Guild Wars - Chapter 274

Published at 21st of November 2020 10:13:43 PM

Chapter 274: 274
Draco spent some time in the Aether Hall with his family, seeing as he had to wait a bit for more Void Stones to come in . As he was now left with around 3 million platinum in funds, Draco planned to spend the rest on the Epic material .  

Its quantity was truly scarce, but since there were so few Magical Engineers in the world anyway, he only had to wait for a bit for a new shipment to come .  

To use this time though, Draco logged out of Boundless together with Eva, Jada, Jade, Akainu and Sanji . After all, the one-month grace period was over .  

The predicted time when the other Mafia Groups would attack the castle in retaliation for the slaughter of The Boyz has come . They had to mount a defense against so many groups at once, so they couldn't afford to remain in game .  

Draco came out of the pod with the crystal-like nanites sloshing away from his skin . Both he and Eva were naked, so they stopped to admire each other with lascivious intent for a few seconds .  

Eventually, Draco walked over and slapped Eva's butt with a smarmy grin . Eva retaliated by grabbing his balls and squeezing them gently, making Draco puff out air as his eyes widened .  

Draco had a wry expression on his face . "I concede, my skin is not as thick as yours . " 

Eva smiled toothily . "I inherited my thick skin from the best . " 

Draco folded his arms and laughed . "Hahaha, that's true . With this Prime here, how can your skin not be resilient? Haha, being in the presence of greatness truly is the key to success!" 

Eva laughed as well . "Truly shameless . " 

The two went to bathe before they dressed up . The bathing aspect was not really necessary, however, it did provide a pleasant feeling to do so and it wasn't like it was that big a deal anyway .  

Draco wore black joggers that hugged his legs tightly along with a relatively nice grey t-shirt . He put on some casual slippers on top of this, and he looked more like someone about to go buy food down the street than the reincarnation of Lucifer .  

Draco's face turned sour when he realized this was also something Jada bought him . The realization struck him as it was tight around his crotch area . As such, one could easily see the outline of his package if they looked hard enough .  

Eva wasn't shy about it and whistled, much to Draco's chagrin . There was nothing he could do about it though, so he could only smother his bashfulness under layers of shamelessness .  

Eva wore a tank top and gym shorts . She had one of the curviest bodies among the women he knew, only that her proportions were nowhere near as large as Zaine and the others .  

Still, seeing her in gym attire would elicit lustful intent from any onlooker, regardless of her Celestial Maiden Inheritance . She simply looked really sexy like that, especially with her face locked in a condescending frown .  

The two of them went out to see Sanji and Akainu in their usual suits while Jada and Jade wore cute one-piece dresses with flowery patterns .  

Jada was about to insult Draco to the high heavens on sight, but she was suppressed by Eva's perfection . She lost her voice and her self-esteem in front of Eva's superiority .  

Jade also looked somewhat chagrined, but she was much better at hiding it than Jada . Akainu and Sanji had seen Eva's face many times already and while they were as awed as the first time, they simply had no interest in vying for Draco's woman .  

Eva was much better than Draco at suppressing the allure of her Celestial Maiden Inheritance and coupled with her veil, most people didn't even feel any attraction .  

As for Draco, this uncouth and brainless dolt, he was giving every woman a healthy dose of his aura, which was no better than straight up injecting them with top-tier aphrodisiacs .  

Luckily, he had learned a lot more about his Dark Angel Inheritance after activating it further . The ascension ceremony had also unknowingly done its part to help him control it . He easily suppressed the effect down to Eva's level .  

"Give me a status report Akainu . " Draco said after patting Jade on the head, while avoiding Jada biting off his hand when he tried to do the same to her .  

Akainu puffed some cigar smoke and took out a paper from his trouser pocket, flapping it open casually . "Well, we got a notice from the 2nd to 10th Mafia groups in this city demanding an explanation for the demise of The Boyz . " 

Draco rubbed his chin . "Oh? And what was our reply?" 

Akainu scratched his head and tuned to Jada, who puffed out her little chest in pride . "Well, the Little Minx was the one who wrote our reply . " 

Akainu didn't need to elaborate further . It was likely that upon reading that toxic reply, many of the fellows suffered from epileptic seizures and had to be rushed for intensive care . One simply does not read or hear expletives from this Pettanko and remain fine afterward .  

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Sanji tapped his wrist and displayed an image of the exterior of the castle . Outside were many cars lined up, with hundreds of men armed to the teeth .  

Around 20 people, mostly men, sat around a portable round table at the front of their gates, with only 9 of them seated while the other 11 or so stood behind these 9 respectfully .  

What was surprising was that these 9 were lazily playing cards, as if they had all the time in the world . This made Draco smile, and Eva glanced at them with disdain .  

"Fools . " Eva stated coldly .  

"They are, but they are certainly confident . Akainu, how did they manage to clear this area, and how did they move so many men over here without causing a spectacle?" Draco asked .  

After all, this was the real world, not a medieval one like Boundless . The ability to track and spread information in this age was truly powerful . Even if the authorities failed to catch it in time, the pedestrians would not sit idle .  

Many would take out their phones and take pictures or record such a procession . Thanks to movies, games and novels, even the most reclusive fellow would be able to tell that these groups were up to no good .  

Yet, they had managed to cross over here without causing a ruckus . The resources and pull needed to accomplish such a feat were not small . It was clear why they had to spend about a month preparing their retaliation .  

Akainu tossed the paper he was holding away and put both hands in his trouser pockets . "They have links up to the Ministry of Information . With their help, they were able to cause a small information blackout, long enough for them to mobilize here in batches . " 

Eva turned to Akainu . "Who was their connection?" 

This time, it was Sanji who answered as he tapped his holo-device . The screen changed to show the details of a pudgy and ugly man who smiled warmly .  

"It was Mayor Ferguson . He belongs to the Terrabino Family, and the current Minister of Information, Johnson Terrabino, is his older cousin . " He explained, cycling through various footage of both men, as well as pictures .  

Eva's black eyes flashed, and their placid nature changed as a miasma began to swirl inside, making the others feel like their souls would be sucked into those depths .  

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"Send me his details . I'll deal with him . " She declared eerily, as she suddenly disappeared from the spot . Sanji gulped and sent over the details to her holo-device, but he guessed that she was already gone from the castle .  

Draco chuckled at how they were spooked by his Celestial Beauty, but he didn't blame them . Eva was very twisted and terrifying due to her madness . Even he could not deny that .  

But for Draco, it made her even more attractive, whereas it made her a nightmare for others .  

"Lead me to these fellows . Let's see what they have up their sleeves that makes them so confident . " Draco stated .  

After all, it was strange . The Boyz were the certified number 1 mafia group of the city, yet they had been slaughtered to the last man, leaving nothing but a scene from the vilest hell behind .  

Yet, these fellows dared to come . Draco really wanted to see what had them so sure of themselves .  

He exited the castle with his entourage, and the Sanguigno Brothers were in the lawn before the gates, armed to the teeth and ready to take lives . Draco nodded to and they filed in behind them .  

Two Sanguigno Brothers opened the gate for Draco and the others to come out, and those on the outside tensed up . Everyone except the 20 around the table felt like they were standing on needles when they saw Draco .  

Each of them had seen pictures or videos of the scene at the estate of The Boyz, and despite being hardened crooks, many had vomited heavily .  

Even a butcher wouldn��t be so cruel, so they felt like he was a bonafide demon to do such a thing .  

Funny enough, they were right .  

Draco noticed that there was a chair left for him on the table, and that those playing the cards hadn't even bothered to look his way . Only those who stood behind to protect them looked at Draco with wary hostility .  

Draco moved to sit down and lay back into his chair lazily . His handsome looks and his cocky demeanor were quite arousing, but no one had the time to be moved by his looks due to the tension in the air .  

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Draco simply cast out his Void of Perfection and discovered that there were more than 400 men arrayed here . These weren't grunts either, but the best elites of each force that was gathered here . Those could even form a notable company in any army .  

They were miles away from the elite Sanguigno Brothers, but they were still quite good on their own . This made Draco ponder, as there was no way they could be relying on just numbers alone . . . right? 

After another minute of playing cards, one of the mafia leaders finally spoke up . It was a woman wearing heavy makeup and a suave black dress with a large fur coat draped over her shoulders: "Do you know why The Boyz had been the number 1 mafia group of this city?" 

Draco made a 'no idea' gesture, not bothering to reply . The woman seemed unbothered by his attitude and simply continued .  

"Because there is no point fighting over first place . " She stated as if it was the most obvious truth .  

Draco's eyes narrowed . He observed these 9 bosses with his Horned Demon Inheritance and Dark Angel Inheritance . He wasn't able to sense any negative emotions like fear or worry in them, and he certainly could not read their thoughts yet .  

He - unfortunately - did not have his Eyes of Caelo here, so he could only wonder where their confidence was coming from silently .  

Another boss, this time a dark-skinned man with a scar on his cheeks, spoke out with a distinct accent . "The Boys, The Cardinals, The Sanguigno Brothers and some others . " 

"These are the various groups you have come into contact with so far, and you were easily able to dispatch or subdue them as a Control master . " 

The fellow nodded his head without even looking towards Draco . "That is certainly impressive . Control masters certainly live up to their name . However, before our kind, they are nothing . " 

Draco's eyes gleamed as he heard what the man said at the end . Their kind? That was to say, they were different from the Sanguigno Brothers and co? 

Suddenly, the card game abruptly halted . All of the bosses here turned to face Draco at the same time, their eyes blazing with an unnatural intensity as they looked at him with straight faces .  

It unnerved the people behind Draco greatly, but he himself smiled coldly . It appeared as if Draco had suddenly realized something important .  

The woman who had been the first to speak broke the silence . "Young Control master Draco, do you believe in the supernatural?"