Guild Wars - Chapter 294

Published at 21st of November 2020 10:13:22 PM

Chapter 294: 294

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Eva was rendered absolutely speechless at this point. The effect of this new ability could no longer be described as broken, but a sacrilege against all living species. 

Eva could only turn to stare at Hikari like she was a monstrous beast. This made Hikari tilt her head in confusion. Why was Big Sis Eva looking at her like that? Did she do something weird? 

Eva shook her head. With this skill, if their group had had a 1% chance of failing their current quest, that chance had now been demolished. Eva used to have little confidence that their lineup could fight a few Rank 2 foes previously, but with this new skill, it was a certainty. 

Fuck, if Hikari self-cast this ability, her Spirit stat would temporarily double, meaning she could heal much more and much faster. Unless an enemy could completely one-shot all the women here, they would never die. 

Eva's lips twisted. Not to mention that Roma had an Immortal Spirit - as well as Eva herself - if they revived, they could use Roma's Dark Resurrection to revive Zaine. 

Killing Hikari was impossible for any entity below Rank 6. White Dragons were the hardest to kill among their species. After all, the inability to fight in any way possible had to be compensated somewhat, which was the source of their broken healing/supportive abilities and their defense. 

In fact, the fastest way to kill Hikari would be to kill Draco if he was within range of her, but… hehe. When a Black Dragon was supported by his White Dragon, they were unkillable. 

One should not forget, before the Ultima Sunt race were manufactured, Dragons had been the number 2 species below True Gods. Even 'True Gods' were not a true species, but more of a power level. 

The True Gods were made up of many different races like Lions, Elves, Humans, Aquatic Creatures, etc. There was no one race called 'True God' nor one that could claim to own True Gods. 

So, looking at it objectively, the number one race in the universe were Dragons! 

This made a great deal of sense, not just taking into account the power of Dragons, but their lore. This was a Western Fantasy world after all, and Dragons were the top species in almost all Western Fantasy media. 

In fact, they were also the top in Eastern Fantasy as well. The only place where they could not claim that role would be Urban or Sci-fi media, where technology was the king. 

Eva then pondered how that Sigurd fellow could kill an entire race on his own and began to have serious doubts about it. It should be impossible for one man to kill the pinnacle race, even if he had a Divine weapon meant for slaying Dragons. 

Eva felt like there was a big conspiracy behind this. She was not like Draco who mostly preferred physical means, only displaying some tactical acumen every now and then. 

He warned them to be wary of Sigurd as he was part of the Pantheon of Power, a pantheon with almost the same level of power as the Supreme Pantheon. 

To straight off the bat join the second-best pantheon after slaughtering the race with the most True Gods in the universe, and even had a Semi-Origin God… who would dare to house such a fellow? 

Eva paused that train of thought for now. It was not good to come to a conclusion before she had enough information. It was good enough to keep this as an assumption, but never an evaluation. 

As it were, she led her group of beauties to the next encampment. There, they unceremoniously slaughtered every colossi soldier present, including two more Sergeants. 

What was interesting to note was the fact that the allocation of troops in the camp was the exact same as the former one. Eva had originally expected some diversity, but they were very monotonous with their division of labor. 

After clearing them out, everyone in the group looked at Hikari strangely. She had turned her White Light Blessing's autocast on, so the moment the buff ran out, Eva and co were re-buffed immediately. 

Zaine had not bothered to gather critters this time around since they had Roma's Witch Slaves there, which turned out to be a good thing as the Worldly Energy concentration of the area had been barely able to keep up. 

What even made the three women speechless was that Hikari's skill had worked on the Witch Slaves as well. These undead gypsies were already broken through the fact that they could use Mystic Arts and grow in power on their own, now they were given an all-around 2x buff… 

Sis, do you have no sense of propriety? How can we feel good about our efforts if you're so outstanding? 

Hikari had a difficult expression on her face. 

'I'm just doing my job, right? Why are you, my sisters, looking at me like I'm a beast?' 

This time, they had earned 334% experience individually and 1,336% experience overall. It was a sharp drop from the first skirmish, but it was to be expected. If it wasn't for the lazy Zaine and her low level, it might be even less. 

Leveling in Boundless was a terribly slow and steady process. The grind was extremely heavy compared to any other game in the past. Do not look at Draco's progress and think that was the norm, that fellow was a cheating bastard. 

Roma went to level 25, 21% from level 21, 87%, giving her 20 more stat points. 

Zaine went to level 8, 87% from level 5, 53%, giving her 15 stat points. 

Eva went to level 37, 87% from level 34, 53%, giving her 9 stat points. 

Hikari went to level 34, 58% from level 31, 24%, giving her 15 stat points. 

Riveting Night did not allocate their stats this time. Since they were off to clear other encampments, she could let them fight with their current stats in order to suppress the chaotic allocation they currently had. 

When it was time for her to re-allocate everything, she would then allocate everything neatly and properly. Since only she could manage their stats until Draco came back, she would have to handle their growth. 

This would certainly slow her progression since she would have to share the experience, but that wasn't a problem for Eva. They were family after all. 

In fact, it was even better like this. With Zaine, Roma, and Hikari's abilities, Eva was confident in punching above their Rank. After the Plains of the Colossus was complete, she would go to other lucrative areas to level. 

For now though, they headed to the next encampment and began fighting after some short trash-talking. Eva was nowhere near Jada's level, and Roma, Zaine, and Hikari were also terrible in this field. 

Thankfully, the colossi were even worse at trash-talking, so Eva and co could clinch a slight victory. As for the combat, their victory was overwhelming. 

In fact, Eva didn't even fight directly. She stood back and used projectiles most of the time, which Zaine caught after being thrown with her Telekinesis, using them to fight. 

With her increased Intelligence, her ability to use Telekinesis was much smoother than before. Her blade storm was noticeably larger and speedier, meaning that these colossi were turned to meat even faster than their predecessors. 

However, none could match the killing speed of the Witch Slaves. Roma didn't even have to use her Mystic Arts anymore. After absorbing so much life energy, her Witch Slaves were upgrading their own power. 

They didn't have stats or levels, but rather growth. One could imagine it like this, every killed enemy that had their lifeforce drained gave them one skill point. 

That skill point would then be allocated into a category like physical strength, physical stamina, mana regen, mana capacity, Mystic Arts affinity, spellcasting speed, etc. 

This was a very rough and slightly inaccurate analogy, but it was the closest to the truth. With each enemy felled, their power grew. 

Of course, it wasn't endless. The more they grew, the more lifeforce they needed to grow substantially. In other words, they either needed to kill more of the same foes or find stronger foes in order to maintain the same growth rate. 

What made the Witch Slaves broken was the fact that they could absorb the life of any living target without fail. There was nothing like Rank difference, if they could somehow bind Richmond, it was possible for the Witch Slaves to drain him to death! 

Of course, the outcome would be that all the Witch Slaves would be wiped out. Putting aside whether it was possible to even bind Richmond, the amount of lifeforce in his body would require the Witch Slaves to continuously absorb for days on end! 

Still, they were undead that were superior to any other in existence. They should never have been possible to acquire, but sigh… the AI could only lament in pain. 

How was it supposed to know that Draco would trigger a Soul Bond with a gypsy of the Queenmother lineage? Roma and Vadoma were overpowered because they were in a Unique Quest that would never affect reality. 

His job was to go there and seed Roma. After that, he would be given a different reward for the Hidden Quest of the Gypsy clan. Yet, the fellow went above and beyond, forcing the AI to shift things about. 

Now, this catastrophe had occurred. Roma was only 90% done with her training when Draco arrived and stole her away, so neither she nor Draco knew the ramifications of her species existing in the material realm. 

Now, Roma even had the genes of an Ultima Sunt and had passed all this onto her child Rosella, with Draco's own bloodline as well. 

At this point, only the future could tell what effects this would create. As it were, Riveting Night led her group to the fourth encampment, where they began their slaughter once again. 

Surprisingly, Loki's eyes also glowed blue after watching his mother use telekinesis, but he could barely lift a rock with his infantile mind. However, this made Zaine extremely happy, and she even abandoned the battle to kiss her baby all over. 

Loki basked in his mother's adoration, and this set off a chain reaction. Roma also lost interest in this easy battle and started cuddling little Rosella who much appreciated the affection. 

Hikari could only scratch her head as her children were still eggs, but she had Rila with her. Unlike Draco, who had nothing to offer her, Rila was content to let Hikari rub her cheeks in exchange for pulling her horn. 

A fair trade. 

Eva's face became black as she saw this. Abandoning the battle to fawn on their kids? How could they do this? Even if the battle was a plaything for them, they should never have done this! 


Especially since she herself had no baby to cuddle! How could they be so wicked?! 

Eva sighed. She could only wish for her baby to grow faster so she could gaze upon their progeny. Right now, she was only 1 month and a few days pregnant, so there were still seven months to go at the least. 

Eventually, the battle came to an end. The colossi could not believe that their foes went to play with their kids while they were being slaughtered by the Witch Slaves, who were being buffed and healed by Hikari autonomously. 

How could they pass away in peace upon seeing such a thing? 

After clearing the fourth encampment, Eva and co went to the final area, which as slightly different from the rest. This was the chief encampment that controlled all the others, a sort of outpost. 

As Eva expected, there were much more and much stronger colossi here. 100 Specialists, 5 Sergeants, and 1 Captain Rank. This would be slightly harder than before, but still doable. 

As such, Eva checked on their progress so far.