Guild Wars - Chapter 281

Published at 21st of November 2020 10:13:37 PM

Chapter 281: 281
Finally, Draco could work on penning all his Common skills down . He was aiming for the experience bonus for the first time a Common skill/spell was penned down, and he got it in swathes .  

Each Common skill gave him 5% exp for the first time and would give 1% for each subsequent creation . Truly, grinding in a Legendary Tradeskill was hellish, especially when one considered the cost of production and the skill/talent requirement .  

With access to his 90 self-created Common skills - minus Sword Skill 1 and 2 for which he already claimed the first-craft benefit - he received a respectable 440% Tradeskill experience! 

This was even more than he got when he converted 8,000% Basic Tradeskill experience from his old stockpile! This took him from level 1, 90% in Scrivener to level 5, 30%! 

While this may look unimpressive compared to his progress in Common Tradeskills like Cooking and Brewing, it was a super huge leap that even fellows from the old era would be startled by! 

After all, the growth of a Legendary Tradeskill was akin to a snail . One might have the resources, but not the talent or one might have the talent, but not resources .  

Rarely did one like Draco pop up who had both in spades .  

Draco was extremely satisfied by this progress . Yet he did not stop, as he wanted to raise Scrivener as soon as possible . Thanks to his preparation and his Control, penning the books down did not take much time .  

It was not like Blacksmithing or Alchemy in which the time penalty was so high because he was crafting above his Tradeskill Rank . Here, Draco was crafting well within his Rank .  

In essence, how fast he could pen a book depended on his mechanical speed, and as a Control master that was at Tier 4, he was leagues above even a normal Control master at Tier 1 .  

Penning down the books relied on following 'on-screen' prompts for writing . It was sort of like that old Mavis Beacon game that Draco had been forced to play in Junior High .  

Lord knew how that ancient software survived World War 3 .  

It took Draco less than 10 minutes to pen one book down, so 88 of them took around 14 hours to complete . Draco could only pause here since the day was practically over .  

He had spent some time working on the ink and the paper, which had also taken a few hours . As such, he went back to his room and slept with Hikari, Zaine and Roma around him .  

Eva wouldn't be back for a long while . She had gone to raise her level and acquire broken items by exploiting her knowledge . It was time she also caught up to Draco .  

Especially after hearing about the Abyssal Prime class, Riveting Night didn't have any doubts that she could also have such a class waiting for her, probably the Celestial Prime .  

Draco had offered to scour the Refinement God's Treasury for money, but Riveting Night had refused . Her life's goal was to make Draco's life smoother and help him reach all his goals, not burden him .  

She felt she had taken a nice long vacation already and she was no longer needed since she had single-handled stabilized Draco's digital lineage . With him soon leaving for the Unique Quest, which could take an indefinite amount of time, she wanted to get her own work done .  

Besides, it wasn't like they wouldn't see each other . Unlike the time Draco had gone for the Flora and Fauna quest where Riveting Night was still in Japan, now they were together in real life .  

The next day, Draco was unsure as to how to proceed . He wanted to spend some more time raising up his crafting skills for Magical Engineering, Scrivener and Tactics .  

He also wanted to mass produce Semi-Legendary equipment and potions, relying on the rewarded Tradeskill exp to fuel his Tradeskills above Epic Rank . Even if the conversion was trash and made him lose a lot, it was still the most cost-effective way .  

However, Draco knew in his heart that he was only stalling for time . He was reluctant to leave his family and his people, especially since he had gotten quite comfortable with their presence .  

Even Vita City-State was developing like a rocket thanks to Sublime and her Seneschal class . Clarent and Hikari were taking shifts to use the Aether Conversion Orb to convert Worldly Energy into Aetheric Energy, expanding the border .  

With the expansion came more land and with more land came more jobs as workers were required to develop it . The reproduction rate of the certified players of Umbra and the Nshaw tribe was not enough to swallow it all .  

Draco knew what he had to do, but was hesitant . In the end, he gave in and decided to head for the Refinement God's Treasury instead of wasting more time .  

Before that, he purchased a sick amount of Void Stones, pretty much all that were left . He even went around to buy them off the other powers and Magical Engineers directly .  

With his Void Stones, he made another 100 Advanced Spatial Creation Devices . These were crucial for the Unique Quest, and Draco speculated that their use would be beyond anything he could imagine, which was why he had made so many of them .  

A surplus couldn't hurt in case he wanted to barter it or if he ever stumbled upon the World Merchant again .  

Only in hindsight did he realize that his focus on acquiring the funds for his Divine Class may have led him to miss out on the opportunity to purchase rare or perhaps even extinct items as well as materials at hefty but acceptable prices .  

One could never know what they would end up getting in a Unique Quest . Flora and Fauna had been relatively mild with its storyline, with only the end being unbelievably crazy .  

However, his bloodline being unlocked ruined the whole plot and fast-forwarded everything . Its planned difficulty went from 'beg for mercy' to 'this is only 5% of my power' .  

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However, Draco was not confident he would be able to repeat such a thing this time . It didn't require a genius to know that the Refinement God's Treasury was a Divine Rank Unique Quest, and its difficulty would be 'hehe, are you ready for a new account?' for sure .  

Draco spent another day working on the Advanced Spatial Creation Devices . Since it took him slightly more than 10 minutes to make one, this amount took the whole day away .  

The day after, he called Zaine over to his room . He asked her to teach him any special Devil Race skills she knew, and she taught him two .  

「Mind Blast – Active Skill 

Effect: Send out a wave of mental energy that stuns all enemies within 30 yards .  

Duration: 10 seconds 

Cooldown: 1 hour」 

「Charm – Active Skill 

Effect: Force a target to obey your commands unconditionally .  

Note: The effectiveness is based on Cha . If you possess less than 2x the Cha of your target, you will suffer backlash .  

Duration: 1 hour 

Cooldown: 1 day」 

These two were very good racial skills that every Devil could use . It wasn't limited to succubi, incubi, brokers and whatnot . It would have been hard to acquire these skills if Zaine wasn't with him .  

As for Draconic skills, he could only learn those of a Black Dragon for now, so he could only smile wryly . Draco sincerely doubted that any entity in this world had a skillbook for Black Dragon skills .  

Even if an entity did, he would never be able to afford it . The only way would be to access the Ancestral City of Dragons or to create them himself, but both could not be achieved any time soon .  

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Angelic skills could be bought from the Church of Light or through grinding in areas with Angelic or sub-Angelic species, but the drop rate was low . Rina had never gotten another special skill Draco could use since then, and he didn't blame her .  

As for buying from the Church of Light, he needed more reputation for that, far more than what was needed for a Divine Chest . He had sold 100 of his earlier reputation to get the Divine Treasure Chest along with the 23 Dragon's Blessing potions .  

Since Angels were a species that were only found in the Realm of the Gods, they were born Semi-Divine and were the messengers of the Gods . It would take more reputation to get access to such skills, and their price would be more than the scales of the Light Dragon .  

Divine Chests were a lottery-based system to acquire Divine Remnants that the Gods willingly left in the material plane .  

Angelic skills though, was something more personal . Angels weren't wiped out like Dragons, they certainly existed . They would not take kindly to their precious racial skills being sold out .  

As such, the Church of Light would have to provide a very good reason for this . (read as one needed much more rep) 

As for the favor the Church owed him, he had a much bigger use for that . The reputation needed for the buying of the skills was not a difficult job if he exploited a few quests from the old timeline to add to his current amount, but it would take time .  

As for Demonic skills… Draco didn't even mention it . Right now, Demons were the hated enemy of every human in the main plane, and even most other races despised them .  

If he tried asking around for Demonic skills, he would be courting death and disgrace . It was the equivalent of going back to 1943 and trying to buy statues of Adolf Hitler in an Allied country .  

After this, Draco made sure to create 10 Bags of Holding with his Advanced Spatial Creation Devices . In each of these bags, he placed a lot of materials, reagents and resources .  

He wanted to be prepared for any situation he might encounter . He had lacked many resources during the Flora and Fauna quest, having to rely on the provisions from the races in the Four Point Valley .  

When he was sure that he had done enough, Draco went to the Anomaly Realm to fetch Clarent . He saw Rila gazing at the wall of Divine Energy again, with a cute pondering expression .  

When he quietly sneaked up behind her, Rila sensed the presence of evil . She quickly tried to flee, but was easily captured by Draco .  

The fellow them began to rub his face on Rila's cute and soft cheeks . Rila could only endure it with a sigh . Since her dad liked it so much, she would just indulge him this time .  

This was what Rila told herself every day, allowing this beast to take advantage of her cuteness . Alas, if only Rila could develop a strong heart to shoo her daddy away, this fellow would have to suffer from 'look, but don't touch!' .  

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After 'pampering' Rila, Draco carried her out into the Aether Hall with Clarent and Hikari in tow . Zaine, Roma and even Riveting Night were outside, here to see Draco off .  

They were accompanied by his 28 concubines and all these women held his babies in their hands . They, like the inner circle women, displayed incomparable sadness as Draco was about to leave .  

When the sweet goodbyes were over and Draco was about to walk away, the sound of uproarious laugher was heard, from a voice no one could forget .  

"Hahaha, I am here!" 


From the sky came Qiong Qi, who crash landed face first . This Lion quickly got up and maintained his air of an expert, flinging the dirt from his mane as if to say 'I meant to do that' .  

He then pointed at Draco with a claw . "Bitch boy Draco, were you trying to cause havoc without this Cat Daddy? How selfish!" 

Draco smiled widely . "I thought you were at the Castle, so I planned to go fetch you . How could I not bring along my best buddy Qiong?" 

Qiong Qi folded his arms and harrumphed . "I'm sure you tell that to all the other lions . Hm? Who is that handsome bloke on your shoulder?" 

Qiong Qi was startled to see Clarent, who looked incomparably glamorous in his eyes . Even Clarent was staring at Qiong Qi with surprise, not understanding how such a fine bloke other than him could exist .  

No, they did not find each other attractive . What they referred to as being 'handsome' in their eyes was the aura of shamelessness the other party possessed .  

A person with no dignity would look handsome in their eyes regardless of species .  

Draco introduced the two, and they quickly hit it off . Before even 0 . 3 seconds passed, they were hugging like long lost brothers and laughing loudly .  

As Draco left with Clarent on his shoulder and Qiong Qi lazily walking by his side, the women in his nuclear family couldn't help but feel their hearts tighten .  

Even Riveting Night shook her head, her eyes flashing with pity . Those fellows in the Refinement God's Treasury didn't know that a calamity was incoming with these three on their way .