Guild Wars - Chapter 290

Published at 21st of November 2020 10:13:27 PM

Chapter 290: 290
Riveting Night stood on the back of Luxia, her Light Phoenix, tearing through the atmosphere at the speed of light . She stood near Luxia's neck with her arms crossed and her pose rigid .  

Frankly, she looked heroic and super cool, but that was par the course for Riveting Night . Behind her were Zaine, Hikari, and Roma, each one with a child in their arm . Rila, Loki, and Rosella looked around with big eyes enjoying this kind of travel .  

Overall, if one ignored who they stood on, they appeared to be the classic picture of a group of grown-up high school friends who met up for brunch to catch up .  

However, that could not be further from the truth . This was shown when Luxia ended her Streak passive skill which allowed her to move at the speed of light, appearing over a normal valley .  

The valley was heavily forested with many rivers and clearings spread out within, but Riveting Night didn't even look at those things . She directed Luxia to a certain lake in the valley that looked no different from the others .  

Beside that lake was an average-sized cave that looked like it was the perfect home for a bear . Luxia entered Riveting Night's inventory as they all disembarked from her back .  

Zaine, Roma, and Hikari observed the area curiously . They knew why they were here, but not what would happen next as it was a first for all of them .  

Riveting Night took out a special scroll she had acquired a while back and activated it .  

「Deed to the Plains of the Colossus – Unique Item 

Rank: Legendary 

Effect: Grants ownership of the Plains of the Colossus Divine Dungeon . 」 

Riveting Night had acquired this during the Divine Auction she had visited with Zaine, and it had been stored away for use later on . Now that she was planning on catching up to Draco, it was finally time to go all out .  

The deed glowed and turned into golden motes of light before merging with her body . As soon as this occurred, the seemingly empty and average cave turned into a gateway similar to the one at the Godmar Divine Empire, only that this one was much, much smaller .  

Riveting Night turned to the other women of Draco's inner circle and pulled down her hood . She gazed at them seriously and spoke deeply .  

"While Draco is away, we have to shorten the gap between ourselves and him . We cannot become burdens as the premier women in his genealogy . We have to be the role models for the countless others below us . " 

"This is a Divine Dungeon . The difficulty of it is at the highest possible point for our levels . In there, we will work together to clear all the objectives of the quest while increasing our personal strength . "

Riveting Night's declaration made them nod, as this was what they had expected . None of them felt good lying around while Draco went up and down to secure more power as well as benefits for them .  

Talent? If they claimed they were the second most talented women in the world, no other woman would dare to claim first .  

The problem was that their growth rate had been stifled by their love life . Whenever Draco was around, it was just so much fun to be with him that everything else played second fiddle .  

Not only that, but they had spent a good amount of their time pregnant . Even now, their children were still babies, yet to become toddlers . However, they couldn't wait until they grew up before they started progressing right? By that time, Draco might already be a God! 

As such, Eva had brought them over to begin working on this Divine Dungeon . It would allow them to increase their levels as well as refine their chemistry .  

When Draco returned, all of them should at least have reached Rank 2 . As for Eva, she would have to cap herself at the pinnacle of Rank 1 until she could afford to try for her own Divine Class .  

Hikari raised her hand and asked a question . "Erm, I don't know if Draco has shared this, but I can't get experience from fighting unless I'm with him . " 

Eva smiled . "I know . But as we are of the same clan, things are different . We can now create parties and share our experience together . " 

The other three shared a look . Roma then asked . "Eldest Sis… what's a party?" 

Eva froze . She had forgotten that her compatriots were computer code due to how much she personally cared for them, but this fact slapped her in the face . Of course NPCs wouldn't know what a party was, as it was a mechanic meant for players .  

The only reason why they could join one now was because of the fact that Eva herself was a player and an administrator of their clan . Obviously, if players were going to copulate with NPCs, there had to be a way to help raise their wives/husbands and kids .  

It would be a really stupid and short-sighted mechanic to not have such a feature, but thankfully it was already present this time .  

"A party is a special grouping that allows a certain amount of people to share experience and loot equally from kills . It also optimizes their battle awareness and teamwork through many functions . " 

"As you can imagine, this is something unique to Immortal Adventurers, but thanks to our familial relation, we can share this power with you . " Eva explained gently .  

The three ladies nodded their heads in understanding . Zaine even had a pensive expression as she realized many things . It easily explained why Immortal Adventurers in Draco's guild liked banding together and why their growth was so fast .  

As such, Eva created a party and invited Zaine, Roma, and Hikari to it . She couldn't invite the kids into the party, as they were obviously too young to fight .  

Upon joining the party, they checked out its functions and marveled at it . How convenient! There were so many ways to streamline team-fighting through this method that it was revolutionary to them! 

"Hello, can you guys see this? -Hikari" 

"This is interesting, this 'Text Chat' . It is like writing an instant letter to one another . -Zaine" 

"Alukemun Tereshi Fgeradio . -Roma" 

" . . . -Hikari" 

" . . . -Zaine" 

"Sorry, I wanted to see if Mystic Words of Power could be typed out… -Roma" 

Eva allowed them to play around and discover the functions of the party system . It was better that they explored it and got a preliminary understanding of it now, rather than in the heat of combat .  

As an admin of the Morningstar clan, Eva could check the stat sheets of the other three women through the party system . Of course, this was something players could only do to NPCs under specific situations and with the right permissions .  

「Name: Roma - Rank 1 Mystic Servant 

Level: 17 

Exp: 34% 

NPC Str: 20 

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NPC Dex: 20 

NPC End: 20 

NPC Int: 30 

NPC Spr: 20 

NPC Cha: 25 

NPC Lck: 20 

Active Skills: Necrotic Hands, Evil Curse, Life Steal, Divination, Dark Resurrection .  

Passive Skills: Charm, Insight, Foresight, Flexibility, Illusion . 」 

「Name: Hikari - Rank 1 Dragonling 

Level: 26 

Exp: 72% 

NPC Str: 100 

NPC Dex: 100 

NPC End: 100 

NPC Int: 190 

NPC Spr: 130 

NPC Cha: 110 

NPC Lck: 100 

Active Skills: White Light Healing, White Barrier 

Passive Skills: Aether Production, Dragobond . 」 

「Name: Zaine - Rank 1 Royal Devil 

Level: 1 

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Exp: 0% 

NPC Str: 10 

NPC Dex: 10 

NPC End: 10 

NPC Int: 10 

NPC Spr: 10 

NPC Cha: 10 

NPC Lck: 10 

Active Skills: Mind Blast, Charm, Energy Drain, Rapid Blink, Omega Blast .  

Passive Skills: Seduction, Telekinesis, Psychometry, Telesthesia, Illusion . 」 

Eva's lips twitched when she saw this . Roma and Zaine had very average starting stats for NPCs, with both starting at 10 points per stat at level 1 .  

Hikari was a monster who started at 100 points per stats at level 1, but only because she was a White Dragon . Most of these stats were useless for her anyway, so it was mostly for decorating her CV .  

Now, the system's means of handling NPC growth needed to be explained, as it was far different from that of players, which was quite a given .  

Players started at Rank 0, level 1, with 1 stat point in each category . They gained 5 stats per level until Rank1, level 10 . After that, the stat gain was 3 points per level until Rank 2, level 50 .  

However, NPCs worked differently . There was no Rank 0 for them, only for players and monsters . So they started at Rank 1, level 1 of whatever designation they were given .  

They usually had starting stats of 10 in each category, meaning that they had 70 overall, which was higher than what the average player could get by reaching Rank 1 (57 points) .  

What made things worse was that they earned 5 points per level for Rank 1, and 3 points per level for Rank 2, etc . In essence, their growth stats-wise would always be one step ahead of players as a form of protection for them .  

After all, the NPCs were not supposed to be enemies of players . That was why there were no monetary or item drops when NPCs were killed, as well as a 50% cut in experience received .  

The system of Boundless was very direct . There was no protection for players from each other, but NPCs were worse off . They couldn't just resurrect like the Immortal Adventurers . Players could assault them in different ways, but they could not do the same to players .  

This created a disadvantage for them, so the system had to create ways to protect weaker NPCs from the vices of players . This was just one of them .  

What baffled Eva was that Draco only half-trained both Roma and Hikari . He and Roma fought together during the Flora and Fauna quest, so how was she only level 17? 

Hikari also was left at level 26 . From what Eva knew, Hikari would get her next White Dragon racial skill at level 30 . Why did he stop just before she was at the next threshold? 

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As for Zaine, Eva wanted to crack open her skull and see why her superior brain - which was better than all of theirs - prioritized laziness so much that she had never trained even once! 

Well, then again, Zaine had only been truly accepted into the fold just before she gave birth . Before that, her position was really awkward in the whole genealogy, so it was natural that Draco didn't take her out to level .  

Eva sighed . Thankfully, she was here to help Draco . Then again, she couldn't chastise them for doing the same thing she did . Her character sheet was also quite bland for someone of her power .  

「 Name: Riveting Night 

Class: Shadow Assassin (Optimal) 

Rank: Adventurer (1) 

Level: 30 

Exp: 0% 

Str: 10 

Dex: 40 

End: 10 

Int: 5 

Spr: 5 

Cha: 5 

Lck: 40 

Combat Skills: Stealth, Short Blink, Instant Healing, Multishot, Assassinate, Shadow Tendrils, Shadow Veil .  

Non-Combat Skills: Revenger, Cloud Feet, Speed Break, Escapism, Shadow Illusion, Dark Interrogation .  

Tradeskills: Slave Trading (level 21, 90%), Negotiation (level 10, 12%), Tracking (level 34, 90%), Intelligence (level 1,0%)」 

She had made almost no progress since the Emergency Quest for her level and stats . After all, she needed to level up her growth items, and the Eye of Heaven was already complete .  

As for her Tradeskills, forget it . She had been by Draco's side almost 99% of her time, so she hadn't made any progress there either .  

Eva could only blush and scratch her cheek awkwardly . It seemed like they were all basket cases . Due to their obsession with Draco, they had postponed their own personal growth .  

However, they were here to rectify that . As such, Eva waited for the others to finish testing the party system's mechanics and led them into the gateway to the Divine Dungeon .  

Her black eyes flashed with a solemn vow . No matter what, when they came out of that gateway, they would all have caught up to Draco… by any means necessary!