ranking, especially the number 3 Dragonkind . He was invincible against monsters, players and most NPCs within his Rank, but he had only fought the cheapest beings at that Rank .  

Against Dragons, one had to be two Ranks higher to vanquish them with ease and at least one Rank above them to defeat, but not kill them .  

Draco was painfully aware that he had only one last second of his invulnerability left and decided to try something else . Even though he had lost the Dragon Soul's boosting effect for his Draconic techniques, he had been practicing a lot more recently .  

Not to mention he had managed to activate his Serpent God Inheritance further over time . He also had learned all techniques of the Inheritance, and had been meditating on them every day since he learned subjective magic .  

Draco burned 20% of his current bloodline energy, and a huge portal opened behind them . When the Dragons in the crowd saw that destructive aura and felt the existence behind that portal, their bloodlines quivered and boiled .  

Their souls felt the innate reverence they had for the pinnacle of their species, the Black Dragon! Any doubts they had towards Draco at this moment was dispelled .  

There was nothing that could fake this intense aura . Nothing in the world could mimic the aura of a true Black Dragon and fool all these pureblooded true Dragons .  

A giant Dragons head came out, its red eyes surveying the world before locking onto the fellows opposite Draco . Then the portal widened as it brought its forelegs out, its wings and then its backlegs .  

Unlike last time where Draco suffered a backlash for forcefully summoning his Black Dragon with the help of Loving Aunt, he was able to summon it by himself this time by burning an extra 40% bloodline energy .  

So, he only had 40% left to maintain the summoning . What was crazy was that it drained 1% of his bloodline energy per second, meaning that he only had 40 seconds .  

However, Draco reckoned that it should be enough . He obviously could not open his inventory and drink an Angel's Kiss Potion at this time, otherwise he had no doubt that the system would disqualify him .  

「Name: Black Dragon (Draco) – Major Rank Adventurer 

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Level: 50 

HP: 5,000,000/5,000,000」 

The Black Dragon roared mightily, suppressing its three opponents grandly . It then beat its wings and rushed at the Earth Dragon this time, who was panicking at the sight of a true Black Dragon but still threw up some earth walls subconsciously .  

The Black Dragon sneered, coating its front legs with pure Destruction Energy, then punched through the wall without stopping . Like a nail through a piece of wood, it easily pierced through and rushed at the Earth Dragon .  

The Earth Dragon quickly threw up stronger defenses at this sight, layering earth barrier upon earth barrier, and even fired some Earth Spikes in order to harm the onrushing Black Dragon .  

The Golden Dragon and Sky Dragon didn't watch from the side idly . The Golden Dragon fired hundreds of weapons non-stop, even rushing in headlong to engage the Black Dragon in a frontal fight .  

The Sky Dragon also unleashed a plethora of Wind Cyclones and an endless amount of wind blades towards the Black Dragon with precision, maintaining her distance because she didn't dare launch a frontal assault .  

Draco shook his head . Now that he had paid such a price to bring out the Black Dragon, how could it be so simple to defeat him? 

The Black Dragon, embodying the true nature of one, was more tyrannical than Draco . He sneered derisively and roared . A huge wave of Destruction Energy blasted out from him like a barrier of disintegration .  

All the attacks and defenses that stood in its way were burned away into ash . The Black Dragon opened its mouth and bit down on the neck of the Earth Dragon, smashing into it with a loud thoom! 

The Black Dragon then did something that stunned every other Dragon here . It raised its fore legs up into the sky and brought them down with unparalleled force .  

The Earth Dragon wasn't worried about physical attacks, even from other Dragons, as they dealt very little damage to his sub-species . However, the Earth Dragon could only cry out in pain as it was crushed into the earth .  

The crowd, that had seen it happening, was equally shocked . The Black Dragon, an entity only supposed to be able to use Destruction Energy, had just used Worldly Energy to empower himself with spells, specifically gravity spells!