Guild Wars - Chapter 297

Published at 21st of November 2020 10:13:18 PM

Chapter 297: 297
With a good number of monsters culled in just over a minute, the battle was destined to be a quick one . Angel's Blessing's strength came from its duration and distance . With a duration of 10 minutes, Draco and his compatriots were compelled to keep the fights within this range of time .  

Draco then unleashed Bow Skill 1: Vortex! Although it was useless on the Fluffy Growlers who were too heavy to even get disturbed by it - as well as the Feisty Barkers - Qiong Qi was tanking both groups, so they were not in Draco's range in the first place .  

Clarent was currently handling the Diving Flappers, being locked in a serious and thrilling aerial battle . He absolutely could not afford to allow the Diving Flappers to catch him with their beaks or their talons, as even his Dragon Scales might get damaged .  

As such, Clarent was continuously mobile in the air, kiting the overgrown birds . He would spit fireballs whenever the cooldown elapsed to cook his foes, and even used immolation to disrupt one that almost caught him .  

He naturally could not use flamepillar since that one affected a static area over time, and he was speeding through the sky with nearly twenty Diving Flappers on his tail .  

Qiong Qi used his claws and teeth to bite into the weakened Fluffy Growlers . He totally ignored the bites and scratches of the Feisty Barkers because they dealt no damage, only pain .  

After the many fights so far, he had learned to completely ignore the pain and focus on the fight . As such, it was no longer easy to beat him about like before .  

Even though Qiong Qi's damage output continued to be mediocre, his job for the most part was just to delay and attract the aggro of those creatures . For some reason, that seemed to be very easy for him, as the monsters always targeted him first .  

Draco was facing off against the Creepy Crawlers . Among their group, they had the lowest HP, but at the same time, they were the fastest . They slithered along the ground even faster than snakes and tried to surround Draco many times .  

Draco stomped his foot and released an explosive wave of fire from his body with his subjective magic . He was mimicking a Pyromancer skill he knew from his past life, Shockwave! 

He knew about it because of Rina, as well as the enemy Pyromancers he had fought, obviously . It was much easier for Draco to cast spells based on objective magic parameters and they took the least Willpower or Concentration to use .  

Unlike Hikari, Draco did not suffer from her issue of low Worldly Energy . In fact, within this Treasury lay Divine Energy and Aetheric Energy, much less Worldly Energy .  

The only thing limiting him now was his Mage God Rank as well as his own proficiency in spellcasting . He had lost his Magic Genius passive skill when his new class came about, so he took a hit in that regard .  

However, Devil's Guile was a far better tradeoff for Draco .  

With the Sonic Wave continuously battering them with every shot, the Creepy Crawlers lost their HP steadily . Draco's shots per second had increased to 6, so he only needed 60 seconds to deal 720,000 damage with Sonic Wave alone .  

In just over a minute and a half, he was able to fell many of the Creepy Crawlers . He then cleared up the rest and moved to assist Clarent . Qiong Qi could handle himself, but Clarent needed some assistance to save time .  

Draco shot the arrow towards the sky and used Vortex . Vortex was practically super effective on the birds since they were trapped in midair . It was far more powerful than using it on monsters on land .  

Coupled with the Sonic Wave passive, Draco was able to single-handedly break the pursuit of Clarent . The Red Dragon also used this chance to cast flamepillar, searing the Diving Flappers unceremoniously while they screeched in agony .  

Draco didn't give them a moment's rest as he re-cast Vortex, preventing them from escaping far . They were pulled back into the range of the flamepillar, and the damage over time piled up .  

Clarent stayed back and fired many fireballs at the weaker Diving Flappers in order to end their lives . With Draco's help, they were able to rout the Diving Flappers in less than a minute .  

As such, they joined Qiong Qi in dealing with the Feisty Barkers and the Fluffy Growlers . These two monsters were instantly suppressed with Draco and Clarent's help .  

Draco even used Mind Blast on the remaining foes, and things became simpler from then on . Even though Mind Blast lasted only 10 seconds, a lot of damage could be dealt in that time .  

Draco also used Bow Skill 3: Flurry once more . His increased fire rate was mostly useful in propagating the effect of the Sonic Wave passive .  

Within 10 seconds, he was able to deal an unmitigated 200,000 flat damage . Even after Mind Blast's effect elapsed, he still had 50 seconds in which his fire rate would be buffed, and he certainly used it well .  

With the extra 1,000,000 flat damage, most of the Feisty Barkers whimpered their last and fell to the ground in death, dropping their loot . This left the tanky Fluffy Growlers with more than 600,000 HP .  

Draco then focused on the 10 Fluffy Growlers left and bombarded them endlessly . Since only 5 minutes of the 10-minute duration of Angel's Blessing had elapsed, there was no pressure on the group .  

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Racial skills were overpowered by default, especially Angelic ones . Then again, they were destined to be greatly weaker than Hikari's skills, as Angels were beings of the Light and used the purest Creation Energy below White Dragons .  

Angel's Blessing was even a Rare skill to top it off, and Rina's luck was unbelievably high to acquire such an overpowered skill . It would have been greatly useful in a team battle, but due to Draco's Dark Angel affiliation, it became corrupted .  

It was twisted into a skill that harmed others, making it perfect for one man against a group of enemies . However, Angelic skills were the hardest to acquire for Draco right now, with Draconic skills following right after .  

Due to his complex bloodline, he couldn't automatically learn Black Dragon skills as Hikari could . He could only try and find out what skills they had and use them as techniques .  

The basic skill was the Destruction Energy attack, then the skill learned at level 10 was the Orb of Destruction . Because the Metal Dragon had only been level 23 at that time, he hadn't learned the next skill he would have gained at level 30 .  

This was a windfall for Draco of course . If the fellow did have it, the battle might have ended with a completely different outcome .  

As it were, Angel's Blessing was more than good enough for the current situation . It had extreme versatility and shortened the time these battles would have taken otherwise .  

Draco also used Charm on the last Fluffy Growler . With plentiful HP and a tanky body, it would be a perfect ally for Qiong Qi . The skill calculated his Charisma against the monster's, and he naturally won .  

Draco had 70 points in Charisma . He needed to have at least double that of his target for this to work, and he did . A dire bear wasn't exactly the picture of charisma in the first place .  

After this battle, he had gained 2,100% experience . Sergeant Rank monsters at Rank 2 gave far more and far better experience than those Specialists . Their numbers had been fewer though, so there was that .  

Draco allowed this experience to add to his thick stockpile and threw an Angel's Kiss potion over to Clarent . The Red Dragon had expended the most stamina in the battle with his evasive maneuvers, so he needed to rest .  

Now that Draco was trying to rush things, he planned to avoid Clarent and Qiong Qi having any moment of unnecessary rest . As soon as their stamina was ready, they would move on .  

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Clarent drank the potion and felt rejuvenated . Draco didn't have to prompt him, he was ready to jump into battle once more . Draco also had Qiong Qi drink one, and the lion reacted in the same way .  

"Fuck, this Dragon King wants to beat up someone . Hey, those ugly fellows over there, do you wish to see what the afterlife is like? I promise it'll be very intriguing!" 

"Hahaha, this Cat Daddy is ready to FIGHT!! LET'S FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOO!!!" 

They were incredibly pumped and Draco capitalized on that to assault the next zone . There were only 6 zones remaining after the one they just took down, with the last one being the final zone .  

In essence, there were five more zones with Legendary fruits and Sergeant Rank monsters .  

In the second one, Draco repeated his strategy of kiting, and Clarent did the same for the aerial/ranged foes .  

Qiong Qi, along with the charmed Fluffy Growler, tanked the ground monsters with the highest defense of the lot . Qiong Qi was relatively fine, but the Fluffy Growler immediately entered dire straits under bombardment .  

It was soon killed, leaving Qiong Qi alone with the arduous task of tanking . Draco's Angel's Blessing was still on cooldown, but it would come out it in 10 minutes .  

The original cooldown duration was 30 minutes, but Draco had equipped his Richmond's Herald title . This slashed all cooldowns by 50%, so he was able to relax .  

He even used Rapid Hands and Rapid Legs to boost his speed, dealing more damage in a short amount of time . When Angel's Blessing came out of cooldown, he cast it once more .  

With the extreme ease it provided his group, they were able to cull these monsters in 4 minutes . Since the 50% bonus to HP, stamina, and focus regen was still active, Draco allowed the two to rest while his skills entered cooldown .  

After 10 minutes, they headed to the next zone and began their slaughter . Draco's Charm skill had a 1-day cooldown which was slashed to 12 hours, so he couldn't find a pal for Qiong Qi .  

It was unnecessary though, as they were able to clear out this zone in 7 minutes . 5 of those minutes had been spent waiting for the cooldown of Angel's Blessing .  

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This racial skill was crucial in lowering the difficulty of group battles . Draco was absolutely in love with it, as it made things so much easier .  

After the third zone was cleared, they headed to the fourth, and then the fifth . Each monster in these zones was killed by these three fellows after some time of battle, which further sharpened their skills .  

After clearing the Legendary Zones, Draco allowed Qiong Qi and Clarent to have a longer rest while chewing some Legendary fruits . Since Draco planned to take all the trees away, there was no need to be stingy with fruits .  

He even chewed on one himself, and it felt heavenly . It was sweet in a healthy way, something only a great and fresh fruit could invoke in a person .  

After his fights, Draco had earned a lot more experience . In addition to what he received in the first zone, which was 2,100% experience, he gained 2,060%, 1,907%, 2,134%, 1,902% .  

So in total, that was 10,103%, which, when added to his dormant 67,543%, increased his stockpile to 77,646% experience overall! 

Draco sighed . Truly, fighting above your Rank was the fastest way to level up in this grind-heavy game . Draco purposely chose not to calculate how much experience he would have received had he not gotten a Divine Class .  

After this was done, Draco then used his Eyes of Caelo to check on the monsters in the final zone while he munched on his fruit .  

However, when he inspected the sole Boss monster lying in the final zone, his eyes widened .  

「Name: Fruity – Captain Rank monster 

Level: 90 

HP: 5,500,000/5,500,000」