Guild Wars - Chapter 299

Published at 21st of November 2020 10:13:16 PM

Chapter 299: 299
「Name: Fruity – Captain Rank monster 

Level: 90 

HP: 4,300,000/5,500,000」 

Draco's expression became solemn immediately . Overlord Arrow contained immense explosive force and all of this had been transferred into Fruity's body, specifically its head .  

It was even coupled with the phoenix fire and had been suppressed into a small sphere around Fruity, concentrating the force and damage on it .  

Draco hadn't expected to one-shot a Rank 2 Captain in this Divine Treasury, but he had at least expected to see a damage value of around 4 million, with Fruity ending up severely crippled .  

However, he had dealt barely more than 25% of the damage he had estimated, which shocked him . Judging by its appearance and behavior, Fruity was not a tank monster, but a ranged/agile hybrid with average defense yet high mobility .  

What made Draco lose his cool slightly was the fact that the Sonic Wave had apparently dealt no damage . Fruity was a bat, so it wasn't too surprising that it'd be immune to sonic attacks, but Draco had hoped the Legendary arrow would ignore that .  

Draco directly put away Hawkeye and Phoenix Cry . These two would be useless for this fight, and Draco decided to go all-out for this particular battle .  

If he continued to toy with Fruity by trying out other abilities like his swordsmanship, he would be hurting himself greatly . After all, Fruity was injured right now, so he wanted to capitalize on that .  

Clarent also saw the surprisingly 'healthy' monster and used immolation on Fruity, specifically on its cranium . Immolation usually would only work on the torso of his targets, but with its skull cracked open, Clarent saw the chance to target it .  

Immolation dealt 75% fire damage over 3 seconds and had a 10-minute cooldown . As soon as the ability was cast, a blaze appeared in Fruity's skull that made it screech in pain .  

What shocked the trio was that the screech was like a shockwave, and it blew all three of them back . Qiong Qi smashed into a tree and fell down weakly while Clarent hit a branch and broke a wing .  

Draco had been able to balance himself thanks to his usually dormant skill, Foresight, which allowed him to sense danger 0 . 5 seconds before it happened . Thanks to Devil's Guile, it was now a 1-second warning, so he had some time to prepare .  

It wasn't like he could actually see the future . In fact, it was more like a sort of spider-sense, alerting him without explicitly stating the details .  

Draco had dug Dragorugio and Fragrach into the soil, utterly shocked to find that both swords had been barely able to dig deep . Truly, even the soil that supported Divine trees was special! 

After the shockwave ended, Draco rose to his feet and put away both his swords . He gazed at Qiong Qi, who climbed to his feet slowly and spat blood .  

Draco gazed at Clarent, who was slightly worse-off . His right wing was bent and swinging at a strange angle . He was wheezing with pain and his eyes were dazed . He had been sent into a \u003cShocked\u003e status, which was like an evolved version of \u003cDazed\u003e .  

Draco then gazed at Fruity, who had managed to put out the fire in its skull, and whimpered as it scratched its cranium . The rest of its brain was blackened and looked slightly shriveled .  

Clarent had dealt Fatal Damage with his attack, dealing another 900,000 damage to Fruity . However, Fruity flapped its wings and grabbed a Divine Fruit .  

Before Draco could blink over and assault the fellow, since he predicted something would occur if it was allowed to do so, Fruity swallowed the fruit and turned to Draco .  

As if the fellow had become the incarnation of Local Lord, its wounds healed rapidly . It regained 1,000,000 HP back on the spot, bringing it to 4 . 4 million HP .  

What was worse was that all the external damage had been cleared, returning Fruity to its peak combat state . Even the \u003cSlowed\u003e status had been removed, and the only indication Fruity had been injured was its reduced HP as well as its seething killing intent .  

Draco sighed lightly and shook his head in regret . He gazed at the hundreds of Divine Fruits and understood . These were not meant for him, but for Fruity, to increase the difficulty of this fight .  

It had honestly baffled Draco . Even if the Orchard was on the outskirts of the Treasury, why was it so easy to move through its zones? 

If he had entered at Rank 2, which was the advised Rank, those Specialists and Sergeants would have taken him seconds to kill in the hundreds . How could they be considered a challenge? 

Of course, not every player who reached Rank 2 could boast such efficiency . In fact, the higher the Rank, the harder the players found it to fight enemies if they were the same Rank .  

Most grew by fighting lower-ranked and lower-leveled foes, accumulating small experience slowly . As had been stated, Boundless was meant to be an obscenely grind-heavy .  

Unless you had unprecedented talent, you would have to fight and fight until you became a master of combat, almost like it was created this way to train up player's combat capability… 

Still, even if this was so, a Rank 2 player who entered here would be able to clear these monsters easily, whether it had been Draco or not . Why was this so? 

Only the person who activated the Unique Quest could enter . That person would have to be qualified to receive the quest in the first place .  

In essence, before one could even think about taking whatever Legendary or Divine fruits this Orchard harbored, one would have to perform a legendary feat so great that the AI would reward you with a Divine-grade Unique Quest .  

Draco had earned this by creating a Semi-Legendary unique potion with an overpowered effect, the Dragon's Blessing . What made this special enough to receive the Unique Quest he was currently on was that he had been at the Amateur Rank of Alchemy back then! 

Look at how ridiculous that was! Someone in the Amateur Rank would be barely struggling to even comprehend Common potions, which were meant for that grade! Jumping 4 bloody Ranks to make a potion like that - and one that was infinitely close to being Legendary at that - should be impossible! 

Assuming one had that kind of talent, should they enter here at Rank 2, these monsters would theoretically be a piece of cake if they devoted enough time .  

Sweeping through the areas with Epic fruits would be disgustingly easy while the Legendary ones would be slightly hard . However, Fruity existed in an area with almost a hundred Divine Fruits .  

Even if one couldn't take away the trees, the fruits alone were more than enough to shatter the balance of the material plane where anything Divine could cause bloody storms! 

Who knew what effects these fruits had? Even Draco had no fucking clue whatsoever, he just knew it would be transcendent .  

Fruity would be hard to fight, sure, but not impossible . With more than 5 million HP, the one who got this quest could theoretically kill him after some strenuous effort .  

And then, a player would have access to 100 Divine Fruits… 

Hah, what a joke! 

This was why Draco had been contemplating using his true forms . He had understood from the get-go that it would not be as simple as it looked, so he had used Overlord Arrow from the very onset .  

Unfortunately, it was not enough . Draco would have to one-shot or cripple Fruity somehow in order to prevent him from regaining health by consuming a Divine Fruit .  

The pressure here was two-fold . The first was that Draco had to damage Fruity while being conscious of the bat's attempt to grab a fruit . This would be very hard .  

The second was that if he wanted any fruits for himself, he would have to kill Fruity quickly . One fruit consumed by the bat was one less he could claim for himself .  

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He had no expectations of the system being so nice as to make it so that Fruity would drop every fruit he had consumed during the fight as loot .  

Draco decided to stop wasting time . His pointless deliberation would only drag things out . If he was unsure which form to use, he would just pick one at random! 

Draco selected one of the three forms and activated it . His whole body shook as his form morphed into the choice he made .  

His height remained the same, but his body became slimmer and more feminine . His eyes softened and his white hair returned to its natural black color . His eyes also changed from red to black, like the abyss .  

His armor shifted like a puzzle being moved about, turning into a black armor that looked like something a supersoldier from a sci-fi world would wear . It displayed his tight abs and streamlined form .  

Now, gazing at Draco was as disgusting as gazing at Cobra . Many women and some… 'adventurous'… men would be extremely interested, while a large majority would flee .  

Two large black wings emerged from his back, flapping slightly . They were wide and thick, like those of a giant bird .  

After the transformation came to an end, Draco checked his notifications from the system .  

「System to Player Announcement 

You have transformed into your True Devil form . This is a fundamental change and your attributes, as well as your skills, have been swapped for racial ones only . Please check your status page for the changes . 」 

「System to Player Announcement 

Your class has been detected to be Divine . Attributes will not be re-allocated, but additional attributes will be applied for the duration of the transformation . Your equipment and class skills are blocked, but Devil racial skills can be used in your True Form . 」 

Draco's eyes glowed . He felt the endless power coursing through him, especially with how his mind felt clearer and sharper . His Control was no longer needed, he could directly create a domain that enveloped this whole zone with ease .  

Draco opened his status page and inspected the changes deeply .  

「 Name: Draco - Rank 1 Dark Archangel 

Str: 100 

Dex: 100 

End: 100 

Int: 500 

Spr: 100 

Cha: 200 

Lck: 100 

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Combat Skills: Angel's Blessing (Corrupted), Mind Blast, Supreme Charm, Mind Sunder, Mind Explosion, Devil Minions, Endless Mirage .  

Non-Combat Skills: Devil's Guile (Rank 1), Supreme Telekinesis, Supreme Psychometry, Supreme Apportation, Supreme Transvection, Supreme Telesthesia . 」 

「Angel's Blessing (Corrupted) – Active Skill 

Effect: Send out a chosen debuff to every enemy within an Area Zone . Cannot be dispelled .  

Duration: Same as transformation 

Cooldown: None . 」 

「Mind Blast – Active Skill 

Effect: Send out a wave of mental energy that stuns every single target in an Area Zone and deals 1,000% mental damage .  

Duration: Same as transformation .  

Cooldown: None . 」 

「Supreme Charm – Active Skill 

Effect: Force any target within your Rank to obey your commands unconditionally .  

Duration: Same as transformation .  

Cooldown: None」 

「Mind Sunder – Active Skill 

Effect: Split the mind of a chosen target into two, forcing each side to fight the other .  

Duration: Same as transformation .  

Cooldown: None . 」 

「Mind Explosion – Active Skill 

Effect: Explode a target's mind, scattering their consciousness .  

Duration: Same as transformation .  

Cooldown: None . 」 

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「Devil Minions – Active Skill 

Effect: Summon the aspects of Devilkind to slaughter your enemies .  

Duration: Same as transformation .  

Cooldown: None . 」 

「Endless Mirage – Active skill 

Effect: Submerge any enemy with a weaker mind into a never-ending illusion .  

Duration: Same as transformation .  

Cooldown: none . 」 

「Supreme Telekinesis – Passive skill 

Effect: Control the world with your mind . 」 

「Supreme Psychometry – Passive skill 

Effect: Control emotions with your mind . 」 

「Supreme Apportation – Passive skill 

Effect: Travel the world with your mind . 」 

「Supreme Transvection – Passive skill 

Effect: Control your body with your mind . 」 

「Supreme Telesthesia – Passive skill 

Effect: Sense the world with your mind . 」 

Draco's lips curled upwards . His mental power had soared to heights even he could not begin to fathom or understand . Even the system was vague with the descriptions, being very general about what he could do now .  

It was sad that this transformation only lasted 30 seconds . As such, most of his skills would only last 30 seconds as well .  

However… with the kind of power Draco had, 30 seconds began to feel like too much time .  

As Fruity trembled in fear from Draco's sudden change, he looked at the bat and his eyes began to glow with an ominous blue light .