Guild Wars - Chapter 300

Published at 21st of November 2020 10:13:15 PM

Chapter 300: 300
Draco used Supreme Telesthesia to spread his awareness over the whole Area Zone, but then retracted it to the area around himself and Fruity . This condensed the 'domain' greatly, increasing its potency .  

In fact, one might even be able to see a light-blue fog in the vicinity, which was the physical manifestation of Draco's increased mental force .  

Fruity shrieked and flapped his wings, trying to shift the melee battle into a ranged one by taking to the air .  

"Get down here, mongrel!" 

Draco didn't give the giant bat the chance, as he grabbed its body with Supreme Telekinesis and dragged it back down . Fruity slammed into the ground and whimpered in pain .  

It immediately used one of its skills Summon Lieutenants! 

「Summon Lieutenants – Active Skill 

Effect: Call forth all monsters in an Area Zone below your Rank to aid you .  

Cooldown: None」 

This was a skill that would punish players who tried to cut corners . Not everyone would have the time and skill to systematically clear out every zone in the Orchard .  

After all, there were many other areas to explore, each one with their own difficulties and monsters . With a 1-year time-limit, who could afford to waste upwards of a week on just the Orchard? 

Most players would reason that it was better to clear out the zones in a linear manner, making a beeline for the final zone . Once they killed the boss, they could probably scare the other monsters away .  

If that didn't work, they could just take the Divine Fruits and ignore the lower quality ones . It really depended on the player in question . This skill was designed to chasten any such smartass .  

Fruity waited to hear the roars of the monsters coming to its aid . Even if they were just a few, it didn't expect them to deal with Draco . It just needed to occupy him long enough for it to create distance between itself and Draco .  

However, all it saw was Draco's sneer, and its heart ran cold . Did these intruders… kill all the others? When Fruity thought of this, it realized that its current situation was really unfavorable .  

However, this realization wouldn't change anything . Fruity had enjoyed beating up Qiong Qi and flexing its prowess . Now, it was time to experience the other side of the journey towards nirvana .  

Draco's outline glowed with a strong blue color as he grabbed Fruity's body with his mind . Fruity's outline glowed a weaker blue, and it struggled to free itself .  

Draco frowned . Fruity's struggle did make it somewhat hard to toss him about like a toy, but it wasn't enough to prevent the bat from being punished .  

Draco didn't want to waste too much time . 3 seconds of his transformation had already passed . As such, he used Mind Sunder on Fruity in order to disrupt its futile resistance .  


Mind Sunder forced Fruity's mind to split into two, giving it intense schizophrenia . What made things even more interesting was that each side fought the other for dominance .  

It was extremely disruptive and damaging, which was why Fruity was in such pain . It banged its head on the Divine Trees around, trying to remove the influence of the new mind .  

Ironically, bashing against the Divine Trees also accumulated more damage, reducing its already lowered HP even further . Now, Fruity was left with less than 60% of its total HP, and this was continuously dropping as both minds battled brutally in its skull .  

Draco noticed that another 4 seconds had passed, so he sped things up by activating Mind Explosion! 

Mind Explosion combusted the mind of his target and scattered their consciousness, turning them into a semi-vegetable . The moment this struck Fruity, its struggle stopped and it slumped to the ground in stupidity .  


Draco shook his head . Fruity was at level 90, meaning that there was a 40-level difference between them . This equated a stat suppression of 40% . Even with the Heart of the Woods offsetting it by 30%, there was still a 10% stat suppression .  

Then, there was the Rank suppression lowering his damage by 30% and increasing Fruity's defense by 30% . If all of this was removed, it meant Draco would have done around 3,750,000 damage with just one skill! 

No wonder the system limited his transformation to 30 seconds . With this power, he could even challenge a Rank 3 entity, but he would only be able to fight it equally .  

From Rank 1 to Rank 3 meant a 60% reduction in damage and defense, with the same inverse benefiting the enemy . If Draco were at Rank 1 level 50 and the enemy was even Rank 3 level 100, that was 50 levels of difference, meaning 50% stat suppression .  

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At that point, his overwhelming stats from the Divine class would be rendered useless . He would be no different from a normal player at Rank 1, which meant he would have to Rank up first .  

Draco cast these thoughts aside . Fortunately, he had spent almost no time thinking this due to his mental faculties being increased . Less than a second had passed while he was daydreaming .  

Since he had more than 20 seconds left in his transformation, Draco was intrigued by his abilities . He wanted to test them out, so he used Supreme Psychometry on Fruity .  

Unfortunately, with its dispersed mind, Draco could only receive endless static . There was no longer any fear, anger, or pain . Just… emptiness .  

Draco rubbed his chin and used Mind Blast on Fruity . This skill would stun every target in an Area Zone and deal 1,000% mental damage . This was his most damaging skill in this form, so he wanted to see the numbers .  

A wave of blue light erupted from Draco, passing through everything like it was intangible . However, when it touched Fruity, it entered his brain .  

The result was that Fruity's head exploded, scattering its cerebral juices all over the place . Draco prevented it from marring his precious trees as well as the fruits .  


The sheer power of his Devil Form alone impressed him . He then speculated that his Demon Form and Dragon Form might be even more broken .  

But to what extent . . . he would have to find out another time . He wouldn't use them unless necessary . Both of them promised to be extremely destructive and he didn't want to turn a place into something like the Ruined Plains of Deriam .  

Instead, his Devil Form was good for subtlety and clean battling . He began to like it greatly when he realized this fact .  

Fruity gave him 3,907% experience, which was crazy . It alone gave more than killing almost a hundred Sergeant Rank monsters . It could be because Fruity had been a named boss, as well as a Captain Rank, or it could be due to the immense difficulty of killing it .  

Fruity dropped some money and loot, which Draco collected into one of his Bags of Holding . This one was almost full after all the loot from the monsters he had slain so far, but there was just a little more space to fill .  

What pleased Draco was that he didn't have to manually collect the loot . He just used his Supreme Telekinesis to grab it all and shove it into the Bag of Holding .  

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Not only that, but his Supreme Telesthesia allowed him to identify each and every item at the same time without having to look . It also allowed his enhanced mind to count all the money with ease .  

All-in-all, Draco was pleased with this form . He spent the rest of the time testing the other abilities like Supreme Transvection and Supreme Apportation .  

Supreme Transvection allowed him to control his own body with his mind, allowing him to levitate or fly . It was a well-known ability, and it made his outline glow blue .  

It kinda reminded Draco of that popular loli female character from that series with a bald guy who could kill everything with a single punch .  

This seemed kinda redundant since he had wings, but Draco was intrigued to find that both could be merged . In essence, he would use his wings to fly, and his Supreme Transvection would be like activating aerial nitrous, boosting his speed greatly .  

Supreme Apportation was essentially a blink skill, but for psychics . Draco's range was far shorter than his Ultra-Long-Distance version from the Herald's Cloak, but the tradeoff was that it had no cooldown .  

In essence, Draco could teleport almost infinitely within his range, meaning that it would be impossible to hit him while in this form unless one had foresight or a mind that could calculate where he'd be before he was there himself .  

As for the Devil Minions skill, it basically summoned the lesser aspects of Devilkind . In other words, the 50 statues that had been behind the Dark Angel statue from the Ascension Ceremony .  

A succubus, incubus, broker, and all other archetypes for Devils were included . They were all intelligent, and immediately questioned Draco of his will, getting to one knee before their Supreme .  

Draco rubbed his chin and told them to gather all the Epic and Legendary fruits they could with their power . He wanted to see if he could use them like Roma's Witch Slaves - which Draco wished he had right now - and they proved him right .  

Before his transformation elapsed, all remaining fruits in the orchard were presented to him, and Draco picked a Divine one out . While he held it, his body morphed back into its natural form easily, with white hair, red eyes, and impressive scale-style black armor .  

He inspected the Divine Fruit to see what benefits it had compared to the Epic and Legendary ones he had eaten and inspected before .  

「Fruit of the Orchard – Consumable 

Rank: Divine (30% effectiveness) 

Effect: Strengthen the life force and talent of one person greatly . Useless on individuals with Divine traits . 」 

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Draco was stunned . To strengthen life force and increase talent? Wasn't that the same as giving a person a bucketload of free HP and stat points? 

Holy shit! 

As a reincarnator, Draco knew how hard it was to increase HP . In this life, he had many things that boosted his HP like his equipment and his bloodline, but in the previous timeline, only stats could help most players .  

And in 99% of the cases, stats could only be increased via leveling . After all, the Legendary potion he cooed out of Richmond back then had crippled a player's account because many top NPC forces wanted it and he was dragged into a storm .  

His Divine class was overpowered not just because of the skills, but the raw stats it provided him . Right now, it seemed great, but calling it just 'great' was a vast understatement .  

The benefits of his class would show itself at the higher Ranks .  

In that very same manner, this Divine Fruit would be meh to Rank 1 players or NPCs, but to those at the higher Ranks, they would do anything for this .  

Except for the Titled Gods of course . As they possessed Divine energy - albeit only an iota - they would be immune to its effects .  

If this Divine Fruit could be combined into a juice with the Epic and Legendary ones supporting it, the effects could skyrocket to crazy levels! 

Draco looked forward to the day when he could raise his various Tradeskills to the God rank . However, he would need to jump over Grandmaster, and that was the real challenge .  

Draco put away the Dine Fruits for later . He guessed that with his Divine class, it was more than likely that he would be immune to them . Even though he might be wrong, he was not willing to waste a Divine Fruit to find out .  

While he could acquire the trees, it would be utterly imbecilic to expect it to rear fruits in a short amount of time, and with only average care . For all Draco knew, just maintaining these trees when taken out of the Treasury could drain Umbra's resources threefold .  

Not to mention he planned to snatch away every other resource zone he came across .  

He would have to tell Eva to find or groom at least one of their players to at least a Master Rank Farmer .  

Speaking of taking away the trees though, Draco pulled out an Advanced Spatial Creation Device and placed it down . He pressed the button in the center and waited for the magic to occur .