Guild Wars - Chapter 278

Published at 21st of November 2020 10:13:40 PM

Chapter 278: 278
"Our organization was built to be flexible and fluid . There is no one supreme leader towering above us all, but a group of upper echelon members who come to democratic decisions about various matters . " 

"This is important, seeing as the organization is made up of members who have evolved with many different abilities . Each member is part of a sub-group under Supernatural that generally covers their field of abilities . " 

"So, there are Vampires, Werewolves, Undead, Ghosts and other such sub-groups . Please note these names aren't used to denote that each and every member of their sub-group possess that same ability . " 

"The power each person can awaken is always different . However, if person A has the ability to drain the life of another person while person B has the ability to use his blood to fight, they would both be placed under the Vampire sub-group, as it focuses on abilities derived from that terminology . " 

"Each sub-group has a single representative in the council . We have more than 15 sub-groups in total, and the newest one would be for our Control masters, which is chaired by Andres Lawson . " 

"Andres Lawson and 2 others make up the count of Control masters we have . For obvious reasons, majority of Control masters chose to side with Superhuman, and they have 15 of them . " 

Samuel paused here to relax his vocal cords and gather his words .  

Draco was intrigued . It seemed as if Superhuman and Supernatural had some beef with each other, which wouldn't be too surprising . It was essentially science versus magic on paper, but Draco could easily tell that this was bullshit .  

Superhuman relied on external means to grant powers . In other words, a person could be given a super soldier serum and turn into someone like Captain America, but that would not be their true self .  

It was a given power that was semi-permanent . As was always said, what could be given could be taken away . Draco was 100% certain that the same scientist who created the serum(s) and whatnot that gave power also made concoctions that could strip them away .  

It was basic protocol really .  

But the fellows of Supernatural were different . They relied on a natural awakening of their genes through evolution to achieve power . They would gain something out of the chaotic mess that had been mixed in human DNA from the Gerdo Galaxy aliens .  

They didn't know this of course, and though that it was their own superpowers . Since there was no real indicator of who could awaken such abilities, they felt it was supernatural .  

But to Draco, they were both the same . Both relied on aspects of science to acquire abilities, only that Supernatural had a longer history and a stronger foundation, but Superhuman had the ability to easily catch up with enough test subjects and volunteers .  

After all, it was basically 'superpowers in a test tube' that made them .  

"The lowest are the Thralls . They encompass the lowest rung of our group, and aren't even really considered personnel . They are a mixture of normal humans as well as sentient sub-species that function as serfs for our members . " 

"The next are the Awakened . They are the largest group in the organization, making up about 95% of Supernatural . These are the basic members of our group, those who have awakened their powers, but their abilities are common and weak . " 

"Next up on the hierarchy are the Nobles, making up about 4 . 9% of the total roster . They are Intermediate members, and have much more unique and powerful abilities . " 

"After that are the Lords . They constitute 0 . 1% of the roster, and they are the advanced members who can make certain administrative decisions . Their powers are at the peak of their sub-groups, and each one can display enough power to terrorize a city . " 

Samuel pointed to the 8 members of Supernatural around the table . "We all fall under this category . " 

"After the Lords are the Superior Lords . There are only a few of them in the organization, not more than 50 . They have a right to be present at all administrative meetings and can represent a sub-group in the council with ease . " 

"Every Superior Lord is like a trump card of our organization, one of our deterrents against our enemies . They are hardly required to act . They are used like nukes; advertised, but not deployed . " 

"As a Superior Lord, you are entitled to any amount of money from our treasury, as well as full access to all the channels and human organizations we have captured/own . " 

"For example, your request to protect GloryGore Labs will be considered part of your powers as a Superior Lord, only that it would have to go through some bureaucratic stops first . Of course, for you Superior Lords, these processes are expedited . " 

Draco raised his hand to stop Samuel here . "A few things before you continue . Firstly, I'll need a list of all sub-organizations Supernatural owns as well as those Supernatural knows about that Superhuman owns . " 

"Secondly, I'll need the locations of all safehouses, bases and places of note that the organization has or allows access to . " 

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"Thirdly, I'll need all the names of the members from Lords to Superior Lords . Please send all of these to Sanji and Akainu as soon as possible . " 

The 8 Lords shared and look and nodded . "This is of course . We would send this to you all in detail after this anyway . Is there anything else you would like?" 

Draco shook his head . "I'll learn the rest of what I need on my own . I thank you for taking the time to visit me . " 

The 8 Lords smiled widely . This was their first recruitment of a Control master - even 2 of them! - that went so smoothly . Most other Control masters were old farts, being indifferent to such things .  

"We are also grateful for your kindness and geniality Superior Lord Draco . We Lords exist to serve the Superior Lords, so should you ever need us… for any purpose… don't hesitate to call upon us . " Keira said in a slightly Slavic accent, her eyes locked upon Draco's form hungrily .  

She had been openly ogling him all this while, yet he had ignored her . If it was in Boundless, that was somewhat okay, but she should forget about anything happening between them in the real world .  

Draco stood up and bowed lightly to the other before moving to enter the Castle with his men, leaving the satisfied Lords behind . They also packed up and were about to head out when a dismembered head was thrown on the table .  

Draco slapped his forehead when he saw the face of the person on the table, as it was the head of the Mayor Ferguson . He had forgotten to call Eva off, since things had been negotiated already . Then again - knowing her - it would have been pointless .  

He walked back and put his hand around Eva's waist, as she came out of her invisibility with a heavy frown on her face .  

"I'd like you all to meet my wife and soulmate, Eva . She is the most beautiful woman in the world and she despises anyone who stands in our way . Please tread around her carefully, as even I cannot save you if you cross her . " Draco introduced Eva with a bitter smile .  

Eva folded her arms and raised her nose at the Lords, who also had strange and wry expressions on their faces . While Eva was certainly a beauty on the level of a real goddess, they were superior lifeforms to humans, so her effect on them wasn't as pronounced .  

Not to mention that Eva had acceptable control of that aura now, so it wasn't like she absolutely had to wear a veil everywhere anymore .  

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"We greet Superior Lady Eva . " The Lords bowed together, not daring to show disrespect . They could see the cold killing intent and disrespect for the life of others in Eva's black eyes .  

She was the stark opposite of Draco, who was genial and very easy to talk to . As such, they made a note to report to the organization that everyone must step lightly around her, and focus communications with Draco .  

As for the head on the table… 

"Mayor Ferguson was simply a Thrall of our organization, a figurehead we placed there to make our activities in this city easier . Dying at the hands of a Superior Lord is not something even worth reporting to the organization . " Julia said with pursed lips .  

"Leave it to me . I'll handle the dissemination of news as well as the re-election process . It is nothing to trouble yourself over, my Lord . " Genny offered with a smile .  

Draco nodded and bowed once more before leaving with Eva . As for Eva herself she just gazed at the fellows with utter disdain and deleted their existence from her mind, right in front of them .  

Truly, it was a different feeling to see someone literally forget who you were willingly, and right in front of you too . These 8 Lords looked to each other in dismay before leaving silently .  

They left Keith behind, who had seemingly been forgotten by everyone during the whole process . His existence was so inconsequential that not even a common member of the Sanguigno Brothers had bothered to point out that he was there .  

He had no forces, no money and no power . He was just a common person among superhumans . How could he be taken as anything but an ant? 

This sobered him up and made him realize that he was truly nothing in the scope of things . All the power his family had chased after was but dirt in the eyes of the truly powerful, and this changed his way of thinking .  

Keith was at a crossroads . He could try to weasel his way into Superhuman with the information he had been given, and acquire power from them . With their backing, he would be able to resist and find ways to kill Draco! 

But this idea was tossed out by Keith almost immediately . He wasn't some braindead fool, who thought himself to be something entirely special .  

Superhuman might show themselves generous by just letting him keep his life for this information, yet he knew that no matter what, he would - at most - become just another a cog in the wheel . He would just be throwing away his dog life if he tried to go against Draco .  

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This left him with two realistic choices . Take the freedom he had been given and live his life normally . He could start a family and even try to edge his way back into the underworld with his sharp acumen as well as the training from Baron D'our .  

Or, he could throw away the normal life and continue his life in the dark, working for Draco . The moment he had heard the whole story and gazed at Draco's response, he was able to see much more than the 8 Lords .  

There was mocking hidden deep in Draco's eyes, especially when they spoke about the Lineages . It was clear that Draco already knew about this power, so Keith reasoned that he could be a member of one of those groups, hence his absurd power for his age .  

He was probably a bastard child, or was born in a side family or something like that which separated him from his source . As such, he could even rise beyond Superhuman and Supernatural in time .  

Keith speculated this, but he wasn't sure . He didn't know what his fate would be if he took either choice, and this indecision gnawed at him . He had limited time to choose, as Draco was about to disappear from his sight .  

With a steely gaze, Keith rushed up to Draco and got to his knees . "Please accept me into your ranks, Mr . Draco!" 

None of the Sanguigno Brothers had stopped him from entering the castle, as he posed no threat . They just watched the proceedings like bystanders .  

Even Eva and the others just looked on with mild interest . This further humbled Keith . What was a life-and-death decision to him amounted to nothing but a show for others .  

Draco turned around and gazed at Keith sharply, with his light green eyes flashing with surprise and praise . "I expected you to try and join Superhuman for revenge . By bringing them here, I could have gotten more information from them after slaughtering you all . " 

Keith's heart skipped a beat . So, Draco hadn't forgotten about him, he had just been baiting him to make a very obvious and predictable choice that anyone in his situation would make .  

Draco smiled with interest as he brought Keith to his feet . "But since you have shown to possess an IQ above standard, I guess there is a better use for you than just a sacrificial lamb . Go to Akainu and he'll set you up . " 

Keith had a premonition in his heart at that moment . Something from somewhere told him that he had made the greatest decision of his life at that second .