Guild Wars - Chapter 277

Published at 21st of November 2020 10:13:41 PM

Chapter 277: 277

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Thinking like that, Draco was now at a crossroads. The first obstacle in his world domination plan were both Supernatural and Superhuman. 

With his power, he could slaughter even a hundred or more of such people. The ones here at this round table alone were no different from cannon fodder in his eyes. 

But to deal with 700 million or more such people in the real world? Please, let's be serious. This wasn't Boundless, but the real world. Even in Boundless, Draco could at most, kill up to 1.5 million of them. 

700 million might sound like a small number, but how many students were there in your school/college? At most, it would not pass 10,000. Just imagine how it felt like when so many people assembled in one place, and this was just 10,000 people! 

Even a 100,000 people gathered in one place on Earth was a big deal, much less 1 million, 10 million or even 100 million. 

Earth was not like Boundless with super huge Field Zones and extremely exaggerated cities that could hold hundreds of millions in one place. Even in Boundless, 700 million people could easily form a reasonably sized kingdom. 

If even 10,000 of Supernatural's people were tasked to kill Draco, there was a huge chance that he would be killed. If they sent 100,000, then unless the entity that revived him had more juice for another restart, he would be gone from this world. 

Draco could only sigh. The difference in his power from Boundless and the real world was too stark. In Boundless, he was the bright star hanging from the sky. Beneficial opportunities came his way and he flourished grandly thanks to his skills and memories. 

In the real world, he had to hide quietly and work from the shadows, careful not to make any moves that could alert a whole state/country. Even a country's military could rip him to shreds, bloodline or not. 

However, there was no use lamenting over it. He knew what he had to do, as well as how he could go about building power for himself. One day, he too would become a 'final boss' of Earth, and then things would be different. 

However, one had to start small. He had planned to expand his group slowly over the city and take over the local underworld. After consolidating his power in this city, he would fend off the sharks from the other cities and slowly encroach on them too. 

After capturing a few cities in such a manner, he would try for a state. After getting a state, he would capture more states, then the country and so on till he had the whole world's underworld in his hands. 

However, with existences like Supernatural and Superhuman, such a thing was no longer feasible. Right now, it was best that he joined either Superhuman or Supernatural as a Control master, enjoying an elite status. 

Why waste his time on these fellows? Why not just show his bloodline and have them kowtow like dogs? 

Hehe, the short-sightedness of the world was truly deserving to create the best spectacles. 

The Lineages consisted 80-90% of his enemies, with his only allies being the Amaterasu Lineage and the Lucifer Lineage to a lesser extent. The Pangu Alliance had a kill-on-sight relationship with him. 

If he revealed his bloodline, he would be lighting a beacon and shouting to the Pangu Alliance 'hey, you bunch of inbred dickwads, this Daddy is amassing forces to challenge you!' which would be utter suicide with no hope of redemption. 

There was a reason he chose to remain largely incognito from the start, and revealing himself now just because of these tier-1 organizations that shat their pants at the mention of a tier-2 organization like the Lineages was not a good idea. 

As such, the choice to make was obvious. "I would like to join, along with my wife and soulmate. She is also a Control master and her power is at the exact same level as mine." 

Draco's words made these 9 fellows freeze in trepidation. Two young Control masters of equal power who were also a couple…? What the hell? 

Was it Terrific Tuesday? Did they just get two Control masters for the price of one? Was there really such a good deal in this world? 

Of course, there wasn't. Draco smiled sneakily and continued. "But as Control masters, there are hundreds of organizations that would kill to acquire us. I want to hear what Supernatural has to offer me and my wife, individually and separately." 

At this, the bosses shared dismayed looks. Even attracting Draco alone would cost them a hefty sum, and the top brass had made sure to put aside a lot of stuff for his benefit. 

How were they supposed to pay for what was essentially two of him, and then as Draco said, the two of them together? This was a truly difficult task they had been burdened with. 

There was a notable spell of silence as they pondered their next steps. How to compensate? Money was a basic measure, but they felt that they did not have enough to offer. 

After all, when you hear about the rich men of the world - or companies - like Amazon and co, their worth always sounded impressive to the ear, but most of that was fixed assets. 

The actual liquid funds of these people were relatively limited, and they used most of it for their lifestyles and important purchases. How could they have the billions required to attract a young Control master, especially a duo? 

Jessica, the slightly dark-skinned beauty, decided to take over. "What then, would you like us to give you mister Draco?" 

Draco smiled and raised a finger. "First, you will assist the GloryGore Labs in their upcoming hearing. Judging by your own influence, Supernatural is bound to have some members in the World Council, so don't give me excuses." 

"Secondly, I want 10,000 members of Supernatural who live in the Central Country to stop whatever they are doing with their lives and dedicate it to playing Boundless, the product of GloryGore Labs. They shall serve my establishment within the game." 

"Thirdly, I am willing to take on any mission for Supernatural, but my wife is pregnant with my child, so I expect her to be given a sort of… paid leave. After the birth of my child, she will naturally assist the organization more." 

"Finally, you will take the members of the Sanguigno Brothers and find them suitable wives. My boys need love too." Draco finished while folding his arms. 

His first request was for the benefit of the AI. It had done so much for him in-game and out-of-game, with the out-of-game being higher since the AI was limited by its directives concerning in-game matters. 

How could he endlessly take without giving back? Even if his skin was thick, he would have to be a dog on the level of Local Lord to do such a thing. 

Draco knew that the AI would survive the trial, but there were many limitations imposed on it. Many wondered how a game like this could capture the world in his previous life, and felt that it would have either been shut down legally or abandoned by players in totality. 

Of course, such short-sightedness was forgivable. Brother Confucius always said that the education of frogs in a well was the maxim of handsome blokes behind the keyboard. 


The abandonment by the players aspect was countered by the material benefits of the game, especially with the pods, and the legal aspect… well, what would occur was yet to be seen. 

Since Draco had stopped giving a shit about the butterfly effect in this timeline, he was certainly willing to pull strings to help the AI. This was honestly really a small thing in his eyes, but Draco could never have predicted how much of an impact this little action would have for the future. 

As for the second matter, hehe. Since they daringly told him they had under a billion members, they should be willing to give up 10,000 of them for him, right? 

After all, a Control master for such a price was a good trade. Besides, it wasn't like he was going to perform human experiments on them. It sounded more like he was boosting his numbers and wanted to make them play some controversial FIVR game. 

Besides, there was no way the upper echelon would not realize about the subtle benefits of the game. The benefits were not so obvious until the pods came out, but there were still signs here and there, which was why they all hadn't swarmed GloryGore Labs yet. 

The third demand was perfectly reasonable as well. In fact, all they came here for was Draco, his wife being the same power level as him was a pleasant bonus. 

If she wanted to do less work, that was one thing, but being pregnant was a completely fine reason, and it even made them excited. Control was a new field of development that was more linked to science than it sounded, so what if it could be passed on? 

An entity with Control and the abilities of a Supernatural member? Unmatched! They would become a god! 

The fourth one though, made them adopt strange expressions. Wanting them to find wives for his men because he wanted them to score…? They couldn't help but laugh wryly. 

In this current age, one could not get up and just tell a woman what to do anymore. There were severe social and legal repercussions for that, even more so after World War 3. 

This was probably the hardest of the conditions Draco put forward, but it was not completely impossible. As such, after deliberating silently for a while, they agreed to Draco's conditions. 

"With this you shall become a Superior Lord in our organization, and possess all the benefits your position entitles you to and the same holds true for your wife. We will send over the 10,000 members in batches. Where would you like them to be based?" Samuel, the skinny and untrustworthy looking guy, said. 

"Please tell me more about the organization before we move onto that part. I would like to know what the internal structure is like as well as where we are located." Draco stated calmly. 

Samuel nodded. "With your position, you are even entitled to level 5 secrets of the organization, much less this small bit. I shall explain a bit about the organization." 

"Supernatural was formed during the Dark Age, when our kind who had been scattered in the world were suddenly being hunted and persecuted by the human race due to their religion as well as their fear of us." 

"We were powerful, but we were outnumbered, unskilled, arrogant and dispersed. The last factor was the biggest cause of our troubles back then." 

"As such, we slowly began to band together. When we had enough people, we began to fight back and kill many humans, leading to an untold number of deaths during that time." 

"However, eventually we were stopped by the Lineages, who gave us a stern warning not to harm the 'sub-humans' as they called them. They claimed we are all branches of the same tree. Nevertheless, not only were they more powerful than us back then, they also got the humans to stop." 

"After time, our existence became more and more obscure. We knew that interacting with the xenophobic humans would only lead to more conflict in the future, so we moved our bases underground and into mountains, as well as other obscure locations while leaving a few members to mingle amongst them." 

Samuel smiled wryly. "It would be extremely unwise to lose all contact, as developments that happened top-side could lead to great changes in the world." 

Draco nodded. A wise and prudent choice. Cutting off all flow of information and becoming like monks was a bad idea, especially given how humans had developed. 

Samuel continued. "We became myths to them in time, and we pushed that agenda forward through manipulating their media. The books of the past were turned by us into works of fiction, which we later used to produce movies, comic books and whatnot. This allowed us to remain incognito for years."