Guild Wars - Chapter 301

Published at 21st of November 2020 10:13:14 PM

Chapter 301: 301
The Advanced Spatial Creation Device emitted a purplish miasma that spread over the area slowly, like a fog rising . This fog spread to cover trees and land alike, pervading everything except Draco and his two allies .  

As for them, Clarent had popped an Angel's Kiss potion that Draco gave him, healing his broken wing and removing the damage done to him . He rose to his feet and gingerly tested his wings before sighing .  

To think a True Dragon like him would be severely damaged by a mere fruit bat . If the Dragons of old were to know this, they would disown him immediately .  

As for Qiong Qi, the damage dealt to him was far weaker, but not any less debilitating . His back had hit the Divine Tree, and the bark of it was able to ignore the defense of whatever entity below Divinity .  

Even Richmond would have been hurt by it, much less Qiong Qi who had been an early-stage Rank 7 entity . His spine was slightly bent, but he was able to regenerate back to normal in the time it took Draco to kill Fruity and set up the Advanced Spatial Creation Device .  

After being schooled, both of them silently came to Draco's side to watch the 'capturing' of this orchard . What surprised them though, was that it seemed to be going on unimpeded .  

Even Draco was slightly surprised by this . He honestly expected it to be suppressed, as the space here was far stronger . Not to mention that there were Origin Energy particles in the area, so how could this miasma spread easily? 

However, Draco was forgetting one thing . This treasury was an artificial small world made by the Refinement God to keep his items as well as his heritage .  

The world his Advanced Spatial Creation Devices tried to create was a natural super mini small world with the ability to grow . Origin Energy was a fundamental essence of the world, the most basic and condensed form of energy in the universe .  

Or, one could say it was the most natural energy in the world . Divine, Aetheric, Worldly, and co were just distilled energies based on Origin Energy .  

Destruction, Creation, Abyssal, Demonic and co were mutated energies that were branches of distilled Origin Energy with unique characteristics .  

Long story short, everything could trace its roots back to Origin Energy . Just as Worldly Energy could be converted up to Aetheric Energy, Aetheric Energy could be converted up to Divine Energy .  

Following that same logic, Divine Energy could theoretically be converted up to Origin Energy . This was how Semi-Origin Gods were born .  

However, if it wasn't obvious enough, the conversion rates were horrendous . Worldly Energy to Aetheric was the easiest, but even there, it was so hard to do on one's own that only the natural metabolism of Dragons was able to streamline the process .  

Could this be why Dragons had so many True Gods? Maybe .  

As for converting Divine Energy to Origin Energy? Hehe, good luck . It had the worst conversion rate of them all, as the way to become a Semi-Origin God was to spend millennia stocking up Divine Energy painstakingly, then converting it all into a wisp of Origin Energy .  

That wisp would be kept like a treasure, used by the True God to enhance their body and soul thoroughly, like bathing in milk . This would raise their State of Being permanently and make it easier for more wisps to be created .  

As such, Origin Energy was no joke . For a device that used an Epic Rank Void stone and a mere top-grade crystal to be so effective in an area with it, Draco could not understand .  

However, this was all due to ignorance . When he had visited the Abyssal Trove, Draco was too excited about getting the Divine Class that he didn't browse the World Merchant properly .  

Otherwise, he would know that his device didn't even exist in the previous era . In the old era where Magic Engineers could even create Epic and Legendary magical devices, how could his device be labeled with question marks? 

Whenever something was quantified with question marks, it indicated that the system had never encountered something like this or never planned for something like this to actually occur .  

An example would be the Soul Bond passive skill with Roma .  

A natural super mini small world would not be rejected by the space of an artificial small world . Even the Origin Energy particles would be supportive of this expansion rather than against it, but Draco couldn't know this .  

No, the bastard attributed it to his own greatness .  

"Hahaha, unlike some weak pussy and useless lizard, This Prime can command wind and cloud to do my bidding . Hahaha!" 

Draco's words were so cutting and full of mocking that Clarent and Qiong Qi could have sworn that they had taken damage . They both gripped their chests and rubbed it, as they felt their blood flow getting clogged due to anger .  

"If I did not set that bat's brain on fire, how could you have the chance to fool around and get lucky? I am the source of our victory . " Clarent protested darkly .  

"If this Lion King did not attract the attention of that oversized bat, how could you even keep your dog life? Hmph!" Qiong Qi harrumphed unhappily .  

The two glared at Draco, waiting for him to counter them . Once he did, they would diss him to death! 

Draco only glanced at them briefly with a neutral expression and looked away . "The squeals of punching bags . " 


Clarent and Qiong Qi lost their cool, then pounced on Draco . They had already tolerated enough, if they didn't maul him, he might think they were individuals who could be abused! 

Draco saw his Combat Pet and Mount attacking him, then sneered . Making sure to copy Clarent's demeanor from back then, he roared at them .  

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"How dare you attack your master? After all I have done for you? After the hours I spent toiling day by day so I could feed you fellows while I went hungry? After I cut off my own leg to buy clothes for you? UNGRATEFUL!" 

Draco pointed at them imperially . "You, Little Qiqi, when I fought through an army of 100 million monsters to slay their king so that you wouldn't be disgraced at your birthday party, how could you forget this?" 

"You, Little Puff-Puff, when I walked through a barren desert and rocky precipice just to get a single tulip for you to present to your first love, how could you forget this?" 

Qiong Qi and Clarent howled in anger . "GOD DAMN, HE'S TOO SHAMELESS!!" 

Seeing that Draco's skin was too thick for them to even penetrate, they gave up their assault and fled with their tails in between their legs . Today, their horizons had been broadened, and they realized in terms of shamelessness, there was always a bigger fish .  

Draco cackled and ignored them . He only wasted time like this because having a comedic skit with his buddies was better than mentally narrating the process of the conversion .  

At this point, the purple fog reached the end of the Area Zone, halting there like there existed a barrier . What startled Draco was that it looked like it could still expand, just that something was preventing it from doing so .  

Draco guessed that it was something like Armageddon . It had a limit to the area it could affect, which seemed to be an Area Zone of considerable size .  

This didn't bother him . After all, he originally thought he'd have to use around 3 devices for this whole orchard . Finding out that one was more than enough was definitely good news .  

Soon, the purple fog spread upwards before covering the whole area like a perfect mist, up to the tops of the trees . Then, like a pair of scissors had been used, the Area Zone was 'cut out' from the real world, leaving only a bland white space .  

To Draco, it was simply that he was suddenly standing in the orchard at one moment, and in the next, he was in a white expanse that measured the Area Zone perfectly . What had previously existed there had been sucked into the super mini small world that had just been created .  

Right now, this white space would be familiar to any gamer/beta tester or game developer from the old era . It was just like the fabled 'untextured' parts of the map, which usually showed up due to bugs or poor hardware .  

What was interesting though, was the fact that this area was slowly being 'refilled' . From the edges of it, there was a steady restoration of its original state, just without the trees .  

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It was been turned into a similar design as the plains that surrounded the Area Zone, merging with the non-demarcated area of the Treasury .  

However, in the center of this white space, was a condensed orb of blackness that flashed and sparkled with energy . It hovered above the Advanced Spatial Creation Device, which then emitted a final spurt of whitish miasma that coated the orb .  

The orb then spun rapidly, like a beyblade that had been ripped . After going through a myriad of colors and transformations, it finally settled down .  

Now, it gleamed with a transparent glow, like a highly polished crystal that was the size of a tennis ball . In it, one could see a panoramic view of the orchard within .  

This orb then remaining floating there, waiting for an owner to claim it . Draco walked over to it calmly and took it in hand . It felt cool to the touch, and it felt like holding a normal tennis ball .  

If one didn't know any better, one might just think that it was some sort of toy . However, anyone who dared to think so would be missing out on a great treasure .  

The moment it entered his hands, the system gave some announcements .  

「Congratulations on acquiring: Unowned Super Mini Small World 


Small world menu」 

Draco nodded and opened this new menu, wanting to see what it was all about .  

「World Name: Unnamed 

Owner: None 

Tier: 0 

Worldly energy: 100% 

Aetheric energy: 85% 

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Divine Energy: 2% 

Origin Energy: 0 . 0001% 

Indigenes: 0 

Plants: 2,139 



Draco smacked his lips and decided to claim this super mini small world for himself, as that was a given . When he chose to do so, a confirmation was placed in from of him .  

「System to Player Announcement 

Take ownership of this super mini small world permanently . Accept? 

Y/N 」 

Draco accepted . Now that he had done this, unless he willingly transferred ownership, it would be impossible for another to claim the small world from him traditionally .  

Oh, it could certainly be stolen or seized, but he would still nominally be the owner . However, if it was stolen, being the owner would mean little since one needed to have it on hand to shift about its settings .  

After doing this, Draco thought about what he should name the super mini small world . He could just name it The Orchard, but what if he encountered another orchard here and wanted to make off with it? 

As such, after careful deliberation and consideration, Draco decided to name it The Divine Orchard . It certainly wasn't a bad name, just not a really inspiring one either .  

Draco fiddled around with the menu and checked the upgrade out . There were clear objectives for him to fulfill to either increase the energy concentration or expand its size .  

When he saw the requirements though, Draco coughed and closed the menu quickly . He was thankful that he had no interest in expanding The Divine Orchard, otherwise, he would have to pay a serious price .  

This was just going from super mini small world to a mini small world, yet it was so steep . He could only imagine what it would cost to go to a small world .